The value of crypto coins

Nxt and SuperNET to the rescue! There is only one reason that 7 billion people are suckered into the game of Central Banking, and that is FEAR. People FEAR others will take their VALUE away from them and they run to centralized bankers for help. But, given that 97% of it is based on debt, … Read more


Imagine a Nation of Teachers all resigning at once and each creating their own educational systems.  Some systems fail miserably, some turn out to be spectacular. Some of the teachers who had the least success revamp their systems after looking closely at successful systems and those who refuse to change get abandoned by their students … Read more

The 6 Phases of the DeCentralised r/EVOLution

Notice that in r/Evolution, both ‘love’ (albeit, as in real life, not always immediately apparent) and ‘evolution’ co-exist. The 6 phases of the DeCentralised r/Evolution are: 1) Realization – The Awakening to our blind faith in Centralisation – the giving away of all OUR (the masses’) power to a Monopolizing Elite in return for the … Read more

New thought, new technology

There must be many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people worldwide who are a natural fit for Nxt and SuperNET, not just bloggers, activists and other protesters but a whole, massive community awakening to the dark shadow that’s been cast over their lives by Central Banking, False Justice, and Propaganda. The Crypt/Alt Platform … Read more