Three unappreciated Nxt services

Nxt is a hugely versatile and powerful platform, with a massive range of functionality. Nxt’s current and upcoming releases have already incorporated capabilities that are each a sole or major focus for other coins – shuffling, decentralised asset exchange, voting, messaging and more. Few other platforms have anything like Nxt’s sheer number of tools. However, …

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Nxt crypto explained

Nxt explained in 20 minutes by Bas Wisselink (Nxt Foundation); This Nxt presentation was made @ the Mind The Gap online conference, 10.04.2015. Topics: Nxt Asset Exchange (tokens (colored coins)) Nxt Marketplace Data storage (Nxt Arbitrary Messages) Aliases (remapping / DNS) Enhanced Multisignature Transactions (Phasing) Voting Monetary System

SinanBoom to release debut EP on NXT Digital Goods Store

SinanBoom is to release his new collection of tracks on the NXT Digital Goods Store, an innovative platform based on the popular second-generation cryptocurrency. The German musician, who has been playing the piano since he was six and composing his own music for over 10 years, decided to take the unusual step in order to …

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