Ardor version 2.2.4 Released

Ardor version 2.2.4 feature presentation video by Madfox

New release from Jelurida includes:

  • The Ardor StandbyShuffler add-on, a new feature that simplifies the use of the fully decentralized and trustless Shuffling privacy feature for coins, assets, and child chain MS currencies. The StandbyShuffler simply monitors the network for new Shufflings and joins automatically when a Shuffling fills your needs – partially or fully
  • ChangeNOW as an integrated exchange in the wallet, allowing exchange of IGNIS and ARDR to any coin supported by ChangeNOW
  • Permanently disallowed outgoing transactions from the new @ArdorBurnAccount, see announcement at https://www.jelurida.com/ardor-burn-account
  • Pause forging if there are not enough connected peers to avoid building of forks
  • new bundling filter, which bundles only transactions of the transaction types specified in the filter parameter
  • Improved propagation of bundler rates between peers and calculation of best
    bundler rates
  • Shamir secret sharing passphrases can now be used to sign transaction
  • Updated Jetty to version 9.4.18. This release fixes a Jetty bug which causes
    a server hang after high load, therefore an update is highly recommended
  • The Jelurida Public License has been updated to version 1.2, to clarify that
    Ardor code is not portable to Nxt clones unless the JPL requirements for Ardor
    are also satisfied (article 3.4.2 of the General Conditions), and to require
    that airdrops, including the fact that they are done in order to satisfy the
    JPL, are announced at least a month before the planned snapshot date (article
    2.2 of the Special Conditions).
  • UI and API improvements

See the full changelog at https://ardorforum.org/ardor-software-releases/ardor-v2-2-4/ and download the new version for your pc, server or Android phone from https://www.jelurida.com.

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