$1 million hack showcases best and worst of bitcoin

Bitcoin is often compared to the Wild West – a lawless, unregulated environment where anything can and does happen. But it’s not true that a lack of formal oversight and structured governance necessarily leads to anarchy, as the victim of one hacker found out. When Androklis Polymenis turned on his computer on the morning of …

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DGEX takes new security measures after hack

DGEX.com, the first ever NXT <-> BTC Exchange, which launched back in late 2013, has been closed for trading and cash transfer operations since July 16th, when a hacker successfully managed to steal 1.2 million NXT and 52 BTC. “DGEX was just in the process of migrating servers and deploying sizable changes and security enhancements to …

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Basic computer security

Topics covered in this article is: Firewall / router OS updates Encrypted backups Using antivirus For an operating system to keep functioning in length, it should always be protected against malware and hackers (not to be confused with targeted hackers). This doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. With the right combination of simple free …

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