Nxt News – August 2017 (I): The Road to Success is the Road Less Traveled, the Shortcuts to Success Lead to Failure

August 2017 (I)   Welcome back fellow Nxters, and to our new readers – welcome! Summer is here and we have a lot of exciting news to catch you up on. As always we provide you with the latest relevant and important news in the Nxt community. This week we provide details about the imminent IGNIS …

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Janus Dividend (2017-4)

May 1st A total of 517095.84601752 NXT distributed among 374 accounts which own a total of 18,467,708.78634 shares 0.028 NXT per Janus token owned 15350389444990902579 Bjorn_bb: Thank you to the Janus community and those who see the value in a long-term investment with our team, as we approach the upcoming launch of our new Ethereum Classic business… This …

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Janus Dividend (2017-3)

March 28th A total of 294252.92831902 NXT distributed among 309 accounts which own a total of 13,375,133.10541 shares 0.022 NXT per Janus token owned 8213383200925147837 Ascendus: This month is slightly smaller than the previous one, mostly because NXT price rise diverting attention from larger bets. Bjorn_bb: Thanks to everyone who helps spread the word of our token, businesses, …

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