Nxter 新闻 – 2018年4月(IV):障碍就是阻挡成功的东西

四月(四) 欢迎,亲爱的Nxters和其他追随者! 春天是一个发展时期,加密社区肯定会越来越多。随之增长的还有令人痛苦的诈骗。随之而来的消息称韩国最大的代币交易所将在瑞士设立一个ICO。增长需要努力,工作,时间。本通讯小而且微不足道。但随着时间的推移和艰苦的工作,我们慢慢成长。我们每周都会继续增长并且达到数以万计的读者 – 但我们知道在您的帮助下我们可以做得更好! 上周,看到了Nxt / Ardor / Ignis世界的很多有趣的消息。关于Jelurida的联合创始人Lior Yaffe回答社区问题的几个非常棒的视频已经发布,一个新的Ardor / Ignis钱包生成器发布了,为NXT市场提供了一个新的UI提案,更多关于轻量级合约的新闻,以及你热情的请求 – 是的,你现在就读这个吧……用你的眼睛!下面还有更多。 我们欢迎我们的老读者回来,并热烈欢迎我们的新读者。我们希望读者能够随时掌握区块链发展的最新情况,并希望我们的读者尽可能保持自己和他们的数据安全。成为Nxt / Ardor / Ignis区块链生态系统的专家。所以,请回顾一下并了解上周的所有进展。   社区 Jelurida – 更新 问答视频 为什么阿朵子链是商业的不错选择? 为什么在阿朵中使用Java可以让您的生活更轻松? 长期持有硬币! FreeBird 2.0.1发布 Ardor / Ignis – 钱包生成器 交易所 Lescovex – ARDR,NXT和IGNIS将被列出 Bithumb – 让你的声音被听到 Dontoshi – 您可以为NXT / ARDR / IGNIS投票 CoinPulse – 您可以为NXT / ARDR … Read more

Three unappreciated Nxt services

Nxt is a hugely versatile and powerful platform, with a massive range of functionality. Nxt’s current and upcoming releases have already incorporated capabilities that are each a sole or major focus for other coins – shuffling, decentralised asset exchange, voting, messaging and more. Few other platforms have anything like Nxt’s sheer number of tools. However, … Read more

Nxt crypto explained

Nxt explained in 20 minutes by Bas Wisselink (Nxt Foundation); This Nxt presentation was made @ the Mind The Gap online conference, 10.04.2015. Topics: Nxt Asset Exchange (tokens (colored coins)) Nxt Marketplace Data storage (Nxt Arbitrary Messages) Aliases (remapping / DNS) Enhanced Multisignature Transactions (Phasing) Voting Monetary System

SinanBoom to release debut EP on NXT Digital Goods Store

SinanBoom is to release his new collection of tracks on the NXT Digital Goods Store, an innovative platform based on the popular second-generation cryptocurrency. The German musician, who has been playing the piano since he was six and composing his own music for over 10 years, decided to take the unusual step in order to … Read more