Nxter News – Febrero 2018 (IV): La Lógica te Llevará de la A a la Z; La Imaginación te Llevará a Cualquier Lugar

Febrero (IV) ¡Bienvenidos de nuevo amigos Nexteros! Nos encanta dar rienda suelta a la imaginación y nos maravillamos ante el universo que poco a poco se va creando y tomando forma gracias a la tecnología blockchain. A medida que la primavera se aproxima, a la par que los hermosos tulipanes y narcisos también crece nuestro …

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Nxter News – February 2018 (IV): Logic Will Get You From A to Z; Imagination Will Get You Everywhere

February (IV) Welcome again, Nxters! We love to have imagination as we marvel at the world that is slowly being shaped and created by blockchain technology. As spring slowly comes, like the beautiful tulips and daffodils, so too does our love and appreciation grow for how our lives will be improved with the blockchain projects …

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Nxter News – February 2018 (III): There Is Nothing Like A Dream To Create The Future

February (III) Welcome again, Nxters! The news from last week has exchanges, again, front and center but for a new reason: Jelurida announced a fund for listing NXT / ARDR / IGNIS on new exchanges; in tandem with a crowdfunding effort by the community and ANG to get our tokens on Binance, learn about the …

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