Offspring Nxt Client v0.3.4e

Offspring v0.3.4e

Main updates:
Clickable blockchain explorer and Asset Exchange with current testnet features enabled.

System requirements:
Offspring requires Java 1.7.


Ubuntu Linux ZIP (0.3.4e) (404 link removed)

SHA-1 checksum: C8236537CC1E29D9680588602778DE35CAC3C6EC
MD5 checksum: D06E16521F044B3841079FE2BD9DF018

Mac OSX ZIP (0.3.4e) (404 link removed)

SHA-1 checksum: A99130BC0B64A12AF618C1657C562E4D8A6BF41A
MD5 checksum: C7258B70C1812C1D47A3373666E010BC

Windows 32 / 64 ZIP (0.3.4e) (404 link removed)

SHA-1 checksum: D9D51D5F58747C6664C2E55EFEA1669E329DD6DE
MD5 checksum: 8D96D884FD30406DF5032B507F1CA360

Offspring v0.3 series is NOT compatible with older version wallets. To import your NXT accounts to v0.3, please copy-paste your backed up account passphrase to the Add account dialog.


  • Supports most NXT features
  • Creation of new NXT accounts
  • Display of total NXT holdings value in BTC and EUR according to latest rates and chart direct from DGEX
  • Asset Exchange, trade NXT or any other assets directly peer-to-peer from the client without third party web sites (preview for test net)
  • From login screen you can choose to connect to the main NXT network or the TEST NXT network (automatically uses a different wallet)
  • Multiple account support, accounts are stored in a single wallet requiring a single password
  • Turn on/off forging (mining) for each individual account with block estimation countdown timer
  • Send and receive NXT
  • Sortable full transaction history details
  • Create/Update/Discover NXT aliases
  • Built in strong (128 bit) passphrase (private key) generator
  • Built in encrypted wallet to store your private keys
  • Send and receive messages to and from any other account
  • Support for readonly accounts, add any existing account number to your wallet
  • Peer explorer, see what peers you are connected to and how much you download/upload to each peer
  • Full blockchain explorer with clickable links & pagination
  • Create and validate tokens (for merchants)
  • Quick blockchain download during which accounts can be used for operations
  • Realtime BTC / NXT market rate and chart with level 2 full order depth from DGEX.com


http://offspring.dgex.com (404 link removed)


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