Nxt Community & Development Update Summary #3

Tai Zen:

The purpose of these NXT updates are to keep everyone in the NXT community informed and up to date with the latest developments and progress from NXT without having to read multiple forums.


Nxt core development

Didi. Member of Tech-Dev, the Nxt Committee who deals with the NRS core:

Java devs are hard to find. The competent devs from the Nxt Community are already involved, and outsiders know nothing about Nxt, and are expensive. 3 guys are on their way in, but if you are interested and got talent, go to the Tech-Dev subforum and introduce yourself.

Currently the Nxt Asset Exchange is being tested thoroughly and stabilized, it will hopefully run on the Amsterdam conference. Estimated release date is not available yet. The change to NQT, dividing 1 NXT into 10M quants pr. NXT has been implemented. 8 decimal places have been added on testnet.

Nxt clones

Talk about Nxt clones. Advantages and disadvantages.

Some seem to be afraid that clones may grow bigger than Nxt. The community is the key, because th open source software can be copied by anyone. Clones usually sell themselves by criticizing Nxt and adding a feature. Promised features, as it stands, the rest is copy-paste of the current Nxt-code, and the real development is still being done by Nxt. They might attract new people, who will turn to Nxt. We should learn from them.


Nxt.org is touched upon again. PM Uniquorn if you want to help out with the site.
Plan is to make it the main gateway into Nxt. Why should people with their own sites move?
Anyone involved in Nxt should benefit from having Nxt.org. This will make room for sub websites.


Damelon describes Nxt.org as an entrance site, and Nxtcrypto aim to connect people. Offer jobs, content development, be more for the advanced Nxter. Either you join the big sites, or you create a niche strong enough to stand for itself.

Nxt payment module

Payment module. By the end of this week, our first open source payment module should be ready for everyone who wants to accept payments in Nxt without any third party involved. First one will be for WordPress / WooCommerce, and other platforms will follow. Damelon will present a finished product/shop to the community.

Nxt Community & DevelopmentĀ Meetings are every Wednesday 11 AM NST / 4 PM GMT.

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