Nxt News – July 2017 (II): You Cannot Dream Your Path to Success, You Must Forge It

July 2017 (II)


Welcome again, fellow Nxters! Summer is in full swing and we are still working hard to provide you with the relevant news of last week in this concise format.

As always, whatever your interest and whoever you are, you are in the right place for your comprehensive analysis of all things Nxt and Ardor. Last week was action packed, with many interesting and exciting opportunities presenting themselves.







This week’s newsletter is put together by jagd, apenzl, rubenbc and Jose, with final edits by Travin Keith.



We asked and you delivered Nxters! The IGNIS logo competition has 29 great designs submitted. Many people have already expressed their opinion and now we have set up a poll on Nxt’s blockchain in order to let the community show their preferences for the logo. We are grateful to the community for their support in participating in this competition. However, we should keep in mind that Jelurida and the Nxt Foundation have the final say. The top 3 logos will be selected in less than 48 hours.

Poll title is “IGNIS LOGO

The poll ID is 1977236085310946157
Sender account is NXT-ZZW7-U2KL-AV2U-8P8FE

In this post you can find a compilation with the 29 options.

The poll will be active until block 1391320 (12th of July, just 48 hours to cast your vote!!!)

You can choose up to 3 options out of the 29 available but you must hold at least 1000 NXT in your Nxt account in order to cast your vote.

The creator of the winning design will be awarded 5000NXT and a free 1 year Nxt Foundation Supporter+ status.

More information

Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/ignis-logo-lets-create-one-together!/msg233741/#msg233741

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  • IGNIS ICO will be held on Nxt Blockchain

Along with a shiny new logo, IGNIS will have its ICO in the near future. 

Nxt and Ardor core developer Riker explains some of the technical details:

When Ardor mainnet is launched:
[The] ARDR parent chain tokens will be distributed based on the NXT ARDR asset id 12422608354438203866 balances [on the Nxt Blockchain].  

IGNIS child chain tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 500 Million based on the JLRDA currency balances sold during the ICOThis will include small amounts of IGNIS already promised through promotions
  • slightly less than 500 Million IGNIS will be distributed based on the existing NXT balances at 2:1 ratio.

The JLRDA currency, most likely, won’t be supported by exchanges, so you’ll have to use the NXT wallet to purchase it and use the same passphrase in the Ardor wallet to receive your IGNIS.

After the mainnet launch, there will be a NXT hard fork which will lock the [Nxt] ARDR asset balances for trading [on the Nxt Blockchain] to prevent scams.

Exchanges will have to somehow replicate this distribution process which won’t be simple.

  • Exchanges which assign NXT account per user can simply connect to Ardor using the same passphrase and observe the distribution balances.
  • Exchanges which keep all balances in a pool will have to follow the distribution process.

We will be using NXT for the IGNIS ICO because we are proud of NXT and we trust NXT more than we trust Bitcoin or ETH and because it is natural for a token based on the NXT technology to use the NXT technology for its ICO. There are also good technical reasons for this which will be explained soon.

Source and more information

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  • #OpEasterEgg

Oh my, look at all the FREE STUFF we have just lying around. Last week, 5 digital copies of the Nxt book, SNAPSHOT, which is finally going to be listed for sale on the Nxt Marketplace from July 15th onwards, were given away in the Nxt blockchain Easter egg hunt.

Nxters pasted the number above into a Nxt Blockchain Explorer and it finally made sense. Others followed the clue from our last newsletter; made a search for ‘OpEasterEgg’ in the Nxt Marketplace, and found 5 new items for sale for 1 NXT. The name of the item was ‘Redeem Code’, the ‘tag’ it was listed under was ‘OpEasterEgg’. And the item, the Redeem Code, was, in fact, a riddle.

48 hours.


Success of Nxt is supposed to be achieved by [ … ] 



To participants who did NOT manage to find the passphrase in time:

Read BCNext’s Nxt on Nxter.org
or see https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg4383169#msg4383169

The missing words, and thus the passphrase, were: work of a LOT of PEOPLE.

We’re glad to see more and more followers of our Twitter account, glad for the blockchain messages, glad to see participants reach out and give each other a helping hand by sharing additional clues, and glad to showcase some of Nxt’s many features in a fun way and give away free stuff at the same time.

To join the Nxt Blockchain Easter egg hunt, just follow the news and make sure to follow #OpEasterEggs.

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  • NxtWiki – New Page regarding NXT Transaction Fees

There is no such thing as a free lunch but yes, Nxt Blockchain transactions have a fee associated with them, a fee that is sent to forgers of the Nxt blocks. To clarify oft-asked questions, we are pleased to announce a new page on the NxtWiki that is dedicated to Nxt Transaction Fees. All pertinent questions are answered within.


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  • If you do not forge, Nxt dies… – Megalodon Stops the Campaign

No, this isn’t Halo Forge, this is about the cessation of the Forging Bounty established by Megalodon a year ago.

The security and future of Nxt, it’s community, and your investment in it, is at stake here. Please do not just sit on your stake; productively use it for forging!

Lurker10 explains:

If you do not forge, Nxt dies…and your investment also dies.

When the total forging stake gets too low, security of the network is decreased, it becomes vulnerable to 51% attacks.

The total forging stake has dropped to 270 million of the total supply of NXT coins. This is an all time low. Please start forging to protect your investment.


It is precisely for this reason that I initiated the Forging Bounty back in June 28, 2016.

After running it for over a year and distributing almost 2 million NXT, the result has been disappointing. Instead of seeing an increase, we get a decrease in total forging power. Obviously, this incentive does not work. Hence, I’m cancelling this bounty program.

However, the Lucky Node program run by Lurker10 will continue to be funded until further notice.

A great use of a Raspberry Pi is to host a dedicated Nxt forging node! If you have a Pi sitting around, whimpering about how it is not being used to generate you any money, then we have the solution for you!

Here are the instructions on how to setup the Pi to be a dedicated node.

Also, a great way to support the Nxter Newsletters and NXTER.ORG is to use our forging node.

Arthur explains:

By leasing your NXT balance to us @ alias nxthub1 (acct NXT-NYJW-6M4F-6LG2-76FR5), you support the Nxt network PLUS our work.  

It will cost you just 1 NXT.

Click on your balance in the Nxt Client

> Click Account Leasing

> Click Lease your balance to another account

> Enter account NXT-NYJW-6M4F-6LG2-76FR5 or alias ‘Nxthub1’. Choose max period (default).


Nxter Magazine / NXTER.ORG’s forging node is nrs.nxter.org.

Please consider doing so. OR forge with your own account or node. Thanks.

The foundation of the Nxt Blockchain is forging. It is what makes our currency valuable and it is what makes our network strong.


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  • ARDOR Startpage in Heatnodes.org

Another website displays ARDOR and details how to get started using the platform that you are growing to love on testnet.


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  • Janus – Summary 

The news of the week would not be complete without an update on Janus. The token created on Nxt continues to update the news of the launch of their social fintech site, TradeMimic.com, and the transactional history of the Janus token on various asset exchanges.

From Bjorn, the marketing director:

bjorn_bb [7:38 PM]

we are discussing potential launch commercials for trademimic.com while development wraps up betterbets.io and etcbets changes and upgrades

Alphonso has a contact in commercial production we may use 

Ideally i’m looking to create something to attract both white collar and blue collar users, so sit tight everyone

I want to surpass all expectations for this business many things are working for us due to having elements from both forex and blockchain

More information: #janusproject (Join Nxtchat on Slack) | Twitter

History and news: https://www.nxter.org/ae-janus-4348103880042995903


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  • Adel – Video Presentation

Adel, another token on the Nxt blockchain, has a created a new video presentation.

In their words:

One of the cornerstones of our community is to produce quality content. Co-founder, Gabriel Dusil, delivered a presentation to a group of Dutch bankers, which has been produced into two 20 minute videos.


In the last five minutes, Gabriel shares his previous experiences, selling technology to decision makers who innovate themselves out of a job. Gabriel summarized by saying: “Blockchain will be seen as a threat to a departmental empire, or an opportunity to expand one.”

This presentation is an excellent one to share with your network as it offers the technical basics of blockchain while also providing a long term view of the obstacles and opportunities facing the industry.

We will be posting this video to our social channels today, please be sure to share, retweet and upvote. Your social support does make a difference.

How to Acquire ADL

You can use https://coinmarketcap.com/calculator/ to calculate how much fiat, BTC, ETH, or other altcoins are needed to acquire your ADL.

You can currently purchase ADL on 3 different exchanges:

1 – NXT Asset Exchange (Asset ID: 17477397104276156702)

2 – https://Stocks.Exchange  (trade BTC or NXT)

3 – https://CryptoDAO.com (trade BTC, LTC, ETH or DASH)

Review their Vimeo channel for videos on how to use the exchanges http://www.vimeo.com/AdelEcosystem

Remember:  Bounty programs are also available to earn ADL. If you have a skill in writing, creating video blogs, doing promotions, performing digital marketing, or even if you know someone who can help their community grow, then reply to adel@adelphoi.io for more details on their bounty program, or check out their frequently asked questions: https://adelphoi.io/#faq



More information: www.adelphoi.io

Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Reddit

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  • [CORE] Bug bounty 3 – Track loading progress before lock screen is displayed

Riker has offered two rewards in the form of NXT to the person who manages to solve these challenges.

Currently when connecting to a remote node for the first time, it’s not uncommon to see a Blue screen displayed for 10-20 seconds while the client fetches the necessary resources.

The purpose of the task is to display a moving progress bar when loading the client until the lock screen is displayed.

There is no simple solution for this because of the way the client resources are loaded synchronously using the nrs.sitebuild.js script.

This synchronous loading is necessary in order to initialize the handle bars components and the localization resources.

The solution can utilize any wide spread web development technique, but not rely on any plugin, and has to work both in browser and in the mobile browser and not break the desktop wallet (which is less affected by this problem).

We would like to offer a 20K NXT bounty for this task.


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  • [CORE] Bug bounty 4 – “Time to next block” counter

The purpose of this task is to implement an expected next block counter.
Currently we have the generators page which displays the expected next forger and expected forging time.

You will need to implement a next block count down label based on this data in the left pane next to the block height.

Clicking this widget will open the existing generators page.

The code has to be clean and the widget has to look elegant and integrate well with the existing UI layout.

We would like to offer a 5K NXT bounty for this task.


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  • World Economic Forum – Realizing the Potential of Blockchain

The World Economic Forum, the international organization for cooperation between private and public entities,  released a White Paper on the importance of distributed ledger technologies and the importance of blockchain technologies, like Nxt, for the next major evolution/revolution to the business world in the internet age.

The paper cites the importance of blockchain technologies as a new global resource and lists Ardor as one of the Top 10 digital assets of 2017.



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  • Doctor Crypto – Ardor, NXT, and Burst information is found here

Crypto-analyst and YouTuber Doctor Crypto recently released a video extolling the virtues of Nxt and the Ardor Platform. Here is his review.

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  • Steemit – NXT price performance

Steemit writers have offered some nice commentary on the performance of NXT week after week.

In their words:

maximdraws : Hey fellow Steemers, I hope today has been a happy one for yourself. I woke up a little later than usual since I was writing some articles late last night and am finally done with university I gave myself the extra sleep. The crypto markets are playing nicely today, I’m especially enjoying XVG’s performance.
NXT open and close line graph.png
6h: NXT open and close line graph.png
NXT open close on 12hr.png
NXT open close on 12hr.png


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  • TradingView – NXT, ready for next push

Looks like we turned as aspected, Hopefully now it will gain in strenght and push up to target.
Looks like we turned as expected, Hopefully now it will gain in strenght and push up to target.


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  • TradingView –  LONG powerful Resistance area for ARDR


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

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That wraps up the news for the week. Stay tuned for next week as we continue to provide you with all the relevant and exciting news for Nxt, Ardor, and all things involving the accelerating growth of the blockchain space. We love our community, we would be nothing without you guys/gals!

Follow us on Twitter for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. Stay committed and stay informed fellow Nxters! See you next week.

Nxt News – June 2017 (III): Freedom Is Nothing More Than a Chance to Be Better

June 2017 (III)


Welcome again, fellow Nxters!

Whatever your interest and whoever you are, we have something for you as we recap the last week!







This week’s newsletter is put together by apenzl, jose, rubenbc, jagd, and is proofread by Travin Keith.


  • SNAPSHOT – The Genesis

First, here is some ear candy for Nxters. An abridged excerpt from “The Genesis” chapter of “SNAPSHOT – Nxt, Unsurpassable Blockchain Solutions”, the book about the Nxt blockchain ecosystem, published by Nxter Magazine and Plaisir d’histoire.

“The Genesis: The Miss America of alternate cryptocurrencies” is a chapter about the very beginning of Nxt, how it was dismissed as a scam but ended up with not only making 73 initial investors extremely rich but also enriching the crypto world with a new technology and a decentralized movement.

Author of the chapter: Daniel M Ryan
Voice: Jess Allen
Ending Voice: Bill
Graphics: Savandra
Coordination: Travin Keith (Nxt Foundation)

SNAPSHOT – Nxt, unsurpassed blockchain solutions” is a collection of articles that look deep into Nxt – the history, the technology, its use cases, the community, and our visions. 

More information

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  • Chinese exchange BTC38 will transfer $ARDR/BTC to $ARDR/CNY

With this brief statement, BTC38, the popular and prestigious exchange based in China, announced that they will be ending BTC trading pairs. After contacting the BTC38 team, Travin Keith, Marketing Director and Blockchain Consultant of the Nxt Foundation, confirmed that ARDR will be moved from their BTC market to their ARDR<>CNY market:

Hooray for growth and continued acceptance across the global community! These are exciting times for the ever growing Nxt community.

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  • The Nxt Giveaways continue

Another Easter egg was picked up on the blockchain this week.

A clever Nxter took a look at Twitter handle @OPeasterEggs and found links to a 2-phased transaction of 1 Jinn asset to the NXT-TKCU-J7TH-YBS6-CG3QL Easter eggs account. The asset transfer only needed to be approved by someone. This was done simply by typing a secret and broadcasting it to the blockchain – if only one knew the secret, of course. 1 Jinn asset has the current value of $223 (and was $160 at the time).

Was this first tweet enough?

Or was this one needed to give the final clue?

For those unaware, the number in the above tweet is the numeric ID of Nxt’s Genesis Account. The passphrase to this very first Nxt account, once chosen by BCNext, has been publicly known since a “doctorevil” picked it up. Now it’s found in nxtwiki.org, in Nxt Newsletters and even in books.

So, this clever Nxter logged in to the Easter eggs account, typed in the Nxt Genesis account passphrase, and thereby revealed the right secret and approved the Jinn transaction. Boom, there went the Jinn to this clever Nxter’s account, and bye bye off went the last few NXT in the account as well. Well done Mr. or Mrs!

The backstory can be found in earlier newsletters here, here, and in this blog post published in Nxter Magazine last Thursday: https://www.nxter.org/easter-egg-hunt-on-nxt-blockchain/.

There will be new Easter eggs to pick up this week, and of course, the hunt will take place on the Nxt blockchain. Is there a better way to learn about Nxt and Ardor child chains’ built-in features? And does any other blockchain offer its users the ability to set up treasure hunts and games via its Client GUI?

Please help spread the word about Nxt’s abilities and don’t forget to follow https://twitter.com/OPeasterEggs for freebies.

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  • Stocks.Exchange – Trading Platform Overview

More information

Stocks.Exchange explained by the Nxter.org community.

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  • Nxtwiki: Account Protection and ERC20 Out of the Box

Nxtwiki.org is a great resource for information and ongoing work, just like the Nxt and Ardor blockchain platforms.

Recently, Riker (Lior Yaffe, Nxt and Ardor core developer and a member of Jelurida) added a “How-To” which explains how easy it is to announce a new Nxt account’s Public Key to the blockchain:

Optimal Nxt Account Protection

Option 1 – submit an outgoing transaction from the new account

Any type of outgoing transaction will do, since the user is signing this transaction with his passphrase and by doing so records the public key in the blockchain.

Option 2 – another account can announce the public key of the new account to the blockchain

Any type of transaction in which the recipient is the new account will do. The sender needs to specify the new account public key as the publicKey parameter or using the wallet “Recipient Public Key” field.

Source and more information

In a former newsletter, we explained why announcing the Public Key (initiating the account) is important:

There is (an astronomical) 2^64 =~10^19 individual account addresses available in Nxt but 2^256 =~10^77 possible passwords. An obvious question is whether or not it is possible for more than one password to open the same account. The answer is no – not if you have announced its 256-bit Public Key (with the first 64 being your visible account number) to the network and incorporated it into the blockchain. Once this is done, in the very rare case that someone enters a passphrase that would generate the same 64-bit account number, the software will deny the use of the passphrase.


How to – Initialize a Nxt/Ardor Account without Issuing an Outgoing Transaction

Cold Storage can be easily achieved with NxtBridge OFFLINE, which also signs transactions OFFLINE.

NXT support for ERC20 tokens

Another new entry in the wiki aims to educate people who are not totally aware of the possibilities of Nxt’s inbuilt smart transactions, how the Nxt Asset Exchange API supports most of Ethereum ERC20 operations out of the box without the need to issue any smart contract, and that the Asset Exchange – additionally – provides full dex (Decentralized Exchange) functionality and options such as the ability to issue a singleton asset for reduced fee or delete asset shares, or send a dividend payment to all asset holders with the click of a button, straight from the Nxt Client GUI.

Nxt also supports a different type of token called “currency” – among other features, a currency provides the ability to restrict token transfers so that they are allowed only between the issuer account and the accounts that hold the token. This function prevents free trade of the token without the issuer’s permission which is desirable in, for example, the case of voting rights distribution. Voting being another Nxt blockchain feature.

Source and more information 

Travin Keith, mrv777, vanbreuk, mroenne, and a few others have now set out to update Nxtwiki.org in a big way together with Lior.

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  • Janus – Summary & TradeMimic

In the last Nxt Newsletter, we wrote about the Community Janus XT Token Share Program where 6 spots in the program were still open. Not anymore, as everything sold out fast. Effectively this means that another 2 million Janus tokens have been removed from circulation for at least a year.

Price correlation to the rising price of NXT:




born_bb: This month BetterBets.io NXT volume has dropped significantly, for our team’s part I have in testing the capability to offset this to a degree with other things. One of those is trading, which in the past I have done manually. Recently (past 4 days) I’ve been testing in my brief spare time a very complex but so far highly successful trading bot engine. Using semi conservative settings it is proving to be effective in 1-2% gains daily. The casinos, as everyone knows are unpredictable, in this industry the whales make up 90% of house profit or losses. I believe the rise of the NXT price is attributed to the decline over the past 2 months in NXT use on site – (Price rise significantly has in the past caused a drop off in high value betting). Therefore after more testing on the trading engine I’m using if it proves to be viable for an additional revenue stream I’ll put this into the Janus pool for divs.

Etcbets.com is growing fairly well, this message applies entirely to NXT betting on BetterBets.io and it’s significant decline this month.

I’ll keep everyone posted, as I cannot day trade full time getting this bot perfect would have direct results on income potential in time. As well as the rest of our sites in development.

The above trading is entirely my own thing and idea outside Janus team, so I’ll be using personal funds for now to fuel its start.


Speaking of unpredictable betting results, one ETCBets.com player (and Janus community member) hit the jackpot this week, which might result in a significantly lower dividend from that business this month.


Business in the pipeline

This is it!

The long-awaited social fintech site from Janus, http://TradeMimic.com, is coming. Use the ‘Subscribe’ button on the site in order to receive periodic updates or just visit it to sit back and watch the countdown.

Expectations are high: this will be the first of the well-prepared large scale business ventures from the Janus Team, plus the one that will kick off Alphonso Morris Jr. as a spearhead and brand manager, with a team of professional crypto- and FOREX-traders up the sleeve to help the social marketing.


More information: #janusproject (Join Nxtchat on Slack) | Twitter

History and news: https://www.nxter.org/ae-janus-4348103880042995903

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  • Adelphoi Token at Exchanges

In more exciting news from last week, the Adelphoi token has been added to new exchanges as well as to the popular coinmarketcap.com.

Dusil writes:

Just three weeks after the close of our ICO, ADL is listed on another exchange CryptoDAO:

BTC/ADL: https://cryptodao.com/site/index/ADL/BTC
LTC/ADL: https://cryptodao.com/site/index/ADL/LTC
ETH/ADL: https://cryptodao.com/site/index/ADL/ETH
USD/ADL: https://cryptodao.com/site/index/ADL/USD
DASH/ADL: https://cryptodao.com/site/index/ADL/DASH

and the MT4 Based PRO Webtrade Platform: BTC/ADL: https://cryptodao.com/trade2/index?symbol=cryptodaoadlbtc

Our members are actively reaching out to new exchanges. This is a great example of how our community works together to succeed. If you have ideas or exchanges contacts to list ADL, then please email us at adel@adelphoi.io.

ADL is now on CryptoDAO, Stocks.Exchange and the Nxt Asset Exchange.

Please take a moment and actively share this announcement. Bittrex and other exchanges coming soon.

More information: www.adelphoi.io

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  • ARDR, Ardor, IGNIS and the Snapshot Block

Lots of (repetitive) questions are being asked in nxtchat.slack.com about the Ardor and IGNIS snapshots, issuance and timeframe. Fastest way to a FAQ is:

mrv777 sums the roadmap up like this:

Current plan from Jean-Luc:

1. ICO of Ignis, to last a month or so.

(There will likely be some time gap between the end of the ICO and the snapshot, could be days or weeks.)

2. One-time snapshot of ARDR and NXT balances (and aliases, MS currency names, etc).

3. Launch Ardor. The distribution of ARDR and IGNIS will be in the Ardor Genesis block.


ARDR tokens have been distributed already!

The ARDR you hold in your Nxt account will be re-issued as tokens on the Ardor Blockchain.

The passphrase to your Nxt account will give you access to your Ardor Blockchain account as well.


Lead developer Jean-Luc recently added:

the ARDR token will be frozen at the snapshot block and no further transactions [on the Nxt blockchain] with it will be possible.

This is to avoid profiting from the ARDR asset token on the Nxt Blockchain once the Ardor network has been created.


Information about the ICO:


Jelurida will hold an IGNIS ICO for 50% of the tokens.

NXT holders will receive the remaining 50% IGNIS tokens automatically, 0,5 IGNIS for each 1 NXT they hold.

The distribution will happen in accordance to a 1-time snapshot of the Nxt Blockchain prior to the Ardor Genesis.

Full details of the ICO terms and conditions, with exact amounts and timeline, will be published as soon as all details have been finalized, but this will be at least one week before the start of the ICO.



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  • Europe’s Largest Blockchain Startup Competition

Do you have an idea to revolutionize the insurance industry? This contest can give you the necessary push to turn your idea into a project and earn a large sum of money.

APPLY NOW TO WIN $100,000! Bring your InsurTech ideas to life! Do you have a team or innovative startup? Then turn your idea into cash and win $100,000, one year of free office space and professional coaching!

Nxt Foundation member Travin Keith says:

I know some of the people running it. They’re great professionals and can really help a project move forward. Also, they welcome Nxt and Ardor-based solutions, so I encourage people to apply!

Check the participation criteria here.

Source: http://www.blockchaincompetition.ch/en/

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  • Steemit – NXT and ARDOR are going through the Roof

Source: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@askaran/nxt-and-ardor-are-going-through-the-roof

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  • Janus Token Registers Phenomenal Growth 

As Janus sends out a press release about its past, present, and future, Nxt and its Asset Exchange gets a little mention too.

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  • TradingView – ARDOR breakout coming?


Source: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/ARDRBTC/EAd2xgxd-ARDOR-breakout-coming/

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  • Trading View – NXT Short Corrections


Source: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/NXTBTC/G3o0AV3I-NXT-SHORT-CORRECTION/

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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

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And that is it for this week! Stay tuned as we continue to provide you with an all-in-one platform for your news of Nxt, Ardor and the ever growing position of prominence we have within the rapid and fast changing blockchain technology landscape. Our commitment to you, dear readers, is to keep you informed.

Easter Egg Hunt

Just wondering if no one knows or no one cares about picking up free money anymore.

Quoting this week’s Nxt Newsletter:

A new transaction has been sent to the alias EasterEggs.

Here’s a clue: Twitter handle @OPeasterEggs.


Some cared to check @OpEasterEggs and even #OpEasterEgg:

Now, just follow the white rabbit. Find the secret words that unlock the transaction.


1 JINN asset has been sent as a phased transaction to an account that anyone can access.

Log in to the account using its passphrase.

Unlock the transaction by typing its hashed secret.

Transfer the asset to your own Nxt account.

You have now picked up this week’s Easter egg: 1 Jinn, current value ~1000NXT~160$.

Deadline is Block 1359698.

Need more clues?

In the end of the section about NxtBridge OFFLINE in our latest Nxt Newsletter we wrote:

OOOPS: Did I really expose the passphrase to the demo account in that video? Oh boy. The first who logs in to the account can have the NXT and ARDR in it. There’s also a clue to follow if you log in, which leads to another asset Easter egg!

Few hours later a user had not just emptied the account for NXT and ARDR, but also found that the encrypted Charles Bukowski quote which had been received by the EasterEggs account could be used to open a password-protected file which had recently been uploaded to the Nxt Data Cloud. This revealed 12 random words, the passphrase to an account that held 100 NXTP assets.

Those are long gone now. Congrats to the Nxter that won and who, by the way, surprised us by using the Eastereggs account to cast a vote in Nxter Magazine’s newsletter-poll. – Nice one! 🙂