Nxt Offspring is open source

DGEX press release:


Attention all developers!

Offspring is open source and we wan’t you to join us.

Come checkout the source code and screenshots on our github page.


Offspring is a full featured NXT desktop client. Offspring is written in Java and built on the Eclipse 4 platform. Offspring is crossplatform and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux (GTK). We welcome all developers to come and join in the development of Offspring.

Offspring allows you to run your own NXT node and have your own copy of the blockchain. By running Offspring you are actively supporting and strengthening the NXT network. Accounts opened in Offspring are forging by default and display how long until you get to forge the next block.

Block Explorer

Lookup any account, transaction or block. See what transactions are in a block and who send them. All accounts, transactions and blocks are clickable in Offspring. You can easily track any transaction with a simple click of the mouse.

Asset Exchange

Offspring fully supports the Asset Exchange. Since the Asset Exchange is not yet functional on the main network Offspring allows you to select what network to connect to on startup. Simply check the checkbox on the login dialog that asks if you want to connect to the test net. If you do go on the test net Offspring automatically switches to your test wallet so your real accounts are not exposed to the test net.

Encrypted Wallet

Offspring stores your NXT keys in an encrypted wallet on your computer. To offer even better security users can select what file Offspring should read your keys from. You can name your wallet file any way you and make it even harder for anyone to find your wallet on your computer.

Register NXT Aliases

Easily register or update your aliases. Together with your account we show you all your aliases. It gets even better through the block explorer you can view any accounts aliases. Want to register a new alias? Since Offspring uses the NXT Java API you have instant feedback if an alias is free or not and what it’s pointing to.

Keep Track Of Transactions

You can add as many accounts as you like and easily manage them. Send NXT, receive NXT, send Assets etc.. You can also add accounts you don’t own. Know of some project or special account you want to keep an eye on, then easily add that account to your list of accounts and Offspring will even store that account in your wallet.

Watch NXT Go To The MOON

Offspring integrates with http://dgex.com where it shows the entire order book of DGEX and the current price of NXT. Offspring also shows your NXT balance as Bitcoins and even in Euros.

Download Offspring Today

What are you waiting for? Come and try Offspring today. Installation is easy. Simply download, unzip and double click the executable (offspring.exe on Windows) and you are good to go.

SHA1: 6c996703db7d5f64c97221eee73f18da8fd3a19a
MD5: da479906272dcd941f9113f0c6101de3

SHA1: 7d36df20052f4df7561568a8e022b05795c06b07
MD5: 2ca80dcd75e924c5ed4a3bc9df060771

SHA1: ebca83fbe27607a495d6bab6f83b93ba23a30d28
MD5: 73672e463b68b39197bbe9b686fadbcb

SHA1: c68da35bf1816edb99e63a65654014fc3e6a3ff6
MD5: 2567b2e914b46bc0da8308de93cb1260

SHA1: bda109c9c1a701b8efef6d098c1e4c2a516522a5
MD5: 0174792cd8ed97099c1848493002d341

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