Nxt Community & Development Update Summary #2

Tai Zen:

The purpose of these NXT updates are to keep everyone in the NXT community informed and up to date with the latest developments and progress from NXT without having to read multiple forums.


 Wesleyh NRS client

Wesley explains his client, which is going to be the original NRS. Alias system is touched upon, forging from the client and the importance of getting a public key for your account. Java+html programmers are welcome to participate in the making of the client. You don’t have to know about cryptos. Just contact Wesley.


Graviton, owner of Dgex.com + the Offspring Client. Offspring is the only Nxt client shipped with the full Nxt core engine and using the low level java API. This makes it a standalone desktop client, with no web browser needed. It’s functionally is quite similar to Wesleys. All links are clickable, leading to more information. Graviton welcomes developers to modify Offspring for their needs, as it is open source. Also looking for java programmers. Contact Graviton.

About Dgex. Situation is of course different from the time when Dgex was the only Nxt exchange. Graviton is actually relieved that the market has spread. The workload is off their back, both with Dgex and Nextcoin.org forum.

IPO of Dgex shares has closed and the shares are now being traded on Dgex. Legally they are profit sharing tokens. Prices are based on Nxt. Profits are sent out weekly.

It’s still a partially manual process to verify the in- and out coming money. Credited a about few times daily, at least every night. Exchange security – everything is kept in cold storage. Only a minor part can be compromised if successfully attacked by hackers. Backup funds are secure.

Developing. New features will come. Chat capacity. Further announcements will be made.

Bitcoin sidechains

Tim Swanson presents the idea of “Blockchain 2.0” to us. It’s supposed to be an extension in the bitcoin core that will allow sidechains. It’s gonna be more competition from guys with a proven track record and money in the bank. There’s a built in incentive for Bitcoin shareholders to promote this, as they already hold bitcoins. In order to use the side chains, you will have to use bitcoin tokens, held in the bitcoin blockchain, using atomic transactions to achieve this. So roughly speaking, they are trying to do the same thing as 2.0’s but keep their main blockchain. They want to gather all the cool ideas that alcoin people have, and get it integrated. It’s an incentive to speed up, but we are already in front.

How will it affect Nxt?

There is no code yet, just an idea, and coders about to get started. It all has to be executed. Mining pools have to get on board. If they reject the code because it has no direct valuable to them, it’s gonna fail. This is not a problem for PoS.

On the other hand, lots of talented guys have knowledge of the bitcoin blockchain and are ready to program.

Tim gives a little advise, and an outsiders look at Nxt:

We’re young. Nobody has heard about Nxt.
PoS, good. Low cost infrastructure. Good. Not vulnerable. Good.
Biggest advantage could be: Creating a turn key solution to get into institutions.
Customize PoW for enterprises. Might conflict with the decentralized nature of Nxt, maybe not.

Read more about Blockchain 2.0 here:

About Nxt.org

Bitventurer + Uniquorn explains:

It will have a shiny, nice and animated landing page.
Click, and you will be directed to educational stuff. Same style as the animated Nxt introduction video.

Also a small talk about the “hostage”-story of nxt.org.
Writers are sought for. Nxt.org’s idea is to centralize the output. Good content will be published.


Salsacz was trusted the early marketing efforts with a bunch of Nxt. A few 100K is left. This will be kept separate from the main Marketing Fund. Salsacz will decide who to donate to, but will take more people in.

Focus will be on education from now on. Provide texts and videos about this.
How should we present Nxt? Discussion are on nxtforum.org/promotion. Googledoc should belong to the past.

How to receive bounties? Step up to conferences. Bigger projects is Marketing Committee. Smaller projects, start with the Salsacz fund. Will reward good quality. Articles could be sponsored. If it is to be published, there will not be payment, only for very important news. Not for external sites. If you want to contribute, write ideas. About anything. Everything is helpful.

Also, there’s a bounty from the UF that has to be solved.
These will be used for conferences and small stuff. Could be used for it.

Anon136, Tech-dev Committee

Antast is added to the committee. Two have stepped down. Tech-dev sub forum is available for applications to the committee. These could be about anything that affects the core, but it’s not for features built on top. Another core developer might be added, to support JL, an interview is coming up.

Also, Anon136 is looking for a client developer to add a bitmit kind of service to Nxt. Bitmit was a crypto version of Ebay, but it’s gone now, and there is no substitution for it. Anon136 want it on the Nxt blockchain with no centralized administrator, so noone can close it. Placing orders by AM, connected to the physical goodstore. Place order, execute order. He has promotional funds and will pay pretty reasonably for the work. Minimum qualifications: Decent talent. Show what you have done. Application can be made in the tech-dev sub forum.

Original Stakeholders’ Committee

Klee talks about his vision to make an Original Stakeholders Committee. Big stakes should be put to good use. Many people contact Klee by PM asking for funds, but it’s difficult to decide for bounties, for different matters. It’s difficult to keep up with the projects afterwards.

Many are whining about the initial distribution. Early adopters are willing to donate, but need a safe way. Someone trusted should handle the stake and make the decisions on how to distribute it to the right people. Anon136 could be responsible for the funds. The committee is for people with more than 10M Nxt. Original stakeholders are invited to join. Contact Klee.

Nxt Community & Development Meetings are every Wednesday 11 AM NST / 4 PM GMT.