Nxter News | October 2018 (I)

It Depends On Where You Put the Paint, Not How Much You Splash On

Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers!

Welcome to the fall season and welcome to our Nxter.org rebrand! A fresh bit of "paint" thrown on to make what was once old new again. The last few months have been especially hectic - we wanted to ensure that the new rebrand and site structure addresses your comments and concerns while allowing us to continue to provide you with quality independent journalism! You can now pick your favorite coin in the top menu and read news concerning that coin only. Also, coin descriptions have been added to help new readers understand the difference between NXT, IGNIS and ARDOR, the few shortcomings and many advantages, FAQ's are being worked on.

The weather may be getting wet and cold and dreary and miserable but hey, cheer up with the news of last week, grab your favorite coffee or tea as we guide you through the blockchain news. Jelurida has jobs to offer, the Nxter Puzzles are rocking on, with IGNIS to win, new exchanges to trade your crypto on, Elizabeth interviewed the XendBit team as their ICO is now underway, a great podcast with Ardor lead developer Petko Petkov, a new experimental Ardor version has been released, and much more!

Jelurida Status Update

Job offers - you got talent?, a rebranded Ardor YouTube Channel, insights from Blockchain Fest '18 in Istanbul, and a brand new Ardor version upgrade came from Jelurida last week

Job Offers at Jelurida

Jelurida is looking to expand and needs more talented people.

> Senior Java Engineers
> Web and Mobile Developers
> Website Designer and UI/UX Specialist

They wrote:

If your skills and qualifications match any of our openings, and you are eager to join an innovative blockchain software development company, which has a solid, working product and an established reputation in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, this is your chance to become a part of our team!

More info

Ardor Channel Rebranded

The new Ardor YouTube channel's URL is now: https://www.youtube.com/c/ardorplatform

We had a nice interview with CryptoDemetrius, host of the new "Ardor Updates" series, about his vision for the new YouTube channel, his show, how he came to love Ardor, and more!

New Ardor series on YouTube

By apenzl | 27/09/2018

Today, Jelurida’s Youtube channel got itself a new URL. Why should you care? The Ardor Updates and Lightweight Contract videos were the first to be uploaded to this channel, and if you have been hyperlinking to any videos on this channel lately – note the links in your posts might stop working and need to …

Read more

Blockchain Fest’18 Insights

From Istanbul, Veronica was interviewed by KOOP Hub in this three-minute video. In it, she briefly explains what Ardor is, which industries benefit from the blockchain and how she enjoyed the conference.


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Nxter Puzzle | Ardor Rocks

Every week a puzzle is released for your pleasure. Inside the puzzles lie an IGNIS reward, that the first person to solve the puzzle can lay hands on. Rock Thou Must, to find the hidden passphrase, then withdraw the IGNIS in the account it opens.

This week's puzzle is made in appreciation of longtime community member @TheWiremaster and his website: ardor.rocks! Enjoy a trip on the rockin' minivan bus but don't forget that if you can find all the guitars in the picture, you'll get access to an account that holds 100 IGNIS. Last week's puzzle is still unsolved - and if you're familiar with Nxt's history there is an ongoing puzzle from July that can have 25 people claim the winnings as opposed to the usual "first-come, first-served."

Ardor Rocks!

By apenzl | 02/10/2018

UPDATE: 3000 IGNIS is now in the prize account! NOW 3000 $IGNIS plus some #MUSIC to the first person that solves this #NxterPuzzle #contest! Find the owners of the #RockStar guitars in the picture, their names are a passphrase to an #Ardor #blockchain account with #free #cryptocurrency. https://t.co/Z4A2vEBvhW — NXTER Magazine (@Nxter_org) October 13, 2018 …

Read more

This week's puzzle reward is kindly sponsored by ANG, and the puzzle created by Madfox.
All Nxter Puzzles are listed on nxter.org/puzzles - watch the accounts - there are still IGNIS to be claimed.

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ANG - XendBit Interview

XendBit is a decentralized exchange and Blockchain platform for enabling transparent transactions within p2p markets comprising of lenders, donors, remitters, borrowers and beneficiaries while reducing the frustration in crypto-volatility

The XendBit pre-ICO will begin in 60 days.

Elizabeth, from the Ardor & Nxt Group, conducted a 45-minute interview with the XendBit team:

I've been inspired by the vision of Xendbit and enthused by their advanced project built on a testnet of Nxt blockchain. Now they are wrapping up negotiations about launching as a child chain of Ardor. I'm happy to introduce them to you in this video. I asked each one what excites them about blockchain and I welcome you to geek out with me as you listen to a conversation we would all like to be part of.

We at Nxter already mentioned Xendbit a couple of times in some previous newsletters, such as this one and this one.

Website | Whitepaper

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Ardor Korean Community

The Ardor community is a global one and expanding  

@ArdorBaby updated us:

In Korea, I need to post articles regarding Ardor because many worried about the future. I've done so, and we are more bonded. We have 625 members now, and I post important news in our community reffering Nxter Magazine even though I didn't translate the magazine fully.

Good to hear our news are getting out! I'd like to remind everyone that both English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Korean Nxter.org rss-feeds are available, which can easily be integrated into your websites and social media channels. If you want to help Nxt and Ardor ecosystem and translate the news - and understand EVERYTHING that I am writing here (!) - feel welcome to contact us here or in Slack. Thanks to community member and Korean Nxter editor ArdorBABY for his efforts here!

Visit the Korean Community site

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The Ardor Bootcamp

This very well-reviewed course is an excellent way to learn and become proficient with much of the advanced functionality that differentiates Ardor from thousands of other altcoin projects. The Ardor course on Udemy is now free to register!

As mentioned, the Ardor Bootcamp, a detailed course with video-tutorials that allow new users to learn all the basics of the Ardor blockchain platform, is free for a limited period of time. This online course is great for those who desire to have a structured format surrounding you as you learn and become more familiar with the multitude of functionality within the Ardor platform.



Fund raising is open

For those who have already taken the course, please consider the link above and support the creator and keeping the course free.

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Upcoming Events

Ardor is going to be at the gathering of business leaders in Madrid for the South Summit!

Veronica wrote:

We were finalists at the https://www.southsummit.co/en

South Summit

ANG and the community continue to compile the blockchain Meetup events across our international ecosystem.

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Ardor On Huobi

New listing:
ARDR can now be traded on Huobi Global.


Ardor (ARDR) will be launched on Huobi Global on September 28, 2018 (GMT+8). Deposits will be available from 16:00, September 28, 2018 (GMT+8). ARDR/BTC and ARDR/ETH trading will be available at Huobi Global from 16:00, September 29, 2018 (GMT+8). Withdrawals will be available from 17:00, September 29, 2018 (GMT+8).

Ignis on ChangeHero

New listing:
IGNIS can now be traded on ExchangeHero.


#IGNIS is now available for buying with the credit card and exchange at http://changehero.io! Enjoy fast transactions without registration and the best rate among 10+ exchanges. Don't miss 0% fee days next week! Follow @Changehero_io and be up to date!

Ignis + ARDR on Changelly

New listing:
IGNIS can now be traded on Changelly.


Hey, #crypto enthusiasts! Are you ready for something sIGNIficant? Please welcome to $IGNIS on Changelly! Buy it with a credit card or convert into over 100+ digital assets at the best rates available.


The long-awaited listing on Changelly: $ARDR token by Jelurida project is available for supersonic and limitless exchanges … Yet more juicy option: you can buy ARDR with fiats!

Convert or buy with our ref-link and support Nxter.org's work.








Support your Tokens

Community voting helps to get IGNIS / NXT / ARDR on new crypto exchanges.

Here you can cast 1 vote daily for IGNIS | NXT | ARDR 

Tell them why you like IGNIS / NXT / ARDR in this GoogleDoc

Here you can request for your favorite coin to be listed. Deadline: September.


Let's get down to business. Not only Jelurida is doing business here; actually, why not have an ICO, support a new service provider, or maybe you're looking for a child chain to invest in?

Token News of The Week

Dominium ITO


Podcast interview with Mark Lloyd, Managing Director at Dominium. He said:

"The experience we have shouldn't be understated. We're not a startup. We come at this project from a property real estate angle, rather than just a tech angle. We want to bring the cost of getting involved down because that's a prohibitor for a lot of people. Essentially, someone could invest from a pound, euro, dollar, essentially anyone anywhere, around the world, could potentially get involved in [investing in property with our] platform".


The Dominium ITO is ongoing.

Learn more: ANNWebsite | Pitch Deck | English Telegram Chatroom | Telegram Announcements

Remember that you can also read a review of Dominium's child chain project in Nxter Magazine.

Triffic ICO


The ICO will start on December 3rd. Their new website is up and running. The new whitepaper is 95% completed and updated and will explain the business model in much greater detail. Soon to be uploaded.

Triffic also announced that the app began beta testing recently. You need an invitation code to test the Triffic beta app. Request the code here.

Some examples of Triffic's sponsored augmented reality beacons shared by the Triffic team:

About Triffic

"Triffic is elegant, fun & practical: a mobile gamified navigation app that rewards cryptocurrency for travel. Plus, geolocation based augmented reality scavenger hunts, pots of crypto for the taking, all running on the awesome Ardor Blockchain. Cryptoeconomics of Triffic: 50% ad revenue used to buy back, distribute & burn GPS Tokens, until ecosystem equilibrium where # of tokens removed equals number of new GPS Tokens entering market via the app".

Learn more: ICO | Website | Pitch Deck | Whitepaper | English Telegram

Bitswift (BITS)


Congrats Bitswift! The latest update from Bitswift regarding their 4 years birthday!

bitswiftbro wrote:

Check your bitswift.cash balances, happy birthday Bitswift!
CASH tokens inflation rate is driven by the amount of users stimulating the bitswift.cash platform. 

About Bitswift

Bitswift is a tech brand with headquarters in Canada. The brand represents technology companies, online communities, technology products, and services. The Bitswift project has several official tokens which are supported by the Bitswift companies.

Join Bitswift on Twitter, TelegramDiscord, and Reddit. Learn more about the Bitswift ecosystem

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EZYcount ICO


Vivien published a new blog post at Medium giving some insights into the ICO launch.

Moreover, an interview with Vivien Fuhrer (in French) at the Business Forum Valais/Wallis 2018, on September 11th:

Watch it

About EZYcount

"Our aim is to develop the EZYcount AI, an EZYcount-patented process to fully automate bookkeeping for the self-employed and small business owners. Access to this service will be granted through holding enough of our TaaL (Token-As-A-License) which will only be sold during the ICO".

EZY Taal is a token issued on the Ignis blockchain, and tradeable across the Ardor platform. What differentiates EZY Taal from other tokens is that if you have a requisite amount you will have automatic access to the EZYcount small and medium business accounting software that is being integrated with AI.

The second round of the ICO at 10 EZY tokens per CHF, lasts till October 15th, 2018.

Learn more: Website | WhitepaperMedium | LinkedIn | Reddit | Twitter | Join the ICO



Frasindo team announced that they received final approval from the Indonesian government - congrats!

About Frasindo

"FRAS COIN is short for “Frasindo Rent”, an Indonesian car rental company, a supplier for ONLINE TAXI. Frasindo is authorized by the government as an official partner of UBER, GRAB, and GOCAR in Indonesia. Apart for Online Taxi, we are also renting out cars. FRAS is also a Self-Sustained Blockchain Incubator.

FRAS COIN is released on top of ARDOR IGNIS STELLAR Blockchains, and can be traded on the Ardor Asset Exchange. FRAS COIN is a UTILITY TOKEN which is backed by real assets, the assets are the cars and the whole company itself. FRAS COIN holders are unofficial representatives of the main company.

FRAS Ardor asset ID: 4777913785555377445.

More info

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CiviliXation Digital COOP


Drachmae wrote:

We are in the process of releasing our new association website and community network it is still early days but we will be providing E-Learning facilities to Moldova and CIS region alongside Project creation, Research documents, Event organising and Crowdfunding facilities www.dtma.md (As I mentioned there is certain pieces still being worked on but its free to register)


Random idea, im re-opening my cafe. So my plan is to have once a month a Sponsored Crypto Night that around 30 people can have a dinner and learn about crypto. When i say sponsored it means the marketing of the Theme is sponsor, not the meals. Working on the cafe website and menu see if you can spot something out of the blue: http://cythereastaverna.co.uk/menu.


DTMI was announced on Bitcointalk in November 2017.

Co-founder Lee Gibson Grant came to Nxt (again) in early September 2018, and pitched the project.

The idea was/is to use Nxt, among other blockchain technologies, as Lee has been using Nxt since 2014.

The core focus behind DTMA is to foster and incubate a self-contained ecosystem for R&D in the Republic of Moldova and to enable core process and "education around decentralized technology and focusing on innovation for the Republic of Moldova." Also, learn more about the new exchange in Moldova launched by Drachmae.

More about CiviliXation and its projects: Presentation | website | Nxtforum sub

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Ardor Version v2.1.1e

A new Ardor testnet version has been released making it easy to deploy, verify and manage Lightweight Contracts. API callers enable simple integration of Java programs with the Ardor API

Last week Jelurida released Ardor v2.1.1e, a mandatory upgrade for testnet nodes. It allows early access to new features like Transaction Vouchers and Lightweight Contracts and all the reference add-ons you need to test, learn, create and deploy your own Java contracts. Lior and the other Jelurida devs have been working tirelessly to make what was once a relatively complex process, easy and intuitive for anyone to use.

Lior tweeted:

Change log:

This is an experimental release. It is a mandatory upgrade only for testnet
nodes, but can also be run on mainnet.

- Contract Manager IntelliJ Plugin is now available to enable contract
deployment and management from inside the IntelliJ Java Development IDE.
- The Contract Manager utility now supports contract verification which, given
a hash of existing contract deployed as cloud data and a Java source file,
compiles the source file and verifies that the resulting class file is
identical to the contract class file.
- API callers are objects which enable simple integration of Java programs with
the Ardor APIs. Multiple code samples are provided under
./addons/src/java/com/jelurida/ardor/client/api to demonstrate tasks such as
local signing, fee calculation, message encryption and decryption, and waiting
for a new block.
- Transaction voucher loading is now supported when logging in using remembered
- Fixed coin exchange between parent and child chain.
- Fixed decimal calculations for MS currency reserve and claim dialogs.

You can already download it from Jelurida

More info on Ardorforum

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Lightweight Contracts Documentation

Watch, read, test, play and learn.
Ardor Lightweight Contracts offer a totally new way to create and deploy smart contracts to a blockchain network. Start here.

Lightweight Contracts - Wiki

After a frantic effort, the Lightweight Contracts wiki is updated with thorough documentation and many helpful screenshots to aid anyone, especially would be Ardor devs, in the installation and usage of Ardor's advanced Lightweight Contracts functionality. Many add-ons and unit tests have been developed to support your coming learning experience.

Wiki page

Lightweight Contracts - The Blogs

Lior Yaffe has been blogging about on his journey towards releasing the brand new contracts concept.

Read the Medium articles

Lightweight Contracts Seminar w/ Lior Yaffe

Below Lior elaborates on the theme of “simplicity” regarding this unique Contracts framework.

Interview with Petko Petkov

Jelurida lead developer Petko Petkov speaks about the challenges of building Ardor, the use cases, and what the biggest thing holding back crypto from mainstream adoption is

THE EDGE / MGR wrote:

David Gil sits down with Petko Petkov (@petkodp), a lead developer at Jelurida/Nxt/Ardor. They discuss the power of “Blockchain for Business,” the biggest challenges facing crypto as a whole, and why Petko believes that using “Child Chains” is the best solution for scaling blockchain networks. If you want to learn about the state of crypto right now and where it’s heading this episode is a must listen!

Time Stamps:
(1:27) – Petko’s background and what led him to work at Jelurida full-time.
(3:17) – What is Jelurida, and what are the Nxt & Ardor projects?
(9:10) – How Petko would explain blockchain to someone from 40 years ago.
(10:43) – The biggest challenges involved in building out new technologies, and the toughest thing facing the Ardor Network right now.
(12:06) – Which businesses should use blockchain, and why.
(15:20) – Where Petko sees Jelurida and Ardor in 5 years.
(16:30) – Is it possible that in 5-10 years from now there will be many large companies and start ups based on top of blockchain?
(17:42) – Ardor’s solution to the “Blockchain Bloat” problem and how they plan to scale the network.
(20:40) – What could be some killer dApps/second layer applications that could bring in millions of users to crypto in general?
(24:43) – What is the biggest thing holding back crypto from mass adoption right now?



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