Nxt assets, features and future

Travin Keith & Dave Pearce from the Nxt Foundation interviewed by Bill Cassidy (CryptoHolics) about Nxt features, the future of Nxt, and some of the Nxt assets, such as ARDR and SuperNet.
The audio interview was published on November 22, 2016.

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Arthur founded NXTER.ORG in December 2013 and started writing Nxt newsletters to the Nxt community.

Managed the development and implementation of Nxt's visual brand in 2014, with web design bureau Ideenfrische.

Issued the NXTP asset in 2014, a profit sharing asset given to early contributors to Nxter.org that helped turn the site into a magazine, publishing news and articles in several languages, and running faucets, contests and social media campaigns for Nxt. ESMA based a report on Nxter.org's coverage of the Nxt AE in 2015.

Arthur is still one of the driving forces behind Nxter.org. He compiled the acclaimed book about Nxt 'SNAPSHOT', which got published in early 2017.
Come get me

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