AMA on Reddit

From July 17 4:00 pm UTC – July 18 4:00 pm UTC:

An Ardor community panel will be available for 24 hours on Reddit to answer your questions about Ardor, Ignis and childchains.

MrV777 is the developer of the Ardor Lite Mobile Wallets and the creator of the block explorer and tools at https://ardor.tools. He actively advises and contributes to projects developed on the Ardor platform.

Bitswift_Social is the representative of the Bitswift companies that include managed tech solutions company at https://bitswift.tech and an online tech commerce site at https://bitswift.shop. Bitswift is also a childchain on the Ardor platform developing projects like Bitswift.cash designed to make the token ecosystem easily accessible.

Apenz1 owns and publishes the online Nxter Magazine found at https://nxter.org. This news source began as a collection of news around the Nxt Cryptocurrency in early 2014 and has grown to become a forward thinking presentation of news and ideas about the Ardor and Nxt Blockchains. Apenzl is also the creator of the Sigbro App and a supporter of many community projects.

The CryptoWoman is a longstanding member of the community and as the Executive Director of the Ardor / Nxt Group is committed to the advancement of blockchain technology projects on these cryptocurrency platforms.

Other members of the community will join and contribute to what we hope to be an informative conversation.

So, ask us anything!

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