New podcast: What’s Up Nxt?

This Nxt podcast is an interview with Ian Knowles (CIYAM Open Project) about Ian’s background and his efforts to bring Automated Transaction (AT) functionality to Nxt. The possible applications for this turing complete technology are limitless. Listen @ the official Nxt website: http://www.nxtcrypto.org/podcast/whats-up-nxt Original Message, from IveBeenBit: I have wanted there to be a podcast keeping …

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Nxt Crypto Podcast

In this 1st episode of The Nxt Crypto Podcast, we give you an overview of some of the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and a little bit about how Nxt and Bitcoin are different. The episode also features an interview with Nxt community member Damelon, who runs nxtcoins.nl, as well as a discussion between PrisonOrFreedom.com/‘s Tai Zen, Leon Fu, …

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About Nxt – podcast and video

NXT Podcast Nxt Crypto Podcast – Episode 1 By joefox. Nxt acc. 1234567740944417915 About What is Nextcoin (NXT)? By Tai Zun & Leon Fu / lifeorprison.com. Nxt acc. 17225446755425423638 Is Nextcoin (NXT) a scam? By Tai Zun / lifeorprison.com. Nxt acc. 17225446755425423638 3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Nextcoin (NXT) By Tai Zun / lifeorprison.com. Nxt acc. 17225446755425423638 Interviews By Tai Zun …

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