Lior Yaffe: Advanced Concepts in Blockchain Design

Lior Yaffe explains some design concepts that have made it into NXT and the upcoming Ardor platform, such as: Proof of Stake, Brain Wallets, Forging, Prunable data, The Ardor platform, Smart transactions and hard fork management. The lecture took place on 27.7.2016, at Campus Tel Aviv. Slides: https://bitcoil.co.il/files/Advanced…. http://prezi.com/x8jyard5-h51/ Event page: http://www.meetup.com/bitcoin-il/even…

Nxt 2.0 – should investors and asset issuers be afraid? [video]

Here’s some great listening for you – Nxt core developer Riker chatting about Nxt, other cryptos and investing with Marc De Mesel, an investor who has 35% of his investments in NXT. Marc wants to learn about Nxt’s anonymous lead developer Jean Luc, about where Nxt is now, compared to Ethereum and other blockchain ‘competitors’, and …

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Nxt crypto explained

Nxt explained in 20 minutes by Bas Wisselink (Nxt Foundation); This Nxt presentation was made @ the Mind The Gap online conference, 10.04.2015. Topics: Nxt Asset Exchange (tokens (colored coins)) Nxt Marketplace Data storage (Nxt Arbitrary Messages) Aliases (remapping / DNS) Enhanced Multisignature Transactions (Phasing) Voting Monetary System

Podcast: The NXT Economy

Beyond Bitcoin: The NXT Economy Featuring: Damelon / Bas Wisselink. Open your ears, ppl.  https://soundcloud.com/legendface66/beyond-bitcoin-11-the-nxt-economy Did you miss Damelon’s first appearance on the Beyond Bitcoin podcast? Find this and lots more in the media section: http://test.nxter.org/nxt-media-tutorials-podcast-interviews/

NXT Community & Development summary #6

by Apenzl. Summary: Tai Zen:  Uniquoern is working on getting the Overstock people into Nxt. Nxt.org, the “official” Nxt-site is up and running, and under ongoing development. Nxtcrypto.org has been converted to NxtCommunity.org. People who want to join and help the Nxt Community should go there or to the forums @ https://nxtforum.org. Nxt Foundation NxtFoundation.org domain is …

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