NXT Market Report: 10 November 2014

Welcome to this week’s market report. It was again a rather unspectacular week – NXT tried a few times to overtake DOGE but didn’t make it in the end. During the last week NXT’s market capitalization increased by 5.1% whereas Bitcoin’s gained by 10.5%. The average daily volume was about USD 40’000. Happily the number of different NXT trading pairs with a volume above USD 1’000 is back up to 7 again.

Largely as a result of the market making bot of coinomat becoming operational, the NXT Multigateway trading volume has increased significantly, which is warmly welcomed. We are now looking forward to the production servers going into operation and the Multigateway running smoothly. That should be the case within the next few days! It is time to move from centralization to decentralization!

NXT Asset Exchange has reached 50’000 trades

The NXT Asset Exchange has reached 50k trades in the last days – amazing! Once again the NXT AE shows its competitors that it is the number one! The key comparators are:

Of the 33 assets currently listed on coinmarketcap.com: 24 are traded on NXT AE, 4 on Counterparty’s AE, 3 on BitShares’ AE and 2 on MasterXchange. That’s what I call dominance.

Average daily trading volume: on the NXT AE it’s about USD 20’000, on Counterparty’s AE it’s below USD 1’000, on BitShares’ AE it’s approximately USD 5’000 and on the MasterXchange around USD 6’000.

Total capitalizations of the listed assets: USD 13’225’000 for NXT, USD 2’248’000 for Counterparty, USD 1’020’000 for BitShares and USD 11’790’000 for MasterXchange.

I think it is legitimate to say that the NXT Asset Exchange is very clearly the market leader!

What’s going on in the NXT Asset Exchange?

Coinomat: We’re not going to talk about the gain in price since the launch of the coinomat asset, except to say that it has been astronomic. Instead, today we’ll just have a quick  look at its dividends and what the future looks like for coinomat. Over the last few days the trading volume has started to increase strongly, which is warmly welcomed by all investors. With the launch of SuperNET these figures should further increase since coinomat will be an important part of SuperNET. The downside is that only 1.5% of the profits are distributed among the asset holders.


This market report is for general information and news purposes only. It does not take into account the reader’s personal circumstances, objectives or attitude towards risk. It is not (and is not intended to be) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.

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