SAE pulls the plug – what are the alternatives?

The Secure Asset Exchange (SAE) website has been a rabbit hole to the Nxt Asset Exchange for many people, as a secure web client which allowed you to trade on AE without downloading the full NRS Client. SAE has now decided to close its services.

If you are using SAE, you will now have to choose a different approach to AE trading.

SAE writes:

Due to recent increases in maintenance costs and the limited resources/time of any startup that needs to prioritize its initiatives, Secure Asset Exchange will no longer be available as of January 21st, 2016 (NXT block 621,000); please plan accordingly.

We are deeply grateful to all of our users and supporters up to this point and look forward to focusing our energy on making the next generation of great blockchain-based applications, which our now global society can truly benefit from.

Your ability to use your NXT or any of your assets will not be affected by our availability because your account and all of its assets can be accessed through the official NXT client.

To access your account using the password created on trade.secureae.com, simply combine your username with your secret phrase, with no spaces between the two; this will create the password to your NXT account for the official client.

For example, if your username is “joe” and your secret phrase is “joe likes coffee” then your account’s password for the official NXT client will be “joejoe likes coffee”. Please make sure to take capitalization and spacing into account, they do matter.

If you have any questions, contact SAE at support@secureae.com.

Here are a couple of alternatives to the Secure Asset Exchange service you can use after 21.01.2016:

NRS Client


The official Nxt Reference Software Client is your safest and most obvious partner through this – if you feel ready to download the Nxt blockchain. NRS has ALL the latest Nxt features, it is updated (and uploaded) by the Nxt Core developers themselves, it runs locally on your computer and it supports forging – turning your pc into a Nxt node which supports the Nxt network and earns you forging fees. Running the NRS is highly recommended.

Is it difficult?

You don’t have to be a geek or an old timer to do this.
Just follow these instructions: http://test.nxter.org/nxt-nrs-installation-guide/

IF you’re not into forging or downloading a blockchain, the NRS is available as a light client too: http://test.nxter.org/nxtlite-client-get-started-with-nxt/

MyNxt Wallet

The MyNxt web wallet is a client-side trustless wallet, which is very similar to the leading Bitcoin online wallet Blockchain.info. The main objective is to make it dead-easy for new users to join Nxt without requiring downloads, java installs, or waiting for the download of the Nxt blockchain.

MyNxt.info was founded by long time Nxt supporter abuelau, but is now run by Tosch and officially owned by SuperNET. Registering a wallet is simple, go to https://wallet.mynxt.info.

MyNxt runs perfectly on iPhones, Android or desktop browsers.

The MyNxt plugin system offers a gateway to the Nxt Asset Exchange.

[vimeo id=”115059710″ width=”600″ autoplay=“no”]

SuperNET Lite Wallet

Accessing NRS online is easy. Check out http://mynxtportal.info/ui/supernet.html.

This is the web SuperNET multiwallet, if you want to access Nxt NRS through this, just sign in using your NXT account number or passphrase, hit the “burger” in the upper right corner and choose “Advanced” from the menu.



Doing this will bring you to an online version of the NRS.

Read more about the user interface of the NRS here:

NXTER.ORG would like to thank the team behind SAE for maintaining a great service, which has helped so many ‘non-techie’ people become ‘Nxters’. May you rest in peace – and your legacy rise like a Phoenix.

MOFO Wallet – 2nd gen crypto wallet

Mofo Wallet, a NXT / FIMK cross platform wallet has just been released by FIMKrypto Community and DGEX.

Right now Mofo Wallet supports NXT and FIMK, but the plan is that it will also support other crypto currencies (starting with BTC).

Mofo Wallet has a simple user interface that allows sending/receiving money and encrypted messages, and it even walks new users through setting up accounts and activating them.

Mofo Wallet is available as a hosted online wallet and as a locally run standalone client. The latter will run as a FULL NODE if you set it up as a local server (this is done by simply clicking a button inside the Mofo Wallet!), thereby enabling you to support the Nxt / FIMK networks while forging for fees for your own accounts. Forging requires your account’s secret phrase to be sent to the server which you should only do if you are running the server on localhost.

After just a little snooping around in the wallet, it’s clear that Mofo is very ambitious in its scope: You currently have a built-in NXT and FIMK faucet (sponsored by DGEX), block explorers, multi account control (on all supported blockchains), wallet.dat backup and a mass payment functionality plugin (just upload your CSV sheet to the wallet and go) and forging support. And hang on just a minute, that’s not all: Mofo also enables software authors to write plugins in the form of distributed applications that have full access to the FIMK and NXT block chains.

Current features:

1. Block explorer.
2. Multi account support.
3. Create new accounts.
4. Add existing accounts.
5. Encrypted, freely named wallet.dat file removing the need to expose NXT / FIMK passphrase ever after creation.
6. Wallet file can be used locally or remotely (compatible with the hosted version at http://mofowallet.com).
7. Send and receive messages (stored in blockchain).
8. Send and receive payments.
9. Built-in faucet for both NXT and FIMK new accounts (through plugin).
10. Mass payment functionality (through plugin).
11. Run local server(s) (start/stop server(s)).
12. Forging (requires a running server process).
13. Theme switcher (19 themes available).
14. Public key announcement automation support.
15. Contacts database integrated with payments and messages.


MOFO – a wallet or a platform?

Development for Mofo Wallet is in a very early stage, expect many more plugins to be developed and added.

The plugin based architecture of the wallet code allows anyone to write plugins for Mofo Wallet.

FIMKrypto writes:

We hope to kickstart a new breed of distributed applications that live on the second generation blockchains. Building applications on a blockchain offers 1.payments 2. messages 3. encryption 4. trading and much more decentralized and distributed computing power for everyone (almost) free of charge.

In Mofo Wallet, applications are created as plugins and require nothing but HTML and Javascript. Once a plugin has been made available on the Web Wallet is becomes directly accessible from the internet.

For an example click here to open a sample plugin that offers strong customer authorization through use of blockchain technologies like trusted blockchain storage and encryption to protect privacy sensitive information.

FIMKrypto is the Finland based non-profit organization and also the name given to the cryptocurrency which it launched in early July 2014. Prior to FIMKs launch, the association received 533 Bitcoins (approx. 250 000 EUR) in donations from domestic and international donators. The association coordinates the FIMKrypto project and is organizing a national basic income plan, to be paid in the cryptocurrency.

FIMK is currently traded on the DGEX and CCEDK crypto currency exchanges, as well as on the Nxt Asset Exchange.

[fundraiser] NXT Android Wallet

Crowdfunding has started and will run between June 13th to July 13th 2014 (or shorter).


On 18.06.2013 at 05:56:04 am: marcus03

Status: After just 5 days, the project is well funded and will be implemented! 🙂

Funds raised as of June 18th: 60.897 NXT + 75.000 NXT from the community fund: 135.897 NXT

I’ll keep the asset sell order open at least until the project roadmap is done – just in case someone doesn’t want to miss being part of this. 🙂

—– Objective

A fully functional, open-source Android NXT wallet for Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3–2.3.7), Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3-4.0.4), Jelly Bean (4.1.x, 4.2.x, 4.3.x) and KitKat (4.4.x) on ARMv7 devices with NEON support (see here for an incomplete list of supported devices).

Transaction signing done client-side with the Android app connecting to “well-known” public NRS server without sending account secrets over the network.

Function wise, Marcus03 imagines a mix between Mycelium (for Bitcoin) and wesleys excellent desktop client.

Ease-of-use vs. feature overload

The following features are planned:

* Adding/creating multiple accounts with the option to store the account secrets in an encrypted password protected wallet on the device. Wallet backup available.
* Support for Reed-Solomon address format.
* Showing balances for registered accounts in NXT.
* Showing transactions for registered accounts.
* Contact list (account numbers with names)
* Sending NXT + Support for QR codes (scan a QR address, display a QR code for an address or a receive request (address plus an amount and a description)) + NXT corporate design

The following features are NOT planned:

– Block explorer like functionality
– Aliases (showing them, registering them, etc.)
– Asset exchange support
– Voting and whatever comes up next out of the core. 😉
– No explicit tablet support (Nexus 7/8, etc.)
– No support for forging on the Android device

The following features would be nice, but it’s not clear yet if they can be implemented:

– Showing balances for registered accounts in NXT, BTC, USD and EUR. Also showing exchange rates.
– Listing in the Google Play Store as a free app (not sure about their rules yet, but this is of course vital for mainstream adoption of NXT)

Support via Nxt Asset Exchange:


I issued the asset “AndroidCli” (Asset Id:  12414770996347165541 Account: NXT-X5EB-VSL5-Z7DU-3GWTJ ) for project fund raising and put up sell orders at 1 NXT. If you want to fund this projects please buy as many assets as you want to fund in NXT. As long as the fund raising is running you can step back from funding by transfering the assets back to the issuer account NXT-X5EB-VSL5-Z7DU-3GWTJ. I will then send the NXT back to the sender account (done at least once a day, but you might want to pm me). The fund raising will run for a maximum of one month (June 13th to July 13th 2014), but I might decide to close it earlier if I feel the project is well funded. If I decide the project is well funded (might happen any time I see fit or after one month latest) I will no longer redeem NXT for assets transfered back to issuer account. If I decide the project is not well funded after one month, I will cancel my sell order and put up a buy order at 1 1XT so that everyone is free to sell the asset against my buy order with minimal loss (2 NXT in transaction fees).


About marcus03

marcus03 developed one of the first and most used easy to install Nxt Clients for Windows/MacOSX, the NXT Solaris desktop client. However, in April marcus03 thought that NXT Solaris was no longer needed, and he stopped developing it and handed over the code. As nxtQaunts were implemented in the NRS, and the API calls in the NRS core changed, NXT Solaris became unfunctional. Marcus03

I wrote NXT Solaris in a way to be able to use parts of the code for mobile devices and after the recent discussion about the need for an Android client, I want to offer the following project to the NXT community.

In other words: Marcus03 has proven his worth. Interested? Then let’s raise the funds and make this beauty handheld. iphone   Source thread: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-projects/project-ideaoffer-nxt-wallet-for-android/

NXT Clients

All clients can be found at http://nxtclients.org.
Mentioned Nxt features are explained in Nxt Wiki.

Read the full version of Damelon and Salsacz’s PRESS RELEASE here.

Basic info:

NXT Solaris


Solaris is a full featured NXT client for Windows. As well as the usual Nxt features, including Asset Exchange, Solaris boasts several features that are not native to Nxt, such as marked information, monitoring and an address book, as well as support for multiple accounts. The installation process is simple, and the user can choose between open or closed source versions. The source code was released on February 16, 2014.

More info: http://www.nxtcoins.nl/client-showcase-nxt-solaris/




ClieNXT is a simple open­source client written in Java, as is the native Nxt client, NRS.
The current version (0.0.4) has one­click install and autoupdate ability as well as all of the basic Nxt functionality. One additional feature us the ability to send multiple transactions or messages using Nxts AM system.

More info: http://www.nxtcoins.nl/client-showcase-clienxt/




DotNxt was announced on the 14th January 2014 as an entrant in the Nxt client competition and was released on the 18th of the same month. Source code was released on the 1st February. DotNxt aims to be a simple and accessible easy install client with a clean interface and simple design values. It supports all current features, and is built using Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0.

More info: http://www.nxtcoins.nl/client-showcase-dotnxt/




Right now Offspring supports basic NXT features: Sending money, assigning aliases and creating tokens. It also includes real time BTC / NXT market rate. Among planned features are: Multicurrency client,; asset exchange; full block explorer; encrypted p2p messaging and transaction memos.

Offspring stoers NXT private keys (passphrase) together with Offspring account label in an encrypted file. While other clients still use “brainwallet”, this now provides wallet files known from Bitcoin wallets.

More info: http://www.nxtcoins.nl/client-showcase-offspring-dgex/


NXT Wallet


NXT Wallet is a web client with many features including Asset Exchange. It is currently connected to Testnet which is a test version of NXT network used by developers. It provides Contacts, Messages, Aliases and even Polls and a list of News. So you can read news from the Nxt forums, blogs, or social sites straight from the web client. It will be packaged as a downloadable program for Windows, Linux and Mac.




This is not classical client for average users, but a valuable complement to the other clients: It is a powerful tool for developers, with focus on the Asset Exchange system. It is a fully open sourced python implementation for api communication. Program can be extended by anybody easily by modifying existing stuff in there.



Nxs, pronounced “Nexus”, is a modified version of the default NRS web client that includes many new features and a more modern design. It allows to set a language or to show QR code of the current unlocked account. It includes new secret phrases generator. Users can also use up to 100 predefined sippers to obscure their secret phrase from dictionary words. Its source was released February 18.