Nxt aliases as dns solution

Hyperboria is a decentralized network, based on public/private key cryptography like bitcoin, and p2p library kadmelia. Being decentralized means that there is no IP address allocation organisation and therefore anyone can join and leave as they please for no cost. The routing table is all p2p, so no reliance on key routers from big businesses. Hyperboria works as a self-organizing network which itself builds routes between nodes. It is currently using the Internet to connect nodes but it is designed to run independently of the Internet via home wifi and other long range links.


Up until now Hyperboria has not had any decentralized DNS solution. I have created a p2p DNS solution for the Hyperboria network to use Nxt aliases as the domain->IP resolution.  Its pretty basic, but it works really well.

The code is here: https://github.com/slothbag/NxtHypeDns

Hyperboria’s weak link so far has been that there was no suitable p2p DNS solution. Without DNS, most sites on Hyperboria are accessed by typing in their ipv6 addresses, for example: http://[1234:4564:3452:4675:3453:2344]. Now, with the NxtDNS bridge, Hyperboria simply uses NXT aliases to map to the ipv6 address and there’s no more need to type/remember that long address.

Nxt ALIAS system

Nxt aliases can be registered, transferred, bought and sold from within the Nxt client.
Registration of a new alias costs 1 NXT (0.03 cents) and takes about a minute to confirm.

From wiki.projectmeshnet.org:

‘[Nxt]  …has the ability to store aliases with arbitrary data and this has been leveraged to store domain name/alias to ip address mappings. In conjunction with a DNS bridge like NxtHypeDns it is possible to use the Nxt system and its aliases to resolve domain names into Hyperboria compatible ipv6 address right now.

In fact there are already a dozen of the most popular hyperboria destinations registered within Nxt….

Nxt is a Proof-of-stake system, so no wasteful mining is involved. The Nxt client can run on minimal hardware such as the Raspberry Pi.’

Join the Hyperboria network

The easiest way to do so is to install the cjdns software (linux, osx only) and join the irc channel to find a node to peer with. The cjdns software allows users to simply plug their routers into an existing Internet connection and enter the virtual Hyperboria meshnet. If a local physical meshnet is within reach, the cjdns software will automatically connect you to this. To some, this is what the Internet was supposed to be: free, uncensored, fast and automatically scalable without surveillance or any centralised organization.

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  1. The title of this is misleading. Hyperboria did not adopt this tech. It is developed independently. The lead devs didn’t even know it existed until I went to the irc and asked about it. They scoff at the article because of this. I think this is important because we need to be careful about how we work together and not how a certain image is displayed.

    • Hi Scott,

      thanks for posting this. This is indeed independently developed by slothbag and announced in the nxtforum. I found the project mentioned in the meshnet wiki as well and didn’t realize just how Hyperboria developers work. In the Nxt Community anyone can build a feature on top of Nxt, and it’s a Nxt-feature. Not a CORE feature of course. Anyway, I’m sorry if it’s misleading, I don’t feel the article is, but I’ve changed the title.

      I know of Nxters who had never heard of Hyperboria before this article. If you want to shed more light on the use of slothbag’s feature, or Hyperboria itself, you are more than welcome to send in a text / article that elaborates. We will gladly host it and push it out. You can read more here: http://test.nxter.org/get-published-get-paid-nxtp/

      • Awesome. I think I will do a little something about this, as I have had some interesting interactions I think are illuminating. Thanks for the response.

    • Hyperboria is the collective name for all the users/nodes on all the meshnets running the CJDNS software. If one user on the Hyperboria network adopts “email” then it could be considered true that Hyperboria has adopted email.

      While I agree the title was a little misleading (I can take the blame for that) it wasn’t necessarily incorrect. The lead devs of CJDNS obviously influence the core networking/routing layer, but anything on top of that (such as DNS) is decentralized and each user has as much influence / opportunity as the next.

      Either way, Nxt and Hyperboria need more interesting articles like this to help spread the word and boost their profiles 🙂


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