Offspring Nxt Client 0.4.5

Offspring 0.4.5 is released.


Offspring is an easy to install standalone full featured desktop wallet / Nxt Client.

With Offspring you can…

  • Easily install/uninstall through our Windows installer
  • Manage multiple NXT accounts from a single UI
  • Store your NXT keys in an encrypted wallet
  • Create new NXT accounts and add *read-only* observed accounts
  • Earn mining fees by forging blocks (you can mine with multiple accounts)
  • See exactly when one of your accounts will forge a block (through a countdown)
  • Send and receive NXT
  • View all your past transactions
  • Create or update your aliases
  • Issue assets on the asset exchange
  • Buy/Sell assets on the asset exchange
  • Manage your asset portfolio, see how much assets you own and what their current value is in BTC or EURO
  • Send and receive encrypted messages
  • Use it’s live block explorer which lists all past blocks and transactions and allows you to lookup any block, transaction or account
  • Access the block explorer from every part of the application, you can for instance click on an account number in your transaction overview and it will open that account in the block explorer (same goes for all transactions and blocks)
  • See blocks and transactions coming in live
  • Get a live view of all connected peers, see how much you upload/download, you can even send them a message (if they are hallmarked)
  • Blacklist/unblacklist any peer you are connected with
  • See exactly how far the blockchain has downloaded (up to the second)
  • Delete and re-download the blockchain simply from the menu.
  • And much more …



Please see the WIKI for instructions on how to verify the SHA1 and MD5 hashes.

SHA1: 3fa2b7823e33f70753e992f93db9416d201d703d
MD5: c3dd206eb2e2b9c1aa25a64a542ca797

SHA1: 709efa7ba07ab97b6210b11d12fc3dfc149b2255
MD5: 99e6cdfad7a17e43f34f0be9c0eb4216

SHA1: 1a05742a50661723a72daec441d3c896167d07e8
MD5: f192e8214e80827195952e5511771e25

SHA1: a2a6181eabc6f5fd72fa7b9c49377d0e7c4492e2
MD5: 0f52220af34cf967f8387cfa5986be1f

SHA1: 6909c33670fd13fea08b54ac214adb64c6010c68
MD5: cd4a1ccf5c68918bdf384200584dc395

SHA1: f80209f2f533abb0abfe9adedaf66d71ce55b6d7
MD5: 516b583476e00800e1d68334c2c9a36a


Offspring requires Java 7 (basically because NXT requires it which is embedded in Offspring).
Please go here to download and install Java for your platform.


Easy Install (for windows users)

Windows users can use our easy all-in-one installer it will install Java (if you don’t have it already) and Offspring. Simply download execute and follow the instructions..

All other platforms:

  • Download the zip for your platform
  • Unzip the contents to some folder
  • In the folder you will find the offspring executable (double click and Offspring will start)


Getting Started guide :




Open Source

Offspring is open source and welcomes any one who wants to make Offspring even better.


Donations are much appreciated

Community members working on Offspring so far …

  • Dirk – Core client development
  • Graviton – Planning, design, testing
  • fanaticalfishing – User instruction WIKI

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