Ardor version Update 2.2.5

A bugfix release, please download and update your node.

Jelurida announced the Ardor 2.2.5 version release on Sunday, June 16.

Lior Yaffe (Riker) wrote in Slack:

“We just released version 2.2.5 mainly to fix a bug with the standby shuffler. Several people from our team spent a lot of time this weekend to quickly solve this bug.

Folks who want to run a standby shuffler should upgrade to 2.2.5.
If you participated in a shuffling yesterday using a standby shuffler and your shuffled funds went to the wrong account use the RecoverFunds API of the StandbyShuffling addon to get them back to the correct account.”

Lior Yaffe, June 16, 2019

You can download the Ardor client software from https://jelurida.com

Full announcement: https://ardorforum.org/ardor-software-releases/ardor-v2-2-5/

Change log:

  • This is a bugfix release, addressing an issue with the Standby Shuffler add-on.
    The recipient public keys were incorrectly generated with an \r character
    appended to the user-supplied secret phrases, resulting in actual recipient
    accounts different from what was displayed in the UI.
  • For users of the Standby Shuffler add-on who already had their shuffling
    recipient account affected by this issue, a simple RecoverFunds API has been
    added. Use that API with the secretPhrase of the intended shuffling recipient
    account to automatically transfer your shuffled coins to the correct recipient.
  • Fixed version update hash validation.

New features introduced in Ardor version 2.2.4:

Video presentation video by Madfox. Read the full announcement here.
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