Nxter News – February 2018 (IV): Logic Will Get You From A to Z; Imagination Will Get You Everywhere

February (IV)

Welcome again, Nxters! We love to have imagination as we marvel at the world that is slowly being shaped and created by blockchain technology. As spring slowly comes, like the beautiful tulips and daffodils, so too does our love and appreciation grow for how our lives will be improved with the blockchain projects we know and love.

Many events occurred last week! Some highlights include Jelurida creating a faucet account to convert IGNIS/AEUR into ARDR, the ongoing competition with Jelurida in the 4YFN contest in Barcelona, updates on the Lele and Action Coin Pre-ICO/ICOs, a new Nxt asset was announced, Lior Yaffe wrote about the criteria for applying to create an Ardor child chain, and much more!



The AE




This week’s newsletter is put together by apenzl, James, Jose, and rubenbc.


  • Jelurida to Present at 4YFN and MWC in Barcelona

Jelurida was picked as a 4YFN Awards finalist – and this week the winner will be chosen! Jelurida will present, as a semi-finalist, on Feb. 27th, with the winner announced on Feb. 28th!


Lior wrote, in an update post on Medium:

Unlike previous events in which we presented in a startup speed dating format pitching to investors. This event looks more like a Billion $ corporations speed dating event to learn more about blockchain technology. And guess what, we are the only Blockchain startup around.

This is the first time Jelurida is getting such a huge visibility and we have a great team in place. We’ll post regular updates from the event on all social channels.

Jelurida will pitch on the main stage, meet up with investors and exhibit within the innovation market at 4YFN Barcelona on Tuesday, February 27, and pitch in Mobile World Congress, Conference Innovation session, three days later, on March 1st. On Friday, March 2nd there will be a Fireside Chat with Lior Yaffe during which the community can ask questions of the core-developer of Nxt and Ardor!

The 4YFN Awards 2018 is the startup competition of the 4YFN at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2018 event, focused on accelerating business development and the investment in new technologies. More than 300 applications were submitted by startup companies from 20 countries for the competition, and Jelurida was chosen to be among the 10 finalists.

As a reward for being a semi-finalist, Jelurida will exhibit for free in a highlighted area of 4YFN from February 26th to 28th. Also, they will get a dedicated article published on the 4YFN website and will be included in newsletters and across social channels. Jelurida will have the opportunity to meet the international press for the promotion of the finalists’ projects.


Jelurida just made it to the finals!



The Mobile World Congress is the most significant mobile event in the world, with Annual attendance of more than 100,000. Attendees represent more than 200 countries from across the globe. Over 2,300 exhibits are featured during four days in Barcelona from February 26th to March 1st.

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  • Jelurida Creates Faucet Account

ARDR transactions are paid in ARDR – this is not a surprise. But, due to the nature of the IGNIS Airdrop and creation of AEUR, many people received IGNIS and AEUR without having ARDR in their account wallet, meaning that when they went to exchange IGNIS/AEUR into ARDR via the Coin Exchange, they were unable to do so as this transaction requires ARDR to execute.

In response, Jelurida created a faucet account whereby if you send 10 IGNIS tokens to the listed address you will receive 4 ARDR tokens or 2 AEUR tokens for 4 ARDR. The transactions will take a day or so to propagate but with this account, Jelurida has given users a simple way of acquiring ARDR if you only have either IGNIS or AEUR tokens in your local Ardor wallet.

Lior Yaffe wrote:

As a temporary solution to enable users to exchange child chain coins to Ardor even if they do not already own ARDR, Jelurida has setup a faucet account ARDOR-VEUQ-JZN2-22T9-4QKWV
Send 10 IGNIS to this account to receive back 4 ARDR
Send 2 AEUR to receive 4 ARDR

* Might be updated in case exchange rates change significantly
** Exchanges will be performed within 24 hours
*** Don’t send any other amounts or tokens to this account

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  • Exchange Campaigns

The Problems are Centralized Exchanges – the Solution is Ardor

The irony of the blockchain ecosystem is that in a world built on the principle of trusting no one, we (still) live in a world where we need to trust third-party exchanges with converting our currencies.

Ardor is a welcome change as the platform has an excellent decentralized coin exchange built into the client. Pegged child chains, like AEUR, are the future! And almost TWO MONTHS after the launch of Ardor, exchanges like Poloniex and HitBTC has still not enabled ARDR and IGNIS depositing, trading and withdrawal. There is a better way!

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  • Jelurida’s Commitment

However, no one would expect traders to magically shift from centralized exchanges overnight.

Last week we covered how Jelurida will spend 100K Euros for getting ARDR / IGNIS listed on more exchanges and revisit exchanges that support NXT and ask if they can also enable trading for ARDR and IGNIS:

Based on community feedback, Jelurida has allocated a budget of €100K for the year of 2018 for exchange listing with the aim of listing our tokens on between 3 and 5 exchanges.

The exact amount paid per exchange will be decided on a case by case basis. Specifically, we will apply for the Binance Community Coin and we will revisit all exchanges which already support Nxt and make another attempt to get them to list Ardor and Ignis.

The ANG, as well as the community, applauded this step, and Elizabeth (ANG) immediately pushed a community created list of exchanges that can be targeted for listings of NXT / ARDR / IGNIS.

Here is a spreadsheet called Exchanges. I have given Edit privileges to everyone who accesses with the following link. I can’t work on this for awhile, but any of you may go in and build it to what we need. I will probably tweak it later and lock down access after a few days.


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  • Jelurida has applied for listing on Binance

After the community of Nxters took action last week and raised $100K in less than 12 hours to back an application of getting ARDR on the Binance exchange, the application form was filled and submitted by Jelurida. Take notice that submitting an application does NOT mean that ARDR will be automatically listed on Binance. The crowdfunding means that applying for the Community Coin is canceled.

Kristina wrote:

Hi, everyone, following the community’s persistent request and the recent ANG initiative, Jelurida has applied for listing of Ardor on Binance.

Elizabeth, the director of the ANG, wrote:

After a successful community fund raiser sponsored by the Ardor / Nxt Group, Jelurida has applied to list Ardor on Binance Exchange.

The fund raising continues for Nxt and Ignis here:

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  • Buy/Sell CtC Using Euro Pegged AEUR Tokens

We highlighted CtC on our Twitter profile earlier. This platform looks to become a token with which fiat currency and other cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for a universal CtC token. Last week they announced that you can already use your AEUR tokens to buy and sell CtC tokens!

Whitepaper and more Information.

CtC has asset ID 6066975351926729052.

Stay tuned as Nxter Magazine will look further into the CtC platform and the people behind it in the very near future.

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  • Bitswift Child Chain Update

Bitswift updated the community about mining for CASH, their digital on / off chain currency which highlights one of the company’s income models and is part of their basic income initiative.

They wrote:

You mine for CASH and you can secure your CASH into the Bitswift blockchain. CASH is an on / off chain digital currency. You can top up on CASH or Bitswift using Flexepin in this platform making it a convenient gateway from CAD -> Crypto.

This is part of our basic income platform. This platform provides the first example business use cases for our blockchain. We will be building 3 good business examples for our blockchian and showcasing them on our blockchains site when it is completed so that other businesses can use our examples as models for what they may accomplish with their apps on our chain.

Working on account sign up and verification pages along with integration with Flexepin api. Hopefully we can have this out the door within a month or so.

If you do reddit, we could use some upvotes. It would help to call some attention to Bitswift ecosystem. https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/7zpw1l/bitswiftshop_accepting_all_types_of_common/

Bitswift has also opened a telegram chat for anyone who likes to hang out on telegram instead of slack. Link to join.

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  • Action Coin Presale Ends

Last week the final round of the Action Coin presale ended. This new blockchain, based on Nxt, is about to go public, on March 1st, and already has some nodes up and running.  On March 1st NXT holders will be able to log in to the Action wallet to access the ACTN that was airdropped to them earlier this month.

They wrote:

TheAction Coin Platform now represents more than 650,000 users (including over 8,000 businesses) from more than 200 countries and territories.  We have 127 Brand Ambassadors representing our project in more than 50 countries.  Our Brand Ambassadors have in-depth, local knowledge of the Action Coin Platform, and they’re often found hanging out on the help desk and social networks.  We are way ahead of our original growth projections and now fully expect Action Coin to be one of the most widely held digital tokens on the planet, following our token distribution event.


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  • Lele Airdrop

The Lele Project announced last week that the upcoming airdrop will occur on February 28th with a 10 IGNIS : 1 LELE token airdrop rate. IGNIS tokens stored in your ARDR wallet are automatically counted towards this airdrop. A list of support third-party exchanges will be announced ahead of time. Note that Lele is not endorsed by Jelurida.

Visit their website

Important Read Airdrop from Clones – How to Act

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  • Ardor Intro Video

Community member, Anton, has been fine-tuning a short and awesome video presentation of Ardor. This flashy intro video highlights the main selling points of Ardor and why it is such an excellent blockchain.

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  • Fireside Chat with Lior Yaffe, Core-Developer of the Ardor and Nxt Blockchains in Barcelona on March 2nd

In Barcelona, on March 2nd Lior Yaffe will be the guest of the Ardor Nxt Blockchain Meetup. He will speak at length about the history of Nxt and how Nxt and Ardor continue to pioneer and lead the industry in implementing blockchain solutions. At the end of the section, Lior will answer questions from the community!


They wrote:

This is a great opportunity to meet Lior, and learn more about the history of the Nxt blockchain, the first new blockchain after Bitcoin, and Ardor, the first working Blockchain-as-a-service model. Nxt and Ardor are pioneer technologies in their field setting standards in the blockchain sector.

This event will really be a must for anyone who is truly interested in using or knowing better the blockchain technology. It is also mandatory for those developers that are looking for a solid technology. Ardor and Nxt are built in Java and are easy to implement with its out-of-the-box features.

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  • NFEA Autonomy Conference + Ardor/Ignis Workshop on March 20-22

At the upcoming NFEA Autonomy Conference in Norway, there will be hands-on Ardor/Nxt workshops and a hackathon for developers. Bring your own laptop.

March 20-21, The Autonomy Conference 2018, Scandic Bystranda Hotel, Kristiansand, Norway
Go to the Registration Site for the conference (in Norwegian).

March 20:  16:45-18:00 Geir Hovland, University of Agder: Introduction to Blockchain Technologies and Practical Exercise using the NXT API (bring your own laptop)

March 21: 10:30 Lior Yaffe, Jelurida B.V: State-of-the-art within blockchain technology

March 22, Ardor Hackaton, Scandic Bystranda Hotel, Kristiansand, Norway
Go to the Registration Site for the hackaton. This event is sponsored by SFI Offshore Mechatronics and is free for the participants, but the number of seats is limited to 50.

Riker –  Developers are invited for the March 22nd hackaton https://sfi.mechatronics.no/?p=1428


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A reminder for all Nxters, Nxt, Ardor and child chain community members – the community has been compiling the blockchain Meetup events across the ecosystem.

As soon as ardor ecosystem event dates are known, put them into cryptoCalendar to get the word out.

You can download the Meetup App for mobile or log in on the web to register for any of them:



MWC Edition: Expert Panel Presents the Future of Blockchain, for Business.

Thursday, Mar 1, 2018, 6:00 PM

Mobile World Center
C/ Fontanella 2, 08002 Barcelona Barcelona, ES

159 Members Attending

• What we’ll do Blockchain-based technologies are revolutionizing the world as they are applied to new and existing business models. In the context of Mobile World Congress 2018, the most significant mobile event in the world, with Annual attendance more than 100,000, we are going to invite thought leaders to talk about the future of Blockchain in …

Check out this Meetup →

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The AE


  • Triffic – Preparing the ICO

The Triffic team announced that they have a new senior advisor for their upcoming ICO, a senior member of the American financial services company JP Morgan Chase.

coinerz wrote:


Joseph Nehorai, the Managing Director of JP Morgan Chase has joined the project as a senior advisor, with a view of taking an equity stake in the company.

“Triffic is one of the very few ICO projects that actually withstands close scrutiny. I love the self-sustaining business model and have full confidence that the management team can scale the business into something truly global. I’m excited about this one.”

For those new to our Nxter Newsly’s, here is a word about Triffic from Reddit:

Triffic is a gamified navigation app that lets users earn loyalty points like Air Miles by performing actions such as travelling to a location, redeeming vouchers, selling items or booking a hotel or taxi.

It also provides business owners with a revolutionary way to promote their services or sell their products to truly local clientele in a way that is much more engaging than existing methods like Google AdWords.

Triffic takes the loyalty rewards systems that are commonly associated with air travel and successfully applies them to create an ecosystem which easily connects local businesses to new clientele whilst allowing app users to get rewarded by simply going about their day-to-day lives.

The Triffic app lets businesses:

  • Create loyalty reward vouchers that offer discounts for their products and services.
  • Automatically promote their services to anybody within a defined radius of their business premises. • Redeem and track vouchers and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

The Triffic app lets users:

  • Find directions for where they want to go.
  • Get real-time traffic-reports.
  • Book hotels and taxis.
  • Earn GPS Token loyalty points.
  • Collect vouchers and rewards from participating companies.
  • Exchange GPS Tokens for physical products.
  • Sell items with ease.

Because we plan to make use of Blockchain technology, all data is safe, secure and fully transparent.

The Triffic business model is compelling for many reasons:

  • It has many different revenue streams, including ones that do not rely on app users paying directly.
  • The demographic make-up of potential app users is incredibly wide. Anybody that travels by foot or by car is our target market.
  • The business is universal. Everybody needs directions at some point.
  • It is infinitely scalable. Because our app is map-based, we can operate in every single country in the world.
  • Our business model is both international and yet works on a local level, meaning that our blockchain-based GPS Tokens have a much larger chance of user acceptance then most blockchain projects.


More information

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  • Frasindo Crowdsale

The Frasindo crowdsale is ongoing, with Round 3 opening last week. This Indonesian project’s token will be launched as an Ignis asset. The crowdsale will end in April 2018.

They wrote:

Crowdsale Round2 Close, Round3 OPEN. Please support new project build on Ignis. Legalities= frasindo.com/resources

Group Chat

Fras Coin will be an asset on the Ignis child chain of the Ardor Platform. Details are available at https://www.frasindo.com. Fras Coin Roadmap: http://bit.ly/2C2HrCi. Fras Coin White-Paper: http://bit.ly/2sf6sun. Follow Frasindo on Twitter at @frascoin.

How to buy Frasindo

Bounty Questions

More info

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  • Janus – Status Update

Last week the Janus group told us that JNSHash will launch in April.

They also announced that the processing of C-CEX claims, for those who did not upgrade to Ardor, has ended after scammers bombarded the team and abused their generosity.

We hope that all Janus token holders have been following the Janus channels or Nxter.org, so that they know what’s going on with Janus as well as KREDS.

Janus Telegram: https://t.me/thejanusproject

Janus asset ID on the ARDOR platform: 4348103880042995903


Here is how to claim you Kreds balance if you’re a Janus holder.

Anyone have their masternode setup on the vps?


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  • SHR –  Future Asset of the Nxt Network

SHR will be a future Nxt based token, created with the NXT Blockchain Creation Kit.

Per the terms of the JPL, they will have an SHR Airdrop to NXT holders on August 1st, 2018.

They currently have an ongoing Pre-ICO with SHR tokens being offered at a discount. The SHR chain is a distributed identity, reputation and transactional platform for the Sharing and Collaborative Economy (SCE) sector.

They wrote:

We need to honor the JPL (Jelurida Public License), which requires for 10% of the initial SHR tokens to be distributed to NXT stakeholders. We are very happy to honour this airdrop (which will be on 1st of August 2018) and before the official snapshot we would like to offer the community the opportunity to join us as very early supporters.

In order to say thank you for the early support in our project we are offering 1% of our tokens in this pre-ICO, with the particularity of being offered at a huge discount.

—  SHR Pre-ICO:  15.02.2018 to 15.03.2018

Total tokens to be distributed 10,000,000 SHR

  • 15.06.2018 to 21.06.2018: 2,500,000 SHR available at 1 SHR = 0.10 NXT
  • 22.06.2018 to 28.06.2018: 2,500,000 SHR available at 1 SHR = 0.20 NXT
  • 01.07.2018 to 07.07.2018: 2,500,000 SHR available at 1 SHR = 0.30 NXT
  • 08.07.2018 to 14.07.2018: 2,500,000 SHR available at 1 SHR = 0.40 NXT
  • 15.07.2018 to 15.07.2018: SHR Left available at 1 SHR = 0.50 NXT

SHR ICO 01.10.2018 to 31.10.2018

The SHR Airdrop to NXT holders will be distributed on: 01.12.2018


SHR will be available on the NXT blockchain [MS currency] as a non exchangeable COIN.

Currency ID: 18377284845091566145
Currency CODE: SHRPI

SHR chain is a distributed identity, reputation and transactional platform for the Sharing and Collaborative Economy (SCE) sector.

More info

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  • Weekly Reminder

Forging and bunding transactions on the Nxt/Ardor network will earn you tokens for processing transactions and securing the network. The Proof-of-Stake (PoS) architecture behind Nxt and Ardor is so energy efficient that full nodes can be solar powered and run on Raspberry Pi rigs, while doing so, as opposed to Bitcoin mining rigs and farms!

This weekly reminder is a conversation that a community member had with Lior Yaffe, the core dev of Jelurida, about whether forging or bundling needs more power.

The answer, in short, is that both can easily be done on an Android phone, but it is better to have a dedicated PC or Linux running VPS node doing your forging/bundling as factors like bandwidth, storage, and battery life can factor in if running these on your phone. Android devices are best used to run a light-client, which precludes any forging and bundling.

Ardorbaby (Korean blogger) –

Which need more computing power, Forger or Bundler?
If bundler needs less computing power, could it be possible to developing Android wallet enabling bundling on smartphone?

PC market is getting smaller, but smartphone’s getting bigger. And the smartphone performance is increasing incrediblely. This is the wave we cannot avoid. This is why im curious about bundling or forging could be done on mobile environment.

riker –

Both forging and bundling does not require a lot of computing power and can easily run on modern Android phones.

More limiting factors are storage, network bandwidth and battery life. I still think that a €10/Month Linux VPS node running 24×7 is a better forging device and that mobile devices are better suited for wallet and light client applications.

Ardorbaby (Korean blogger) –

Thank u Lior, I thought the forger might need much storage because they need to sustain blockchain. But how about bundler? Does it also need much storage?

martis – both, forger and bundler, must run full node. These two do not work in lite client.

Read more:

Cryptocompare – How to mine Nxt

Nxter.org – How to setup a Nxt node on a Raspberry Pi2

Reddit – Complete Guide to Forging with a Raspberry Pi Computer

Thewiring – .com/2017/05/19/ardor-fees-child-chain-fees-bundlers-forgers-lets-clarify/

Nxtwiki.org – Bundling

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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium – Ardor Child Chain Listing Process Explained

Lior Yaffe wrote about the process for getting a child chain added on Ardor. Businesses apply and if successfully vetted and have a good use case Jelurida will need 4-6 weeks to successfully create child chain and the hard fork needed. Jelurida will ensure that the child chain works to the agreed specifications but will not help get the child chain listed on third-party exchanges.

Lior wrote:

You can apply for a child chain by sending an email to info@jelurida.com, we may introduce a more structured application process in the future but for now this will do. Explain your high level use case and who you are.

Once your “application” is processed and your use case is discussed, we will require you to sign the following documents with Jelurida:

  1. Standard NDA
  2. Child Chain Agreement – detailing each side liabilities and commitments. We will check and understand what you are doing, provide guidance and warn against possible pitfalls.
  3. Commercial Agreement – detailing the payment we charge for child chain creation, any child chain specific features and the services and support around it.

These documents represent confidential commercial information.

However, Jelurida or individual members of its team will not:

  1. Get listed as advisers in your Whitepaper
  2. Promise to get your child chain token listed on exchanges other than the Ardor internal coin exchange
  3. Receive your new child chain token as a payment

Feel free to post questions and comments in response to this article.


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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium – Corrected Summary of Notable Blockchain Projects Table

Last week Lior updated a summary table of notable blockchain projects. He also mocks the ridiculous claims many projects make when they allege that their project will be better than other projects without even having their code published on a testnet. A point he makes, again and again, is that the success or failure of a token will be determined by the development team behind the project and whether or not they have the technological prowess needed to make their vision a reality.

He wrote:

As a side note, I always find it fun when projects that did not even publish their code on testnet make ridiculous claims about how they are better than other projects. And indeed this Whitepaper contains a lot of interesting (and absurd) claims like “capable of handling millions of transactions per second if necessary” and ideas like “2.1.17. Correcting invalid shardchain blocks.”

Yeah right, good luck correcting invalid blocks while at the same time propagating millions of new transactions per second to a distributed network of nodes.


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  • Steemit – Can Ardor Challenge Ethereum?

Steemit wrote about Ardor challenging Ethereum in the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) world. A great feature of Ardor is that its codebase is Java, a standard industry programming language. Ethereum, in contrast, has their unique (and hard to use) Solidarity language – meaning the barrier to entry is much higher using Ethereum if you are a business.

They wrote:

Another strong argument in favor of Ardor is that it is built on the industry standard programming language Java, as opposed to the obscure and hard to use Solidity required for Ethereum developing. Java is a preferred language by many seasoned programmers, and for this reason innovative dapp production may favour Ardor over Ethereum in the future.
– Secondly, Ardor is designed for the corporate environment, because it uses proof-of stake, as opposed to proof-of-work. As Yaffe explains.


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  • Reddit – The Moving Train of Chains

This article highlights how ARDR was listed on the Bitplace exchange recently


The Cryptoland, with its numerous actors and features, has witnessed series of developments, progresses and transformations. New ideas are pouring down like a heavy downpour, the syringe of funds are being injected into the system and the results are predictable and much bigger, especially in the case of Jelurida.

Just last week, Ardor, one of the coin children of Jelurida was accepted wholeheartedly by Bitplace Exchange. The news could have ordinarily been ignored on the basis of rumours which spread faster than the aroma of a nice dish in a nearby kitchen. But when it was made official on the Bitplace website (bitplace.exchange), the rumours gradually graduated into becoming a fact. Thereby validating Jelurida’s commitment to moving the cryptospace to a greater level through a moving train of chains, which is beneficial to all.



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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR/IGNIS Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the IGNIS / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over these past days:


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And that is all for this week, Nxters.

Follow us on Twitter or Telegram for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. See you back here next week! Spring is coming! Stay warm, dry, and stay informed, dear Nxters. We will keep you updated on the growing world of distributed ledger technology.

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