Nxter News – September 2018 (III): The Question Is Not What You Look At, But What You See


September (III)


Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers!

Seeing is believing. Sounds obvious, simple even. Yet many people look, but they do not see. Haters out there close off their minds to logic and new experiences, we have all seen people do this. It is sad. People too quickly succumb to fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). A good way to avoid falling into this trap is not just look at something, but to see it, to use it, to understand it, to embrace it.

For example, within twenty minutes you could install Ardor and begin using it. See for yourselves, not just blindly trust us – issue your own assets, create art, sell cool things, the limit is your imagination, not just what you see existing today. Creative people are important assets in society and our community is blessed with many such talented individuals, from across the world, united by a passion for blockchain – and we are always open to accepting new members. Right now there’s even a FREE Ardor online course that you can enjoy with just a CLICK! – take a look, and you might want to let others know what you see too.

Starting from October 1st, a new look for Nxter Magazine will be implemented, complete with new site structure, new content, and our weekly email which you can SUBSCRIBE to. We’d like to also remind you here: if your balance of NXT or ARDR is not being used for forging then you can lease it to our forging pool so the proceeds are used to support the great blockchain network – and our work at Nxter.

We thank you for being with us as we take you through the week that was.



  • Upcoming Events
    • Finnovista Pitch Day in Madrid, September 18th
    • Blockchain Fest’18 in Istanbul, September 18-19th
    • Blockchain Summit in Moscow, September 25th
    • South Summit in Madrid, October 3rd and 4th




  • Support your Tokens
    • CoinPulse – You can vote for NXT/ARDR/IGNIS
    • Bithumb – Let your Voice be Heard
    • CryptalDash – Request your Favorite Coin
    • Shardax – ask for NXT/ARDR/IGNIS to be Listed



This week’s newsletter is put together by apenzl, Jose, James, and rubenbc.


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Nxter Forging Pool

Nxter is still running NXT and ARDR forging pools. An easy way to support the blockchain networks (your investment) is to lease your balance to us. This process is riskless as we do not get access to your account and funds – only your forging power, which we use to forge blocks 24/7. And the greatest of all? We do not pay out the forging rewards, we put them to work. All rewards are kept and used to maintain and support our work.

I have to renew the lease and I can not find the Nxter pool. Someone can tell me?

https://ardorportal.org/accounts/account/5899051564753648156 thanks palheiro!

The Nxter pool is NXT/ARDOR-NYJW-6M4F-6LG2-76FR5. The alias ‘nxterpool’ directs to it – not on the ARDR chain of course but it’s like a blockchain bookmark on the Ignis chain. Thanks for leasing your Ardor power to us, it’s greatly appreciated! On NXT the alias can be leased to directly.

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  • Jelurida – Updates

Jelurida needs you, and with new toys released on the testnet it is time to get those software devs programming! In a couple weeks Jelurida will publish Java coding challenges for those who wish to hone their Java skills in the Lightweight Contract environment.

Also, an informative and honest marketing update from Jelurida put into words by Lior, and expanded by Kristina, on the sometimes boring but extremely important issue of dealing with the legal, regulatory and business side of the company. As expressed in our walled nxtardor.slack community garden, here reposted by Nxter.

  • Developers Call

More information about Lightweight Contracts


  • About Ignis and Ardor Marketing

Lior, quoted:

From my perspective, in the short term the marketing focus will be on the lightweight contracts. I think we have a winner but we need to get more 3rd party devs on board, to do this we need to finish this up with good quality, documentation and everything expected from a software infrastructure company. (…)

I get in my mailbox every day, ten different proposals how to waste money on various initiatives. (…)

At the moment the value of the real business done on most blockchains (except Bitcoin and maybe Ethereum) is almost non-existent. It is more important to build the intellectual property and the solutions than to worry about the daily token price. (…)

At this point, we are very well known in the industry and very respected in the industry, the value of the tokens can always be higher, but there are like 2000 tokens out there, some of them has much more money then we do and we are doing good. (…)

Kristina (Jelurida):

The everyday company business is not always very exciting and “reportable” stuff: For example this week we had three phone calls with child chain projects (one obvious scam – just wants to have tokens and do an ICO, the other doesn’t need a blockchain at all, the third – has no technical team or knowledge, i.e. we should do everything for them. (I am just speaking figuratively, but these are usually most of our “time wasters”.)) Then I had to review a number of agreements with exchanges and fill in the same amount of application for other exchanges. For the serious clients and possible partners – usually review pages of comments from their lawyers…. In the meantime trying to find new good developers – this is probably the most difficult challenge for us. For examples – the LinkedIn job adds stayed for nine months and we only found one good developer. Not to mention the numerous other websites. But this of course is taking dev’s time to interview and review resumes…
the whole reality in the blockchain space is not so developed and challenged from everywhere – crypto projects are facing problems with banks, regulations and total lack of understanding from accountants, lawyers, etc about what the blockchain technology has to offer to the world. All these problems stand in front of our clients too which cause them to just give up their ideas sometimes.

Elizabeth (the ANG):

Community is one of the most important factors in the success of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. I have many thoughts about this and how we can inject new energy into our community. But one of my concerns is that I watched the community abdicate their decentralized privileges with the formation of Jelurida. We really can’t sit and expect them to do everything. (…)

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  • Ardor Bootcamp is now FREE on Udemy

Thanks to the beneficence of a generous donor, the Ardor Bootcamp course on Udemy is now free to register! Udemy is one of the premier repositories of online, self-paced, classes and the very well-reviewed Ardor Bootcamp is an excellent way for someone to learn and become proficient with much of the advanced functionality that differentiates Ardor from thousands of other altcoin projects. All classes are paid for at the beginning, and since this class is free, you will always have access to it!

efunkem wrote:

A generous sponsor has come forward to subsidize this for a limited time! It went free last night and nearly 500 people from 75(!) different countries have already signed up. This is a great opportunity to spread the word about Ardor, especially given that awareness and marketing have been a challenge.


Prepare for my next Ardor class! I am beginning work on a new Udemy class that will show complete beginners how to build simple products on Ardor.


We didn’t even announce this officially, so these new sign ups are from within Udemy. We can expect these are new introductions to Ardor!

Also read our review of Ardor Bootcamp in Nxter Magazine.

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  • The Ardor and Nxt Group Office

The ANG has itself a new office in Lancaster, PA, complete with a shiny plaque!


Doesn’t that sign look nice? I will polish it weekly! It’s in a big office building.

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Ardor Bootcamp Fundraiser

As mentioned above, there’s a huge interest in attending the Udemy Ardor Bootcamp after a donator paid to make the course free. In just 60 minutes the donation was spent, and efunkem tells us that people are signing up through Udemy, not through the Ardor community, so they are all new exposures to Ardor.

Efunkem wrote:

I decided to keep it live since it was going so well, even though we blew past the cap so quickly. I will probably turn it back to [being a] paid course after a while but not for the time being.

Success! And here’s your chance to help keep it so; Elizabeth was lightning:

(…) Help sponsor an incredibly successful educational project initiated, funded and developed by Eric Funk, an Ardor / Nxt community member. Please consider a generous contribution to help give this basic education to serious seekers of information about blockchain solutions.

Donate: https://ardornxt.io/community-projects/sponsor-ardor-blockchain-bootcamp-udemy

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  • Nxter Puzzle September III

This week we still have the ongoing city names puzzle, waiting for the 11th and 12th cities to be announced. 12 city names will together form a passphrase, and the account this passphrase opens holds 500 IGNIS. Its 84 views of the YouTube video from last week means you still got a chance!

This week, also a new crossword puzzle (and I am getting more and more puzzled over Madfox) :

How am I feeling, doctor?

All Nxter Puzzles are listed on nxter.org/puzzles – and there are still more IGNIS to be claimed.

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  • r/Ardor – ‘Community is not growing’

There seems to be a disconnect between Jelurida and the crypto community. Some say that Jelurida just does not “get” the crypto community. But what does that mean? If you are looking for quick “gains” like other altcoins or memecoins then you should look elsewhere. The legacy of Nxt and Ardor is creating new technology, improving the blockchain and making it more accessible. Nxter is very sensitive to the community as we are right at the focal point of the community and the news from the creative minds at Jelurida. Reddit is a place for open discussion and we should use it for this very reason. Longtime community members are very active and are willing to listen to anyone who has a complaint about Ardor or Nxt that is not “why is the value of the token so low?” Again, if you want to look for a quick dollar and do not care about the underlying technology of the platform, then, yes, you should look elsewhere. There are thousands of blockchain projects doing nothing, only a handful are pushing the technology forward, very much including Ardor. What do people expect from a legitimate business – lies, and hype? That does not serve anyone well in the long run.


Conversation is on here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ardor/comments/9fk68n/community_is_not_growing/

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  • How To Import NXT Transactions for tax purposes?

It might be a little daunting, but it is very much possible, with the help of the Nxt API, to export transaction histories of Nxt, Nxt assets, and MS currencies in a convenient JSON format for tax purposes. This will involve modifying the Nxt properties file and redownloading the blockchain once the requisite properties are modified. Details below.

tyrone asked:

Is there an easy way to import NXT transactions into cointracking.info, or if not, can I export my transaction history for NXT, assets and ms currencies into something like a csv file? Doing taxes for past years, what a nightmare!


Well, it’s not an easy task if you run the usual Nxt node and don’t know how to use api. You need to run an archival node with trimming off, first. Then with api you can get all the info you need in json format. I think you can export json. All api you can check at localhost:7876/test in your browser, api is not a big deal with that tool.


You can use the getBlockchainTransactions API one transaction type at a time. The information is returned in json format.


edit nxt.properties file, set your node as archival and turn trimming off. And start downloading from scratch, that will be faster I think.
try the following nxt.properties:
1. set admin password: nxt.adminPassword=anything
2. nxt.trimDerivedTables=false
3. nxt.maxPrunableLifetime=-1
4. nxt.ledgerTrimKeep=0


For the asset exchange loading the transactions alone won’t help with accounting since you’ll get only the bid and ask orders and you won’t be able to tell where they matched into a trade. Instead you need to load the trades using getTrades API and load the asset transfer transactions on top, then you’ll need to factor in any dividend payment transactions.
Actually even for simple balances tracking the transactions alone is not good enough since the account can be involved in shuffling for example.

Probably the simplest way is to track the account ledger, but the ledger is only maintained for 30000 blocks by default for all accounts.
Set it instead to track all blocks and only for your account/s (otherwise performance will suffer)

# Specify the number of blocks to keep when trimming the account ledger table.
# A value of zero will cause all blocks to be kept.

# Address of accounts (in RS format) to track balance changes in the ledger
# table, separated by ‘;’.
# Set to * to track changes for all accounts. Specify no accounts to disable
# the account ledger.

You need to re-scan or re-downloaded the blockchain to generate the whole ledger.

Related info in stackexchange

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  • Upcoming Events (By Order)

ANG and the community compile blockchain Meetup events across our international ecosystem.

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  • C2C – Update

Writing in Presence is in fashion, and unfortunately not only among the Ardor competitors who have their projects on whitepapers and websites but not in working code. Unfortunately. We are looking much forward to C2C, and hopefully, we will soon be seeing C2C crypto ATMs being tested in public places like airports.

At the moment of this writing, C2C can be traded at the third party exchanges IDAX and Stocks.Exchange.

Website | Whitepaper (ongoing)

More info

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  • Dominium ITO Update

Last week Dominium spoke about the biggest problem all regulators have with cryptos: that they can be traded freely. Not for nothing are stocks/ETFs/mutual funds etc., traded only on specialized exchanges – the opportunity to defraud investors is incredibly real. As such, this free trading is an impossibility with securities due to AML/AFT regulations. The main reason Dominium selected Ardor is the feature to create controlled assets, which restrict how assets can be traded – important for regulators.

Dominium Admin:

We are pleased with the progress we are making.
The Dominium Community is growing day by day, we are nearly 40,000 strong now and are continuously optimizing all aspects of our Platform, Team, Programs and workflow.

Here are a checklist on what we are working on:

  • Currently recruiting and expanding our Team in the Rotterdam office
  • Expanding our development Team
  • Expanding our Ambassador Team
  • Increased Commissions on our Referral Program to incentivize reaching out to your friends, family and communities
  • Weekly Lottery to incentive the purchase of DOM tokens during the ITO
  • New Bounty Program
  • New Airdrop Program

Instead of paying for expensive marketing campaigns, we are passing on the savings to our Community by offering better incentives to purchase DOM, as well as higher referral commissions. Check out the Pinned message on our Telegram Channel for all the details: https://t.me/dominium_en

Read a review of Dominium’s child chain project in Nxter Magazine.

ITO token prices (from 3.9.2018 11:00 UTC (12:00 CET))
€0.10 until 125,000,000 tokens sold
€0.15 until 250,000,000 tokens sold
€0.20 until 375,000,000 tokens sold
€0.25 until 500,000,000 tokens sold

Accepted coins

Learn more: ANNWebsite | Pitch Deck | English Telegram Chatroom | Telegram Announcements

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  • CiviliXation Digital COOP

Lee Gibson Grant is certainly back in the house of NXT.

Lots of links posted. An MS coin for sale that is said to be representing dividends in a multimillion-dollar project in Moldova, laying pressure on Jelurida to give him a child chain, and on the Nxt community to support him and his ambitious goal of transforming e-governance and crowdfunding with a new digital cooperative. Is he the hero we have been waiting for, or an unstoppable madman? OUR madman? Lee has a mission and every week we do our best to understand it.

drachmae wrote:

and The madness behind CiviliXation the paper is also there https://nxtforum.org/civilixation/civilixation-digital-cooperatives-next-generation-of-crowdfunding-egovernance/msg243645/#msg243645

Ok finally got this one finished and included the business plan https://nxtforum.org/civilixation/e-gagauzia-airport-development-free-economic-zone-blockchain/msg243660/#msg243660



Slowly getting there
we have a section for CiviliXation on https://nxtforum.org/civilixation/
I will be listing projects and projects that are for in the next 6 months which are Micro Projects under CiviliXation using the platform

Just want to give a heads up so everyone knows do where Drachmae and DTMA is part of a consortium https://nxtforum.org/civilixation/who-is-dtma-‘digital-distributed-technology-moldova-assocation’/     I strongly advise you take a look at who is in the consortium


Slowly getting everything into the forum

next event end of October


Learn more about the new exchange in Moldova launched by Drachmae.

Learn more about CiviliXation and its projects: Presentation | website

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  • EZYcount – Public ICO is Open

As of this week, the EZYcount ICO is opened to the general public! Payment can be made with select crypto or via credit card, and the price of a token is set when the transaction is processed. What differentiates EZY Taal from other tokens is that if you have a requisite amount you will have automatic access to the EZYcount small and medium business accounting software that is being integrated with AI.

Vivien, the founder, wrote:

On Monday, we are invited to participate to the final of Fintech Fusion, one of the most prestigious fintech accelerator in Switzerland. https://www.fusion.xyz/fintech/

And on Monday, Vivien followed up with:

Pitching was amazing. Competition very fierce.


Congratulations EZYcount, good to see!

Join the ICO

Website | WhitepaperMedium | LinkedIn | Reddit | Twitter

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  • Bitswift – Update

As updated from their Medium post last week, you can now register for Bitswift CASH tokens. CASH tokens are marketed as a digital currency on the Bitswift blockchain and their purpose is to facilitate an accessible token economy for new users interested in blockchain token markets.

Paul Busch:

Community update day https://medium.com/@Bitswift.press/bitswift-community-updates-383987f26820
Now you can purchase Bitswift tokens from Canadian Tire and Canada Post via Flexepin voucher.  https://bitswift.cash

Read more

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  • Ardor and Nxt Group – How to Build Your Own Blockchain

The director of the ANG released a nifty tutorial on how to build your own blockchain! Follow Elizabeth as she documents how she built her own blockchain, of which NXT holders can get her tokens, and you will learn exactly how to do so for yourself. What she is actually doing is creating a clone of the Nxt blockchain, that you can use to explore and master the technology.

Elizabeth wrote:

DISCLOSURE: Today, I am creating a clone of NXT for two reasons:

1. because it will help me walk through the process with a business that I am helping do the same.

2. It will fulfill my commitment that I made last year to do this as a demonstration.

So I will be helping a new project and get material for a demo 🙂

Make sure your NXT bags are full to get the benefits of the 10% airdrop. Further demos will be on demonstrating how to tweak this, use it and market it. I have no clue what will come of this, but let’s have fun doing it!

Part 1 – The Genesis Block (14 mins)

Part 2 – Branding and Features (13 mins)

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  • Support your Tokens

There are opportunities for community voting to help list Ardor / Nxt / Ignis on new crypto exchanges. Here’s a list:

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  • Ardor.rocks – Asset Exchange on Ardor – The Hidden Gem

The ability to issue and trade assets of your own on a blockchain is a big deal. Nxt may have pioneered token creation and fully decentralized trading with the Asset Exchange in 2014, but Ardor perfected it. The Asset Exchange on Ardor works globally across all child chains, has more valuable features, and transaction fees are also very low on the Ardor AE.

The author wrote:

When NXT introduced the Asset Exchange to the world, it was the most advanced feature any cryptocurrency had ever seen at that point in time. It was allowing anyone to issue an asset and trade it on the blockchain using order books, just like any other conventional trading platform. It was also allowing asset issuers to distribute dividends in an extremely easy way. And all this through the user friendly client that any homo sapiens can use.

​With the launch of Ardor in 2018 all the features available in NXT were made available also to Ignis, the first Ardor child chain, and to the other child chains Bitswift and AEUR. That means that there is a fully decentralized asset exchange right in the Ardor platform and available to all child chains.


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR/IGNIS Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the IGNIS / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

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And that is the news of last week! We hope you see that the work we do requires a lot of time and money. Please support us by subscribing to our email list as we aim to be here for many years to come serving you the best and most relevant news. We hope to find you here again next week!

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