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Just heard about NXT ?

[UPDATE]: You can check out the NXT beta Clients HERE. Go get ’em.

The easy-to-use clients are not ready yet, but maybe you don’t want to wait for them.

Being a 100% PoS-coin, original stakeholders need to distribute NXT to the network to give it worth.
This has already made Nxt’s distribution far more even than the distribution of bitcoin, fiat, and most altcoins.

It’s still possible to buy in cheap. More and more exchanges are listing Nxt. The easy-to-use clients are soon out of BETA and will be a major step towards mainstream adoption. NxtCoin, Nxt Alias System, Nxt Arbitrary Message, Nxt Asset Exchange (testing) and parts of Transparent Forging have been successfully implemented, and still more advanced features are in development. Such futuristic. All this will influence the future of Nxt, and naturally the original stakeholders’ sale will not last forever. So let’s get down to it, right…


Oh. You’ve heard about the technical difficulties of getting a Nxt Client running.
You got 2 choices now. 1. Make it stop you. 2. Make it an advantage, and be an early adopter.

Here is how to download the client:

Run Nxt Client

1. Get the latest NXT Client

Go to:
http://www.nxtcrypto.org/nxt-coin/client-download (404 link removed)

Pinarello made the next part easy for you.
Here is how to check the hash sum for your own security: (video no longer available)

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/vmPjTwvuo-E” autohide=”0″ rel=”0″]

2. Create a NXT Account

Creating a safe private key is no joke! It’s not a hotmail passphrase!
There are always hackers on to Nxt, as to any other crypto currency with a future.

You want a passphrase of 30+ characters to prevent brute force attacks.
Make it a 90. To be 100% secure you should create it while your computer is offline. Create it by hand, blending letters, CAPS, numbers, special characters. Or use a password generator. Again – preferably do it offline with a desktop client, and if you choose to create your passphrase online, do copy-paste a n amount of the generated passwords to a text editor, go offline and then mash it up. Fill in a couple of  letters and weird signs, before proceeding to the next step.

DO NOT tell anyone your passphrase.
DO NOT continue from here thinking – yeah that’s all good, I’ll just start with “hello_mama_123”.
Human errors are the one most common reason for accounts getting compromised. Don’t enter that list.


Now you must protect your account against yourself!

The passphrase that you created in step 1 is your private key. You use this private key to log in to your Nxt account – there is no other way to access it. Loosing a private key in the world of crypto currencies means loosing access to your account – and everything in it. It’s like a double edged sword. To prevent others from breaking into your account, you also make it impossible for yourself to break in. You don’t want to loose that private key – ever – so back it up right now!

You can save it to an encrypted flash drive, optical disk, portable hard drive, or even write it down on paper and lock it up physically. You can also store the key on a cloud-based backup system, but given that no cloud system is 100% safe, you should encrypt it before uploading it or choose an encrypted backup system like Spideroak.

You can keep a copy on your desktop – but encrypt it.
Truecrypt is one such tool that can encrypt your account files.

Humans forget. Humans make mistakes. Humans go to a bars, return drunk and get in the mood for mailing their ex-partner. Humans might hit the wrong button and erase a document or a folder on the desktop instead. The folder holding your NXT secret key. Who am I to say. Just know, that you should not skip the step of backing up.


You must have java installed and running. Now create your account.
Open the client, hit the padlock in the top left corner, and paste your passphrase.

Your account is now created.
Your strong passphrase (private key) is your LOGIN.

The green number in the upper left corner is your ACCOUNT NUMBER.
This is where you sent Nxt to. Spread this number all around – you might get tips.

This happens whenever a first transaction is made from your account.

Log in to your account with the private key.
If your saldo is 0, go pick up a few NXT by entering your Nxt account number in a faucet. (redirects to nxt.org)

Now you can make the transaction.

– Send 1 Nxt to yourself
– Register an ALIAS
Send an arbitrary message
– Tip the author of this article 1 Nxt. Account: 196910366798475802 😉

By sending 1 Nxt, your account got a PUBLIC KEY in the blockchain, and is now secure (256 bit protection).


Client should always be updated.
Java should be auto updated.
Anti virus programs should auto updated.

The free version of Keyscrambler anti-keylogging software works well. Consider updating.
To take additional measures to keep your NXT secure, read THIS SERIES about computer security.


You can be notified automatically when there’s a change to your account balance by registering here.

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