Nxter News – February 2018 (III): There Is Nothing Like A Dream To Create The Future

February (III)

Welcome again, Nxters!

The news from last week has exchanges, again, front and center but for a new reason: Jelurida announced a fund for listing NXT / ARDR / IGNIS on new exchanges; in tandem with a crowdfunding effort by the community and ANG to get our tokens on Binance, learn about the Fras Coin Ignis ICO, new Ardor and NRS client updates were released, Lele – a going-to-be Ardor clone has announced a limited time 1:1 swap for NXT/IGNIS (plus info about the upcoming airdrop), and some great Ardor memes, and media metions. All this and more await you below.

We welcome back our old readers and warmly welcome our new ones. The cryptosphere is a large, complex, and largely mysterious place for many people, and we at Nxter are changing that. We want our readers to become experts in the Nxt / Ardor / Ignis blockchain ecosystem. Lean back and learn about all of last week’s progress.



The AE




This week’s newsletter is put together by James, apenzl, Jose, and rubenbc.


  • Exchange Campaigns

Jelurida Pledges €100K for 3-5 Exchange Listings

Jelurida has announced that they will be allocating money for the exclusive purpose of getting NXT / ARDR / IGNIS listed on more third-party exchanges. Jelurida has set aside a budget of  €100K for 2018 with the goal of getting three to five new exchanges listing the coins we know and love.

Lior Yaffe (Riker) announced:

Based on community feedback, Jelurida has allocated a budget of €100K for the year of 2018 for exchange listing with the aim of listing our tokens on between 3 and 5 exchanges.

The exact amount paid per exchange will be decided on a case by case basis. Specifically, we will apply for the Binance Community Coin and we will revisit all exchanges which already support Nxt and make another attempt to get them to list Ardor and Ignis.

Let’s rally together! Sign up for a binance account so we can vote!!! from Ardor

This action from Jelurida’s side comes after weeks of heated discussions within the community, as well as direct accusations against Jelurida that they do not appreciate the value of exchanges. Since the release of Ardor, and the IGNIS airdrop, Nxters have been waiting for exchanges to honor their publicly announced support for the tokens, but still, after almost 2 months, people are not able to buy into ARDR and IGNIS, or withdraw their tokens to their local clients, on several exchanges that announced that they would.

Jelurida’s application to Binance, and the €100K pledge, is what it is, and it surely helps but it doesn’t mean that Nxters can lean back and expect to see new trading markets just emerge. The community, as well as Jelurida will have to push hard, in collaboration.

Read along.

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  • Ardorgate Lowers The Fee

Ardorgate’s AEUR child chain is a gateway from Euro to AEUR, to the decentralized Coin Exchange on Ardor, where ARDR and child chain tokens can be traded p2p, but only through Euro, and with KYC and AML registration required.

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  • We need to be on more exchanges

Nxters – new users not being able to get into IGNIS / ARDR is a huge problem.

Which exchanges would you like to add NXT / IGNIS / ARDR trading? A spreadsheet is waiting for your input.


Ardor needs more exchanges.


I have sold the idea of Ardor to soo many people but they gave up because they can’t buy it anywhere and bought into other projects instead. I keep talking about how good the wallet is and the inbuilt functionality but they never get to use it for themselves.

I would pay $300k for the Binance listing if need be. We say that it’s a lot for one exchange that could go out of business tomorrow but if Bittrex went down tomorrow we’d have almost zero liquidity at all. The more exchanges the better imo for exactly that argument.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of money but I would 100% contribute to any community fund which I think has been mentioned in here numerous times. My point was more that scoffing at $300k is silly when it would likely increase Ardors overall value by more than that overnight. I understand the blackmail argument but it is what it is. We can’t cut off our nose to spite our face.

It scares me that if anything happened to Bittrex we would essentially be on almost zero exchanges. In addition, when the market recovers that $300k could quickly become $600k.


So far my assumption was that exchanges that already support NXT will quickly move to support Ardor and Ignis, after all they are making money from it.

Apparently, this was a wrong assumption.

On the other hand, we won’t agree for exchanges to blackmail us and 30K Binance [$BNB] is blackmail.

Elizabeth [2:19 PM]
Here is a spreadsheet called Exchanges. It is completely blank and undeveloped. I have given Edit privileges to everyone who accesses with the following link. I can’t work on this for awhile, but any of you may go in and build it to what we need. I will probably tweak it later and lock down access after a few days.


I suggest we just start listing the exchanges, adding the website and contact link or email for now.

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  • Crowdfunding for Binance listing fees


The community is also rallying, with the ANG announcing that they, separately from Jelurida, will be trying to crowdfund $100K per token (ARDR, IGNIS & NXT) to meet the (expected) fee for applying to get listed on the Binance exchange. This is a massive and coordinated community campaign with the explicit goal of making Jelurida tokens better available for users.

To go in tandem with @riker’s revelation of the marketing budget and my commitment to the community to help crowdfund a listing, I have created a Community Project page on the ANG website.

We have three coins. It would be a tough decision but we should prioritize in three tiers.

Please vote, poll is on the ignis chain. Thx.


I’m going to throw another thought out here while I’m eating dinner and thinking things through. I really want this to be a rallying of the community and not divisive in any way! We all come from different business, cultural, geopolitical backgrounds with different experiences and perspectives. Let’s not let this become an us versus them situation if we all don’t see it the same way. Some will not be able to contribute, some will choose not to contribute. But let each one be respected for their own position and decision. OK?!!


So this is fundraising for paying regular listing fee on binance? And there is a chance to list all 3 coins if we’ll raise 300k?




Elizabeth [11:04 AM]
The community raised 100K to apply for listing Ardor on Binance in about 12 hours time!

The fund raising continues for Nxt and Ignis here:

We will need to calculate things and keep track of how much BNB costs in relation to how much we raise. I think we can aim for 100000K USD per coin right now and communicate changes as the markets fluctuate.

This fundraiser has nothing to do with the Community Coin application. It is for the regular application of the coins. Now that our own community has decided to fund that application there is no need to apply for it to be the Community Coin.

Follow the full conversation at the #marketing channel on ArdorNxt chat on Slack, #communityprojects channel.

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  • Bitplace Exchange Accepts Ardor

Continuing the theme of acceptance, Bitplace now supports ARDR trading. Instructions on how to buy or sell ARDR on Bitplace are below.

To buy Ardor first select from the YOU HAVE drop-down the currency you wish to pay with and enter the amount you have. From the YOU GET drop-down select Ardor ARDR and you will see the rate and how much Ardor you will receive. Click Exchange Now and enter the Ardor address you wish to receive your ARDR and your e-mail address. On the next page you will have to pay for your Exchange to the indicated address.


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  • Bittrex Open for New Registrations

Bittrex appears to have started accepting new user registrations:

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  • Nxt / Ardor Memes

Community member, darksidejosh, created many delicious and dank memes about NXT, IGNIS and Ardor. We are happy to spotlight them for you – they are funny, true, and engaging. Over 60 of his memes are assembled below. Always remember to HODL!

darksidejosh wrote:

And heres an album of the 60 or so ARDR meme’s ive made over the last few months. I realize its not official content, but I have some reach on cryptotwitter with some of metrics getting 20k views or more each.”


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  • ArdorPlatform.org Redesign

A redesign of the ardorplatform.org website is currently underway.


Just one of the ideas being worked on.

The redesign offering for ardorplatform.org is on track. We should have something soon for the community to review.

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  • Lele Airdrop

Lele is the Indonesian wildcard that entered the stage as an NXT clone but quickly chose to become an Ardor clone instead. Lele will be fulfilling the terms of the JPL and airdropping 10% of their tokens to the Ardor community. Scams are out there – no registration or forms need to be filled out, by anyone, to receive the Lele Airdrop. Be safe and NEVER give your account passphrase out!

LELE states that on the 28th of February they will take a snapshot of the IGNIS child chain and the airdrop will be distributed on 1.–3. March. The ratio is 10 IGNIS:1 LELE.

Starting from Feb 12th they allow LELE believers to swap IGNIS:LELE or NXT:LELE  at a 1:1 ratio.

Important Read Airdrop from Clones – How to Act

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  • Jelurida at 4YFN and the Mobile World Congress

As previously announced: Jeurida was picked as a 4YFN Awards finalist – and the final date is closing in.

Jelurida will pitch on the main stage, meet up with investors and exhibit within the innovation market at 4YFN Barcelona on Tuesday, February 27, and pitch in Mobile World Congress, Conference Innovation session, three days later, on March 1st.

The 4YFN Awards 2018 is the startup competition of the 4YFN at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2018 event, focused on accelerating business development and the investment in new technologies.

As part of being a finalist, Jelurida will exhibit for free in a highlighted area of 4YFN from February 26 to 28. Also, they will get a dedicated article published on the 4YFN website and will be included in newsletters and across social channels. Jelurida will have the opportunity to meet the international press for the promotion of the finalists’ projects.

The Mobile World Congress is the most significant mobile event in the world, with Annual attendance more than 100,000. Attendees represent more than 200 countries from across the globe. Over 2,300 exhibits are featured during four days in Barcelona from February 26 to the 1st of March.


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A reminder for all Nxters, Nxt, Ardor and child chain community members – the community has been compiling the blockchain Meetup events across the ecosystem.

As soon as ardor ecosystem event dates are known, put them into cryptoCalendar to get the word out.

You can download the Meetup App for mobile or log in on the web to register for any of them:


almonte and me have been helped by Elizabeth and Veronica to organize Madrid Meetup on Google Campus at 1st of March.


I would like to know your opinion to do this crowdfunding campaign with AEUR to support catering for the networking moment on the event?


yeah, withdraw AEUR to MT mastercard and pay with it for catering in front of audience


What a great idea Martis


I will contribute some AEUR for that – or sell some Ignis/Ardor to AEUR, withdraw them and pay for catering live!

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  • Crypto Meetup “Blockchain for Business: Ardor Platform held on February 7th

The videos from the Meetup in Valencia on Feb. 7th have been posted. Watch our long-time community member Alberto Fernandez (almonte) speak about the Ardor platform. Videos are in Spanish without subs.

He wrote:

As promised, here you have the videos recorded from the last Ardor introduction in Valencia. Apologies for the non-spanish speakers, this event was in spanish. Again, thanks to Dekalabs and Flywire for hosting the event and provide such a good Blockchain audience!

More information

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  • Review of Blockchain for Business Meetup in Barcelona held on February 13th

Veronica wrote a nice review of the Barcelona Meetup hosted by Nxt and Ardor members. Very good feedback was gathered and we hope to continue to grow and gain traction in business sectors across the world.

She wrote:

We had a very exciting time holding the first Blockchain for Business Meetup yesterday in Barcelona. This is an incredible asset for our community, and helps to build connections with local players, IT consultants, and businesses. Anyone in the community that would like to do something similar, even in a smaller scale (it all counts!) come to the #meetuporganizers channel and say hello! We will help you to start in your city and share tips and good practices. Organizing this can be very easy if you already know what to do 😉

Big success yesterday at the first meetup of the Barcelona Blockchain for Business Group organized by Ardor and Nxt members, full room around 180 attendees (193 subscribed to the event, less than 10% of non-attendance)

– First meetup, very positive feedback, people reached us to congratulate and thank you us for the organization
– @fsarrias @vanbreuk @rubenbc and @veronica told to a lot of people after the event, and exchanged business cards and talk about Nxt and Ardor
– Joan Manel (Vanbreuk) presented what is a blockchain and what characteristics are important for business (about 40 minutes); Veronica introduced areas where blockchain is being applied and mentioned the blockchain-as-a-service model (about 20 minutes)
– We had 30 minutes of Q&A, and 20 minutes of networking. The Mobile World Center and Estrella Damm sponsored a beer at the end of the event
– The meetup was recorded, we will share the video soon!


It has been a success from all points of view. The site was very well located, excellent speakers, the atmosphere among the attendees was very good, and networking with a good beer was great (L). Wishing to attend the next and see you all again.

More information

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The AE

  • Frasindo Ignis Crowdsale

Frasindo and the Fras Coin project of Indonesia have an ongoing crowdsale. Sandy Budiman of Frasindo updated the community about the structure of the Fras Coin project and shared details with Elizabeth, the director of ANG. Fras Coin will be an asset an Ignis child chain asset on the Ardor platform.

Indonesia-Based Car Rental Company Frasindo Joins the Cryptocurrency World

Fras Coin will be an asset on the Ignis child chain of the Ardor Platform. Details are available at https://www.frasindo.com. Fras Coin Roadmap: http://bit.ly/2C2HrCi. Fras Coin White-Paper: http://bit.ly/2sf6sun. Follow Frasindo on Twitter at @frascoin.

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  • Janus – Status Update

Janus released a statement to their community about recent Kreds airdrop.

Hello Janus community,

Details regarding the airdrop for JNS users will be available within 2 weeks, depending on administration times within our team it could be sooner. Users anticipating coins please be patient as we will process this securely and using cryptographic messages on Ardor platform to verify the validity of claimed Kreds.

Please note: this was not a hyped airdrop and intended for the JNS community by design, the snapshot has already passed, and is the only portion of Kreds designated through this distribution method. 90 day claim window for the users in JNS who participated, all coins not claimed will be returned to the websites’ funds for disbursement.

Janus Telegram: https://t.me/thejanusproject

Janus asset ID on the ARDOR platform: 4348103880042995903



Website/whitepaper for Kreds is live https://www.kredsblockchain.com/

We are beginning the necessities for the airdrop public soon. I welcomed you all over a year ago to Janus, I welcome you also to Kreds community, please join the discord if you get a moment (at your leisure)much of the whitepaper won’t be as new to those in here as in the rest of the world.

However, it does have some details you may like or hate you know we are here, if you see something that you feel needs adjustment, then please let us know. The economic model is very difficult to perfectly launch without live data, user stats and more so it can and more than likely will change for emissions and user base size increases.

Here is how to claim you Kreds balance if you’re a Janus holder.

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  • Triffic Teaser

Triffic released a teaser for their upcoming Ignis ICO. Triffic is a gamified navigation app that allows users accrue loyalty points like Air Miles by performing actions such as traveling to a location, redeeming vouchers, selling items or booking a hotel or taxi. Their business model looks legit and claims to be able to operate in any country.

Triffic, The Gamified GPS Is Coming To Ardor from Ardor

They wrote:

We are indeed [planning to do an ICO on the ignis childchain].

The asset tokens have already been created and we are now in the final stages of ensuring that the ICO is compliant with international KYC laws. Whilst we are issuing our token on the Ignis Blockchain, people will have the choice about how they want to buy.

People will also be able to buy tokens with Bitcoin or Ethereum as well as Ignis and Ardor. The only thing they need to hold their asset tokens is an Ardor wallet – and anybody can get one, not just Europeans.

I’m definitely correct here because I actually live in SE Asia and many people over here have Ardor wallets.

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  • Ardor v2.0.14 Upgrade

Last week a new version of Ardor, v2.0.14 was released. Drop everything and download it now! No, but seriously, you should upgrade your Ardor client. The new version includes bug fixes and improvements to the UI. The full changelog is below.


Correct coin order cancellation fee calculations when the exchange coin is ARDR
and correct fee coin label in the buy and cancel modals.

Format amount and fee according to chain decimals in transactions tables.

Fixed server calculated exchange rate to display according to locale numeric

Added the buy orders side to the coin exchange, improved layout of the coin
exchange page.

Fixed update of account balances per chain.

Fixed alias offer to any account. Fixed decryption of DGS goods.

Added Ardorgate EULA and privacy policy checkboxes and links.

Improved the “not enough funds” error message.

Fixed sending of transactions when running as light client.

Added UI for blacklisting bundlers.

Do not process or propagate bundler rates when running as light client.


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  • NRS Update – Version 1.11.13

Jelurida also released a new NRS update (for desktop and Android) – v1.11.13. This new update includes UI improvements, desktop wallet performance optimizations, and bug fixes. Do not forget to update! Seriously, it is important for community members to stay up-to-date on their client upgrades so as to be as safe and secure as possible.



Desktop wallet performance optimizations to reduce excessive load.

Do not allow login using passphrase to a non-existing account to prevent users from losing their funds due to a typo. Use the “choose your own passphrase” link under “create new account” if you really need to login to a non-existing account using passphrase.

Client UI enhancements and bugfixes.


  • Updated Android client app

Mobile app https://bitbucket.org/Jelurida/nxt/downloads/nxt-client-1.11.13.apk
SHA256 0cb8f0a62fd1ba9890cfda4410d25b21fa79256f06759f7c6396269c04ddcf97


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  • BIOTS 2018

Do you study computer science, engineering, or math?

Do you want to be among the first people worldwide to profit from top-notch, hands-on education in Blockchain and the Internet of Things?

Do you want to meet experts and others in the field and create sustainable solutions?

Every year the BIOTS program will offer three major verticals for the students to build their ideas and use-cases.
In 2018, we mainly look into sustainability issues, which are currently on the agenda of the UN or hot topics in the industry.


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  • Hacker Noon – Blockchain as a Service: 23 Million Reasons to Help Advance the Future of Blockchain

This article highlights how Ardor, unlike other blockchains, promotes Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) right out of the gate – the entire platform was designed with businesses in mind. Like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) from earlier this decade, BaaS looks to be the next evolution in business.

They wrote:

Ardor, is a BaaS platform that will allow people to use the NXT blockchain. They use “child chains” to bring BaaS into the front of the equation. Instead of leaving BaaS as an afterthought, they frontloaded the ability for companies to use their BaaS platform.

Now that we understand this rapid interest and growth of blockchain, we can start to understand just how important BaaS is.

So now back to “BaaSics”, what does the ideal version of BaaS look like? Well it could be one of two things. It could possibly look like Ardor and Nxt, where BaaS is front-loaded into the fundamentals of the blockchain.


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  • Crypto Gazette – Ardor (ARDR) Quietly Making Progress in 2018

Ardor is highlighted in Crypto Gazette as making excellent progress this year. They speak about the ease with which developers can use the platform to implement new features and functionality. They also praise the growth of the community, including a new Korean channel. Korea is one of the largest consumer markets for cryptocurrency in the world.

They wrote:

The blockchain currency improved the stability of the network. With the latest upgrade, the coin is able to rise against other digital coins in the market. It is because it offers developers with an excellent platform for developing their key features on the coin’s channel. The refurbishment of their child chain system continues to function perfectly and as a matter of fact, they are planning to release minor updates with some improvements of usability and bug fixes.

Ardor (ARDR) is also making excellent progress in their client support system which is in full integration with the customer relationship management system. There is also the creation of a new Korean channel. The channel would offer a vital stage for increasing the awareness of the coin to readers in Korea.


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  • Steemit – How to Transfer IGNIS Tokens off the Ardor Blockchain to an Exchange

So we always recommend keeping your assets in your local wallets, but we get it – many of you like to trade on the open market with non-Jelurida tokens. This article documents how to transfer IGNIS tokens from your Ardor wallet to a Bittrex wallet. The process is simple but requires an account with the third-party exchange in question. Do your research and learn what exchanges enabled IGNIS trading (refer to the ANG crowdfunding announcement from earlier).


If you held NXT before the snapshot then your IGNIS tokens are accessible on the Ardor blockchain using the same account number and password for the NXT blockchain.

But what does that mean? This is a simple guide to transfer your IGNIS tokens to an exchange. I will be using Bittrex as an example.

We will be using The Ardor Lite wallet to access the Ardor blockchain.

The Ardor Lite wallet allows for simple/fast interaction with the Ardor blockchain for users. All transactions are signed locally, so your passphrase is never sent to a remote node, while not requiring the user to download the blockchains. Only the essential functions are available.

We will be creating a new wallet on Bittrex to receive our IGNIS tokens and then accessing the Ardor Lite Wallet to send our IGNIS tokens over to Bittrex.


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  • LinkedIn – Ardor Lack of Marketing Talk

This article makes an excellent point – Ardor is a business tool that is not really deserving of marketing. Rather it is the CHILD CHAINS that need the marketing as they are what the average person will be interacting/transacting with and using. Ignis, AEUR, just to name a couple, should be treated as the stars of Ardor, not Ardor itself.

They wrote:

Whilst people tend to agree that the technology behind Ardor is genuinely groundbreaking, there seems to be a consensus of opinion that the marketing efforts from Jelurida are pretty weak.

The thing is, I actually disagree. If you look at the remit of Jelurida, you’ll see that they are a for-profit company. This company has two products – Ardor and the Nxt Blockchain Creation kit.

This means that for Jelurida to spend money on the direct marketing of Ardor is extremely short sighted. The Ardor parent-chain has not been designed for everyday general transactional use, that’s the job of the child chains.

Ardor should not be thought of as a coin. Like Ethereum, Ardor is a store of value. Their market caps are built up because they are both ultimate destinations for profits that have been made from smart contracts (in the case of Ethereum) or child-chains (in the case of Ardor).

Ethereum has not become popular because it has a celebrity figurehead. Ethereum is popular and high-priced because it was built to facilitate developers to build on top of it, which they have done in droves.

This is also why Ardor will become popular, not because of any short term spin designed to pacify day-traders whose memories only extend beyond the last pump. It’s been less than a month and we are already starting to see new projects being announced. Word will spread. Slowly at first, but it will gather pace as more child chains come on board. A true and sustained price rise will only happen when there is true adoption of the Ardor ecosystem, and for that to happen, it need to be marketed those who can take advantage of what it was designed for.

Ardor is a working project with a long-term future, and that’s why it’s a long term hold.


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  • Smartoptions – …And What About ARDOR ($ARDR)?

This article illuminates the history of Ardor and the many incremental developments it has had over the past two years.

There is a history of next level developments, behind Ardor that stems from NXT – a blockchain available for public and private use, with a five-year history, proven technical stability, a healthy community, and a well established proof-of-stake model.

Ardor launched in 2016, making it one of the first Blockchain-as-a-Service (Baas) programs, along with IBM’s Hyper Ledger and Microsoft’s Azure. The purpose of a progression Ardor was to use the solid foundation of NXT while solving the NXT issues of a single token, blockchain bloat, and lack of customizability. The NXT platform provides Ardor the capacity for creating vital, structured transactions


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  • TradingView – IGNIS/BTC Potential Triangle Breakout

The bottom line of the triangle is the support that was tested twice, currently, the price is near this level and should bounce again from it. This will be a fifth Elliott wave which will break the Triangle upward. We expect a significant rise of this coin as its fundamental basis is decent as well as technical. It has been recently added to Bittrex and we waited until the right moment to enter. Stoch RSI is in the overbought state, so we should wait till it dips a bit to the zone that is drawn on the chart. Probably it will be the best moment to buy IGNIS.


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  • TradingView – Will Airdrop Cause FOMO?



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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR/IGNIS Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the IGNIS / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over these past days:

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And that is all for this week, Nxters.

Follow us on Twitter for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. Spring is coming! Stay warm, dry, and stay informed, dear Nxters. See you back here next week! We will keep you updated on the growing world of distributed ledger technology.

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Nxt News – October 2017 (I): Success is Not Measured by the Position you Have Achieved in Life but by the Obstacles you Have Overcome

October 2017 (I)

Welcome again, fellow Nxters! October is here and that means delicious beers and ciders are just around the corner. In the world of the blockchain, we have much to catch you up on. The fourth round of the IGNIS ICO continues, Jelurida has new plans and more.

As always, we provide comprehensive, yet accessible coverage of the rapidly evolving and growing blockchain world. For our long-time readers we have the latest events; for our new readers, we have the info to make you an expert in no time at all. Sit back and enjoy.






This week’s newsletter is put together by James, Jose, apenzl, and rubenbc.



The fourth round of the IGNIS ICO is underway. After months of hype, it is now possible to participate in the ICO and buy JLRDA without running a full node client, placing several buy-orders in advance, or having to figure out the most advantageous peer settings and transaction fees in order to buy. For more in-depth analysis of the fifth and final round of the ICO, follow our exclusive ICO reports.

At the time of writing, 44M+ JLRDA are available for 1.05 NXT per token.

Ignis ICO Schedule
Dates JLRDA tokens for sale Price of 1 JLRDA in NXT
Aug 05 – Aug 12 60,000,000 0.40
Aug 26 – Sep 02 80,000,000 0.55
Sep 09 – Sep 16 100,000,000 0.76
Sep 23 – Oct 21 100,000,000 1.05
Oct 28 – Nov 04 up to 100,000,000 1.45


Live stats from the Nxt Blockchain

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  • Jelurida – Barcelona is next

Riker –

Tuesday – Thursday – team Jelurida in Barcelona at http://www.blockchainsolutionsforum.com/ we’ll have a booth and a speaker slot

Other confirmed Nxters that will attend the event are:
RubenBC (Nxter Magazine), VanBreuk (Nxt Foundation), Travin Keith (Nxt Foundation).

More info

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  • Ardor vs. the Competition

A couple months ago Segfaulsteve began writing a wonderful and detailed account of Ardor and the many advantages it has over the competition. His first post highlighted the technological supremacy Ardor has over Plasma, the next installment talked about the LISK blockchain and the functionality provided by it, and the third compared Ardor against NEM/Mijin/Catapult.

You can find the previous posts here:

The fourth installment of the series is now out. Ardor is compared against IOTA, which made the news last week for purposefully introducing bugs into the codebase in order to punish those who illicitly used their code in their projects. Further down Lior Jaffe wrote about this on his Medium blog.

Ardor vs. the Competition, Pt. 3: IOTA

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  • Lior Yaffe – About Nxt/Ardor

Lior Yaffe, aka Riker, Nxt/Ardor core developer and co-founder of Jelurida, gave on the 1st of October a speech in Tel-Aviv about the blockchain, different consensus algorithms, such as PoS and PoW, and of course, Nxt and Ardor. A lot of people gathered together to listen to Lior’s explanations, as we can see in the following picture.

If you weren’t able to attend, you can still watch Riker’s presentation. You just need to log-in to your Facebook account and click on the following link: https://www.facebook.com/NxtBlockchain/videos/835856146575251

Turn up your speakers to hear this light introduction to the blockchain and Nxt/Ardor.

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  • Blockchain: Making It More Than Just a Trend

Travin Keith, member of Nxt Foundation, will co-host and moderate this Brighttalk.com webinar. Travin does this on behalf of Agavon.

The blockchain has the attention of the world right now, it is a buzzword. But is it just a fad? Many people across the world, especially in America, believe in the impermanence of distributed ledger technologies, citing China’s closure of their BTC exchanges as proof. The grassroots of the blockchain have taken root with many extant opportunities for implementing disruptive change on the horizon.

A panel of experienced blockchain specialists will discuss:

-Viability of Use Cases – Just because a centralized database can be more efficient doesn’t mean it’s the most viable

-Preventing Blockchain from Being Just a Trend – if blockchain isn’t viable as the solution, it shouldn’t be used

-Public vs Private Blockchain Use

-State of the Industry – Understanding that a lot of the platforms and frameworks are in their early stage of development and that support may not be readily available

Presented by
Travin Keith (Agavon), Sergey Ivliev (Lykke), Vlad Dramaliev (aeternity), Makoto Takemiya (Soramitsu)


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  • Janus – Status Update

Hooray, Janus (JNS) has successfully been migrated to the Ardor platform, so once Ardor launches its mainnet (Q4) all Janus tokens will be confirmed. There is still not a definite launch date for Ardor yet. Nonetheless, the transition from JNS tokens being NXT based to ARDR based will be seamless for users.

In Bjorn’s words:

Bjorn: Final message from me for today: Janus tokens are confirmed to be part of the Ardor platform when ARDR goes live. NXT/Ardor developers have not released an exact launch date but you should all have a very easy transition with JNS tokens from NXT to Ardor.

Business site update

Janus’ lead developer, Lobos, updates us:

I am able to report that most of the dev work for our first-to-be-released project has been completed and that we’re mostly down to expanding what the UI can do, load testing and general bug testing/squashing.

Work on our second-to-be-released project is also progressing and now, after the summer break and a few personal crises which cost time and focus, has our full attention.

So even though we’ve been quiet, we’re still working on getting stuff done and making progress.

We understand our investors’ concerns and appreciate their faith in us. We do not intend to disappoint any of you.

Side business: JNSHash Mining

Last week the Janus team posted a video on Youtube…

The subject came as a surprise to most investors and followers, Janus explains:

Introducing: JNSHash Mining

Join the “Janus Token” YouTube Channel

You can find a list of all paid dividends here. Also, follow the Janus news on https://nxter.org/janus, and Janus Twitter.

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  • Adel – Status Update

Gabriel Dusil spoke about Adel at the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference in Stockholm last week. The co-founder of Adel spoke about the blockchain incubation that Adel helps execute. The Adel ecosystem is explained in great depth to an eager crowd. The innovation fostered by Adel is great for growth in the blockchain space as they provide the resources to small projects. The diverse assortment of the projects they sponsor and incubate help great ideas get to market.

Gabriel speaks:

Moreover, TheWireMaster wrote this week about Adel.

Follow Adel In Medium

Adel’s first incubated project will be iFin.io.


More info

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  • Bitswift – Status Update

Bitswift is looking for enthusiasts to join their team. The Bitswift.shop is nearing completion and they need people to help the grow.

In their words:

Are you a tech enthusiast in Canada ? Want to make a business doing what you love ? Want to earn a bonus in crypto-currency ? We provide insurance, branding, training, business connections, references, access to distributors, and much more.  If you are interested in joining the Bitswift team get in touch with us.  hello@bitswift.tech

We will equip each rep with access to the shop, discounts for reps will be significant to ensure they can be profitable while re-selling to homes and business customers.

The best part of waking up........... is Bitswift on your cup.
“working on brand packs” The best part of waking up……….. is Bitswift on your cup.



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  • DeBuNe – ERC20 Token Swap

The DeBuNe ICO is announced and it will be based in the Ethereum AE.

One of the reasons our community remains small is the fact that many people still are not aware of us or our platforms. We need to raise awareness and Roberto’s ICO in ETH is an opportunity to do so. The Ethereum community is much larger than the Nxt community and DeBuNe will act as a double agent for us. Infiltrating their network and community to sow the awareness of the Nxt / Ardor community. We hope. 🙂

In Roberto Capodieci’s own words:

Guys, you all know my devotion for Nxt since day 1 (or even -1 for that matter). There are MANY reasons why finally the DeBuNe fundraising is in Ethereum and not (again?) in the Nxt AE.

Some are practical:

1) liquidity in ETH is much higher than liquidity in NXT
2) audience in Ethereum is much wider than in Nxt
3) ICOs ARE in Ethereum
4) It is a GOLDEN opportunity to grab attention of the wide Ethereum community and point their attention to Nxt/Ardor

The swap of AE DeBuNe toward ERC20 Ethereum tokens is at 1:1.5
(for each 1 DeBuNe from the Nxt AE you get 1.5 DBN ERC20 tokens).

AE <> Token swap will end the 30 of October 2017!

DeBuNe Pre ICO will start the 1st of November and will sell 1DBN at 0.02ETH (for large quantities).


Roberto has provided a way for DeBuNe Nxt asset holders to swap directly to his blockchain tokens.

Today he writes:


A) Some of you have contacted me asking how to avoid the swap with the ERC20 tokens and swap directly with the DeBuNe blockchain tokens.

B) Some of you simply don’t want to deal with Ethereum. I understand and appreciate this.

I want to clarify that DeBuNe is NOT being implemented with Ethereum.

Case A) I am open to this possibility, and I apologise for not thinking about it beforehand. In this case return the AE token from an Nxt account you will be able to use in the future to send me the DeBuNe blckchain account where I will send the matching DBN.

Case B) For those of you that prefer to skip the ICO in Ethereum, I been suggested to talk with Komodo Platform to run a BTC ICO there. I am absolutely open to this, and I understand this makes many of you happier. I will discuss with Komodo the how to, and if all is ok we will proceed to offer DeBuNe also there. Note that in this 3 years I have delivered several working Blockchain projects. I have made a good estimate that for a successful phase 1 of DeBuNe we will need at least USD2M for initial work and bounties.


Please let me know if you need more clarifications and have more suggestions, I will be happy to do my best to make it right to everyone.



Roberto writes:

First, take note of the addresses of the AE and the ERC20 token:
ERC20 Token: 0x570295aeC9b7196300885eC594049c1C50fEB09c

Account: NXT-GQ27-DD53-YM6K-ER6HK
DeBuNe Asset Id: 6926770479287491943

Send your DeBuNe assets to NXT-GQ27-DD53-YM6K-ER6HK adding in a message (either public or encrypted) the Ethereum wallet where you want to receive the ERC20 token.

Requests will be collected until the end of the month of October 2017, and the ERC20 tokens will be sent only after the ICO is started. Swap requests received after the end of October MAY not be fulfilled.



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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium – More about Scheduled Transactions and Controllable Currency

Riker wrote about the lessons he and Jelurida learned from the early round of the IGNIS ICO. Important lessons were learned, highlighted below:

Lessons learned

  1. If the demand for your token is higher than the supply, rest assured someone will try to buy it before anyone else.
  2. If your token can be freely traded, your price levels has no meaning since users can trade it for a better price between themselves.

The NXT Blockchain has an elegant solution for these two problems


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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium  – IOTA’s Copy Protection VS the NXT JPL

Once upon a time, before Lior joined the Nxt team, faulty code was written into the Nxt codebase. The reasoning behind doing this was to spur bounty hunters to spend their resources analyzing the code, find the purposeful bugs, and hopefully, find actual ones as well. The existence of the “3 flaws” were publicly announced and kicked off a bug-hunt that lasted almost 3 months.

Now we heard of IOTA doing the same thing in their code, as a copy protection mechanism but without announcing it publicly beforehand. Jelurida’s solution to open source vs having copycat clone issues is the terms written in the NXT JPL. TL;DR: Any non-commercial usage of the Nxt codebase needs to reimburse the community with 10% of the total tokens created. This way the members of the community are financially rewarded for the dilution of the ecosystem.


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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium – POS vs POW Revisited

Nxt / Ardor / Ignis are PoS (Proof-of-Stake) based. This system is much better when it comes to energy consumption as hashes are not created and immediately thrown away in PoW (Proof-of-Work) based systems like Ethereum and Bitcoin. The consensus comes from the community and there is no need for “mining” hashes that come up with 30 or 40 zeros like in Bitcoin. Lior writes about some of the misinformation about this debate.

Few weeks ago I published https://medium.com/@lyaffe/nxt-proof-of-stake-theory-vs-practice-e895ac8cb5bf where I explained why the simple proof of stake algorithm used by NXT is practically secure. Still I didn’t claim it is more secure than Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s proof of work. Now I do.

…try to close a proof of stake network like NXT. You close it in China, it will take users an hour to setup all nodes again in Hong Kong. There is no centralized lucrative target you can attack.



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  • Investing – NXT and Ardor: The Future of Cryptocurrencies

Investing.com wrote about the future of cryptocurrencies and how it lies in the creation of better blockchains that allow better features while maintaining the main benefits of confidentiality, security, and decentralization. One of the pioneers in this new shift is Jelurida, the creator of NXT and Ardor.

They wrote:

This is where Jelurida comes in – the NXT Blockchain – their flagship product, is a lot more energy efficient than both Ethereum and Bitcoin. It is also a lot more stable than the two.

Ethereum has been subject to multiple severe security breaches that have wiped out investor’s savings. NXT has been operational since 2013, and there has been no security incidents since then. Furthermore, the blockchain is a lot more stable despite the lower capitalization. This success can be attributed to the technical team that has repeatedly been testing the blockchain to ensure that the source code is continually updated…


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  • Vachev – “NXT алтернативата на Bitcoin и Ethereum”

An interesting Bulgarian language article about cryptocurrencies, highlighting the main components of the major players in the blockchain space – including Nxt / Ardor.


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  • Btc38 – Ardor Challenges the Future

Chinese language article from China exchange btc38 about Ardor. Lior Yaffe recently returned from China after headlining a Meetup in Shanghai.

Riker: Article about Ardor on btc38 http://www.btc38.com/news/2017/9/15509.html – sitting next to me on the sofa is the co-founder of Binance. On the 2nd photo you see Duke from http://www.chainshome.com/ who was my host in Beijing. If someone wants to translate.




riker – Binance said that they will look into adding Ardor once it is running on mainnet and open source. It will still require to join a voting campaign on their web site and get to one of the top spots.

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  • Chinese Nxter Magazine – update

Speaking of China… Last week we soft-launched the Chinese Nxter.org. Lots of work to do still, but for starters, here’s some key articles about the Nxt (and soon IGNIS) features:

Nxt PoS

Nxt Transparent Forging

Alias System

Arbitrary Messages


Asset Exchange

Asset Exchange Tutorial

Monetary System

Proof of Existence






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  • Due – 101 Top Blockchain Companies

Ardor is recognized as one of the top blockchain companies…

Ardor is the next generation blockchain-as-a-service platform. It has been built on the successful Nxt technology and is designed with unlimited scalability, safe smart contracts, and customizable child chains. These features are designed to increase business profits, efficiency, and security.


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  • TradingView – Ardor a Truly Bullish Graph

Ardor builds up a huge Shoulder-head-shoulder pattern in its graph. But this bearish pattern did not result in a further sell-off. Instead, Ardor had a bounce on the neckline and then it did fell through a little, when it fell through price reached a new low, but the RSI-indicator did not, it made a higher low, this bullish pattern is known as Bullish divergence. From that moment on both price and RSI have formed an ascending triangle. Another bullish pattern. Yesterday Ardor left both triangles (as to be expected) on the upside and perfectly reached the target that the triangle gave us (see both green vertical arrows). Trading plan: either wait for Ardor to backtest the neckline or to overcome the first target (green arrow), next target would be the top of the right shoulder (around 0.00006), but there probably is a whole lot more potential!


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  • TradingView – Ardor Breakout Big Release

Ardor has had huge volume pour in, this is most likely due to their mainnet release in November. I expect the mass to start buying more closer toward next month. It’s scheduled to release Q4 of this year two weeks after Ignis ICO 0.00% ends on Nov. 4th. Enjoy the ride, my friends.


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  • TradingView – NXT Trading Opportunity

The price is going to move above the cloud. It will be a trend reversal signal. We should buy above 0.067000 level with stop orders below the support zone. It’s 0.054000 level. Profit target is 0.100000 resistance level and the part of long positions can be left for the long run. In order to get an additional confirmation of further upward movement, it’s better to wait for ADX line above 20 level.


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  • TradingView – NXT/USDT Poloniex Will be Going Up Soon. Look at this 4 Day TF

Sep 24 … You see how low the LSMA is inside the indicator? This may be your last chance to get in on this at or near the bottom. Just saying… Sep 25 Comment: Remember, THESE ARE 4 DAY CANDLES. Don’t freak out if it hasn’t moved yet until several days.


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  • Steemit – Ardor Buy Alert

With a current Market Capital of approx. $208m and Ranked No.35 in the #CryptoCurrency Market, #Ardor has seen an explosive growth these last 5 months.

We maintain a BULLISH recommendation on #Ardor and will continue to monitor the #technicalanalysis over the next few weeks/months.


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

Live stats from the Nxt Blockchain Asset Exchange:


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And that is all for this week, Nxters. Stay tuned next week for more up-to-date coverage on the final round of the IGNIS ICO, the launch of Ardor, ongoing projects, and much more. For those who cannot wait a week to learn more, visit our site. We will explain in more detail about Jelurida, Ignis, Ardor, and everything else that is pertinent to this great ICO.

Follow us on Twitter for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. Stay tuned and stay informed, dear readers. See you back here next week!

Help us grow and help us continue to provide excellent and focused coverage on the ever-growing blockchain space by rewarding us for our efforts. Donation address: NXT-TK9J-MEKH-MUP9-HFCH2.


Janus breaks the silence


You will want to keep an eye on both the thread and primary Janus twitter account over the next 12-24 hours. It’s not something any JNS holder or future coin holder should miss. Some of you already know when Luis and I are quiet we are busy and although it’s not fully complete it’s at the point where we can show the beginning of it.

Our developers are still working on 2 sites one of which is Trademimic.com. This is something we’ve always wanted to start but did not have the partners in the industry until we reached out to them in July. This new business although young has great potential and is the reason for my absence and silence recently.

Video and pics will be part of it and Luis has added some personal touch to showcasing the announcement. Don’t miss it everyone  CoolCool

Join the other 3,100 users in the #Janusproject slack for more current week to week information in the future.

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1677509.msg22257057#msg22257057

bjorn adds, on nxtchat.slack #janustoken:

Thank you everyone in advance for your patience.

Some of you already know when Luis and I are quiet we are busy and although it’s not fully complete it’s at the point where we can show the beginning of it. Our developers are still working on 2 sites one of which is Trademimic, this is something we’ve always wanted to start but did not have the partners in the industry until I reached out to them in July.

This new business although young has great potential and is the reason for my absence and silence for these months. Video and pics will be part of it and @ascendus (Luis) has added some personal touch to showcasing the announcement.

Keep in mind this is only the beginning but we feel its easier to show you so you can see how big it will grow in the next 2 months. I have confirmation from 2 partners and deals struck with building lease manager to expand, anyway thats all, you will just have to be here and on twitter/bitcointalk so it makes sense.

Nxt News – September 2017 (IV): A New Day Brings New Strength and New Thoughts

September 2017 (IV)

Welcome again, fellow Nxters! Fall is here and that means pumpkin spice flavored foods are back in the US – and for the rest of us it is another chance to catch you up on the news from the last week of summer. The IGNIS ICO started Round 4, we got more news from China, big news from Adel and much more awaits down below.

As always, our newsletter is aimed at being accessible to new readers while providing important and cutting-edge info for our power-readers who are already experts in the blockchain space. We welcome everyone and thank you for taking time to read and learn with us!





This week’s newsletter is put together by James, Jose, apenzl, and rubenbc.



The IGNIS ICO is well into its second month now.

3 batches of JLRDA tokens have all sold out. Round 4 started last week and will be extended until Oct 21 due to the market conditions. Round 4 consists of 4 offers of 25 M JLRDA each, priced at 1 JLRDA for 1.05 NXT, released according to the following time schedule:

Sat, Sep 23rd between 06:45 – 07:15 UTC
Sat, Sep 30th between 06:45 – 07:15 UTC
Sat, Oct 7th between 06:45 – 07:15 UTC
Sat, Oct 14th between 06:45 – 07:15 UTC

The days of whales gobbling up entire batches is gone. Anyone who wishes to participate in the ICO and invest in the future of Nxt, IGNIS and the Ardor platform can now do so. For 1 JLRDA token, the participants in the ICO will receive 1 IGNIS coin at the time of the Ardor Genesis Snapshot.

Riker says:

Only buy JLRDA tokens using the “IGNIS Token Sale” link at the header of the official NXT wallet. At this time you may use the Jelurida node https://nxt.jelurida.com/index.html or a lightweight or mobile node in order to purchase. Your passphrase is never submitted to the remote node.

For more in-depth analysis and coverage of the on-going ICO, please follow our exclusive ICO reports that provide excellent coverage and analysis of the ICO.


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  • Chinese Community

China is probably the largest consumer of blockchain tech in the world at this moment. We welcome our Chinese community readers and we aim to put forth more Chinese language content in the near future on our new Chinese section of Nxter.org.

Over the last two weeks Lior Yaffe, Riker, one of the co-founders of Jelurida and core developer of Nxt and Ardor was in China attending several meetups. His presence was well received and his presentations were well attended. There is much interest in what Nxt / Ardor / Ignis is doing in the blockchain space and we are happy to be welcoming of all of our brothers and sisters in the global community.

Baijing meetup yesterday with 40 attendees
Beijing meetup with 40 attendees

Riker: Back home after a wonderful week in China dedicated to the promotion of Nxt and Ardor. Met many interesting businesses and crypto enthusiasts and shared the vision of Nxt and Ardor. It was wonderful to meet with more and more people who know and believe in our technology. We will start releasing short videos as soon as they are reviewed and ready.

  • China Video Diary #1

Riker documents his Chinese adventure

Jelurida 公司高级开发人员Lior Yaffe 的中国之行。 🙂

  • China Video Diary #2  

Updates from beautiful Shanghai

  • China Shanghai Meetup

The Ardor Shanghai Meetup

Learn more about Lior’s days in China from his latest blog posts on his Medium blog.

  • Nxter Magazine enables Chinese section

Twitter user @xfyydfz (a.k.a. fz1128 on Nxtchat.Slack) recently translated and published parts of our Nxter Newsletters as well as other Nxt / Ardor related news on btc38. fz1128 has translated some of the most important key content on Nxter.org as well, and so, we can re-launch the Chinese Nxter Magazine together.

Please inquire in the nxtchat.slack if you want to help us built the site with original content and Chinese translations, we are in need of talented and dedicated members of the Nxt and Ardor community. Also, please spread the articles, videos, tutorials, there is plenty of information about the Nxt tech and ecosystem already, which is now available to the public in Chinese again.

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  • The Chinese Ban – withdraw to a wallet

Speaking of Btc38…

The Chinese government caused Bitcoin’s value to dip when they declared ICO’s illegal early this month, and here comes the next blow – last week Chinese authorities ordered all Beijing-based cryptocurrency exchanges to announce a stop to new user registrations and make clear to their current users that they will stop all cryptocurrency trading. In addition, Reuters and other media have reported that the Chinese government plans to shut down the exchanges.

And so, on Sep 20th, 21:58:20, BTC38.com, the largest CNY < > NXT exchange,  wrote:

Please bring your digital assets to your personal wallet or another exchange before September 28th. All sale of currencies is expected to stop around October 31st.

fz1128 writes:

I will make sure that NXT holders use the NXT Wallet.

This is btc38 cold wallet, not much NXT anymore

We have NXT QQ group, Travin Keith is also inside, QQ group contains most of the btc38 NXT holders.

Whether the government crackdown on exchanges is temporary or another step in their war against crypto is yet to be seen. “A broader clampdown will likely include blocking mainland access to websites of foreign Bitcoin exchanges such as Coinbase in the US and Bitfinex in Hong Kong”, Wall Street Journal writes. And going after Bitcoin miners next, we could add. Nearly 70 percent of all new Bitcoins are being mined by Chinese mining pools.

But let’s see. It’ll be a tough task to stop a global decentralized p2p network like Bitcoin’s, or Nxt’s and Ardor’s for that matter, with their integrated decentralized coin- and asset exchanges, Ardor allows trading between its child chains, even with fiat-pegged chains, shuffling of coins, assets and ICO tokens for privacy, and both systems need only a passphrase, and your funds are safe and secure. No digital trace on the device. Transactions can even be signed offline.

According to Leon Liu, CEO and co-founder of BitKan, Chinese traders already trade OTC in numbers: “You use WeChat, you meet someone, you chat, you buy and sell, you transfer money, nobody knows why you transferred the money,” he said at a Bitcoin conference in Beijing, Wednesday, according to The Wallstreet Journal. “This is everywhere now.”

TechCrunch writes: “China is no longer the dominant bitcoin trader it once was. A series of government bans — most recently a four-month trading freeze due to security concerns — have seen its share of global trading drop from more than 90 percent in previous years to just over 10 percent today. Markets like Japan, Korea and the U.S. have emerged to account for the lion’s share of global trading volumes, so the impact of this China ban is not as severe as it initially may seem”.

Maybe this is why coinmarketcap sees green.


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  • Telegram – Ardor Chinese Group

See title; hooray for growth and community inclusion!

But WeChat? NXT QQ?

WeChat, along with Tencent’s QQ service, has to adhere to Chinese government rules. That includes censoring sensitive topics, filtering images, deleting private and public accounts without user consent and storing information sent via its platforms for at least six months on its servers. Chinese authorities said on September 7 that, starting next month, creators of online groups are responsible for the behavior of members. 

With administrators personally liable for what is said on groups they run, users of Bitcoin exchanges BTC38, OKCoin, Huobi and BTCChina are migrating to services beyond the Chinese government’s reach to discuss everything from how to transfer their digital tokens overseas to more effective ways to protect privacy and initial coin offerings.

While Telegram is officially blocked in China, users can access the service through virtual private networks. As a foreign encrypted platform, it is somewhat beyond the grasp of the country’s authorities. 


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  • Telegram – How Many Telegram Groups Reference Nxt / Ardor?

With the recent addition of the Chinese Telegram account, we decided to compile a list of all the accounts that directly refer to Nxt.

Here is our (non-exhaustive) list:

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  • Adel – Status Update

Adel had another busy week. Another Adel interview between Simon White and Gabriel Dusil about the structure of Adel and their new Crypto Financing Platform and plans for the future investment token – ADS.

In their own words:

Co-Founder of Adel, Gabriel Dusil spoke to Community member, Simon White. Topics included the legal structure of Adel, the new Crypto Financing Platform () recently announced for incubation, the use of the ADL coin, and plans for the ADS token. We also discuss our I2 (Idea Incubation), P2 (Project Planning), and E2 (Enterprise Execution) workflow.


More video interviews about Adel:

1Sep 13 – Netherlands – Adel Interview with Yves Sinkgraven
Sep 18 – Tallinn – Adel Interview with Simon White

Adel in the Media:


Support the Adel community by taking a few seconds out of your day to visit their Reddit page and upvote all our past announcements: https://www.reddit.com/r/Adel/

Upcoming Events

Gabriel will be speaking at the ICO Event in London, on October 11th and Adel also has a speaker slot at the Cryptocurrency World Expo from December 1-2 2017, in Warsaw, Poland.

Follow Adel In Medium


More info

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  • Bitswift – Status Update

Bitswift is looking for developers to integrate their FreshBooks API into the Ardor child chain API when it is ready. More information about these development opportunities is below:

Hey everyone, we are looking for developers who can help us link freshbooks api into our Ardor child chain api (when its ready).  If you are interested please check out: https://www.freshbooks.com/developers.  If you think this is something you can work with please send me a PM.

Also we have received a letter from the society worldwide interbank and telecommunications asking us to extend their deadline for filing their reply relating to our trademark.  We have denied any extensions on their part, we are done with waiting.  They now have a deadline of October 21st to file a reply.  We will continue to update you on this matter as we feel it impacts everyone involved who may participating within the Bitswift ecosystem.

Also a reminder that October 14th is the cut off date for any old tokens to be swapped into the new chain.  We estimate approx 400,000 tokens will not be claimed, as such a portion of them will be eliminated from the supply, the other portion put to use further developing the Bitswift ecosystem in a transparent manner

bitswiftbro: If you do Facebook, please like and share


More Info

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  • Janus – Status Update

Things on Moneypot.com are a bit messy due to the implementation of the new API version | ICO . It´s plan to integrate BetterBets.io on this multi-coin bankroll version. @lobos will let you guys know about that

Just the same gentle reminder to withdraw any ETC you may have on ETCBets as betting is no longer permitted on the site.

Withdraw your balance from ETCBets!



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  • VentureBeat – Ardor Could Fix Key Blockchain Weaknesses – If It Can Get its Message Out

VentureBeat wrote a feature piece on Ardor and the many solutions it solves in the blockchain space – and how it will not be able to do this if word of Ardor DOES NOT GET OUT.

Ardor operates on a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) model, supporting many use cases out of the box and makes it easy for anyone to get into the blockchain space, while also allowing developers to build their own solutions on top of it.

Ardor is also a platform well suited for running ICOs — anyone is able to create a new currency and issue an ICO in a few minutes, making it a more accessible alternative to Ethereum. Ardor’s main innovation however, and the reason I wanted to take a closer look at the technology, is its new approach to fixing the problem of blockchain scalability and bloat.

Ardor is the main chain, or parent chain. It’s a small, lightweight chain whose main job is to ensure the security of the whole network. All the features, both the existing ones from NXT, which will all be retained, and new ones, will run on the child chains, along with data and transactions that don’t affect security.

The first child chain on Ardor is Ignis. It’s being built by Jelurida itself and is in the middle of an ICO. While Ignis is an open, permissionless blockchain that anyone can use freely, Jelurida’s business model is selling software licenses and consulting services to corporations who want to build their own permissioned child chains.


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  • Techworm.net – Is Nxt The Blockchain Company That Could Solve The Democratic Fatigue Syndrome?

Techworm.net wrote about the robust nature of the Nxt voting system and how it can easily be adopted by businesses and institutions for immutable and immediately secure online voting.

The decentralized nature of blockchain technology provides a potential solution to the voting problems described. Using blockchain as a system of voting can be adopted for the use of private businesses and other institutions as well. With the Nxt blockchain, voting is time-saving, paperless, immutable, immediate, and highly secure. It can even be done with a mobile application! Imagine being able to securely and safely vote in the next election from the comfort of your home!

Nxt, the Blockchain App

NXT is the most trustworthy solution offered today, as this blockchain tries to relieve the frustration we experience when voting, due to the inefficient system currently in place.


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  • Pwc.fr – Du concept de la Blockchain à ses Applications Concrètes

French language piece about the blockchain space and how Nxt based platforms are particularly appealing.

ARDOR, annoncée pour 2017, prétend également supporter un volume important de transactions (7). Cependant le design de cette blockchain n’a pas encore été révélé.


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  • Financemagnates – Community-Based Project Funding Platform Adel Joins Ardor Ecosystem

An update on Adel’s migration to the Ardor Ecosystem, from the Managing Director of Jelurida.


“After BitSwift last month, today we are very excited that Adel decided to join the growing Ardor ecosystem and we are confident that Ardor can provide a solid foundation for Adel’s projects and vision,” added Kristina Kalcheva, Managing Director of Jelurida. “Both Adel and Jelurida share the same goals of disruption and transformation within traditional industries and look forward to supporting each other.”


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  • Is the Blockchain Going to Kill Most Middleware Solutions?

A hypothetical piece about the tremendous disruptive potential the blockchain.



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  • The Wiring – NXT vs Ardor: Investor Perspective

TheWireMaster, an active member of the Nxt community, and admin at NxtFolks, as well as the composer of the heartfelt Ardor Love song, recently published an article titled “NXT vs Ardor: investor perspective” at TheWiring.com. The article explains, from an investor viewpoint, the values and solutions provided by Jelurida and how many more solutions are provided by when it comes to adding value to its decentralized ledger technologies Nxt and Ardor.


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  • MrCluster87 – Ardor 2.0.3e Blockchain Platform Tutorial

Here is a helpful tutorial for those who are new, or who have forgotten, about how to use the upcoming Ardor client (currently on testnet). The video walks you through the functionality of Ardor and is similar to the Nxt client in many ways.

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  • TradingView – Bounce off the Ichimoku Cloud – NXT / Tether USD (POLONIEX: NXT/USDT)

Bounce off the cloud Buy: 0.080000 Stop-Loss: 0.037000 Take-Profit: 0.130000 / 0.180000


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  • TradingView – LONG NXT Buy Signal

The price is in a good zone for buying. We have a price reversal from 0.060000 support level which was confirmed by RSI . MACD histogram confirms upward movement. We can place pending orders for buy at 0.080000 level. Stop orders must be placed below the local swing low and the support zone. It’s 0.037000 level. Profit targets are 0.130000 and 0.180000 levels. The small part of long positions can be left for the long run. Trade recommendations on Hacked.com: https://goo.gl/4K6zWv My Trading Signals for Cryptomarkets: https://t.me/dlavrov_tch Professional Cryptocurrency Trading Platform: https://goo.gl/CZJJTS Get a bonus! Broker for Cryptotrading: https://goo.gl/ErKn


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  • TradingView – ARDR/BTC

The daily RSI , Rising Volume, Just made a good dip for a low buy, Long-term hold, a lot of recent hype, going o next fib lvl 0.00% , might retrace again to lowest support before taking-off, be ready with tight stop/loss and rebuy at lowest support


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  • Finanzen.net –  US Dollar-NXT


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

Live stats from the Nxt Blockchain Asset Exchange:

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And that is all for this week, Nxters. Thank you.

Stay tuned next week for more up-to-date coverage of the Fourth Round of the IGNIS ICO, the launch of Ardor, ongoing projects, and much more. For those who cannot wait a week to learn more, visit our site. We will explain in more detail about Jelurida, Ignis, Ardor, and everything else that is pertinent to this great 100% PoS blockchain ecosystem.

Follow us on Twitter for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. Stay tuned and stay informed, dear readers. See you back here next week!

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Nxt News – September 2017 (II): An Investment in Knowledge Always Pays the Best Interest

September 2017 (II)


Welcome again, fellow Nxters! The third round of the IGNIS ICO continues! Last week was a busy week with many mentions of Nxt / Ardor / Ignis on many platforms. Nxters are meeting up in China, Lior Yaffe has advice to dole out, a new version of the NRS client and more await in this issue. As always we welcome both our new and long time readers as we provide you with your go to source for comprehensive coverage of the blockchain space.







This week’s newsletter is put together by James, Jose, apenzl, and rubenbc.



Round 3 of the IGNIS ICO is underway, and the first two batches have sold out. Interest is high in this ICO, and that is good news for Jelurida and the entire Nxt community. The third round of the IGNIS crowdsale is divided up into four offers of 25 M JLRDA each, all priced at 1 JLRDA for 0.76 NXT.

The IGNIS ICO is a public barometer of the public’s interest in the Nxt and Ardor Platforms. With Ardor due to launch in Q4 of this year, Jelurida needs to know how to split up their dev resources. The funding raised by Jelurida, which owns the IP for Nxt / Ardor / Ignis, is directly going towards actively developing the Nxt platform and Ardor ecosystem. So far Jelurida has procured enough funding to actively support Nxt for, at least, the next three years with a dedicated and staffed team.

Kristina from Jelurida promotes the ICO:

Kristina: The time schedule for the third IGNIS ICO round is now published on our website.

The second batch of Round 3 sold out within about an hour, which is a record – as all prior batches until now have been sold even before Jelurida’s sell order hit the blockchain! So if you gave up on placing buy orders because of the competition, now is a good time to give it another try.

For more in-depth analysis of the ongoing ICO, please follow our exclusive ICO reports that provide excellent coverage and analysis of the ICO.


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  • Submit Your ArdorPlatform.org Revamp Proposals

We need your ideas! The ArdorPlatform website is a work-in-progress, and we need community support to improve it. To all of you who have messaged us about the website mentioned above, we are willing to review and pay for your help enacting the approved proposals. We know there is community interest.

For all of the talented developers and designers out there in our audience, reach out to Travin, our marketing director by this coming Friday, Sept 15th.

Travin outlines the requests and submission formats below:

Website Details

Purpose: To provide an informative website for businesses, organizations, and project leaders to familiarize themselves about Ardor to help them make a decision on which blockchain platform to use for their needs.

Content Requirements

  • Front page with general overview
  • Page going over how child chains work (pruning, bundling, etc.)
  • Page going over the features available to child chains
  • Sub-pages going over each feature
  • Special page going over the benefits of using an asset created on Ardor
  • Page going over information useful for users
  • Blog-style page going over the latest non-experimental version
  • Download page including information on navigating the client
  • Contact page with a form for formal inquiries and social media/community link

Proposal Content

In your proposal, please include:

  • Portfolio of previous work
  • Team information and respective backgrounds
  • Rough drafts (can be sketched) of page layouts
  • Budget request in EUR (payable in crypto) and time frame

Ardor Media Kit and Style Guide: https://mega.nz/#!kDhBhSiD!6_hqMf8hv5ByiChLt3ZnfLDO2B_TYjVve9Va-c1PPgc

Proposals should be sent to travin@nxtfoundation.io.

The deadline for submitting proposals is Friday September 15th at 00:00 UTC. 

We are counting on you Nxters! No idea is bad, we accept and will consider any and all proposals submitted. Help us provide the best possible platform for Ardor!

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  • ICO-trackers.com – IGNIS ICO Mentioned

Blockchain tokens are valued at hundreds of billions of dollars across world wide exchanges. News of the IGNIS ICO continues to grow and spread. We appreciate the coverage – all news is good news.

They write:

“IGNIS: Interchain solution.

Jelurida is developing its next generation scalable blockchain platform – Ardor, currently running on a testnet. The unique design of this platform allows the simultaneous existence of multiple blockchains, known as child chains, with many features and with their security guaranteed on a global level by the parent Ardor chain. The first child chain of Ardor will be the Ignis child chain which will use IGNIS tokens for its operation. All existing and well tested Nxt blockchain features will be available on the Ignis child chain, with multiple Ardor platform specific enhancements being added.This project is not easy, has a very strong team who already did the Ardor and NXT. You can see all the hype and potential success of this ICO in mass media.

Their third ICO has 5 windows, two already passed and you can take part in the third!

Go and check the website! ”


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  • Megalodon – “The End of  the Forging Bounty Lottery Campaign”

Bad news Nxters, Megalodon is suspending his support of the Lucky Node Lottery Campaign, created by Lurker10.

Megalodon writes:

In June 2016, I launched this forging bounty program with objectives as stated in my message in tx 14808946007017009714 and my post https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/5-million-nxt-bounty-for-nxt-ardor-forgers/msg220081/#msg220081

I planned to run the bounty “until the Forging Bootstrapper account is empty” and to continue with the Ardor balance after Ardor chain is launched.

In July 2017, I paused the forging bounty program for reason stated in this post https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/if-you-do-not-forge-nxt-dies/msg233547/#msg233547

However, I continued to fund the Lucky Node Lottery program initiated by Lurker10, although it was not originally part of the bounty program.

I have now decided to stop funding the Lucky Node Lottery program 30 days from today and to permanently terminate the forging bounty program.

I realise that by doing so, I’ll be failing to honour my original pledge, something I really dislike. I have been thinking about this for several months, but now feel compelled to do so due to changes I’ve observed in the Nxt ecosystem over the past 14 months since the launch of this program.
I also realise that there may be some among you who have committed resources to participate in this program, and my decision to prematurely terminate it may cause you some loss, even with a 1 month notice. If this is the case, please PM me with details & justification and I’ll consider offering you a reasonable compensation.To everyone else, thanks for your participation and please accept my apologies over this decision.

Goodbye… Megalodon going into extinction the second time.


More Information

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  • Ardor vs. the Competition

Segfaulsteve wrote a wonderful and detailed account of Ardor and the many advantages it has over the competition. This first post in a new article series highlights the technological supremacy Ardor over other competing technologies and this first installment talks about the LISK blockchain and the functionality provided by it.

Segfaultsteve introduces the series:

I recently decided to start a series of posts that compare and contrast Ardor with other blockchain projects that appear to have similar goals or features.

Ardor vs. the Competition, Pt. 1: Lisk

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  • Chinese Community – Nxters are Organizing a Meetup in Shanghai

For all of our Chinese readers, there is an upcoming Meetup in Shanghai about the potential of the blockchain, specifically the solutions provided by Ardor. The security of the Nxt voting system will be one of the main topics of interest for the night. The Chinese have long wanted a member of Jelurida to visit, and Lior Yaffe will be the keynote speaker! Space will be limited so sign up early to make sure that you can come.

  • Nxt Voting System 

Promotional video explaining a use case for the Nxt voting system in Chinese.


  • Lior Yaffe will be there


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  • Capodieci – NxtWiki Hosting Migration

Blockchain expert Roberto Capodieci, partner of the Nxt Foundation, CEO of DeBuNe, and founder of TheSoundKey and Go.Notifile.me has made the following announcement about the Nxt Wiki:

Roberto is involved in the Nxt community – since the beginning, devoting not only a lot of efforts to it during all this time but also money from his funds, such is the case with the hosting of the NxtWiki for all the community. We are extremely fortunate to have him around. Thanks, Roberto, we appreciate it!

Capodieci also wrote an interesting chapter for the first book about Nxt (Snapshot, Nxt – Unsurpassable Blockchain Solutions) called NXT – A REVOLUTIONARY TOOL FOR BUSINESSES, where he explains how an incredible tool Nxt’s blockchain can become for business.

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  • Janus – Status Update

Janus is busy working behind the scenes. They are building the websites indicated on their roadmap.

Janus announced:

Bjorn further informs the community:

bjorn_bb [11:42 PM]
Some things from my part will be coming out but in stages that will eventually connect to Trademimic. Fairly soon if things go as planned, keep the faith we are following through with operations on a budget that is 1/50th of most startups.

This sometimes requires creativity in work, such as Bjorn learning minor programming skills and the rest of the team has to take on roles we needed but had to do ourselves. Don’t lose faith yet, it’s not over till I’m dead.

Expect the unexpected though, expect changes.

Withdraw your balance from ETCBets!

You can find a list of all paid dividends here. Also, follow the Janus news on https://nxter.org/janus, and Janus Twitter.

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  • Adel – Status Update

Adel had a busy week, with Gabriel Dusil speaking about start-up incubation in blockchain communities at the Blockchain Conference last week. Adel also announced a new event they will present at an upcoming event.

Join the new Adel Bitcointalk thread! ADEL ▲ 1st AML-CTF-KYC Compliant Digital Currency Ecosystem ▲ $ADL

New event confirmed where Adel would be presented.

Follow Adel In Medium


More info

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  • Bitswift – Status Update

A friendly reminder – the Bitswift token swap is still ongoing. Manual claiming instructions included on bitswift.press. Make sure your assets have migrated to the Nxt platform.



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  • NRS Update – Version 1.11.9

A new update is available for the NRS client – V1.11.9.  This is the latest and most secure and stable NRS client, and for those who want to continue to participate in the IGNIS ICO, we suggest that you upgrade.

Changes are as follows:

Change log:

Performance optimizations of derived table trimming and pruning, should fix the issues some nodes encounter with these database operations taking too long.

Other minor bugfixes.

Updated Android client app

Android app https://bitbucket.org/Jelurida/nxt/downloads/nxt-client-1.11.9.apk
sha256 – 1997d7c5865271d899cebe8fe4f6e96e830420392e1a09967c0a3cb0a2bcd1ee

Download the Client

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  • Weekly Reminder – Scam Alert

One of the scariest factors of decentralized platforms is that there are individuals who use it as a means to defraud people. There are no authorities vetting the claims made by anyone. Trust the veteran community and research the account and token ID’s of anyone before you make a transaction. Be careful guys; we continue to raise awareness. Read the following threads in order educate yourselves and prevent the latest scams from affecting you!

  1. Tutorial: Nxt Asset Exchange
  3. Beware of Fake ARDR Assets on #NxtAE

Riker reminds us:

Scam alert
Only buy the JLRDA token using the “IGNIS Token Sale” page in the official wallet.

Do not buy any other currency, asset or marketplace goods pretending to represent the Ignis token. These are all scam entities which will make you lose your NXT.

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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium – Thoughts about Blockchain Development

Lior himself provides his thoughts about the growing blockchain space and the importance of embracing and supporting this technology now and in the future.


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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium – Using Nxt as Crowdfunding Platform

Man, Lior is busy these days. Between developing for Nxt / Ardor / Ignis and traveling to China, he finds the time to write about the many uses of the Nxt platform. This post is about the crowdfunding aspect of Nxt.


The Nxt blockchain provides several simple, robust and secure crowdfunding models which do not require the implementation of complex smart contracts or complex web site back-end and considerably reduces the security risks.


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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium – ICO Pruning “The Ultimate Guide to ICO Selection”

Lior wrote about the need to be prudent in your ICO investment, not all platforms and technologies are created equally well. Make sure that any offer you want to invest in is researched before you give them your hard earned money.

He explains:

To summarize, ICO represents a very attractive option to raise funds for both the entrepreneurs and small investors. However investors are urged to use caution when evaluating ICO offerings and only invest in those offerings which represent real technological breakthrough and pragmatic solutions to real problems.


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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium – Blockchain Based Voting

News flash! Voting is important – and ensuring the integrity of a vote is of vital importance if you want to maintain the trust and support of the voting public. The Nxt platform is an excellent means to provide a secure and reliable vote, from the ID and registration process, all the way down to counting the ballots at the end.

In this article, Lior explains blockchain distributed platform voting.


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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium – Blockchain and Digital Signatures

If voting is the key to maintaining the trust IRL, on “the internets” – or as it is widely known, “a series of tubes” – digital security is essential. Encryption is key to providing digital signatures for verifying identities and establishing trust. The blockchain is inherently secure, and Lior has worked with governments and universities while developing the Ardor and Nxt platforms on these very issues.

He writes:


Connecting your government issued ID card with your NXT account can be accomplished using account properties and information can be encrypted when necessary using encrypted messages. Furthermore, specific encrypted messages can be shared securely with a 3rd party. All this functionality is available out of the box using public APIs based on Http and JSON.

Using Nxt (and in the near future Ardor), you can receive the PDF document by email, hash it and send the hash using a message transaction back to the issuer to provide a signature proof which is impossible to counterfeit (as long as you keep your passphrase secured). You can even submit the document itself to the blockchain to store it as a data cloud prunable attachment or as a message attachment.

More complex procedures like multi-signatures can be accomplished using phased transactions which provides a list of required signers in order to authorize a transaction.

In fact, Jelurida the company developing the Nxt and Ardor blockchain platforms will be cooperating with governments and universities to make this vision a reality.


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  • Gabriel Francesch In Medium – Explain Ardor to me Like I am 5

Gabriel Francesch, a partner at Coinerz Group, founder at Kotoba Translation and NXT Foundation supporter, wrote this interesting and informative article on Medium:

…the Ardor platform is much more than a cryptocurrency. It is a platform that will become the backbone of a powerful ecosystem, including a large number of assets, currencies, and most importantly child chains…


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  • HuffingtonPost – Blockchain is Here, And You Can’t Ignore It Anymore…Even If You Don’t Really Get It

Blockchains and the crypto space are going mainstream. HuffPost will write a series about the growing importance and influence of blockchains and how they will shape life, business and even governments in the immediate future.

Nxt and Ardor both have many benefits over their competitors. In fact, companies such as BNP Paribas and Accenture have already recognized the potential of these blockchains and are implementing them accordingly.


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  • BTC38 – Covering the news of BNP Paribas and NXT Blockchain Kit

BTC38, China’s most famous exchange, has relaunched two articles covering the news of BNP Paribas and NXT Blockchain Creation Kit on its blog. Articles in Chinese, click the pics to get the link.

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  • TradingView – Ardor, Where Technicals and Fundamentals Meet 1 B Potential Cap


dbt1033 follows up on Bitcointalk by giving the following trading advice to his followers:

Follow the Thread

It kills me to see that people are investing precious bitcoin with so little patience.

I often see this with new investors… fomo all-in on one coin because a bunch of noobs are talking about it (good sign it’s top), then sell for a loss to fomo a lesser all-in on another.

The key to success in this game is patience.

Find good projects. Then find a good place to buy them. Then wait.

I like spreading my bets around… so I do serious research to determine how much of my portfolio I want a particular asset to represent.

For example: Ardr is a really serious project with a really serious team. It’s on several big exchanges / therefore pretty liquid. I might be ok having a bag that represents 15-20% of my portfolio on something like this. Other coins that don’t meet these criteria (they might be really ambitious but with unproven dev team… or maybe they just aren’t that liquid) might be a good pick to represent 3-5% of your portfolio.

I understand that a lot of times, when you are new… you don’t have much to play with.

If this is you (no shame, we all start somewhere), pick two projects… join the slacks so you know what’s going on. Follow twitter posts about the projects. Read the forums. This will help you judge sentiment.
Make sure to buy at a good time to minimize a drawdown….. you can take a free trading course at www.babypips.com to help you realize what is a good buy and what isn’t.

When you have entered 1-2 projects, hold on for dear life. Fight the temptation to sell for a loss (unless you really fucked up with your buy… but I’m sure you will make a few mistakes along the way.)

There is a lot of hype in crypto. Do not fall into the cycle of chasing hype. You want to buy projects BEFORE everyone else is talking about them, not AFTER. If everyone and their mother is talking about something, it’s likely too late.

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  • TradingView – NXT Q4 Technical Analysis

First of all, NXT in Q4 has lots of positive sentiments that will result in an increase of overall value. Of course, for any coins to go up in value we must have stability (No BTC drama, ICO 12.50% bans) in the market. Since upcoming news aren't really NXT news, we can expect proportional upward momentum as Ardor makes headline and rise in price exponentially.
First of all, NXT in Q4 has lots of positive sentiments that will increase overall value. Of course, for any coins to go up in value we must have stability (No BTC drama, ICO 12.50% bans) in the market. Since upcoming news isn’t NXT news, we can expect proportional upward momentum as Ardor makes headlines and rise in price exponentially. To explain Ardor, it is a complimentary token to NXT which allows all its child-chains to utilize NXT technology. Therefore we can pair them both up when there’s a price movement.

https://www.nxter.org/nxt-news-september-2017-i/ <—— More information on NXT, Ardor and Ardor’s Childchain.
https://www.jelurida.com/ico <——- Jelurida ICO 12.50% sale dates and price.


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:


Live stats from the Nxt Blockchain Asset Exchange:

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And that is all for this week, Nxters.

Stay tuned next week for more up-to-date coverage on the IGNIS ICO, the launch of Ardor, ongoing projects, and much more. For those who cannot wait a week to learn more, visit our site. We will explain in more detail about Jelurida, Ignis, Ardor, and everything else that is pertinent to this great ICO.

Follow us on Twitter for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. Stay tuned and stay informed, dear readers. See you back here next week!

Help us grow and help us continue to provide excellent and focused coverage on the ever growing blockchain space by rewarding us for our efforts. Donation address: NXT-TK9J-MEKH-MUP9-HFCH2.


Nxt News – September 2017 (I): Dreams and Dedication are a Powerful Combination

September 2017 (I)


Welcome again, fellow Nxters! September is here and summer is ramping down, but we are not ramping down our coverage of the world of blockchain news. Last week Round 2 of the IGNIS ICO ended; Janus and Adel were busy, a new crypto site launched, Ardor looks for revamp proposals and much more.

As always, we provide comprehensive, yet accessible coverage of the rapidly evolving and growing blockchain world. For our long time readers we have the latest events; for our new readers, we have the info to make you an expert in no time at all. Sit back and enjoy.








This week’s newsletter is put together by James, jose, apenzl and rubenbc.



Round 2 of the IGNIS ICO ended on Thursday. Another Round, another successful batch of Jelurida tokens purchased. 80 M tokens sold out and more money was raised by Jelurida to continue active development and support of the Nxt and Ardor ecosystem for many years to come. Jelurida reached Level 3 of their funding goals. Detailed coverage can be found in our media section and latest ICO Report 5.

IGNIS ICO Report 5

For more in-depth analysis of the ongoing ICO, please follow our exclusive ICO reports that provide excellent coverage and analysis of the ICO.

Live stats:


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  • NxtFoundation – Submit your ArdorPlatform.org Revamp Proposals

Attention Nxter community – we need your help! The ArdorPlatform website is accepting proposals on how to improve. Marketing guru Travin writes:

Over the past few months, I’ve received multiple messages of people interested in working on the ArdorPlatform website, usually after criticizing me about the quality of the website that I built, with which I usually joined in since the site has been much of a pain for me, both with my head and my hands, and one that I admit could and should be done a lot better. However, all of them ended up not proceeding with a proposal for various reasons.

I have decided to open things up now publicly for proposals to improve the ArdorPlatform.org website as well as the budget requested for them.

Proposals must include website development, website design, and content creation (I can help with this).

Please don’t send proposals that involve just suggesting what I should do if you’re unable to handle all three, but feel free to find others to collaborate with and submit a joint proposal. Hosting, however, will still be provided by the Nxt Foundation until further notice.

Proposal Content

  • In your proposal, please include:
  • Budget request in EUR (payable in crypto) and time frame
  • Portfolio of previous work
  • Team information and respective backgrounds
  • Rough drafts (can be sketched) of page layouts

Content Requirements:

  • Front page with general overview
  • Page going over how child chains work (pruning, bundling, etc.)
  • Page going over the features available to child chains
  • Sub-pages going over each feature
  • Special page going over the benefits of using an asset created on Ardor
  • Page going over information useful for users
  • Blog-style page going over the latest non-experimental version
  • Download page including information on navigating the client
  • Contact page with a form for formal inquiries and social media/community links

Ardor Media Kit and Style Guide: https://mega.nz/#!kDhBhSiD!6_hqMf8hv5ByiChLt3ZnfLDO2B_TYjVve9Va-c1PPgc

The deadline for submitting proposals is September 15th at 00:00 UTC.

More Info

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  • Coin Berries – Featured Ardor and Nxt

A new website launched that aims to concisely summarize cryptocurrencies. They featured Ardor and Nxt and we are appreciative of the coverage.

In their own words:

Hey guys,

My brother and I just launched a new website, CoinBerries.com, to help people learn about many of the top cryptocurrencies by providing concise and (hopefully) accurate descriptions for each coin. Right now, the process of learning about new cryptocurrencies is time intensive and typically involves going to multiple sources (e.g., company website, news sources, reddit pages) to get a clearer idea of exactly what each coin does.


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  • Russian Community – How to Participate in Ignis snapshot and Explanations about Nxt and Ardor

The Russian community has a Telegram channel which covers the latest news. They provide interesting insite and comprehensive Russian language coverage. If you want to join, click here.

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  • Janus – Status Update

Janus was quiet for much of August but last week they discussed profit sharing, roadmap and mentioned the launch of version two of the Moneypot wallet.

In their own words:

September Dividend

Hi  Janus community,

This monthly September period from the current two sites that are profit sharing, unfortunately we had a net revenue loss from players winning more than the sites profited. The divs monthly are provided when there is profit and canceled when there is an overall net loss.

You can find a list of all dividends which have been paid here: https://nxter.org/janus

Withdraw your balance from ETCBets!

How come? The day before the Janus Team tweeted: “If the ETC community would like to take over ETCBets.complease follow and dm us with proposals”.

Roadmap and Trademimic.com

Bjorn updated about the most recent and future events here.

Ascendus summarised last week:

Some side projects before trademimic.com goes live potentially to help with divs soon, but I´ll leave that to bjorn.

Information about Janus Team’s social fintech/trading site, trademimic.com, can be found here.



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  • MoneypotWallet v2  launch

In the first newsletter of the year, we introduced Moneypot.

Moneypot is the cryptocurrency casino suite and web wallet which also powers BetterBets.io.

Rubies was created to give people a new way of betting and give players, investors, and speculators the opportunity to be a part of a community of digital currency enthusiasts. The swap from Rubies to R2B2, an asset on the Nxt blockchain, was announced in December last year.

Besides becoming a bettable currency on all Moneypot v2 app sites, according to its creators, the R2B2 asset will be paying monthly dividends.

Dogedigital, moneypot.com admin, writes:

R2B2 will be eligible for the dividends created from the house bankroll.

When you are holding R2B2 on your NXT wallet or Moneypot NXT wallet, you will be able to automatically receive dividend payments from the income generated from the community bankroll while having the guarantee of being able to exchange your R2B2 for 1000 satoshi minimum.

Moneypot v2 should have been launched on September 2nd last week, but at the time of writing the latest update to their thread on bitcointalk reads:

Tackling some issues with OAuth.  Planning to get V2 up immediately after.

We will, of course, follow the project with great interest, as NXT and R2B2 will be the first altcoins supported.



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  • Adel – Status Update

A new week brings more Adel updates.

Co-founder Gabriel Dusil spoke with Neocash Radio, and updates on bounties.

Adel’s bounty program is based on services that will help fuel its ecosystem and attract new members. At the moment, these services include quality content and well produced materials such as:

A) Video promotions:
▲ Review of our website
▲ A review of our motion graphics videos
▲ Review of our white papers
▲ Review of our projects
▲ Independent personal review of the Adel philosophy and ecosystem
▲ Discuss blockchain incubation in a community environment
▲ etc.

B) Articles or opinion pieces.
This can be an independent or collaborative effort with Adel, and can include topics such as:
▲ Startup incubation
▲ Community-based ecosystems
▲ Blockchain innovation
▲ Fintech, Healthcare, IoT, ICT or eGovernment projects
▲ Crowd/angel/VC investments

C) Blog posts with prominent bloggers and vloggers, and well respected blockchain community members who have reach to a wide audience.
The main target audience include those who haven’t yet heard of Adel, new crypto or mainstream investors who would be interested in becoming an Adel member.

Please contact us at adel@adelphoi.io, if you are interested in offering one of these services, or you have a different and unique idea worth presenting. We are happy to discuss a suitable bounty reward.

Join the new Adel Bitcointalk thread! ADEL ▲ 1st AML-CTF-KYC Compliant Digital Currency Ecosystem ▲ $ADL

Adel mentioned in Medium – 15 Blockchain & Bitcoin-Focused Startup Incubators Bringing Together Cryptography, Software, and Technology

More info

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  • Bitswift – Status Update

Added a new distributor to our portfolio today, Synnex Canada. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synnex Our shop will search for products across all of our connected distributors and ship from the one that is offering the best prices

REMEMBER: the Bitswift token swap is still ongoing. Manual claiming instructions included on bitswift.press.





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  • StocksExchange – New Dividends

Last June we introduced Stock Exchange and last week another dividend distribution of this asset was issued.


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  • Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit Video

This video explains, in an easy to follow manner the basics of the Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit launched two weeks ago Jelurida. This kit is designed to allow for new developers to learn and create useful functionality for the Nxt platform.

In their own words:

“The Blockchain Creation Kit combined with the JPL aligns the incentives of core developers and third party developers which has always been a challenge in the blockchain industry, while at the same time, maintaining the open source spirit of the project.”

To start a new blockchain project using the Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit, follow the instructions in the README.md file @ https://bitbucket.org/Jelurida/nxt-clone-starter/overview.

Also read below: Lior Yaffe in Medium – Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit

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  • Weekly Reminder – What The JLRDA ICO Means To NXT

I’m sure no one needs a reminder about the progress of Jelurida’s crowdsale.

First round of 60M JLRDA at 0.40 NXT sold out, 24M NXT were collected and fully converted to 676.71 BTC (approx. €2.5 M). Second round of 80M JLRDA at 0.55 NXT sold out, 44M NXT were collected and are being converted to BTC.

YES, there is interest in Ignis and Ardor. What this means for NXT though, seems to be easily forgotten. So, allow us, in this Weekly Reminder, to just take a look at Jelurida’s roadmap again:

Level 2 – €2 million to €5 million

• Nxt blockchain maintenance for at least 3 years after the IGNIS crowdsale
• Porting of features to Nxt where possible and not depending on the parent-child architecture.

Level 3 – €5 million to €10 million

• Support for existing community tools and services
• Further development and attention on the UI of the core wallets, including mobile versions

And that’s where we’re currently at, fellow Nxters.


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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium – Well that was Fast

Lior Yaffe also wrote about the results of Round 2 of the IGNIS ICO. The tokens sold out in record time, but do not worry as there are still three more Rounds left to participate in.

First 12 batches of 5M Ignis were sold for a total of 24M NXT the next 4 batches of 20M Ignis were sold for 44M NXT for a total of 68M NXT raised so far, which represent a value of more than 6M€ at current NXT market rate. There are still three more rounds to go, see https://www.jelurida.com/ico

So assuming on average that processing a block of 200+ transactions takes around 100ms. The whole 16 batches of the sale took no more than 1.6 seconds to complete making it so far the fastest crowd sale in history!


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  • Revue-banque.fr – “… use cases of the blockchain”

Another spotlight on Nxt as a usecase for blockchain technology.

Last January we announced that BNP Paribas was experimenting with Nxt.

Later, an article was released about the continued efforts of BNP Paribas. And now, in a French interview with Groupe RB’s flagship journal, Revue Banque, BNP Paribas reveals that the project they call “Cash Without Borders”, and which uses a private fork of the Nxt blockchain, is running in production. BNP Paribas is an international banking group with headquarters in Paris, a presence in 75 countries, and serves more than 30 million customers between its retail banking networks in its four domestic markets, France, Belgium, Italy, and Luxembourg.

We implemented a blockchain that allowed us to be independent from the corresponding banks and the Swift network in the case of cross border cash transactions between clients of BNP Paribas. That was the Cash Without Borders project, which we executed with several corporate clients, and which was based on the Nxt protocol. These transactions were made using official currencies, without the intervention of a cryptocurrency.

We use the blockchain to register the transactions, to memorize them, to date them, and to share them within limited timeframes: while it takes 2 days – or even more – to complete a transfer via corresponding banks, we can complete it within 2 hours using the Cash Without Borders system (the step using the blockchain only takes a few seconds, and then we use other systems and processes). The clearing, settlement and reporting happen in real time and the main sources of error are eliminated.

French Nxt community member websioux comments:

The vocab he uses means it is in production. They say it does not involve any cryptocurrency but their private NXT is used to notarize transactions (of some of their corporate clients), so yes, it means production based on Nxt.

Furthermore, the interview casts a light on why NXT is chosen over, for example, Bitcoin and Bitcoin protocol-based blockchains, as well as the Ripple network.


Thanks to Gabriel for creating the English translation of the BNP article http://www.revue-banque.fr/banque-investissement-marches-gestion-actifs/article/il-faut-deceler-les-cas-usage-les-plus-pertinen as you can see NXT is mentioned as being tested for mini bonds use case and being used in production for cross border money transfer.

BNP_Revue Banque Article_EN

Production usage of NXT by a bank even for a private chain provides great PR and trust in our technology.


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  • GTNEWS – 10 minutes with the Treasury: The Port of Rotterdam

GT News discusses Ardor as an example of the ideal scalable form of blockchain technology that is improving on the blockchain bloat problem.

“There is plenty of innovation surrounding blockchain systems that allows for more flexibility than previous models.”

Take, for example, Ardor, a new scalable form of blockchain technology making transactions faster. It is a blockchain-as-a-service platform that bypasses a lot of the common issues when creating a blockchain ecosystem as well as securing it with enough nodes. It uses features such as decentralised phasing, voting, and trading.”


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Coinist wrote about how Ardor threatens to change the blockchain space by upending and maybe even replacing Ethereum as the premier child-chain based token.

To recap, NXT and Ardor offer a competitor to Ethereum with an easier to use interface. Users can create their own digital assets and launch their own ICO’s. They can also create their own digital currencies in minutes. Nxt and Ardor also come with a built-in online marketplace, built in messaging and many more features. It’s less customizable than Ethereum, but better built in terms of security and scalability. It’s backed by an experienced team. But Ethereum is still the 800 pound gorilla in the room, and we’ll have to see if Ardor succeeds where Nxt failed in marketing itself.


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  • Wallet Weekly – Ardor Blockchain Platform: 5 Things Everyone Should Know

Wallet Weekly also wrote about Ardor and explained to their audience the significance and importance of the platform.

It is not a yet-another-blockchain platform, rather it is a blockchain-as-a-service offering with support for child chains… here are 5 things you should know about Ardor…

Ardor Blockchain Platform: 5 Things Everyone Should Know


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  • BitcoinExchangeGuide – JLRDA Blockchain Services Ignis ICO Tokens Opportunity?

BitcoinExchangeGuide wrote about the IGNIS ICO and spoke with great praise of Nxt and Ardor. This is good news for the Nxt / Ardor / Ignis community as it raises our awareness in the Bitcoin / Proof of Work (PoW) community.

NXT was introduced after the introduction of Bitcoin and is designed to be much more than Bitcoin. NXT uses the blockchain not only for supporting the currency and to transfer the values between accounts, but also uses minimal hardware and uses minimum power.

Ever since its launching, NXT has achieved 100% uptime and never experienced any failure. The open source community, including independent experts from various backgrounds, has done the code review for NXT. NXT is developed in Java.



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  • Coverage: The Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit

Lior Yaffe – Riker – wrote about the Blockchain Creation Kit. Where to obtain it, how you must agree to the JPL, and about how he is excited to encourage third party development of the Nxt ecosystem.

In his own words:

Introducing the Blockchain Creation Kit

In order to allow 3rd party developers to innovate using the Nxt technology while deploying their own feature set with their own token and at the same time contribute back to the Nxt ecosystem, Jelurida has introduced the “Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit” which is released under the Jelurida Public License.

Now anyone who wants to create a new blockchain with its genesis block and its own feature set can do so free of charge, the full Nxt source code is available for enhancement. The main condition is that 10% of the new blockchain tokens has to be proportionally distributed to the existing holders of the official Nxt blockchain token (NXT) based on their existing balances.

Projects using the kit will generate a new Genesis block based on a tool provided by Jelurida. Projects which comply with the Jelurida Public Licensewill be entitled to receive development support and free upgrades to new Nxt releases.

Other coverage of the release of this kit can be found below.

Coinjournal – Nxt launches blockchain creation kit

Allcoinsnews – Nxt enables blockchain creation using nxt blockchain base

Blockchain finance – Nxt enables blockchain creation using nxt blockchain base


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  • Hacked: Hacking Finance – Trade Recommendation: NXT

Trade Recommendation: NXT


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  • TradingView – NXT should have a nice run soon


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  • TradingView – Ardor End of the Correction on the Horizion?


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:


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And that is all for this week, Nxters. Stay tuned next week for more up-to-date coverage on the IGNIS ICO, the launch of Ardor, ongoing projects, and much more. For those who cannot wait a week to learn more, visit our site. We will explain in more detail about Jelurida, Ignis, Ardor, and everything else that is pertinent to this important ICO.

Follow us on Twitter for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. Stay tuned and stay informed, dear readers. See you back here next week!

Help us grow and help us continue to provide excellent and focused coverage on the ever growing blockchain space by rewarding us for our efforts. Donation address: NXT-TK9J-MEKH-MUP9-HFCH2.


Nxt News – August 2017 (V): All You Need is the Plan, the Roadmap, and the Courage to Press on to your Destination

August 2017 (V)


Welcome again, fellow Nxters! Summer continues and so does the Ignis ICO. Round 2 started late last week and runs through Thursday, August 31st. Jelurida had a popular AMA and announced that they are funded for at least the next few years after Round 1, and more eventful news. You are in the right place for comprehensive coverage of all things Nxt / Ardor / Ignis.

Whether you are a long time reader or a new one, we here at Nxter have news for you. All the highlights of the last week in the exploding blockchain space are covered here. We aim to keep you informed and up-to-date, dear readers. Lean back and absorb all of our hard work as we present you the news of last week.








This week’s newsletter is put together by James, jose, apenzl and rubenbc.


  • IGNIS ICO – Second round

Last week, the second round of the IGNIS ICO began. Do not worry, there is still Tuesday and Thursday of this to participate, more details below. Jelurida also announced a new partnership with a PR firm and a financial advisory firm in order to grow awareness of the ICO and the brand that is Nxt / Ardor / Ignis. The more attention that the ICO gets, the better for everyone involved.

The second round of the crowd sale is divided into 4 offers of 20 M JLRDA each, all priced at 1 JLRDA for 0.55 NXT. These will be released according to the following time schedule:

Sat, Aug 26th between 06:45 – 07:15 UTC
Sun, Aug 27th between 18:45 – 19:15 UTC
Tue, Aug 29th between 06:45 – 07:15 UTC
Thu, Aug 31st between 18:45 – 19:15 UTC

The exact time within each 30-minute interval is decided randomly. Due to very high demand, it is best to schedule your JLRDA purchase ahead of time on the blockchain. Remember, you can schedule a transaction up to 24 hours before a deadline. In the likely case that there are more orders than available supply, a lottery algorithm will be used to randomly select the advanced orders that get processed.

For more in-depth analysis of the ongoing ICO, please follow our ICO reports that exclusively cover it.

Interesting conversation between Riker and Martis regarding getting your scheduled transaction in the blockchain:

martis [12:10 PM] @riker “The Jelurida sell offer will be submitted with a fee of 5 NXT. If more transactions than what can fit in a single block are submitted with higher fee, the Jelurida transaction will be postponed to the next block, and none of these high fee transactions will match it. “If Jelurida offer will go to the next block, will scheduled transactions be executed or will they be canceled?

riker [12:13 PM] Scheduled transaction are broadcast as unconfirmed transactions therefore anything that applies to unconfirmed transaction applied to scheduled transactions. Once broadcast the scheduled transaction will be ordered according to the standard ordering so surely not cancelled.

martis [12:17 PM] But if my scheduled transaction will be included in block A and sales offer will be included in block A+1. What will happen then?

mrv777 [2 hours ago] you will miss out, your order will be executed but there will be no matching sell offers…

riker [1:06 PM] It’s a game theory problem, if everyone submits their transactions with 4 NXT fee, and a single guy with 6 NXT, this guy still has an advantage. His transaction, the offer, and as many as can fit from the rest will fit in the block.But if everyone thinks this way and submits theirs with a fee of 6 NXT, all will lose since the their transactions will be included in a block before the sell offer.The problem with the 1000 NXT tx fee we used before is that theoretically a whale could submit his buy transaction and 253 meaningless transaction with fee of 999 NXT for example and prevent anyone else from buying. With lower fee, anyone can afford to spend 5 NXT to compete this way. This strategy was suggested by @forkedchain who will receive 5K Ignis as bug bounty. …

riker [1:37 PM] The lower the fee you specify the chance your transactions will be delayed increases but if you set the fee to 5 or more your transaction might be included in a block prior to the Jelurida offer. I would say your best bet it to place the fee at 4 NXT.

Live stats:

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  • IGNIS Token Sale Bounty Program

In a generous gesture, Jelurida has decided to reward the loyal members of the Nxt community. The most active members of the Nxt platform will be given a nice bounty, a thank you for their continued support and advancement of the Nxt platform over the last four years.

Jelurida writes:

During its 4 years of existence the Nxt platform has been supported constantly by many dedicated people from its community. They have always been there to answer questions, promote the technology and help new users as well as develop and run various supporting tools and sites.

Therefore, we wish to thank each of the most active Nxters by awarding them 25 000 JLRDA now, and 50.000 JLRDA more if we can collect 10 M Euros or more.

The JLRDA tokens for the bounty program will be allocated from the 20 M we have reserved for marketing and organizational expenses.

ATT: New contributors

After our token sale is over and if we have collected at least 10 M Euros, we will be awarding up to 20 of our most active new contributors with 50 000 JLRDA too. We will be relying on your feedback when making our final assessment.

Those of you who wish to help during the next two months of the IGNIS ICO by creating awareness, writing articles and answering questions about Nxt, Ardor and Ignis, ICO process and snapshot on various social media, please contact info@jelurida.com, stating the area/social media where you wish to help and your name or username you intend to use.

The only condition will be not to stray from the official information published on our website https://www.jelurida.com/ico.


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  • Nxt Blockchain will be Maintained at Least 3 Years After IGNIS ICO

Due to the sustained success of the ICO, Jelurida has procured, at least three years worth of funding that will be dedicated to supporting and advancing the Nxt platform. Remember, the IGNIS ICO is a barometer of community support for Nxt. Ardor (Nxt 2.0) is coming online very soon, yet due to the robust and hardcore Nxt community that has been fostered and created over the last four years this ICO is being used to directly fund continued support of Nxt, meaning that Nxt and Ardor will continue to coexist and receive active support from the Jelurida team for at least the next three years, likely much more pending the results of the subsequent four rounds of the ICO.


With the funding procured, Nxt will – most likely – receive at least this much-dedicated support over the next three years.

Also read: Lior Yaffe in Medium – Is Nxt Dead?


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  • Comparison Between Nxt, Ardor, Nem, Ethereum, and Bitcoin

Do you have trouble keeping straight the many differences and similarities across the various blockchain technologies? Here we have a brilliant table that highlights the comparisons across the various blockchain platforms, uploaded by Jelurida last week.


A very useful and handy infographic to refer back to if ever you are confused.


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  • Jelurida AMA

Jelurida conducted a Reddit style AMA (Ask Me Anything) over on the Cryptocopia slack last Wednesday, August 23rd. Many questions were asked and answered by the Jelurida team. Last Saturday Nxter.org covered the news of this AMA with one dedicated article.


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  • Adel – Update

Last week was a busy and eventful week for the Adel community. They have compiled their highlights, including a new listing on the exchange C-Cex and an upcoming appearance at Web Summit, and we present them to you now.

In their own words:

C-Cex ▲ Adelphoi

We’re pleased to announce that Adelphoi is now listed on C-Cex. Special thanks to @wolffang for all his efforts to get us onto new exchanges:


Crunchbase ▲ Adel Ecosystem Ltd.

We have registered our profile on Crunchbase. If you haven’t heard of this website before, here is a brief summary:

“Crunchbase is the destination for discovering industry trends, investments, and news about hundreds of thousands of public and private companies globally. From startups to Fortune 500s, Crunchbase provides a business information platform that pairs powerful tools and applications to stay competitive and successful.”

If you are interested in expanding your social media presence, then you can create your own profile page. Be sure to link to Adel, as a community member: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/adel#/entity


Web Summit ▲ Adel

Adel has been granted special presence at this year’s Web Summit from November 6th to 9th in Lisbon, Portugal. Adel will join the BETA startup track & exhibiting package. Here is a summary of the event from the organisers:

“Web Summit has grown to become the ‘largest technology conference in the world’. No conference has ever grown so large so fast. But we also pride ourselves in organising the ‘best technology conference on the planet’.”





More info

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  • Bitswift – Update + Article in Medium

Exciting news from Bitswift. After a recent partnership with HP Canada, they are now busy installing HP products for local Canadian businesses.

A Medium article was written that covers their model and future plans for expansion.

REMEMBER: The Bitswift token swap is still ongoing:
Manual claiming instructions included on bitswift.press.

Manual claims may take up to 7 days to process. An announcement will be made after the cutoff date October 14, 2017–6 PM EST describing how the remainder of the unclaimed tokens will be handled.




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  • Jelurida – Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit

Just today Monday, August 28th, Jelurida has launched and published the Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit.

The Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit allows blockchain developers to create and launch their own blockchain platform based on the Nxt platform. This is an exciting opportunity for budding devs to explore and create their own Nxt based platforms.

Any blockchain project created using this kit must observe the Jelurida Public License (JPL), including, but not limited to, being open source under the same license terms, and satisfying the JPL 10% share drop requirement to holders of NXT.

This package is for those who want to use the Nxt code to start a new, open source, public blockchain, as permitted by the open source Jelurida Public License for the Nxt blockchain.

The JPLSnapshot utility add-on, already present in the Nxt Reference Software (NRS) v1.11.8, is designed to make the [10% token allocation] process simple, by taking a snapshot of the current public Nxt blockchain, automatically allocating 10% of the new blockchain tokens to existing Nxt holders at the time of the snapshot (…)

Note that the Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit is not intended for end users, but for developers who want to create a new blockchain. If you want to experiment with a ready-to-use, private blockchain, for testing and evaluation purposes, the Private Blockchain Evaluation Kit may be more suitable.

To start a new blockchain project using the Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit, follow the instructions in the README.md file @ https://bitbucket.org/Jelurida/nxt-clone-starter/overview.


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  • Weekly Reminder: is Mynxt ready for the Ardor snapshot?

Yes, anyone with NXT in their MyNxt.info wallet will be credited with IGNIS at the time of the Ardor genesis snapshot. We still advise that you use the NRS client, now up to version 1.11.8, but it is nice to have third party support.

In their own words:

The MyNxt wallet is ready for the IGNIS snapshot because it operates real Nxt accounts, so anyone with NXT in a MyNxt wallet account at the time of the Ardor genesis snapshot will be credited with the tokens. The only necessary step afterwards, to access their Ardor blockchain account, will be to export their MyNxt wallet in order to obtain the Nxt passphrase for the account, so they can use it with the Ardor client.

For more information regarding MyNxt and the Ardor genesis snapshot, please refer to this NxtForum post – https://nxtforum.org/mynxt-info/how-to-join-ignis-ico-and-ardor-launch-with-the-mynxt-web-wallet


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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium –  Is Nxt Dead?

Medium article by Lior Yaffe – Riker – talking about the future of Nxt once the IGNIS ICO is over.

Hint – Nxt is NOT dead. Nxter covered this same topic some time ago as well.


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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium –  IGNIS Token Sale Round 2

Lior Yaffe wrote another Medium article about the upcoming Round 2 of the IGNIS Token sale and emphasized user safety when it comes to trusting information about the upcoming ICO. The ONLY official source of information about the ICO is the Jelurida website – which we source for all of our information.

In his own words:

Safety Considerations

The only official source of information is the Jelurida web site.

When creating a new account, do not forget your 12 words passphrase, if you do, you’ll lose your NXT.

The only way to buy the JLRDA token, which represents your IGNIS holdings, is using the “IGNIS Token Sale” link from the wallet dashboard header. Do not buy any other currencies, assets or goods. These are possibly scam entities which would cause you to lose your NXT.

There is no pre-sale whatsoever.


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  • Blonde 2.0 – PR about ICO Promotion

The professionals at Blonde 2.0 have begun their media blitz to spread the word of the IGNIS ICO. Samples of their coverage are below:

Jelurida ICO

 The news has been propagated across a great many media platforms.

Finance Magnates – Jelurida Announces Details of Second ICO for IGNIS Tokens

CryptoNinjas – Blockchain tech company Jelurida prepares for 2nd round of crowdsale for IGNIS tokens

Epeak.info – Blockchain tech company Jelurida prepares for 2nd round of crowdsale for IGNIS tokens

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  • COINIST – What Are Nxt & Ardor Blockchain Platforms?

Last week Coinist interviewed the devs at Jelurida about the Nxt and Ardor platforms.

Coinist was recently fortunate enough to chat with the folks at Jelurida, an organization with 2 blockchain projects under their belt. We are excited to bring our readers this amazing opportunity to talk with the people behind these blockchain projects. However, before we jump into the interview, take 2 minutes to watch the introductory video the Ardor platform below.


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  • Ftreporter – All You Have To Know About Adelphoi (ADL)

The Adel ecosystem (and thereby Nxt and Ardor) has received a lot of coverage recently.

Ftreporter writes:

By utilizing Nxt and Ardor’s Blockchain innovation, the Adel biological system has been made to present the most recent security highlights while embracing best practices in business administrations. By building an organization over the Blockchain innovation, Adel intends to show development that is both economical and gainful for different ventures, for example, IT, managing an account (blade tech), protection, compassionate and medicinal services activities.


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  • Coinmonsta.io – Offers the Latest News and Links about Nxt

The Nxt community continues to grow! A new addition to Coinmonsta.io, an aggregator site for crypto news, added a new section just for the Nxt community. We are excited and appreciate the comprehensive coverage we receive from the at large blockchain community.


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  • TradingView –  NXT Buy Opportunity

Let’s look at the daily chart of NXT. We can see that the price bounced from 0.100000 support level . The market formed a new swing low which can be used for drawing a new uptrend line. This line will be a support and signal line for an upward movement. We have trading opportunity and it’s possible to entry the market based on a breakout signal. Pending orders for buy should be placed at 0.118000 level. Stop orders must be placed below the support level and the uptrend line at 0.090000 level. Profit targets are at 0.180000 and 0.240000 resistance levels.


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

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And that is all for this week, Nxters. Stay tuned next week for more up-to-date coverage on the IGNIS ICO, the launch of Ardor, ongoing projects, and much more. For those who cannot wait a week to learn more, take some time to surf our site – we have our ICO Coverage series running. We will explain in more detail about Jelurida, Ignis, Ardor, and everything else that is pertinent to this momentous ICO.

Follow us on Twitter for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. Stay tuned and stay informed, dear readers. See you back here next week!

Help us grow and help us continue to provide excellent and focused coverage on the ever growing blockchain space by rewarding us for our efforts. Donation address: NXT-TK9J-MEKH-MUP9-HFCH2.


Nxt News – August 2017 (I): The Road to Success is the Road Less Traveled, the Shortcuts to Success Lead to Failure

August 2017 (I)


Welcome back fellow Nxters, and to our new readers – welcome! Summer is here and we have a lot of exciting news to catch you up on. As always we provide you with the latest relevant and important news in the Nxt community.

This week we provide details about the imminent IGNIS ICO, warn you of a nefarious scam, and much more. You are in the right place to learn about the blockchain space as we provide basic intro information for new readers as well as up-to-date information for our old readers.







This week’s newsletter is put together by jagthegr (James), apenzl, rubenbc, jose.


  • IGNIS – New Details about the ICO

The IGNIS ICO is less than a week away. Beginning August 5 and lasting over the next month with four distinct batches, the ICO is in its final preparation stages.

The IGNIS token sale and the SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued an investigative report concluding that DAO Tokens, a digital asset, were securities. Any sales of digital securities in the US must be subject to US laws as codified by the SEC. The precedent has been set that US securities laws may apply to other offers, sales, and trading of digital assets.

Luckily, IGNIS should be exempt from these laws as the SEC did not say every token is a security. From Riker – Lior Yaffe, Senior Dev at Jelurida IP BV, you read that IGNIS should not be considered a security and thus potential American investors in the ICO need not worry.

From the Nxt forums:

Lurker – How will this effect IGNIS ICO?

Riker – We have legal opinion from two different respectable law firms that the IGNIS token does not represent a security. It is an operational token.

For non-American investors, the SEC rulings are of no concern. Nonetheless, for the blockchain space to truly grow and become global, it will need to have an American involvement and participation.


JLRDA coins will be sold in batches

Doubts have arisen over the distribution of the first round of JLRDA coins (placeholder of the IGNIS coin until Ardor and IGNIS launches), given the possibility that a whale buys the entire amount.

To reduce the risk of a “stampede” in the IGNIS ICO the initial batch of 60M will be phased in 12 equal offers of 5 million JLRDA (Ignis IOU tokens) approximately 12 hours apart from each other to allow for anyone who wants to participate in the ICO to be able to do so.

Riker states:

The issue of a “stampede” on the first 60M batch has been discussed before. It is indeed a likely scenario.

The default transaction sorting order is explain here https://nxtwiki.org/wiki/How_Tx_Processing_Works (section 4)

To reduce the risk of this happening and to allow anyone to participate, we will likely spread the first 60M batch into several different offers, say 12 offers of 5M Ignis published 12 hours apart over the course of the ICO week without announcement of specific block height to prevent taking advantage of phased transactions to skip the queue.

We here at Nxter wish Jelurida and Ignis the best of luck this week.


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  • Meetups – Riker in London, soon in Berlin

Riker attended the Nxt Roundtable Session on Monday July 31 in London, called: Moving on from Bitcoin: How Nxt Designed the Architecture for Blockchain’s Future Adoption

The talk covered the rapidly-changing technology within the blockchain space and Lior was featured in a cross-industry panel afterward. The meetup appears to have been a success, enlightening many eager attendees about the Nxt ecosystem and the future of the blockchain.

Also, last week we confirmed that Riker will speak at length in Berlin, on August 2nd, about the blockchain bloat problem and introduce the Ardor blockchain platform and the IGNIS ICO in the event: BigchainDB & IPDB: Token ICOs. 

His talk will cover the many benefits of the Ardor platform and explain how Ardor alone is solving the blockchain bloat problem and tie it into the incipient IGNIS ICO.

BigchainDB elaborates:

Lior will explain the blockchain bloat problem and introduce the Ardor blockchain platform which provides a unique and elegant solution to this problem. The talk will cover advanced topics in blockchain technology such as proof of stake, forging, child chains, bundling, pegged chains and archival nodes. Finally Lior will explain the Ignis ICO and wrap it all together.


Berlin info

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  • Fake Tokens Warning

Last week we warned you, dear reader, about some scam tokens issued on the Nxt Monetary System and asked you to be aware when you scroll the currency pages of the NXT client.

There are many new people in our community and scammers take advantage of this and the decentralized nature of the platform by purposely making fake assets that mimic the originals.

Remember that a decentralized platform has no regulatory body. This means that there is no policing force out there ensuring the integrity and the safety of investor assets. It is the responsibility of the investor to perform his/her due diligence before making any move!

A user, confused by the situation proposed a model similar to waves and the community has not been slow in responding in kind about possible implementation of a central authority verifying assets.

Riker, on the Nxt forum:

Who will “verify” these assets? If Jelurida will verify every asset issued on NXT, should Jelurida charge a fee for this? Can someone bribe the Jelurida rep to list his asset by paying him behind the table? Can Jelurida extort asset issuer for listing their asset? And if a validated asset turns out to be a scam, can people sue Jelurida? These Waves validated assets is a bad idea.

Currency names are already unique (asset names are not, we fixed that when we introduced currencies).

But still someone switches a J with an R and people fall for it.

Should we post a warning to make sure the letters in the currency name are not switched? What if people ignore it? Should we post it on blinking Red? What if scammer now switch l with 1 and scam people there is no end to this.


I fully agree with @riker and waves check mark is a bad idea.
waves team get all responsibility by marking good assets and bad assets.

The Jelurida team has modified the published ICO text to remind investors not to fall victim to any scam. As awesome as our community is there are, as always, rotten people, who wish to make a quick dollar and will cheat and obfuscate the system in order to exploit others. The best we can do is provide highly visible warnings and as a community issue warnings like below to educate and warn as many people as possible.


It is possible that fake tokens with similar or the same name created by third parties also appear in other areas of the wallet such as the Asset Exchange or the Marketplace. Due to decentralized nature of the blockchain it is not possible to prevent the creation of such tokens and the Company shall not be held responsible for any losses or damages, or inability to receive IGNIS, arising from users purchasing such third party tokens.


All official information regarding the IGNIS ICO will be published on the Jelurida website. If you receive information from other sources always make sure that it is consistent with this page. In the case of discrepancy between the English text and any translation, the English version shall be considered the official and correct one.

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  • NRS Update – Version 1.11.6

Jean-LucNxt and Ardor lead core developer and a member of Jelurida, has released the latest version of the Nxt Reference Software. The changelog includes the new Jelurida Public License.

This release is a mandatory upgrade. A hard fork will be scheduled at the Ardor Genesis Snapshot block, expected to be set some time after the end of the IGNIS token sale. At that time, nodes running 1.11.5 or older will be left on a fork.

Kristina Kalcheva, Jelurida co-founder, managing director and legal expert, states:

v1.11.6 is the first NRS version released under the JPL.

Future Nxt clones must give 10% to NXT holders.

Note that from this version on, the official Nxt packages and source code will also be hosted under the Jelurida bitbucket repository, https://bitbucket.org/Jelurida/nxt/downloads.

Ignis ICO Page + New Improvements

Full changelog

With the IGNIS token sale beginning August 5th, the Ignis ICO page has been added.

Avoid Asset Exchange-, Monetary System-, and Nxt Marketplace scammers by simply using the ICO page.

Buying NXT is accessible across third party exchanges Changelly and Shapeshift with the newly implemented integrations.

Print Paperwallet

Riker explains:

The paperwallet link is available when you log in using your passphrase and check the “Remember Me” checkbox, otherwise the passphrase in not available for the browser so it cannot generate the paper wallet.

Updated Android Client App

Android ap: https://bitbucket.org/Jelurida/nxt/downloads/nxt-client-1.11.6.apk
sha256 9ec52d8870c7d20acf32e51ff50cf24f2036a6eb9e403ecb98322fb030f51f97

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  • Technical Roadmap – From Nxt to Ardor

Jelurida released a nice infographic detailing the genesis of Nxt, Ardor and the future to come.

Timeline from Nxt to Ardor


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  • The Ardor API

The Ardor API, the most important part of the Ardor platform, allows interaction with Ardor nodes using HTTP requests to port 27876. Most HTTP requests can use either the GET or POST methods, but some API calls accept only the POST method for security reasons. Responses are returned as JSON objects.

Most Ardor API are similar to the NXT API described here the changes to existing NXT API are explained in the Ardor migration page Each new Ardor API call is documented below, with definitions given for HTTP request parameters and JSON response fields, followed by an example:

      • The JSON response fields are each followed by one of S for string, A for array, O for object, N for number or B for boolean.
      • In the examples, the Nxt node is represented as localhost and requests and responses are formatted for easy reading; line breaks and spaces are not actually used except in some parameter values. All requests are in URL format which implies the HTTP GET method. When GET is allowed, the URL can be entered into a browser URL field but proper URL encoding is usually required (e.g., spaces in a parameter value must be replaced by + or %20). Otherwise, the URL should be used as a guide to preparing an HTTP POST request using cURL, for example.

All API calls can be viewed and tested at http://localhost:27876/test while the local server node is running. For specific API calls, use http://localhost:27876/test?requestType=specificRequestType.

This document corresponds to Ardor version 2.0.3e.




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  • Weekly Reminder: No Handholding – Buyer Beware!

Let’s break it down once again.

marenkar – People entering into cryptocurrency should understand that with independence comes responsibility.

Everyone forgets things, we are only human and our brains are only so big. This week’s helpful reminder is of the non exclusivity of asset names. Scammers are out there and shady people want to defraud you – so verify the identity of the asset issuing accounts you are transacting with and always verify the asset ID before investing your hard earned money on the AE.


if someone issued a promising asset they did probably NOT also isssue an MS coin or a Marketplace goodie with the same name.

From the Nxt forums

riker – Historically there were 3 types of entities used to scam people: Assets, Currencies and Marketplace goods.

Whenever someone creates an attractive entity of one of the types, scammers try to use the other types to scam people or trick them into using a different but similar entity of the same type.

In the past there was sort of protocol that asset issuer followed of issuing asset announcement on the NXT forum and there was even a team of trusted advisers that checked asset issuer and filtered out scammers. This group wasn’t associated with the devs or the foundation though and since this wasn’t a profitable business it was abandoned.

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  • Janus Update

July Dividend

Our friends at Janus, a Nxt based token, announced that there will only be a dividend distribution upcoming if there is a monthly profit at each of their two profit-sharing casinos. Their financial analysis is now done and here’s their announcement to the community:

ascendus [5:15 PM]:

*FYI* : We have made a small profit on BetterBets.io casino. Profit share will be distributed as soon as bjorn returns from a short trip.

Janus’ dividend history

Janus’ move to the Ardor platform

As announced, the Janus project will make use of Ardor’s upon launch of the Ardor mainnet.

Therefore, Janus, JanusXT, and ComJNSXT trading will be frozen on the Nxt Asset Exchange at the Ardor Genesis Snapshot block. Trading and transferring of the assets on the Nxt blockchain will be disabled, and existing ask/bid orders canceled automatically at that time. From the snapshot until Ardor launch, there will be no way to trade them.

The list of assets to be frozen on the Nxt Blockchain is hardcoded into NRS 1.11.6 and includes:

Janus: 4348103880042995903
JanusXT: 14572747084550678873
ComJNSXT: 13363533560620557665

In addition to becoming tradable on IGNIS, Janus tokens will also be tradable on any other child chain.

Janus Roadmap




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  • Adel – Update

Last week was eventful for the Adel community. They announced revisions and updates to their portal and landing page and continue to work with Jelurida in order to be able to upgrade in the near future.

In their own words:

We covered a lot on our mastermind call this week. Here’s a summary:

*Community Portal Update*

We are continuing to improve the Account module with real-time ADL statistics. We will also allow 3 Nxt addresses per account – each address needs to be confirmed and validated.
Collaboration module is in process. We are working with off-the-shelf Wiki software and slack-based forum interface. As an interim solution, we will be using google docs to incubate ideas.
We presented our business process flow that will be used in the collaboration module, as it relates to community, admins and Project Review Committee involvement.

*Home Page Development*

The home page is currently being redesigned with upgraded graphics. We are streamlining the site for future growth and showcasing our community projects.
The back-end is also being upgraded from AngularJS to Angular2, and we will also have an integrated CRM.

*Content Creation*

There are two new video presentations on their way – The first is our presentation at the Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference in Prague in May 2017, with over 700 in attendance. Then we will release part two of our Dutch Banking Presentation held in June 2017.
A video Interview will be scheduled with Brian Donegan from the IoM government to discuss Adel and the potential for project incubation in blockchain. Members have been asked to contribute questions this week.

*Marketing Press & Events*

We are working with Jelurida on our upgrade plans to Ardor in Q1 2018.

Adel has secured a speaker slot at the Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference in Stockholm, Sweden on September 7th, and Adel will also be exhibiting at the Web Summit from Nov 6-9 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Speaker opportunities – please let us know if we can speak at any blockchain events.
Our goal is to attract 300 members by June 2018. How do we attract new members? Help us spread the word about Adel’s incubator. The more members we have, the more expertise will be available to contribute to the idea incubation (I2) and project planning (P2) initiatives.

More info



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  • Bitswift – Update and Pitch

Bitswift, the newest member of the Nxt/Ardor ecosystem was approved as an official HP Canada Parter last week! They continue to develop their store and platform as they look ahead to providing their services across Canada.

In their own words

Bitswift Tech Solutions is now an approved HP Canada Partner:
Your HP Canada Partner Agreement Application was approved on 07/27/2017.

Are you still wondering what Bitswift actually is?

User bitswiftbro explains Bitswift and what value they want to provide their clients:

Bitswift is a token with focus set on integrating blockchain into business and into general public.

We will accomplish this through our companies and community.

Our store will bring value in itself to the tokens, but the real value from the store will come from the fact that we will be able to show all the other businesses we work with that “its ok to accept this stuff, and we are here to help if you need”.

Store will initially launch accepting legacy payment options and Bitcoin, once we have all the logistics sorted, we will add Bitswift to it, both as a payment option and a rewards option. 2% discount on everything through the store when paying with Bitswift sounds nice. We have not quite formalized those details yet though, still busy with everything else like getting more partners and distributors on board.

The real value will come from the business relationships we are forming along the way. If our reps are establishing client relationships and building trust, while supporting companies tech infrastructure and making the tech decisions on behalf of the client, it will be easy to recommend to our clients to give Bitswift a try. First we need to get our software to where it needs to be, so that is part of the reason of moving in with Ardor, so we can start building on solid foundations and bring this stuff to the public and start integrating it into business.

– Our target user base will be the general public, not the crypto-currency / blockchain nerds. We will approach them through our companies at a business level, as they are already approaching us with the Bitcoin and blockchain questions.

– Part of the reason to move within Ardor, so we can focus on our application which will add utility and value to our tokens, rather than on the blockchain infrastructure.

Bitswift’s token swap will still occur on Friday, August 11. Exciting times lie ahead for Bitswift and we are happy to continue updating you about them and other Nxt/Ardor based blockchain companies.

Token swap happens on Bittrex @ : Los Angeles (USA – California) Friday, August 11, 2017 at 6:00:00 pm PDT UTC-7 hours
Peterborough (Canada – Ontario) Friday, August 11, 2017 at 9:00:00 pm EDT UTC-4 hours
Corresponding UTC (GMT) Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 01:00:00


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  • Ethereumworldnews – Top 5 Cryptocurrencies To Invest For The Moment

On the Ethereum portal, an article was released that documented the hottest cryptocurrencies. Ardor made the list.

The more press Ardor gets the better everyone will be because Jelurida will have more capital to reinvest back into the platoform. The IGNIS ICO is August 5.


Dubbed as NXT 2.0 – Ardor is a scalable blockchain platform that natively supports a wide range of features including transaction aliasing, blockchain storage, account management, privacy based coin mixing, voting and built in marketplace creation. However the stand out feature that makes Ardor a truly innovative project is its implementation of child chains.

The introduction of child chains opens up great levels of customisation and enables each child chain (which could be a company, private/ public organisation, institution, group etc) to run its own self contained blockchain ecosystem whilst still benefitting from all the core features of Ardor itself. These features can also be turned on and off as per the requirements of that given project making it a very attractive platform for a wide range of use cases.

This flexibility will truly be a game changer in the crypto space as businesses looking at blockchain solutions will no longer have to choose a one size fits all approach on a shared blockchain but instead are given creative freedom to build child chains that suit their very specific needs and security requirements.

The project has the crypto community very excited and already has a healthy market which is pegged to explode in Q3 2017 when the Ardor mainnet launches.


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  • Neocash Radio – NXT, ARDOR, IGNIS ICO Explained, by Lior Yaffe Himself!

Neocash radio conducted an interview with Riker as he continues to tour the Continent ahead of the upcoming ICO. Highlights from the interview are below.

Built on the same technology as NXT, ARDOR will operate in a fundamentally different manner. ARDOR will create and maintain a standard full-length blockchain but the functions and features will be limited to security and record keeping. Built on top of ARDOR will be child-chains that maintain pruned blockchains consisting of only the last 24 hours worth of blocks or less. These child-chains will reconcile their transaction balances periodically with the ARDOR parent-chain through bundle contracts. Once a log of the transaction data has been secured on ARDOR the child-chains can then prune older blocks.

It is important to note that the child-chains only store transaction data on the ARDOR parent-chain. All features and functions that do not impact account balances are handled on the child-chain exclusively and can be pruned as needed. Basically ARDOR will keep track of which coins or assets are in which address at this point in time but little more.

The child-chain offers a bundle contract to prospective Bundlers when it is time to add a snapshot to the ARDOR parent-chain. The first child-chain is set to be IGNIS, so in this scenario the manager or operator of IGNIS would offer a Bundler 100 IGNIS tokens to add transaction data to the parent-chain. The Bundler would then pay a fee in ARDOR to have that transaction data added into an ARDOR block. In effect you have a flow of IGNIS tokens out of the child-chain and the consumption of ARDOR tokens for security. The Bundler can then keep the IGNIS or trade it for more ARDOR on the exchanges built into the protocol.

Jelurida is the name of the company that was formed to develop the ARDOR protocol. As part of the launch of ARDOR the initial (ARDR) tokens were distributed on the NXT platform at a ratio of 1 NXT : 1 ARDR. Those tokens will be migrated to the ARDOR platform at the launch later this year. The process will require a hardfork on the NXT blockchain during which ARDR tokens will be locked in their addresses and cannot be moved. Once the process is complete users will be able to log into the ARDOR platform with their NXT credentials and access their tokens.

Listen to the interview

To help fund the further development of the ARDOR platform and child-chains like IGNIS the Jelurida team is holding an Initial Coin Offering where 440,000,000 IGNIS tokens will be sold to the public. The ICO will start on August 5th, 2017 and occur on the NXT platform using the built-in asset exchange functions.

Once the sale has elapsed or completed any remaining unsold IGNIS combined with 500 million more will be distributed to those addresses holding NXT at a rate of about 0.5 IGNIS per NXT.

So even if a NXT holder did not participate in the ICO they would still receive IGNIS.


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  • Steemit – IGNIS ICO: What are your options?

From Steemit comes a detailed explainer on the options for the IGNIS ICO, including the schedules and batch amounts.



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  • TradingView – NXT Entry Levels

NXT like other coins moves in a range. We can draw a horizontal channel between a resistance and a support levels. Short terms trades can be opened when price bounces from the bottom border of the price channel . Stop orders for such trades must be placed below the support level . Profit target should be the top border. If price breaks the resistance level , we'll have a new buy signal with profit target at 0.125000 resistance level .
NXT like other coins moves in a range. We can draw a horizontal channel between a resistance and a support levels. Short terms trades can be opened when price bounces from the bottom border of the price channel . Stop orders for such trades must be placed below the support level . Profit target should be the top border. If price breaks the resistance level , we’ll have a new buy signal with profit target at 0.125000 resistance level .


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange rate at Poloniex over the past week

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That wraps up the news for the week. Upcoming we will analyze the IGNIS ICO. Stay tuned for next week as we continue to provide you with all the relevant and exciting news for Nxt, Ardor, and all things involving the accelerating growth of the blockchain space. We love our community, we would be nothing without you guys/gals!

Follow us on Twitter for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. Stay committed and stay informed fellow Nxters! Big things are happening and we are looking into providing more original content for you to consume. See you next week!

Nxt News – July 2017 (II): You Cannot Dream Your Path to Success, You Must Forge It

July 2017 (II)


Welcome again, fellow Nxters! Summer is in full swing and we are still working hard to provide you with the relevant news of last week in this concise format.

As always, whatever your interest and whoever you are, you are in the right place for your comprehensive analysis of all things Nxt and Ardor. Last week was action packed, with many interesting and exciting opportunities presenting themselves.







This week’s newsletter is put together by jagd, apenzl, rubenbc and Jose, with final edits by Travin Keith.



We asked and you delivered Nxters! The IGNIS logo competition has 29 great designs submitted. Many people have already expressed their opinion and now we have set up a poll on Nxt’s blockchain in order to let the community show their preferences for the logo. We are grateful to the community for their support in participating in this competition. However, we should keep in mind that Jelurida and the Nxt Foundation have the final say. The top 3 logos will be selected in less than 48 hours.

Poll title is “IGNIS LOGO

The poll ID is 1977236085310946157
Sender account is NXT-ZZW7-U2KL-AV2U-8P8FE

In this post you can find a compilation with the 29 options.

The poll will be active until block 1391320 (12th of July, just 48 hours to cast your vote!!!)

You can choose up to 3 options out of the 29 available but you must hold at least 1000 NXT in your Nxt account in order to cast your vote.

The creator of the winning design will be awarded 5000NXT and a free 1 year Nxt Foundation Supporter+ status.

More information

Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/ignis-logo-lets-create-one-together!/msg233741/#msg233741

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  • IGNIS ICO will be held on Nxt Blockchain

Along with a shiny new logo, IGNIS will have its ICO in the near future. 

Nxt and Ardor core developer Riker explains some of the technical details:

When Ardor mainnet is launched:
[The] ARDR parent chain tokens will be distributed based on the NXT ARDR asset id 12422608354438203866 balances [on the Nxt Blockchain].  

IGNIS child chain tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 500 Million based on the JLRDA currency balances sold during the ICOThis will include small amounts of IGNIS already promised through promotions
  • slightly less than 500 Million IGNIS will be distributed based on the existing NXT balances at 2:1 ratio.

The JLRDA currency, most likely, won’t be supported by exchanges, so you’ll have to use the NXT wallet to purchase it and use the same passphrase in the Ardor wallet to receive your IGNIS.

After the mainnet launch, there will be a NXT hard fork which will lock the [Nxt] ARDR asset balances for trading [on the Nxt Blockchain] to prevent scams.

Exchanges will have to somehow replicate this distribution process which won’t be simple.

  • Exchanges which assign NXT account per user can simply connect to Ardor using the same passphrase and observe the distribution balances.
  • Exchanges which keep all balances in a pool will have to follow the distribution process.

We will be using NXT for the IGNIS ICO because we are proud of NXT and we trust NXT more than we trust Bitcoin or ETH and because it is natural for a token based on the NXT technology to use the NXT technology for its ICO. There are also good technical reasons for this which will be explained soon.

Source and more information

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  • #OpEasterEgg

Oh my, look at all the FREE STUFF we have just lying around. Last week, 5 digital copies of the Nxt book, SNAPSHOT, which is finally going to be listed for sale on the Nxt Marketplace from July 15th onwards, were given away in the Nxt blockchain Easter egg hunt.

Nxters pasted the number above into a Nxt Blockchain Explorer and it finally made sense. Others followed the clue from our last newsletter; made a search for ‘OpEasterEgg’ in the Nxt Marketplace, and found 5 new items for sale for 1 NXT. The name of the item was ‘Redeem Code’, the ‘tag’ it was listed under was ‘OpEasterEgg’. And the item, the Redeem Code, was, in fact, a riddle.

48 hours.


Success of Nxt is supposed to be achieved by [ … ] 



To participants who did NOT manage to find the passphrase in time:

Read BCNext’s Nxt on Nxter.org
or see https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg4383169#msg4383169

The missing words, and thus the passphrase, were: work of a LOT of PEOPLE.

We’re glad to see more and more followers of our Twitter account, glad for the blockchain messages, glad to see participants reach out and give each other a helping hand by sharing additional clues, and glad to showcase some of Nxt’s many features in a fun way and give away free stuff at the same time.

To join the Nxt Blockchain Easter egg hunt, just follow the news and make sure to follow #OpEasterEggs.

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  • NxtWiki – New Page regarding NXT Transaction Fees

There is no such thing as a free lunch but yes, Nxt Blockchain transactions have a fee associated with them, a fee that is sent to forgers of the Nxt blocks. To clarify oft-asked questions, we are pleased to announce a new page on the NxtWiki that is dedicated to Nxt Transaction Fees. All pertinent questions are answered within.


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  • If you do not forge, Nxt dies… – Megalodon Stops the Campaign

No, this isn’t Halo Forge, this is about the cessation of the Forging Bounty established by Megalodon a year ago.

The security and future of Nxt, it’s community, and your investment in it, is at stake here. Please do not just sit on your stake; productively use it for forging!

Lurker10 explains:

If you do not forge, Nxt dies…and your investment also dies.

When the total forging stake gets too low, security of the network is decreased, it becomes vulnerable to 51% attacks.

The total forging stake has dropped to 270 million of the total supply of NXT coins. This is an all time low. Please start forging to protect your investment.


It is precisely for this reason that I initiated the Forging Bounty back in June 28, 2016.

After running it for over a year and distributing almost 2 million NXT, the result has been disappointing. Instead of seeing an increase, we get a decrease in total forging power. Obviously, this incentive does not work. Hence, I’m cancelling this bounty program.

However, the Lucky Node program run by Lurker10 will continue to be funded until further notice.

A great use of a Raspberry Pi is to host a dedicated Nxt forging node! If you have a Pi sitting around, whimpering about how it is not being used to generate you any money, then we have the solution for you!

Here are the instructions on how to setup the Pi to be a dedicated node.

Also, a great way to support the Nxter Newsletters and NXTER.ORG is to use our forging node.

Arthur explains:

By leasing your NXT balance to us @ alias nxthub1 (acct NXT-NYJW-6M4F-6LG2-76FR5), you support the Nxt network PLUS our work.  

It will cost you just 1 NXT.

Click on your balance in the Nxt Client

> Click Account Leasing

> Click Lease your balance to another account

> Enter account NXT-NYJW-6M4F-6LG2-76FR5 or alias ‘Nxthub1’. Choose max period (default).


Nxter Magazine / NXTER.ORG’s forging node is nrs.nxter.org.

Please consider doing so. OR forge with your own account or node. Thanks.

The foundation of the Nxt Blockchain is forging. It is what makes our currency valuable and it is what makes our network strong.


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  • ARDOR Startpage in Heatnodes.org

Another website displays ARDOR and details how to get started using the platform that you are growing to love on testnet.


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  • Janus – Summary 

The news of the week would not be complete without an update on Janus. The token created on Nxt continues to update the news of the launch of their social fintech site, TradeMimic.com, and the transactional history of the Janus token on various asset exchanges.

From Bjorn, the marketing director:

bjorn_bb [7:38 PM]

we are discussing potential launch commercials for trademimic.com while development wraps up betterbets.io and etcbets changes and upgrades

Alphonso has a contact in commercial production we may use 

Ideally i’m looking to create something to attract both white collar and blue collar users, so sit tight everyone

I want to surpass all expectations for this business many things are working for us due to having elements from both forex and blockchain

More information: #janusproject (Join Nxtchat on Slack) | Twitter

History and news: https://www.nxter.org/ae-janus-4348103880042995903


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  • Adel – Video Presentation

Adel, another token on the Nxt blockchain, has a created a new video presentation.

In their words:

One of the cornerstones of our community is to produce quality content. Co-founder, Gabriel Dusil, delivered a presentation to a group of Dutch bankers, which has been produced into two 20 minute videos.


In the last five minutes, Gabriel shares his previous experiences, selling technology to decision makers who innovate themselves out of a job. Gabriel summarized by saying: “Blockchain will be seen as a threat to a departmental empire, or an opportunity to expand one.”

This presentation is an excellent one to share with your network as it offers the technical basics of blockchain while also providing a long term view of the obstacles and opportunities facing the industry.

We will be posting this video to our social channels today, please be sure to share, retweet and upvote. Your social support does make a difference.

How to Acquire ADL

You can use https://coinmarketcap.com/calculator/ to calculate how much fiat, BTC, ETH, or other altcoins are needed to acquire your ADL.

You can currently purchase ADL on 3 different exchanges:

1 – NXT Asset Exchange (Asset ID: 17477397104276156702)

2 – https://Stocks.Exchange  (trade BTC or NXT)

3 – https://CryptoDAO.com (trade BTC, LTC, ETH or DASH)

Review their Vimeo channel for videos on how to use the exchanges http://www.vimeo.com/AdelEcosystem

Remember:  Bounty programs are also available to earn ADL. If you have a skill in writing, creating video blogs, doing promotions, performing digital marketing, or even if you know someone who can help their community grow, then reply to adel@adelphoi.io for more details on their bounty program, or check out their frequently asked questions: https://adelphoi.io/#faq



More information: www.adelphoi.io

Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Reddit

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  • [CORE] Bug bounty 3 – Track loading progress before lock screen is displayed

Riker has offered two rewards in the form of NXT to the person who manages to solve these challenges.

Currently when connecting to a remote node for the first time, it’s not uncommon to see a Blue screen displayed for 10-20 seconds while the client fetches the necessary resources.

The purpose of the task is to display a moving progress bar when loading the client until the lock screen is displayed.

There is no simple solution for this because of the way the client resources are loaded synchronously using the nrs.sitebuild.js script.

This synchronous loading is necessary in order to initialize the handle bars components and the localization resources.

The solution can utilize any wide spread web development technique, but not rely on any plugin, and has to work both in browser and in the mobile browser and not break the desktop wallet (which is less affected by this problem).

We would like to offer a 20K NXT bounty for this task.


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  • [CORE] Bug bounty 4 – “Time to next block” counter

The purpose of this task is to implement an expected next block counter.
Currently we have the generators page which displays the expected next forger and expected forging time.

You will need to implement a next block count down label based on this data in the left pane next to the block height.

Clicking this widget will open the existing generators page.

The code has to be clean and the widget has to look elegant and integrate well with the existing UI layout.

We would like to offer a 5K NXT bounty for this task.


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  • World Economic Forum – Realizing the Potential of Blockchain

The World Economic Forum, the international organization for cooperation between private and public entities,  released a White Paper on the importance of distributed ledger technologies and the importance of blockchain technologies, like Nxt, for the next major evolution/revolution to the business world in the internet age.

The paper cites the importance of blockchain technologies as a new global resource and lists Ardor as one of the Top 10 digital assets of 2017.



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  • Doctor Crypto – Ardor, NXT, and Burst information is found here

Crypto-analyst and YouTuber Doctor Crypto recently released a video extolling the virtues of Nxt and the Ardor Platform. Here is his review.

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  • Steemit – NXT price performance

Steemit writers have offered some nice commentary on the performance of NXT week after week.

In their words:

maximdraws : Hey fellow Steemers, I hope today has been a happy one for yourself. I woke up a little later than usual since I was writing some articles late last night and am finally done with university I gave myself the extra sleep. The crypto markets are playing nicely today, I’m especially enjoying XVG’s performance.
NXT open and close line graph.png
6h: NXT open and close line graph.png
NXT open close on 12hr.png
NXT open close on 12hr.png


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  • TradingView – NXT, ready for next push

Looks like we turned as aspected, Hopefully now it will gain in strenght and push up to target.
Looks like we turned as expected, Hopefully now it will gain in strenght and push up to target.


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  • TradingView –  LONG powerful Resistance area for ARDR


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

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That wraps up the news for the week. Stay tuned for next week as we continue to provide you with all the relevant and exciting news for Nxt, Ardor, and all things involving the accelerating growth of the blockchain space. We love our community, we would be nothing without you guys/gals!

Follow us on Twitter for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. Stay committed and stay informed fellow Nxters! See you next week.

Nxt News – June 2017 (IV): They Didn’t Know It Was Impossible So They Did It

June 2017 (IV)


Welcome again, fellow Nxters!

Whatever your interest and whoever you are, you are in the right place for your comprehensive analysis of all things Nxt. Last week was eventful, with many interesting and exciting opportunities presenting themselves:






This week’s newsletter is put together by apenzl, jagd, rubenbc and Jose.


We need your assistance Nxters! One of the best aspects of the Nxt community is our amazingly dedicated members. Wonderful members have been working on the creation of a suitable logo for IGNIS, the first child chain to be issued on the Ardor Platform. Our unstoppable Ardor forging platform needs a suitably awesome and iconic logo for the first child chain.

With that in mind, we have a new incentive, a bounty if you will. Excerpts of the framework are as follows:


A couple of notes (…) after speaking with some others:

1) We would need the logo icon to be able to work when squared, as in being put in a frame with four equal sides. Sorry for not stating this earlier.

2) The word “IGNIS” is not required to be part of the logo, but it can be there.


The designer of the selected entry will receive for their efforts 3000 NXT, which is about 500 USD with current exchange rates.

Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/ignis-logo-lets-create-one-together!/

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  • The Nxt Giveaways Continue

Easier hunt this week, 30 redeemable beer assets hanging on the blockchain to celebrate life, summer and the raising awareness of Nxt and Ardor, released for you at block height 1364704.

Not planning a visit to Copenhagen? You can transfer the asset to a friend instead.


First NxtBeer claimed, redeemed for an ecological pilsner from Ørbæk Brewery.

A new Easter egg hunt starts this week, and of course, takes place on the Nxt blockchain. Actually, can any other blockchain offer its users the ability to set up a treasure hunt via its Client GUI? To get access to the Eastereggs Nxt account and to learn about the hunts, read backIs there a nicer way to learn about Nxt and Ardor child chains?

Nxters, please help spread the word, plus follow https://twitter.com/OPeasterEggs.

Now get to work, Travin! 🙂

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  • NXT and Ardor Available in Payza Exchange

The Payza Exchange continues to grow the list of altcoins accepted as deposit options on the exchange, and this includes Nxt and Ardor. Cryptocurrencies continue to grow and gain mainstream acceptance. This is significant for us because it means that it will be very easy for Payza and other exchanges to add any asset of Monetary System that is issued on the Nxt or Ardor blockchain.

Members in most countries can now sell Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Zcash and dozens of other cryptocurrencies to Payza.

Recently, Payza announced full Bitcoin support. Now, Payza has added altcoins as a deposit option, letting verified members sell the most popular Bitcoin alternatives. Over 50 different altcoins can now be exchanged with Payza, the full list can be found by accessing the altcoin deposit option within your Payza Account.”

“In the future, Payza members will also be able to buy altcoins, similar to how they can currently buy Bitcoin from Payza.

Source: https://blog.payza.com/payza-updates/announcements/exchange-ethereum-ripple-litecoin-more-sell-altcoins-payza/

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  • Janus – Summary & TradeMimic

Bjorn, the marketing director of Janus, has announced that he will now put forth 100% of his energy into Janus’ business work and to kick off TradeMimic.com.

Hello everyone, recently our team had a meeting (which we do almost weekly). This one however, focused on the priority of work and business direction.

The past 5-6 weeks I’ve been working on a side project for both the Janus and Ethereum classic community. I believe that it’s very helpful for our future growth and opens many doors and new opportunities for JNS investment.

The one drawback in our timeline is there is simply too much work with regards to upcoming business for me to finish, package, launch, and market the project I’ve been consumed with the past weeks. We identified the overwhelming need to focus much harder on our business work instead.
So from this point, the work I’ve been doing which expanded our blockchain presence, will be put on hold until 4 things that take priority over it are completed. This will actually benefit the side project and overall health of potential success in business and meeting timelines in a much better fashion.

So at this point we have basically

1. Wrap up etcbets.com little issues.
2. Upgrade BetterBets to new framework and games.
3. Finish content scraper site while testing potentially 1-2 new developers. (This is a side business that may or may not feed back to Janus tokens depending on their success rate)
4. Focus entirely on the creation, marketing, and launch of trademimic.com

Work and Janus team focus will be in that order, holding company creation should fall somewhere between action items #3-#4

Thank you for understanding, in my ambition sometimes I can become nearsighted to business need. And it was my team who reminded me of value focus before anything else. So big thank you to @ascendus @lobos and @almo3ree23

That, Nxters, in my humble opinion, is will, insight and showing respect towards one’s ecosystem at its highest.

Dividend incoming

In case you hold JNS on exchanges, remember to have your Janus tokens in your Nxt wallet or on Stock.exchange by July 1st to receive Janus profit sharing.

Sporting Janus 


More information: #janusproject (Join Nxtchat on Slack) | Twitter

History and news: https://www.nxter.org/ae-janus-4348103880042995903

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  • Claim your Adelphoi Tokens!

Adel, the forward moving blockchain incubator recently ICO’ed their Adelphoi (ADL) token and raised more than a million Euro. The Nxt based ADL token gives voting rights to individuals (members) that hold more than 2BTC equivalent (1BTC for initial investors).

ADL is trading on the free and decentralized global Asset Exhange as well as on Stocks.exchange, and the Adel team and community is currently working on getting ADL listed on more exchanges. The distribution to initial investors is ongoing.

Claim now


Over 200 Stakeholders still need to get their ADL coins. Reminders have been sent to confirm + validate your account if you haven’t done so already. Here is the guide, in case you missed it: http://dusil.com/2017/06/11/adel-community-nxt-address-token-generation/

Members only livecalls

We have over 25 project submission ideas and voting members are now being offered monthly live calls (to dial-in by audio or video) to give you updates on Adel, and hosted by top minds in business, blockchain and crypto. The goal is to establish a process for new idea submissions and to educate you on best practices for business planning, promotion and incubation.

Our first members only meeting is scheduled for July 3, 2017 at 20:00 CEST (UTC +2).

More information: www.adelphoi.io

Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Reddit

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  • NXT Asset Silvercoin – ICO Begins

Silvercoin’s ICO went live on June 21 and runs until July 19. No bonus for early birds to miss as the price of Silvercoins (SVC) is fixed at a 0.00003 BTC equivalent per coin during the crowdsale. Purchases can be made with NXT, BTC, credit cards, bank transfers etc.  

Silvercoin’s creators proclaim in their whitepaper that the asset will “Solve the main problem facing independent website owners while solving the main problem facing the planet at the same time.”

Don’t take our word for it, here is an excerpt:

Those problems are named as Lack Of Website Monetization and Centralized Information.  

The solution is SilverCoin, the universal web monetization and community engagement platform that rewards you for sharing information and enabling others to do the same.  

It’s based on the Proof-of-Change (POC) protocol, where the more information you share and the more people you reach… the more you earn, and the more you change the world. With the result being an exponentially growing global peer-to-peer decentralized web information network.        

This Proof-of-Change crypto-affiliate protocol is incentivized by a blockchain-secured deflationary  rewards structure, which offers a truly equal opportunity to all people.

Another blockquote explains how the team will utilize Nxt/Ardor:

SilverCoin will initially be built using a modular integrative design that utilizes the best technologies currently available.

The three major technologies to be integrated into SilverCoin’s POC protocol (NXT, PAP, SMS) are all real world tested, arguably the best in their field and all are built around API’s and Plugins and are specifically designed for integration.

NXT was selected as the core blockchain tech for SilverCoin because in addition to the secure blockchain it provides many others features required by SilverCoin, including a decentralized asset exchange, marketplace, voting and cloud storage.

By using NXT/Ardor, our blockchain is maintained, secured and upgraded by some of the most-qualified blockchain devs on the planet, the NXT team.

Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) is the top affiliate tracking software available today. It contains multiple levels of tracking such as Browser cookies, HTML5 cookies, Flash cookies and IP address tracking. It provides lifetime and multi-level commissions, as well as multilingual support, banner ads, a secure dashboard, encrypted commission tracking and detailed reporting. It’s also a one-time cost for a lifetime license with continual updates and it comes with full dev. support, pay as you go and is designed for platform integration.

SMS verification provides an effective and low cost method to authenticate users at signup by having them verify that they are a real person, which is an essential internet-independent component in negating sign-up fraud. 

But what gives Silvercoin its value, one could ask? At first glance, it appears as if their method is building a viral marketing network around their asset and having a paid “SilverPlan”.

From the whitepaper:

[A] major aspect of SilverPlan is the Marketplace where you will be able to exchange your silvercoins for products and services. The 2 products planned to roll out first will be silver bullion coins and affordable website design packages.

SilverPlan will also include advanced video series on marketing, trading and wellness. In addition, it will act as a bridge connecting the Internet to Maidsafe’s Safenet. SilverPlan will require it’s own whitepaper before development begins.

So, it seems they want SVC to become a coin with real value inside the ecosystem they build. Maybe the way to obtain changes in this world really is by giving people the tools, as humans, no matter who they are, to become damn cool marketers and work together as a decentralized force in a fight for spreading truthful non-governmental approved information throughout the world. Incentivized by SVC coin bounties, and a building urge to learn more, do more, grow, help others grow, become the breathing outreaching starfish to be named: Proof. Of. Change.

The setup seems unorthodox, to say the least. Unfortunately, we have not yet had a chance to interview the creators behind the project and coin offering. Anticipate us doing so very soon!

SVC can be bought on the Nxt Asset Exchange with NXT and from c-cex.com with BTC, at your own risk.

Source and more information:




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  • Smart Phasing with Ardor

Nxt “Phasing” is the ability to split a Nxt transaction up into 2 phases (broadcasting it > executing it) and to set multiple conditions (up to 10) before the transaction is executed.

Riker announces that Phasing will be even smarter on Ardor:

To support more advanced phasing logic, we now added to Ardor the ability to create “Composite” voting models.

A composite model defines the voting models building blocks and the logic to bind them into an “Approve” or “Reject” decision.

The composite model supports the AND (&), OR (|) and NOT (!) logical operators and defines an expression which applies these operators on a combination of simple voting models.

Using a NOT operator, allows you to setup a “dead man switch” so that funds are transferred to another account only in case an account did not approve this transaction until a certain height i.e. the account owner is assumed dead.

Using a NOT and AND operators, you can define that a transaction is approved at certain height only if none of the accounts in the whitelist has voted against it.

You can also define more complex conditions like approve a transaction only in case an account from a whitelist (i.e. a regulator, manager, judge etc) has approved it OR an account holding a certain number of tokens approved it i.e a user a stake holder etc.

The feature is not yet on testnet. Credits goes to petko for developing the server side logic.

Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/introduction-to-smart-phasing/msg233226/?topicseen#msg233226



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  • Weekly Reminder

This new section is dedicated to the technical side of our platform.

We are often asked questions about Nxt, Ardor, IGNIS, and blockchains that have been previously answered. So, just in case you have forgotten, or in case you are brand new to this scene and want to easily and efficiently learn to become a Nxter – a very sacred community – we present to you the inaugural section of the Weekly Reminder. 

About BTC and fiat on the Ardor Platform

From Riker, a platform core dev for both Nxt and Ardor:

We are working on an Ardor child chain pegged to BTC where the peg is ensured by a 3rd party business such as crypto exchange. You’ll be able to convert “real” BTC to child chain BTC at 1:1 ratio and then exchange these BTC using the on blockchain coin exchange to Ardor or Ignis or you’ll be able to trade existing assets directly against these child chain BTC so that asset price is denominated in BTC.

Similarly we are planning an EUR pegged chain and perhaps also a USD one.


Last week’s newsletter had vital information about our genesis and ICO. Like tokens on our platform, news travel very fast and it is easy to forget what the important basics that make up the foundation of our platform and our success are.

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  • TradingView – NXT Cup and Handle Pattern (Possibly Down)

Jun 18 when i was re create my chart of nxt change it to per day. i found that NXT it's look like a handle and cup pattern. so i try to figure it out what price it should be the benchmark. from my perspective i would take 0.0000585 and 0.00004322 Feel free to comment ! Note : STR 1.17% Give away will be held at 27 june this month. it will surely effect to the market. Jun 19 Comment: Resistance at 7k Jun 19 Trade active: Resistance broke. Trading active Fasten your sit belt see you on the moon ! TP at 0.000011xx
Jun 18 when i was re create my chart of nxt change it to per day. i found that NXT it’s look like a handle and cup pattern. so i try to figure it out what price it should be the benchmark. from my perspective i would take 0.0000585 and 0.00004322 Feel free to comment ! Note : STR 1.17% Give away will be held at 27 june this month. it will surely effect to the market. Jun 19 Comment: Resistance at 7k Jun 19 Trade active: Resistance broke. Trading active Fasten your sit belt see you on the moon ! TP at 0.000011xx

Source: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/NXTBTC/wz2XX9eE-NXT-Cup-and-Handle-pattern-possibly-down/

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  • TradingView – NXTBTC Buy Set Up

Source: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/NXTBTC/ebMddT2R-NXTBTC-Buy-Set-Up/

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  • Trading View – ARD we Missed the Plane but

Jun 19 ARD we Missed the Plane but We Have 2 Trades Short Trade Buy Limit @ 0.00009339 Target=0.00011344 Gain 20 % Sec Buy Long Buy limit @0.00007732 Target = 0.00015257 Gain 100 % We recommend Capital Management We ask Allaah to reconcile and repay Jun 20 Trade active: We ask Allaah to reconcile and repay Jun 20 Comment: Move Short Target to 0.00011144 Jun 20 Comment: active and gain profit Direct alhmdllah Jun 21 Trade closed manually: Close short Trade @0.00010720 Gain 15 % alhmd llah Jun 21 Comment: Sec Buy Still Limit Sec Buy Long Buy limit @0.00007732 Target = 0.00015257 Gain 100 %
Jun 19 ARD we Missed the Plane but We Have 2 Trades Short Trade Buy Limit @ 0.00009339 Target=0.00011344 Gain 20 % Sec Buy Long Buy limit @0.00007732 Target = 0.00015257 Gain 100 % We recommend Capital Management We ask Allaah to reconcile and repay Jun 20 Trade active: We ask Allaah to reconcile and repay Jun 20 Comment: Move Short Target to 0.00011144 Jun 20 Comment: active and gain profit Direct alhmdllah Jun 21 Trade closed manually: Close short Trade @0.00010720 Gain 15 % alhmd llah Jun 21 Comment: Sec Buy Still Limit Sec Buy Long Buy limit @0.00007732 Target = 0.00015257 Gain 100 %

Source: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/ARDRBTC/HWBxoODN-ARD-we-Missed-the-Plane-but/

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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

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And that is it for this week!

Stay tuned next week as we continue to provide you with all the relevant and exciting news for Nxt, Ardor, and all things involving the accelerating growth of the blockchain space. Follow us on Twitter for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. Stay committed and stay informed fellow Nxters!

Nxt News – June 2017 (III): Freedom Is Nothing More Than a Chance to Be Better

June 2017 (III)


Welcome again, fellow Nxters!

Whatever your interest and whoever you are, we have something for you as we recap the last week!







This week’s newsletter is put together by apenzl, jose, rubenbc, jagd, and is proofread by Travin Keith.


  • SNAPSHOT – The Genesis

First, here is some ear candy for Nxters. An abridged excerpt from “The Genesis” chapter of “SNAPSHOT – Nxt, Unsurpassable Blockchain Solutions”, the book about the Nxt blockchain ecosystem, published by Nxter Magazine and Plaisir d’histoire.

“The Genesis: The Miss America of alternate cryptocurrencies” is a chapter about the very beginning of Nxt, how it was dismissed as a scam but ended up with not only making 73 initial investors extremely rich but also enriching the crypto world with a new technology and a decentralized movement.

Author of the chapter: Daniel M Ryan
Voice: Jess Allen
Ending Voice: Bill
Graphics: Savandra
Coordination: Travin Keith (Nxt Foundation)

SNAPSHOT – Nxt, unsurpassed blockchain solutions” is a collection of articles that look deep into Nxt – the history, the technology, its use cases, the community, and our visions. 

More information

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  • Chinese exchange BTC38 will transfer $ARDR/BTC to $ARDR/CNY

With this brief statement, BTC38, the popular and prestigious exchange based in China, announced that they will be ending BTC trading pairs. After contacting the BTC38 team, Travin Keith, Marketing Director and Blockchain Consultant of the Nxt Foundation, confirmed that ARDR will be moved from their BTC market to their ARDR<>CNY market:

Hooray for growth and continued acceptance across the global community! These are exciting times for the ever growing Nxt community.

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  • The Nxt Giveaways continue

Another Easter egg was picked up on the blockchain this week.

A clever Nxter took a look at Twitter handle @OPeasterEggs and found links to a 2-phased transaction of 1 Jinn asset to the NXT-TKCU-J7TH-YBS6-CG3QL Easter eggs account. The asset transfer only needed to be approved by someone. This was done simply by typing a secret and broadcasting it to the blockchain – if only one knew the secret, of course. 1 Jinn asset has the current value of $223 (and was $160 at the time).

Was this first tweet enough?

Or was this one needed to give the final clue?

For those unaware, the number in the above tweet is the numeric ID of Nxt’s Genesis Account. The passphrase to this very first Nxt account, once chosen by BCNext, has been publicly known since a “doctorevil” picked it up. Now it’s found in nxtwiki.org, in Nxt Newsletters and even in books.

So, this clever Nxter logged in to the Easter eggs account, typed in the Nxt Genesis account passphrase, and thereby revealed the right secret and approved the Jinn transaction. Boom, there went the Jinn to this clever Nxter’s account, and bye bye off went the last few NXT in the account as well. Well done Mr. or Mrs!

The backstory can be found in earlier newsletters here, here, and in this blog post published in Nxter Magazine last Thursday: https://www.nxter.org/easter-egg-hunt-on-nxt-blockchain/.

There will be new Easter eggs to pick up this week, and of course, the hunt will take place on the Nxt blockchain. Is there a better way to learn about Nxt and Ardor child chains’ built-in features? And does any other blockchain offer its users the ability to set up treasure hunts and games via its Client GUI?

Please help spread the word about Nxt’s abilities and don’t forget to follow https://twitter.com/OPeasterEggs for freebies.

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  • Stocks.Exchange – Trading Platform Overview

More information

Stocks.Exchange explained by the Nxter.org community.

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  • Nxtwiki: Account Protection and ERC20 Out of the Box

Nxtwiki.org is a great resource for information and ongoing work, just like the Nxt and Ardor blockchain platforms.

Recently, Riker (Lior Yaffe, Nxt and Ardor core developer and a member of Jelurida) added a “How-To” which explains how easy it is to announce a new Nxt account’s Public Key to the blockchain:

Optimal Nxt Account Protection

Option 1 – submit an outgoing transaction from the new account

Any type of outgoing transaction will do, since the user is signing this transaction with his passphrase and by doing so records the public key in the blockchain.

Option 2 – another account can announce the public key of the new account to the blockchain

Any type of transaction in which the recipient is the new account will do. The sender needs to specify the new account public key as the publicKey parameter or using the wallet “Recipient Public Key” field.

Source and more information

In a former newsletter, we explained why announcing the Public Key (initiating the account) is important:

There is (an astronomical) 2^64 =~10^19 individual account addresses available in Nxt but 2^256 =~10^77 possible passwords. An obvious question is whether or not it is possible for more than one password to open the same account. The answer is no – not if you have announced its 256-bit Public Key (with the first 64 being your visible account number) to the network and incorporated it into the blockchain. Once this is done, in the very rare case that someone enters a passphrase that would generate the same 64-bit account number, the software will deny the use of the passphrase.


How to – Initialize a Nxt/Ardor Account without Issuing an Outgoing Transaction

Cold Storage can be easily achieved with NxtBridge OFFLINE, which also signs transactions OFFLINE.

NXT support for ERC20 tokens

Another new entry in the wiki aims to educate people who are not totally aware of the possibilities of Nxt’s inbuilt smart transactions, how the Nxt Asset Exchange API supports most of Ethereum ERC20 operations out of the box without the need to issue any smart contract, and that the Asset Exchange – additionally – provides full dex (Decentralized Exchange) functionality and options such as the ability to issue a singleton asset for reduced fee or delete asset shares, or send a dividend payment to all asset holders with the click of a button, straight from the Nxt Client GUI.

Nxt also supports a different type of token called “currency” – among other features, a currency provides the ability to restrict token transfers so that they are allowed only between the issuer account and the accounts that hold the token. This function prevents free trade of the token without the issuer’s permission which is desirable in, for example, the case of voting rights distribution. Voting being another Nxt blockchain feature.

Source and more information 

Travin Keith, mrv777, vanbreuk, mroenne, and a few others have now set out to update Nxtwiki.org in a big way together with Lior.

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  • Janus – Summary & TradeMimic

In the last Nxt Newsletter, we wrote about the Community Janus XT Token Share Program where 6 spots in the program were still open. Not anymore, as everything sold out fast. Effectively this means that another 2 million Janus tokens have been removed from circulation for at least a year.

Price correlation to the rising price of NXT:




born_bb: This month BetterBets.io NXT volume has dropped significantly, for our team’s part I have in testing the capability to offset this to a degree with other things. One of those is trading, which in the past I have done manually. Recently (past 4 days) I’ve been testing in my brief spare time a very complex but so far highly successful trading bot engine. Using semi conservative settings it is proving to be effective in 1-2% gains daily. The casinos, as everyone knows are unpredictable, in this industry the whales make up 90% of house profit or losses. I believe the rise of the NXT price is attributed to the decline over the past 2 months in NXT use on site – (Price rise significantly has in the past caused a drop off in high value betting). Therefore after more testing on the trading engine I’m using if it proves to be viable for an additional revenue stream I’ll put this into the Janus pool for divs.

Etcbets.com is growing fairly well, this message applies entirely to NXT betting on BetterBets.io and it’s significant decline this month.

I’ll keep everyone posted, as I cannot day trade full time getting this bot perfect would have direct results on income potential in time. As well as the rest of our sites in development.

The above trading is entirely my own thing and idea outside Janus team, so I’ll be using personal funds for now to fuel its start.


Speaking of unpredictable betting results, one ETCBets.com player (and Janus community member) hit the jackpot this week, which might result in a significantly lower dividend from that business this month.


Business in the pipeline

This is it!

The long-awaited social fintech site from Janus, http://TradeMimic.com, is coming. Use the ‘Subscribe’ button on the site in order to receive periodic updates or just visit it to sit back and watch the countdown.

Expectations are high: this will be the first of the well-prepared large scale business ventures from the Janus Team, plus the one that will kick off Alphonso Morris Jr. as a spearhead and brand manager, with a team of professional crypto- and FOREX-traders up the sleeve to help the social marketing.


More information: #janusproject (Join Nxtchat on Slack) | Twitter

History and news: https://www.nxter.org/ae-janus-4348103880042995903

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  • Adelphoi Token at Exchanges

In more exciting news from last week, the Adelphoi token has been added to new exchanges as well as to the popular coinmarketcap.com.

Dusil writes:

Just three weeks after the close of our ICO, ADL is listed on another exchange CryptoDAO:

BTC/ADL: https://cryptodao.com/site/index/ADL/BTC
LTC/ADL: https://cryptodao.com/site/index/ADL/LTC
ETH/ADL: https://cryptodao.com/site/index/ADL/ETH
USD/ADL: https://cryptodao.com/site/index/ADL/USD
DASH/ADL: https://cryptodao.com/site/index/ADL/DASH

and the MT4 Based PRO Webtrade Platform: BTC/ADL: https://cryptodao.com/trade2/index?symbol=cryptodaoadlbtc

Our members are actively reaching out to new exchanges. This is a great example of how our community works together to succeed. If you have ideas or exchanges contacts to list ADL, then please email us at adel@adelphoi.io.

ADL is now on CryptoDAO, Stocks.Exchange and the Nxt Asset Exchange.

Please take a moment and actively share this announcement. Bittrex and other exchanges coming soon.

More information: www.adelphoi.io

Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Reddit

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  • ARDR, Ardor, IGNIS and the Snapshot Block

Lots of (repetitive) questions are being asked in nxtchat.slack.com about the Ardor and IGNIS snapshots, issuance and timeframe. Fastest way to a FAQ is:

mrv777 sums the roadmap up like this:

Current plan from Jean-Luc:

1. ICO of Ignis, to last a month or so.

(There will likely be some time gap between the end of the ICO and the snapshot, could be days or weeks.)

2. One-time snapshot of ARDR and NXT balances (and aliases, MS currency names, etc).

3. Launch Ardor. The distribution of ARDR and IGNIS will be in the Ardor Genesis block.


ARDR tokens have been distributed already!

The ARDR you hold in your Nxt account will be re-issued as tokens on the Ardor Blockchain.

The passphrase to your Nxt account will give you access to your Ardor Blockchain account as well.


Lead developer Jean-Luc recently added:

the ARDR token will be frozen at the snapshot block and no further transactions [on the Nxt blockchain] with it will be possible.

This is to avoid profiting from the ARDR asset token on the Nxt Blockchain once the Ardor network has been created.


Information about the ICO:


Jelurida will hold an IGNIS ICO for 50% of the tokens.

NXT holders will receive the remaining 50% IGNIS tokens automatically, 0,5 IGNIS for each 1 NXT they hold.

The distribution will happen in accordance to a 1-time snapshot of the Nxt Blockchain prior to the Ardor Genesis.

Full details of the ICO terms and conditions, with exact amounts and timeline, will be published as soon as all details have been finalized, but this will be at least one week before the start of the ICO.



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  • Europe’s Largest Blockchain Startup Competition

Do you have an idea to revolutionize the insurance industry? This contest can give you the necessary push to turn your idea into a project and earn a large sum of money.

APPLY NOW TO WIN $100,000! Bring your InsurTech ideas to life! Do you have a team or innovative startup? Then turn your idea into cash and win $100,000, one year of free office space and professional coaching!

Nxt Foundation member Travin Keith says:

I know some of the people running it. They’re great professionals and can really help a project move forward. Also, they welcome Nxt and Ardor-based solutions, so I encourage people to apply!

Check the participation criteria here.

Source: http://www.blockchaincompetition.ch/en/

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  • Steemit – NXT and ARDOR are going through the Roof

Source: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@askaran/nxt-and-ardor-are-going-through-the-roof

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  • Janus Token Registers Phenomenal Growth 

As Janus sends out a press release about its past, present, and future, Nxt and its Asset Exchange gets a little mention too.

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  • TradingView – ARDOR breakout coming?


Source: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/ARDRBTC/EAd2xgxd-ARDOR-breakout-coming/

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  • Trading View – NXT Short Corrections


Source: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/NXTBTC/G3o0AV3I-NXT-SHORT-CORRECTION/

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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

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And that is it for this week! Stay tuned as we continue to provide you with an all-in-one platform for your news of Nxt, Ardor and the ever growing position of prominence we have within the rapid and fast changing blockchain technology landscape. Our commitment to you, dear readers, is to keep you informed.

Nxt News – May 2017 (IV): Only Those Who Will Risk Going Too Far Can Possibly Find Out How Far One Can Go

May 2017 (IV)


Here’s some of the latest news about Nxt over this past week in May:






Here below are more details about each of these:



  • Jelurida – Blockchain Expo Europe 2017

Jean-Luc, Nxt and Ardor core developer, has announced that Kristina Kalcheva and Tomislav Gountchev, both members of Jelurida, will be attending  the Blockchain Expo Europe 2017 event, which will take place on the 1st and 2nd of June in Berlin. This event will be focused on learning and building partnerships in the emerging blockchain space and will explore the industries that are set to be disrupted the most by this new technology. These include: legal sectors, financial services, healthcare, insurance, energy, music, government, real estate, and numerous others.

Jean-Luc states:

Jelurida will be presented by Kristina and Tomi at Blockchain Expo Europe June 1-2, 2017 in Estrel, Berlin.

This event will be bringing together more than 1500 people across key industries for two days of world-class content from leading brands embracing and developing cutting-edge blockchain technologies.

The Blockchain Industry conference track will look at a variety of platforms and services from startups to cloud providers, including developer networks, applications and APIs as well as the impact on legal, finance and government sectors with smart contracts.

Blockchain Technologies will focus on the evolution of blockchain and its applications. The conference will explore the many launches and trials being conducted, the different uses of blockchain technology in these verticals, and the vast opportunities in these sectors.

Source and more information: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/jelurida-attending-blockchain-expo-europe/msg232059/?topicseen#msg232059


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  • Janus – Introducing Alphonso Morris Jr

On the 18th of May, the Janus team organized an interesting Questions and Answer (Q&A) session which was moderated by Travin Keith, Marketing Director and Blockchain Advisor of the Nxt Foundation, on the #janusproject channel on NxtChat on Slack. The aim of this event was to make public the addition of Alphonso Morris Jr as the new Content Product & Marketing Manager as well as Public Relations & Brand Ambassador for the Janus team.

Travin Keith, aka Marenkar, gave the starting signal this way:

Welcome everyone to the QA with the newest member of the Janus team, Mr. Alphonso Morris jr. I have personally verified his information to be accurate based on several techniques to prove identity.

Below are some answers given by Alphonso to the questions stated by users:

Question: Who are you and what is your career experience?

Alphonso: My full name is Alphonso Morris Jr… I have several years of experience in various fields not as much in the Crypto / Blockchain world more so in the fields of Photograpy, Event Planning & Promotions. Public Relalations Director, Artist Management, Personal Assistant, Music & Television for over 20yr

Q: What ways will you help the Janus team expand grow as both a team and future company?

A: Explaining how good something can be to others is easy when you have a team & product as good as this . Were all driven to succeed focused on producing quality, I believe creative minds tend to work well together my interactions with members of the team has been very good. I believe my 30 plus years of public relations, world travel and personal contacts will benefit the team as we grow. I’m anxious to get into the creative process.

Q: What advice do you have for potential investors looking at JANUS?

A: I joined the team two months ago and my observation of Janus is that its a solid company. They have good direction, good products, dedicated to their investors and their brand. Janus is also growing exponentially

Q: To what degree can you utilize your ‘special’ industry contacts to help your team gain an advantage with online business sites and other Janus activities?

A: From my personal experience we are only as good as our word on any level. Information is power in the right hands coming from the right people. I’ve earned mutual respect from some influential people in the entertainment industry who Iv’e worked for or with over the years. People like Ken Ehrlich (Tv Producer Grammys), AMA’s, Usher Raymond (Music Producer / Entertainer) I consider close contacts. There’s always the possibility of a outright endorsement of a product, company, idea or the like based how Bjorn wants to proccede… With my unlimited contacts in music and television it wouldn’t be a problem for me to explain Janus to as many influential people and companies as possible

Q: Since you are the brother of Boyz2Men member, do you know Beyonce through him? There’s a group trying to parody her name as blockchain.

A: She was on The Evolution tour with Destiny’s Child and Boyz II Men in 1997. I was their personal photographer during the tour.

Q: Speaking of Nxt, did you try to play with Nxt features? And if yes, what is your first impression?

A: Yes I have It installed and have looked at it. Its a very powerful platform!

The session extended for over an hour and there was time to discuss many questions about the present and future situation of Janus, but there was also time for sharing some personal and professional anecdotes from situations that only a person immersed in such a world as Alphonso has experienced throughout his career. No doubt he is a great addition to the Janus team.

You can read the full Q&A session on the #qa_answers channel on NxtChat on Slack.

Source and more information: https://www.nxter.org/ae-janus-4348103880042995903/

#janusproject (Link to join Nxtchat on Slack)

News compilation about Janus

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  • Adel – 20% Extra Bonus For The ICO Contributors

Adel, the blockchain project incubator that uses Nxt technology as a base to build its ecosystem, has recently published its 11th Whitepaper, titled “Foundation of a Community Accelerator”, where a new plan is outlined to make sure that enough funds are collected to move forward with building the Adel ecosystem and progressing with its roadmap.

This way, in case the 900 BTC minimum will not be reached, ICO contributors will have the opportunity to vote for the adoption of this new plan that will give ICO participants the ability to receive a new 20% Post-ICO bonus on their contributions, in addition to the ICO bonuses already achieved through the ICO. Contributors will also have the chance to ask for a refund of their contributions before this voting process takes place. You can find more details about all of the above in the aforementioned White Paper.

G. Dusil: the advantage is that 1st round contributors all get a 20% Post-ICO bonus plus their accumulated ICO bonus – contingent on the members voting on the plan outlined in the white paper. In other words, we either refund contributor BTCs back to participants, and no ADL will be issued, and no bonuses. Or contributors agree to the plan and get up to (a theoretical bonus limit of) 40% more in ADL. Make sense?.

At the same time, the Adel team has announced an initial agreement with the exchange Stocks.Exchange so that the new “Adel” token will be listed in this exchange once the ICO is over. This exchange was created by Vadym Kurylovych, a member of the Nxt communty, where, in addition to buying and selling some tokens like Nxt or BTC , you can also receive dividends on your account which are issued to token investors. This has already been done with the JNS assets that users can keep on their account in this exchange.

G. Dusil: We are excited to be working with Stocks.Exchange, as our first crypto exchange provider.

More information: ICO Portal

The Adel ICO is live

Stocks.Exchange ICO

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  • Ardor – Bundler example

On the 15th of May, Marenkar opened a 1250 ARDR bounty (i.e. around 160$) on the Ardor channel on Reddit to the first user who could correctly expand and solve a challenge. The proposed challenge was:

Set Up

Jayne is forging ARDR and let’s assume that he will forge the next block.

Mal sets up bundler with

Minimum Rate = 5 IGNIS/ARDR Therefore, a single basic transaction will cost 0.5 IGNIS because 5/1 = 0.5/0.1 where 0.1 ARDR is the base transaction fee.

Fee Limit = 10 ARDR Therefore, Alice will pay the maximum fee of 10 ARDR ( VERIFY This means that once 10 ARDR has been paid, the bundler will be shut down. )

Overpay = 0 ARDR No overpay in effect. ( EXPAND In your example, include an overpay more than 0 and explain what happens to it)


River sends 5 IGNIS to Simon and pays 0.5 IGNIS to Mal, as he is the only bundler ( EXPAND Explain what happens if another bundler is present. What condition would make Mal be the bundler over the other bundler? Also include the information of the other bundler like how I did with Mal’s. Use whatever other name you like. ). Mal then receives the 0.5 IGNIS.

There are no other transactions in the child chain block so Mal pays Jayne the 0.1 ARDR fee to include the transaction in the block.

It did not take long before GCMartinelli, a new community member, solved the problem by drafting a detailed response which was later confirmed and accepted as valid by some of the Ardor core developers, thus winning the prize. You can see the full explanation on the Ardor channel on Reddit. We recommend that you frequently check this channel in case more bounties come up.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ardor/comments/6b8n9e/ardor_bounty_opportunity_bundler_example/

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  • Jelurida – Ignis ICO

As we already announced some months ago, the IGNIS token will be the primary transactional token on the Ardor network when it launches, and until new child chains are spawned. Ignis tokens will be distributed ~ 50/50 to NXT holders/Nxt core development team. The ~ 50% Ignis which are to be distributed to the core development team will be theirs to use to fund the continued development of the Nxt and Ardor platforms.

Jean-Luc, wrote:

Ignis will be created in the Genesis block of Nxt 2.0. At the moment NXT holders will get 50% Ignis of their NXT balance. The other 50% will be reserved for the devs, for instance to do an ICO with, or something else. As this is still one year in the future, the exact method of this is still being debated.

This week, Jelurida, the corporation that brings together all the Nxt and Ardor core developers, has announced that it’s preparing an announcement with more details about the upcoming Ignis ICO:

Jelurida will conduct an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for most of the 500,000,000 remaining IGNIS coins planned to be created, in a crowdfunding sale, to be performed before the above mentioned snapshot. The funds collected in the ICO will be used by Jelurida to ensure the future development of the Nxt and Ardor blockchain platforms. Some small percentage of IGNIS coins may be kept by Jelurida for future use, but as the goal of the ICO is to provide financing for the company, most of the funds collected will be converted to fiat and not kept in crypto.

Full details of the ICO terms and conditions, with exact amounts and timeline, will be published as soon as all details have been finalized, but at least one week before the start of the ICO.

Source: https://www.jelurida.com/ico

Ardor and Ignis distribution

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  • Shuffling – ARDR Assets

Coin and Assets Shuffling is a core feature on Nxt which enables users to mix their funds quickly and efficiently with other users’ funds by creating a random mapping between the existing user accounts and new recipient accounts provided by the users.

A few months ago it was customary that some members of the Nxt community set up a weekly “shuffling party” to make use of this Nxt feature and shuffle some NXT in a decentralized manner with differente users, thus showing the world the potential and abilities of this platform.

Recently, lurker10 has invited the community to re-launch this interesting initiative but, this time, using the ARDR asset for the shuffling.

lurker10 states:

The first party time was amid grim times of the bear market, the link has insights for what to expect and best practices: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/shuffling-party-time/

Let’s do it again for ARDR asset on Shuffling Sundays?

Please remember that participants must keep their node running at the time the shuffling process takes place in order for it to finish properly, together with other minor conditions. Initially, the agreed on time was on Sundays between 15:00 UTC and 18:00 UTC, because this was the time which was most convenient for multiple time zones in order to have the largest number of participants. However, always check the active shufflings in your Nxt client to see which ones are open.

Jean-Luc also states:

One good reason to shuffle ARDR now is that on the Ardor platform it will not be shuffleable, parent chain does not support coin shuffling. Do it now before the snapshot, while it is still an asset.

Source and more information https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/shuffling-party-time-(ardr-edition)/msg232092/?topicseen#msg232092




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  • Job offer – Java / Blockchain Developers and Senior Blockchain Engineer

The blockchain industry and its applications are booming. As a result, more and more people are interested in this technology and new developers join this ecosystem everyday. Recently, some job offers were published on Nxtforum and NxtChat on Slack related to blockchain. The candidates must have enough familiarity and expertise with the Nxt blockchain. These are the job offers:

kirbypuckett states:

…The company’s developing on open source version at the moment but is in advanced discussions with Jelurida about license

Flgalaxy is a FinTech company founded in 2015 with the goal of reaching out and letting consumers and merchants have the tools needed to build lasting relationships with customers. It builds applications using the power of blockchain architecture to offer secure borderless commerce options from the ground up.

We strive to further the movement around the world to open up markets and empower individuals and businesses alike to work together and establish prosperous local communities while also bringing people together by further allowing people with unique products to get them to the public.
We hope that with the advanced tools that we provide, our partners can continue to grow and develop new businesses and build strong relationships with customers by rewarding them in ways that help them continue to enjoy the new products that come as a result of their efforts. We believe that the blockchain is an a powerful emerging force in freeing the global economy and that is why we have chosen to place our time and effort into building apps that leverage its strengths to continue the process of removing barriers and rewarding consumers and businesses alike.

Source: https://nxtforum.org/job-board/recruiting-java-blockchain-developers-great-pay-in-london-office/

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  • Nxter Magazine – 2000 Followers on Twitter and 450 Newsletter Subscribers

We have a reason to celebrate! Nxter’s twitter account has reached 2000 followers and our weekly email newsletter is already regularly sent to over 450 subscribers! Thank you all!Nxter is a community driven initiative, so we encourage you to keep giving us your support and sharing our news and articles to achieve wider visibility. Remember that you can also publish your own articles, subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on social networks, in order to always stay on top of everything that happens around Nxt and Ardor.

More information: Nxter.org Twitter

Spanish Twitter

French Twitter

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  • Beecrypt – A Decentralized P2P Exchange That Will Be Built On Top of Ardor

Beecrypt is company based in Bangalore, India, managed by highly specialized technology experts, successful entrepreneurs, and veterans in the semiconductor & fintech industry. This company has recently announced that Beecrypt’s flagship product, Migretor, a decentralized P2P exchange for cryptocurrency, as well as a wallet, will be built on top of Ardor.

Migretor would be featuring:

  • Usability with an easy to use application which runs ubiquitously on all platforms
  • Secure, with no custodian for user funds. Users will be in full control with no trusted third party of their funds
  • Utmost transparency in exchanging in a decentralized manner by locally signing all transactions before broadcasting to the network
  • Unprecedented privacy with end-to-end encrypted message exchanges
  • Robust, effective against DDoS
  • On chain transactions
  • Cost-effective exchange

Hariharan Parasuraman, CEO at Beecrypt states:

Beecrypt is excited to develop Migretor on top of the Ardor blockchain platform as it offers the first real world solution to the blockchain bloat problem.

Source and more information: https://www.jelurida.com/beecrypt-migretor-decentralized-exchange


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  • The Wiring – Ardor Fees, Child Chain Fees, Bundlers, Forgers… Let’s Clarify

TheWireMaster, an active member of the Nxt community, and admin at NxtFolks as well as the composer of the Ardor song, has recently published an article titled “Ardor Fees, Child Chain Fees, Bundlers, Forgers… Let’s Clarify” at TheWiring.com. The text explains how the forging process on the Ardor main chain will work as today’s NXT forging. However, in Ardor, these blocks will contain transactions from the main chain and from the child chains. The Ardor main chain will be the only one forging and providing the blockchain infrastructure to all child chains.

The article includes some practical examples showing how the bundling process works.

A “bundler” is the link between the child chain and the main chain. It’s the one that collects the child chain fees and then pays the main chain (Ardor) to pack those transactions in a block…

…The field “Minimum Rate” is a multiplier for the defined Ardor fee for that specific transaction. The result of that multiplication will be the minimum transaction fee in child chain token users will have to pay so that the bundler will bundle their child chain transaction

“Fee Limit” is the total amount you want to spend in Ardor fees.

“Overpay” is the extra you want to pay more in case of competing bundlers. This is a multiplier of what you will pay in terms of Ardor fee.

Let’s hypothetically assume that these are the fixed prices for a couple of transaction in Ardor (still in development so let’s not be too picky with the exact amounts):

Basic transaction (money transfer, sending message, etc): 0.1 Ardor
Asset issuing: 1000 Ardor

Now lets assume a bundler is set with these parameters:

Minimum Rate: 10
Fee Limit: 200
Overpay: 0.1

Someone now sends a message to someone else in the Ignis child chain. The client will automatically set the fee to the minimum fee offered by the bundlers. Let’s assume that our bundler is the only one, then the fee that will be applied will be:

0.1 Ardor fee x 10 Minimum Rate = 1 Ignis

So the message will be delivered with 1 Ignis fee.

The bundler then has to pay 0.1 Ardor + (0.1 Ardor x 0.1 Overpay) = 0.11 Ardor

Source and more information: https://thewiring.com/2017/05/19/ardor-fees-child-chain-fees-bundlers-forgers-lets-clarify/

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  • TradingView – Time to Continue this Crazy Race with NXT

TradingView is an advanced financial visualization platform that is easy and intuitive to use, with many users around the world making use of it. The service provides all the charting tools you need to share and view your trading strategies.

Recently, a technical analysis of the NXT price has been carried out by Paulto. This user has given his thoughts of the path that NXT’s price is going to follow.

The Bears left a dance floor, new strong lever support detected, seems like a good time to enter this mad train now

We’d like to point out that we are just sharing the opinion of an analyst because they are referring to NXT. However, that doesn’t mean that Nxter approves nor disapproves this opinion. Investors are always responsible for doing their proper research and analyzing the risks when investing in volatile markets such as cryptocurrencies.

Source: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/NXTBTC/JkklY8cv-Time-to-continue-this-crazy-Race-with-NXT/

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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

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