Create your own NXT client

By lightspeed.

Here’s an experiment for those of you with a modicum of curiosity, 3 minutes to spare and a working knowledge of wordpad, notepad or textEdit (on Mac).

Copy this 40 line code snippet and paste it into a text editor. Save the document to disk with a “html” extension (i.e. either just save it as text and manually change the extension to “.html” or save it as “my-nxt-client.html”).

<title>My NXT Client Example</title>
<script language=”Javascript”>
function xmlhttpPost(strURL) {
var xmlHttpReq = false;
var self = this;

self.xmlHttpReq = new XMLHttpRequest();
self.xmlHttpReq.open(‘POST’, strURL, true);
self.xmlHttpReq.setRequestHeader(‘Content-Type’, ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’);
self.xmlHttpReq.onreadystatechange = function() {
if (self.xmlHttpReq.readyState == 4) {

function getquerystring() {
var form     = document.forms[‘f1’];
var nxtaccount = form.nxtaccount.value;

//************* Here’s the call to the NXT API: *************
qstr = ‘requestType=getBalance&account=’ + escape(nxtaccount);
//************* That wasn’t too hard was it ? *************
// When you’re done with that you can try this one:
//  qstr = ‘requestType=getAccountTransactionIds&account=’ + escape(nxtaccount)+’&timestamp=0′;

return qstr;

function updatepage(str){
document.getElementById(“result”).innerHTML = str;
<form name=”f1″>
<p>NXT Account ? <input name=”nxtaccount” type=”text”>
<input value=”Go” type=”button” onclick=’JavaScript:xmlhttpPost(“http://nxtra.org:7874/nxt”)’></p>
<div id=”result”></div>

Please note that http://nxtra.org now redirects to nxt.org. Use you own node, and also: never send your passphrase to any public node)

Open the document in a web browser (just double-click on it or, alternatively, go to the FILE menu and choose open file). If you see a form, enter a NXT account number and click the “Go” button.

If this worked for you, you’ve just created your own NXT client that uses the NXT high level API ! (Application Programming Interface) (Your balance will be out by 2 decimals but just ignore that, it’s for true geeks to worry about).

Now have a look at this page and see all the other stuff you can do just by replacing the command “getBalance” in that little NXT client you ‘wrote’. http://nxtwiki.org/wiki/The_Nxt_API#Asset_exchange_operations

Read the full article, Nxt Marked Report 020414: http://nxter.org/nxt-market-report-020414/

or here (original post on nextcoin.org forum):
https://nextcoin.org/index.php/topic,4467.msg42612.html#msg42612  (404 link removed)

Donations to lightspeed / Nxt Market Report: Nxt acc. 13411915496268579987

NXT Newsletter #2

nxt newsletter

Welcome NXTers, newcomers and long time community members.

What a week! Results are starting to show on so many fronts. Totum maior summa partum.


This week’s topics:

  • Conferences
  • Asset Exchange
  • New clients + updates
  • Reddit
  • Nxt Charity
  • Videos
  • Proposals
  • Misc.
  • Quote of the week
  • Words of wisdom of the week


NXT was at the Berlin Conference.



The most interesting guy was probably the CEO from Cryptoventures, an experienced manager, who was born in Italy and the lived in Argentina, Spain and… London? Nxt’s altcoins will become a currency in African states and in Casinos. This guy will help provide contacts. We need to provide an easy platform for creating and mainteaning such coins.


We talked with a lot of companies about coordination with Nxt. Or to get more dev contacts, we we would be able to build all decentralized internet on top of the Nxt. We intriduced Nxt to..30-50 people? So now we can cooperate with OpenCoin, Hive, BitAngels, Dots for Bits…


Also we have new contacts for crypto conventions, so we are invited to San Francisco (who will attend?), to Bitcoin Camp (Nevada?) and we also spent hours with the Texas guys. It was important to intriduce Nxt to all consultants, advisors and journalists, so now they can talk about Nxt to other more important persons. It was interesting to bank guys. There was a young ambassadors from Deutsche Bundesbank. They are trying to get to the cryptoworld somehow so they are researching the situation.

Read the whole resumé by Salsacz here: http://test.nxter.org/nxt-inside-bitcoins-berlin-conference/


NXTers who are able to show up and represent Nxt should drop a line to Salsacz in the Nxt marketing thread.

Asset Exchange

Follow the AE thread here:

Boobs, motorskins, LOL’s and Zahl’s are being traded – even 1 BCNext is up for sale!

New clients

This week has been explosive when it comes to client releases. Hail to the client devs!


[NEW] Open source, rewrite of the official Nxt client’s browser-based GUI using jQuery and Zurb Foundation 5. Arrived a few hours ago. Features include:

  • Ability to use keyboard shortcuts
  • Ability to set a language for labels and messages
  • Ability to run secret phrases through a substitution cipher
  • Ability to display a QR code of the currently unlocked account
  • Ability to filter transactions by sent, received, confirmed, or unconfirmed
  • Customizing many aspects of Nxs through a config file

nxt client nxsnxs4


I look forward to hearing the community’s comments, questions, and suggestions. I have been working on this project for the past 4 weeks and have seen at least four additional Nxt clients be released since I began working on this. I believe the Nxt community will benefit tremendously from having so much great competition in the area of client software.

Between the client I’m working on, clieNXT and dotNXT, I think the Nxt community should be very well-served going forward!

There are language files for English, Spanish, and French, and a German translation coming up. Other translations are welcome and will be credited in the readme-file. You will find the GitHub repo here.



[NEW] Another surprise client release this week comes from Dgex.
This is a cross platform “offline wallet” for Nxt, that comes with some promising features.

Currently closed source. The source code will be released in the future.
Multiple account control. Display of total NXT holdings value in BTC and EUR. Forging is on by default.
Realtime BTC / NXT market rate and charts. Full info, download links and also a list of future features:


Client updates


Jean Luc has released 0.7.5
Remember always to STAY UPDATED: Check http://localhost:7874/update.html

Clienxt 0.0.5e


NxtSolaris 2.0


Windows Installer 0.7.5 [STABLE]




WesleyH Client

Register for testnet, try the client + AE and messaging. Still in development.


Your client is a wonderful


Freerider AE client


Please note: in terms of User Experience, this is an extremely rough release. However, the implementation of the API backend is complete, robust and multithreaded. The intention is to release a fully open sourced pythonic API, that can be directly inspected and extended by anybody capable of writing python code.




Our Nxt subreddit is growing rapidly. This week the reddit Tipbot arrived.
You can tip a redditor that isn’t registered in the bot yet, and he will receive a message with instructions on how to get his tip. It features off-chain and fractional tips. The source will be published soon after a bit of cleanup and commenting.


How cool is that? Thanks man, now lets spam the DOGE subreddit with NXT tips.

Passion_ltc has been one of the driving forces of this subreddit (+ LOTS of other projects).
He/she announced this week, that he/she will be off nxt until april. We wish you the best of luck!

Nxt Charity

A couple of “NXT doing good” proposals have come up this week.

This site was made:

Songs of Love

Nxters are trying to raise $10k worth of Nxt (170,000) for the non-profit organization Songs of Love. SoL is dedicated to providing personalized songs for children and teens currently facing tough medical, physical or emotional challenges. A kind anonymous Nxter has announced that he will double up any donation up until 100K made before the deadline. Deadline is 17.02.2014. 

Goal: 170,000 Nxt
Paid: 36K Nxt (Feb 18). Total: 72K Nxt.



Carbonfree Nxt

EvilDave has made a proposal for a totally green, carbon-neutral NXT:


It’s difficult to make a proposal like this without getting into the more controversial aspects of the Global Warming debate, as we have seen before on the BTT forum. One of the many good things about NXT is that it has a much lower power consumption than other crypto-currency networks.  There are estimates of NXT vs Bitcoin power use that project that NXT will use 5% of the energy used by Bitcoin, assuming that NXT and BTC are of equal size.


The basic outline of my idea is to have a dedicated fund , maybe from unclaimed coins, that is able to forge enough NXT to pay for a carbon offset program, for the parts of the NXT network that aren’t solar powered.

Very simply: NXT burns electricity, releasing a small amount of CO2 and other pollutants into the atmosphere. A carbon-offset program then compensates for those emissions by lowering (or capturing) emissions, for example by planting trees, investing in clean technologies, scrubbing CO2 or various other techniques.

Get with it here: https://nextcoin.org/index.php/topic,3418.0.html


Last week the first Nxt podcast was released. This week it’s video time!

Tai Zun has video-interviewed Anon136 about Nxt and broken it into 6 pieces:

Who Are The Key Players & Programmers Of The Nextcoin (NXT) Source Code?
What is the nxt arbitrary message system?
What Is A Nextcoin (NXT) Advance Hallmark?
What Is The Timeline For Nextcoin (NXT)’s Infrastructure & Feature Development?
What Is The Difference Between The Bitcoin (BTC) Blockchain Vs. The Nextcoin (NXT) Blockchain?
Why Were Security Flaws Purposely Put Into The Nextcoin (NXT)’s Source Code By It’s Developers?



You know what we need?  UNIFIED LOG IN.



NxtCash is a proposal for an anonymity solution, implemented on top of NXT.

The key features:

  • anonymous – it must be impossible to link sender and receiver
  • trustless – no need for a trusted party
  • decentralized – no need for a single party, no single point of failure
  • cryptographically secure – in providing both anonymity and protecting from malicious attackers, including double-spending attempts
  • efficient – handle a large number of transactions with reasonable response time, don’t put a significant burden on the existing NXT infrastructure and prevent unlimited growth of its own storage


Crosschain transactions


If we are able to work out how to do atomic cross-chain transactions *within* the Nxt platform then that would be a “game changer” (would probably spell the end for exchanges that say take 24 hours to do transfers – only those doing HFT would survive).

There are bounties to develop this, and the future looks bright.

Automated gateway backed by NXT Community


This means that within NXT there will be a decentralized exchange for all the cryptos, possibly within weeks! If the client devs will also add a custom crypto exchange to the clients, NXT will effectively have this built in for all users.


 Keep in mind this is the first step on the path toward fully automated DAC gateways.


Coin Development Kit


I will start the bounty with 25000 NXT. If you also like the coin development kit idea, please make a directed donation.


Not that we want to encourage such things, but the beauty of NXT is that there is nobody that will prevent you from doing a PoW coin on top of it. As long as 1 billion coins is enough, NXT AE seems to be a pretty good platform for customized coins. (…) My hope is that someone that knows how to do this (hint, hint) will publish a reference coin on top of NXT. Then we can extend it by adding customization, etc.

Interested? Go here:


“Does anyone dare with the idea”?


Trekkies and NXTers

Nxt will be one of two official currencies at Trekcon Springfield.



Online wallet


Opticalcarrier just had a marathon configure session to ssl cert our VPS which is now trusted. https://wallet.nxtty.com:7875/ So the community can make use of our online wallet if they wish, courtesy of the Nxt Mobile Applications Company.


Automated Scripts

Klee has funded a team to get this integrated.


Thanks to @klee we have begun a project to enable “scripts” for Nxt which will provide a “Turing complete” method of executing code to do useful things such as “pay dividends to shareholders” of a Nxt Asset. (…) CfB and myself will be sharing technical lead on this project and will be working with a small focused team in order to get this done “right” and as “quickly as possible”.

Follow the development here:

The code will be open sourced when the feature is finished and extensively tested.

If you want to become a payment gateway, you should visit:

Nxt Payment Module

Nxt payment module is being developed for WordPress


Nxt chat with NXT tokens authentification


Contribution-based forging

… is part of BCNext’s plan part 3. Will be revealed in April.

Part 1: Transparent mining, or What makes Nxt a 2nd generation currency
Part 2: Transparent mining 2, or What part of Legacy should be left behind

Forging power leasing in ~1 month


Local signing implemented after launch of AE


Voting System will be added to test next week



nxt monolith


gvans plans for two limited 10 piece series:
Crystal transparent “genesis-monolith” and solid glossy black “darknxt-monolith”.

Number 1/10 will be up for auction later, others are priced 5000 Nxt flat. Pre-order here:



Has been bought. Now it’s up for sale.


…got new owners.
BrooklynBtc has purchased it with a team including support from Msin and voldermort628.


Immediate plans is to update and refresh it. (…) We are looking to add a NXT/LTC pair as well, and whatever else the community is interested in (DOGE?)


Nxt Forging Competition

The one with the lowest amount of Nxt balance while forging a block will be rewarded 1000 Nxt.

Competition ends after the block 79,500 is forged in the Nxt system.

There is currently a valid entry, forging with a low balance of 10,007 Nxt.
Anyone forging with an account balance lower than 10,007 will have a chance of winning this.

Chess Tournament

There are still 2 rounds to go. Check it out HERE.

Starcraft 2 showdown

Prize: 25.000 NXT. The game is today, 18.02.2014. Read more HERE.

NxtDB is open source

Source code for Nxt Database has been released.


Doctorevil / JesseJames has offered his help.
Doctorevil showed his skills last week by hacking genesis account + finding a critical bug.

Set up a free VPS



Vault of Satoshi are ready to implement Nxt


Quote of the week


NXT (incl. AE & TF) + zerocoin functionality + atomic crosschain transactions… mind -> blown


Words of wisdom of the week


We also WANT big companies and small countries to create NXT nodes. THAT is what BCNext was saying!!! The people that are using NXT (directly and mostly indirectly) are the ones that are motivated to add nodes and thus securing the network. At any given time the NXT network + new nodes will always be more secure than just “new nodes”, so the rational thing is for all new NXT adopters to add to the existing NXT network.

Get your message through to the newsletter, contact: http://test.nxter.org/contact.
Any feedback about the newsletter is welcome too. Donations? Ok, 196910366798475802. Thanks.

Lost a newsletter?
Find it in the archive @ nxter.org.

Didn’t understand a thing?
Go to nxtcrypto.orgwiki.nxtcrypto.orgnextcoin.org or nxter.org to find out more about NXT.

NXT Newsletter #1

nxt newsletter

Welcome NXTers, newcomers and long time community members.

How to start a newsletter when Nxt has already been on the roll for 2.5 months?


This week’s topics:

  • Upgrade!
  • Asset Exchange
  • Nxt Funds released
  • BCNext’s plan (part 2)
  • Organize, NXTers!
  • Clients
  • Quote of the week
  • Words of wisdom of the week


This week a critical bug was found in the Nxt core.
If you are still running a client below 0.6, update to the latest client at nxctcrypto.org (404 link removed) NOW.

Jean-Luc wrote:
Fixed a critical bug. Everybody should upgrade immediately.
No explanation, just that. Later followed the reason for several upgrades during the same day:

Critical bug DISCLOSURE


Few days ago the guy who found a vulnerability in Blockchain.Info and picked the secret phrase of Nxt genesis account found a security flaw in NRS cryptographic algorithm. The flaw allowed to replay transactions that would lead to double-triple-etc amounts sent. In fact, by finding this flaw he conducted an audit of Crypto class and won the bounty that we collected specially for such a case.

I can’t explain details of the flaw, coz it’s out of my area of expertise. U can contact him directly via nextcoin.org forum. The flaw has been fixed and all who updated to 0.6.0+ are safe now. Users of older versions are safe too as long as they are connected to nodes with 0.6.0+.


Genesis passphrase:
Quote from: 1984 – George Orwell:

It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.

On the 05.02.2014, a “doctorevil” found Nxt vulnerable to a transaction replay attack, and sent CfB, Jean-Luc, and OpticalC THIS. Answering to the Nxt Community’s plea for him to immediately join the dev team:

I don’t have the time to contribute consistently, although I’d be happy to be an adviser. Either way, NXT is likely to benefit from my independent “Q.A. efforts” whether I’m formally part of the team or not 🙂

Asset Exchange

On the 11th of February the public test begins!

CfB announces:

Testnet. I’ll be giving testcoins to everyone.

There is an update of the ClieNXT GUI: [Code name] AE testnet.
Get it from this link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5054385#msg5054385


Xth of Feb – release

[UPDATE 11.02.2014]
JOIN THE PUBLIC TEST: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5072720#msg5072720

Nxt Funds

Unclaimed Coins has been transferred to the 3 chosen treasurers.
Only 100k is left on the account controlled by CfB. It will be used to pay the reward for the injected fatal flaw.

Rickyjames has made a “summary of organizational activity which has occurred during the first five days of the NXT Community Nominations To The Funding Committee” and followed this up with 4 proposals, posting polls on these.

James, jl777, put it like this:

We now have nearly 1 million usd budget to be able to fund everything in parallel, plus as nxt gains value so does budget!

Interested? You should be. Get involved. Go vote, NXTers.

Rickyjames Proposal 1:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=454420
Rickyjames Proposal 2:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=454372
Rickyjames Proposal 3: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=454327
Rickyjames Proposal 4: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=454320

BCNext’s plan


BCNext has been asking for reactions to his first part, Come-from-Beyond recently wrote:

(…) he is upset that community doesn’t wish to review and develop his ideas. Anon136 is the only one who does. (…) Start with Transparent mining, or What makes Nxt a 2nd generation currency and extend it or find flaws and fix them.

Today we got the second part of BCNext’s plan for the Nxt protocol. CfB:

1: Transparent mining, or What makes Nxt a 2nd generation currency
2: Transparent mining 2, or What part of Legacy should be left behind

Anon136’s article “Why NXT ought to be taken seriously” is found HERE.

Now, when Nxt got its own community, it’s time to get rid of the facade and reveal true properties of Transparent Mining. These properties r obvious to everyone who spent some time analyzing Transparent Mining, but still…

All Nxters should read this and comment.
The open question is: WIll the community follow BCNext’s ideas – or choose a different path?

Organize, NXTers

Yes…. We DO have an urgent need to get the decentralized initiatives and Nxt development organized!
Good initiatives and visions drown in the thread. There are  examples of Nxters developing the same features, not knowing eachothers’ plans,  missing the chance to work together. This newsletter is an attempt to CENTRALIZE (there, I said it ;)) important informations. Zahlen has taken another step to fulfill the need:

I’ve started a section on the wiki for organizing our projects. In particular, check out the List of Proposals and Bounties page. We could link to stuff that is “active” there: Forum threads, google docs, or other wiki pages where projects are being discussed and hashed out, and project statuses are being updated. (…) Don’t worry about messing things up, it’s a wiki, everything can be reversed. And don’t worry if you don’t know wiki formatting, just type/copy and paste. Other people can help you clean things up. If there’s demand, I’ll put up a quick guide to simple wiki editing. I’ll be technical support. Anyone has a problem, e.g. getting errors, can’t figure out how to do something, ask me and I’ll troubleshoot.

It can’t be stressed enough: Go there.
This applies to ongoing projects and new initiatives: Write your project or idea into the wiki, please.
If you want to be sure to get your update or new project mentioned in the NXT Newsletter, post HERE.


Nexern Client

is to be released by the end of this month.

Inxt 1.0.5:


NxtSolaris 1.7:


Windows Installer 0.7.2


dotNXT 0.7.2



Chess for Nxt

Sign up for the FICS/NXT tournament HERE.
Share a “NXT bringing anonymous payments to the world of chess” article.

24h forging service



A WordPress plugin, that allow log in with NXT token.


Encrypted messages


NXT Wallet database




NXT mobile messenger


The Nxt Crypto podcast

The RSS feed for the cast is NOT ready to go yet, but the first episode is done!

Check it out here:

Silver Bullion NXT Gateway

More info and discussion thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=455861

Nxt will (eventually) get listed on Cryptsy

BTC Talk Episode 82 https://soundcloud.com/mindtomatter/e81-the-bitcoin-opportunity from 13:30m onwards.

Quote of the week


Imagine Bitcoin 100 years from now. Most of income comes as transaction fees. Nxt is a time machine that brings us to that era.


Words of wisdom of the week


This thread is a crazy roller coaster ride.  It strains everybody’s abilities just to hang on for the ride.  We all do it because if something interesting about NXT is going to pop up, it’s probably going to pop up here first.  But it takes everybody’s personal mental bandwidth just to process these posts.

That said, to gather information and defragment the thread on bitcointalk is almost a full time job.
To be sure to get your message through to the newsletter, you can contact: http://test.nxter.org/contact .
Any feedback about the newsletter is welcome too. Donations? Ok, 196910366798475802. Thanks.

Didn’t understand a thing?
Go to nxtcrypto.orgwiki.nxtcrypto.orgnextcoin.org or nxter.org to find out more about NXT.


NXT BETA Clients

So… You got overwhelmed by the NRS Client?
NXT now has working easy-to-use clients in BETA, that you are welcome to use.


Windows Clients


.NET based client (thread) (404 link removed)


  • Send Money
  • Transaction statistics
  • Forging Timer
  • Register Alias
  • Messaging
  • Message encryption
  • Lock account
  • Alias search
  • Hallmark checks
  • Multiple account display
  • Auto updating
  • Custom user settings


Read an in depth review HERE. (404 link removed)

NXT Solaris

Fully featured Windows Nxt client (thread) (404 link removed)


Watch this tutorial (from 3:30):



Mac Client

Nxt Mac

Mac only client for Nxt. It features a single-click installation and auto-update.



  • Automatically installs java if not available.
  • Runs in a dedicated window instead of in the browser.
  • Auto-update functionality (beta updates too, if wanted enable in preferences).
  • Easy hallmark generation.
  • Easy updating of well known peers.
  • Option to redownload blockchain.

DOWNLOAD LINK (redirects to nxt.org)

Android Client

This is a Nxt light client.


Version 0.5.5 features:

  • Manage accounts
    Set an easy to remember tag to each account
    Get details about your transactions, with period options
  • All transactions are encrypted in local
  • Alias assign/check
    Show aliases registered by your account
    Assign a new alias or update the uri of your alias
    You can check an alias, see if it was registered by other people
  • Address book
    You can store the destination accounts that you use frequently
    Import accounts to address book from your tracsactions history
  • Arbitrary Messages
    Send messages to others and view all messages of your account.
    Encrypted Message – only the sender or recipient can decode the encrypted message.
  • QRCode
  • Real-time price ticker
  • Nxt News


iOS Clients


iPhone Client (thread) (404 link removed)


iNxt is the first client for the iPhone that allows you to keep track of the value of NXT compared to BTC (Bitcoin) and also shows a candlestick graph. You can also check the balance of any account Nxt simply entering your account number and will be shown a list of transactions. As a last feature for this release, you can do the search for an alias that will show connected account and also see all the aliases linked to an account with the respective URI.


New to NXT?

Just heard about NXT ?

[UPDATE]: You can check out the NXT beta Clients HERE. Go get ’em.

The easy-to-use clients are not ready yet, but maybe you don’t want to wait for them.

Being a 100% PoS-coin, original stakeholders need to distribute Nxt to the network to give it worth.
This has already made Nxt’s distribution far more even than the distribution of bitcoin, fiat, and most altcoins.

It’s still possible to buy in cheap. More and more exchanges are listing Nxt. The easy-to-use clients are soon out of BETA and will be a major step towards mainstream adoption. NxtCoin, Nxt Alias System, Nxt Arbitrary Message, Nxt Asset Exchange (testing) and parts of Transparent Forging have been successfully implemented, and still more advanced features are in development. Such futuristic. All this will influence the future of Nxt, and naturally the original stakeholders’ sale will not last forever. So let’s get down to it, right…


Oh. You’ve heard about the technical difficulties of getting a Nxt Client running.
You got 2 choices now. 1. Make it stop you. 2. Make it an advantage, and be an early adopter.

Here is how to download the client:

Run Nxt Client

1. Get the latest NXT Client

Go to:
http://www.nxtcrypto.org/nxt-coin/client-download (404 link removed)

Pinarello made the next part easy for you.
Here is how to check the hash sum for your own security: (video no longer available)

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/vmPjTwvuo-E” autohide=”0″ rel=”0″]

2. Create a NXT Account

Creating a safe private key is no joke! It’s not a hotmail passphrase!
There are always hackers on to Nxt, as to any other crypto currency with a future.

You want a passphrase of 30+ characters to prevent brute force attacks.
Make it a 90. To be 100% secure you should create it while your computer is offline. Create it by hand, blending letters, CAPS, numbers, special characters. Or use a password generator. Again – preferably do it offline with a desktop client, and if you choose to create your passphrase online, do copy-paste a n amount of the generated passwords to a text editor, go offline and then mash it up. Fill in a couple of  letters and weird signs, before proceeding to the next step.

DO NOT tell anyone your passphrase.
DO NOT continue from here thinking – yeah that’s all good, I’ll just start with “hello_mama_123”.
Human errors are the one most common reason for accounts getting compromised. Don’t enter that list.


Now you must protect your account against yourself!

The passphrase that you created in step 1 is your private key. You use this private key to log in to your Nxt account – there is no other way to access it. Loosing a private key in the world of crypto currencies means loosing access to your account – and everything in it. It’s like a double edged sword. To prevent others from breaking into your account, you also make it impossible for yourself to break in. You don’t want to loose that private key – ever – so back it up right now!

You can save it to an encrypted flash drive, optical disk, portable hard drive, or even write it down on paper and lock it up physically. You can also store the key on a cloud-based backup system, but given that no cloud system is 100% safe, you should encrypt it before uploading it or choose an encrypted backup system like Spideroak.

You can keep a copy on your desktop – but encrypt it.
Truecrypt is one such tool that can encrypt your account files.

Humans forget. Humans make mistakes. Humans go to a bars, return drunk and get in the mood for mailing their ex-partner. Humans might hit the wrong button and erase a document or a folder on the desktop instead. The folder holding your NXT secret key. Who am I to say. Just know, that you should not skip the step of backing up.


You must have java installed and running. Now create your account.
Open the client, hit the padlock in the top left corner, and paste your passphrase.

Your account is now created.
Your strong passphrase (private key) is your LOGIN.

The green number in the upper left corner is your ACCOUNT NUMBER.
This is where you sent Nxt to. Spread this number all around – you might get tips.

This happens whenever a first transaction is made from your account.

Log in to your account with the private key.
If your saldo is 0, go pick up a few NXT by entering your Nxt account number in a faucet. (redirects to nxt.org)

Now you can make the transaction.

– Send 1 Nxt to yourself
– Register an ALIAS
Send an arbitrary message
– Tip the author of this article 1 Nxt. Account: 196910366798475802 😉

By sending 1 Nxt, your account got a PUBLIC KEY in the blockchain, and is now secure (256 bit protection).


Client should always be updated.
Java should be auto updated.
Anti virus programs should auto updated.

The free version of Keyscrambler anti-keylogging software works well. Consider updating.
To take additional measures to keep your NXT secure, read THIS SERIES about computer security.


You can be notified automatically when there’s a change to your account balance by registering here.



Client showcase

Waiting for the new Nxt wallets?

Nxt community member Damelon will do a showcase of the upcoming Nxt Clients, over the next week.

Damelon lives in the Netherlands. He has a local Nxt site (nxtcoins.nl) and has been blogging about Nxt since 03.01.2014. Most beloved are his daily Bitcointalk Summaries (in English) where he points out the most important highlights from the fast moving main Nxt-thread on Bitcointalk.org.

A user-friendly Nxt Client is an important step if we want Nxt to get adopted by mainstream users. And right now, several Nxt clients are on their way to release.

Nexern, one of the client developers, writes:

Nxt has reached more in this 65 days than any other crypto before. For the client I can tell you the same. Currently there are three desktop clients in work (hopefully I don’t forget one, many action here).

Minusbalancer creates a one-in-all version running without server part, marcus03 writing a rich feature client including quoting, charting and more and I am writing a lean account centric version. Client dev is a serious matter, user funds are involved and therefore you can be sure, even with pressure, I don’t release something half just to satisfy your or any other quick demand and I am sure the other dev’s looking at this similar.



(Nexern client)

When asked how compact a full featured client can be, Nexern answers:

665kb / 406 kb zipped!.. even if i would add a complete chart engine for AE, the size wouldn’t pass 950kb for the executable (compared to other alt coins clients which are between 20-50 times larger by less functionality).

The client is sdi based, means only the center hup starts folded, subcategories unfold on demand. all others windows can be arranged as desired. this saves screen space.

Atm i am re-composing the gui to adding a native screenshot function to the client, means every important form (like send/balance etc.) has an screen button, dumping the whole dialog content into a clean rendered png image.

The distributed application/smart contract logic took me 5 days which was planed for AE but i am simply eager to show the first real running protoype by nxt while others concepting. with release, a fully functional quoteboard DNA prototype will be included.

During test, the remotely executed and sandboxed DNA sourcecode will be hosted on blockexplorer node but could be located everywhere. AM is used for payment and access signaling. not every workflow is solved for DNA, this needs a little more brainstorming but i am confident nxt will run the first one.

Follow the Nxt Client Showcase on http://www.nxtcoins.nl/50-2/.

You might also want to subscribe to his blog HERE to get the latest news from his hand.

Until the release of the new clients, Nxters and newcomers will have to stick with the NRS (Nxt Reference Software) browser Client. You can read here, how it all works.