Three unappreciated Nxt services

Nxt is a hugely versatile and powerful platform, with a massive range of functionality. Nxt’s current and upcoming releases have already incorporated capabilities that are each a sole or major focus for other coins – shuffling, decentralised asset exchange, voting, messaging and more. Few other platforms have anything like Nxt’s sheer number of tools. However, …

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NXT to power a full economic ecosystem

Today a press release from Nautiluscoin announces the launch of a full economic ecosystem, built on the Nxt blockchain. The launch event of the Drachmae Ecosystem will take place on September 26, 2015.  Furthermore, Brian Kelly Capital (BKCM LLC) will be making a seed investment in a new entity that will deploy this ecosystem globally, first targeting developing micro-economies in Latin …

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PICISI to release Nxt MS currency ‘Pi’ on August 31st

Promising Crowdfunding Site Set To Release New Cryptocurrency August 31st In an effort to raise startup funds to develop what promises to be an innovative crowdfunding site (PICISI.com), PICISI is launching a new cryptocurrency today to coincide with the start of their 15 day crowdfunding effort. PICISI (Philanthropic Investments and Charity for Inventions, Startups, and …

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Fiat is failing. Let ‘battle’ commence?

This is the first in a series of articles examining the problems of the fiat monetary system and comparing the various possible solutions, with particular reference to the 2nd generation cryptocurrency: Nxt. ——————— Cryptocurrency (which is a decentralised form of digital currency)1 has now reached such an advanced stage of technological development that it would …

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PICISI crowdfunding project will use Nxt Monetary System

PICISI, a pre-launch start-up, is a crowdfunding site designed to accept national currency (USD, EUR, GBP, etc …) and crypto currency (CC). It is being positioned as an influential player in the CC space. Recently it quietly issued its currency (Pi) on NXT’s Monetary System. The currency affectionately name Pi, short for PICISI, has a currency code …

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Nxt crypto explained

Nxt explained in 20 minutes by Bas Wisselink (Nxt Foundation); This Nxt presentation was made @ the Mind The Gap online conference, 10.04.2015. Topics: Nxt Asset Exchange (tokens (colored coins)) Nxt Marketplace Data storage (Nxt Arbitrary Messages) Aliases (remapping / DNS) Enhanced Multisignature Transactions (Phasing) Voting Monetary System