It’s not easy to keep silent, we must

It’s not easy to keep silent, we must Last week has been an absolutely wild week for anyone involved in cryptocurrencies, blockchains and related topics. I am convinced it will be considered a watershed moment for the industry due to the sheer magnitude of what has happened and what the follow-up will be. In short: …

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Nxt Foundation has joined Linux Foundation and HyperLedger!

You may all have seen the news about HyperLedger. What we couldn’t tell you until the PR from the Linux Foundation had gone out is that the Nxt Foundation has joined the Linux Foundation as an Affiliate Non-Profit Member and has also been accepted as a Affiliate Member of the HyperLedger Project! We are happy to be …

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Who needs permission?

Bas Wisselink, Nxt Foundation, writes: It’s still tentatively the start of the new year, which means predictions are being made and many people are being asked about coming trends. It’s a harmless enough passtime, even though we all know that predicting the future is a mug’s game and there are many stories of experts hilariously …

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