Nxt encrypted messaging and groupchat

Offspring 0.4.1 release

New features:

Encrypted Messaging


Offspring is standalone, multi platform (works on Linux, Mac, Windows) and of course open source. 🙂

From https://nextcoin.org/index.php/topic,4525.0.html :

Encrypted Messaging Release

Groupchat !!

Look around you remember this moment. This is the moment we have all been waiting for.

Here is a NXT client that supports the long promised killer NXT feature: Blockchain based Secure Encrypted Messaging.

Built on-top of the NXT Cryptography we all love and trust you can now have completely secure decentralized conversations with anyone in the world.

And the best of all? Your account number is your address, and your NXT secret phrase your Private Key.

The fun does not stop there. Instead of simple one-off messages, Offspring 0.4.1 supports message threading. You can reply to other messages, and they will show up in Offspring like a thread/tree, it’s a bit like Reddit.

Offspring supports group chat too! You can pick any NXT account and add it to Offspring as a read only account. Then you simply send an un-encrypted message (right click that account “Send Plain Message”) to that account, and anyone in the world can see and reply to it.

You can use the account number as the central account for your group chat.

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