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There is only one reason that 7 billion people are suckered into the game of Central Banking, and that is FEAR. People FEAR others will take their VALUE away from them and they run to centralized bankers for help.

But, given that 97% of it is based on debt, how can the mainstream fiat monetary system which we’re still obliged to use meaningfully represent people’s VALUE – i.e. their economic self-sufficiency? Surely debt is the opposite of value, unless you’re a bank.

It seems intuitively obvious that money based on something tangible and in short supply, e.g. gold or silver, must be better for society than a minority elite creating money out of nothing. Indeed, until 1971 most national currencies were still based, albeit indirectly, on gold which at least is something that most people believe has intrinsic worth and which, more importantly, acted as some sort of restraint on the amount of money that could be created. But nowadays of course the (privately owned) banks simply create money without any effective restraint at all.

Result: the minority elite game the system and in the process steal more and more of our VALUE. It’s been going on now for a long time but it’s coming to an end. The fiat monetary system is broken beyond repair. The minority elite know it and they’re running scared.

Thanks to information technology and cryptography (and of course to ‘Sataoshi Nakamoto’), we now have a way whereby a minority elite can no longer continue to directly CONTROL nearly 100% of the VALUE. They can neither possess 100% of the physical and tangible NOR can they directly control the ledger.

Over the centuries, money has taken a wide variety of forms, including (to name but a few) gold, silver, iron ingots and cowrie shells and, since 1971, debt-based representative paper (i.e. fiat money) and, more recently, electronic digits in computer memories.

But whatever form it takes, money has no intrinsic value of its own independent of the value ascribed to it by those who use it.


To thrive, people need an honest ledger of account that is not easily co-opted. We need a neutral, unbiased record keeper. Gold is far superior to being an honest ledger than fiat, since gold is much more limited and can be held directly by the one who created the value. You can’t just hit the print button and have infinite gold come spewing out.

The Elite can use fiat to buy up most of the Gold, Silver, Opal, Diamonds, Platinum, etc etc etc, but the elite cannot ever buy up all the real value because real value resides in the people.

People may wonder what currency has the potential to hold its value the best. Another way of asking this is, what ledger is the most honest and the most difficult to control and manipulate?

Gold itself is not modern technology, therefore it does not play well with the Internet. Gold may never be able to integrate disjointed technologies. You have to take gold with you or you have to trust someone to hold it for you. If you pack gold with you it holds you back and if you keep it in a Centralised suppository it disappears.

To a certain extent, the private ownership of gold, at least in theory, is effectively a decentralised financial system, in that it enables transactions to take place between private individuals without the need for any centralised control, unlike fiat which of course is controlled by banks and governments. However, in practice gold only operates as a very basic, costly and limited form of decentralised financial system.


Everything needed to replace the elite’s technology has already been built. Everything needed to render their tech obsolete and hence rendering them obsolete has already been built.

Fortunately, we now have available to us the ultimate means to have an honest, decentralised and extremely difficult to manipulate ledger; moreover, one that is becoming more flexible, integrated and powerful by the day. Unfortunately, very few People have so far adopted this technology, mostly because it is still not well integrated.

DeCentralised Technology is one of KEYS to releasing the shackles on humanity, and you can keep LOCKING it back up or support those trying to steal the keys.

A few months ago, while sitting on a plane, I fell into a bit of a meditative state where I picked up on some things I would never have realized only from conscious thought. I am a long time ‘spiritual’ person, of which there is literally almost ZERO support in the CRYPTO world, even though CRYPTO has immense power to aid the freeing of the world. I am also a bit of a CRYPTO fan and I was shown how the CRYPTO world was trapped in a SHOW ME THE MONEY, LINEAR, very male dominated type LEFT brain mentality. So, I thought I might dabble in trying to bridge the two and see what barriers I come up against, almost as an experiment. It’s as one might expect. The spiritual, new thought, more right brain types, don’t get crypto but are generally positive so crypto info is basically ignored with a few ‘interesting’ type comments, but very little interest.

Spiritual freedom is not well understood by the almost dismissive knee jerk reaction of the very male orientated left brain crypto world. I watch patiently waiting for the two to converge.

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Imagine a Nation of Teachers all resigning at once and each creating their own educational systems.  Some systems fail miserably, some turn out to be spectacular. Some of the teachers who had the least success revamp their systems after looking closely at successful systems and those who refuse to change get abandoned by their students who then move to the more successful systems. Imagine this goes on for 5 years, for 10 years, and then try to imagine the vast and nearly limitless range and scale of the ideas of the unshackled minds of the kids (now adults) who are no longer suppressed by the Centralised Educational systems whose primary purpose is to keep you a Slave.

Imagine a Police Officer, who has choked a man to death for selling a cigarette, allowing himself to reflect deeply and truthfully on the enormity of what he did and thereby see himself as we all see him. Imagine that Police Officer then announcing to the world how sorry he is for allowing the institutional violence perpetrated upon him by his centralised seniors to so badly affect his basic common sense and innate humanity. The other officers, so moved by this Police Officer’s contrition, join forces with the people, realizing that people are NOT inherently bad or violent. On the contrary, the people are generally good, it’s just that we have all been tricked and divided and falsely led by the Media and our Leaders.

Imagine what the world would look like if those who are meant to protect, stop entrapping, stop having a primary purpose of revenue generation, stop using civil forfeiture, stop arresting for victimless crimes and stop trying to cover up the truth.

Imagine what the world would look like if the people, in their masses, decided to start supporting truly Organic Farming, sustainable practices, a shorter work week, non-debt based societies, and a belief in abundance vs scarcity. Imagine a world without big AGRA pollution and franken foods and the slow destruction of the beautiful humus soil that so nurtures our planet and all of its species.

Imagine millions of people worldwide, having finally had enough of Central Banking and being spied on,  start genuinely looking for alternative ways of communicating, alternative ways of financing, real security and privacy on the Internet, and so much more.

When I imagine this, I always see Nxt and the SuperNET as an integral piece of the solution.


The 6 Phases of the DeCentralised r/EVOLution

Notice that in r/Evolution, both ‘love’ (albeit, as in real life, not always immediately apparent) and ‘evolution’ co-exist.

The 6 phases of the DeCentralised r/Evolution are:

1) Realization – The Awakening to our blind faith in Centralisation – the giving away of all OUR (the masses’) power to a Monopolizing Elite in return for the hallucination of perceived safety. The realization that our ‘safety’ is a Hallucination is the first step.

But this, the first of them, is perhaps the hardest step of all to take because SEPARATENESS in the minds of ordinary people has allowed Monopolizing Elites in countries all around the world to emerge and to rule by default and the most powerful of these Elites are now colluding together to impose their centralised control globally.

The Monopolizing Elite use Divide and Conquer techniques as a method of Separation.  We are divided by imaginary borders, shades of skin color, nationality (which is an illusion itself).

2) Empowerment – Could also be called Personal Responsibility – in effect, the outwardly directed action part of phase 1. Here, in the empowerment phase, having woken up to the delusion of our ‘safety’, we start to take active steps, usually tripping and stumbling to begin with. Empowerment is new to us and at first we don’t handle it well.  It can be quite difficult being the only sheep in the herd not being chased around by dogs.

3) Emergence – The Emergence of Inner Power leading to the Emergence of DeCentralised Technology – Disparate Technologies – going in various directions, competing instead of co-operating.  Before technology can exist in the real world (outer technology), it must first have existed in the mind’s imagination (inner technology). Everything created first had to be imagined.

4) Convergence – Inner realization of the powerlessness of SEPARATENESS – leads to the outer realization that working together is unstoppable.

Despite the inherent differences in how we see the world and our place in it, people from all around the world naturally begin to Unify, thereby unleashing our combined potential to bring about fundamental, r/Evolutionary global change.

5) Mass Adoption/Chaos – this phase is simultaneously the most FUN and the most SCARY.  As DeCentralised power takes over and the old powers start to collapse, we enter a period of Chaos.  There are two reasons:  A) The massive changes alone can be scary and whilst some people will immediately embrace those changes, others will try to cling to the old ways, coupled with B) The OLD power will NOT want to let go and will therefore make sure that if they are going down they will wreak all the havoc they can.

6) Harmony – once the dust settles – society as a WHOLE will be much better off – a veritable UTOPIA.  Starvation, Poverty, Lack, Rage, Revenge, Fear, etc. will become become less and less and less, while Abundance, Joy, Love, and Freedom will GROW and GROW and GROW…

New thought, new technology

There must be many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people worldwide who are a natural fit for Nxt and SuperNET, not just bloggers, activists and other protesters but a whole, massive community awakening to the dark shadow that’s been cast over their lives by Central Banking, False Justice, and Propaganda. The Crypt/Alt Platform that first embraces these guys and gets them on board will be the WINNER by default. These people want an alternative – they have been beat up and knocked down, they spend their lives working, just to have their homes foreclosed on, they live pay check to pay check.

They have moved beyond being angry and for the most part have even move beyond thinking of themselves as victims.

But trying to get people to see that Nxt or SuperNET can a be a massive part of the solution seems as hard as convincing a crypt/altcoin that they need to put more than CRYPT NEWS on their website.

In fact it shouldn’t be hard at all –  we simply need to listen to what they’re saying. They want to be heard, they want an alternative to the current banking system, etc. etc. Well, Nxt and SuperNET already provide 50% of everything they need, and the only thing keeping Nxt and SuperNET from full-on explosive growth is mass adoption. Hmmmm, seems easy to connect the dots to me. If you follow the Nxt/SuperNET forums it would appear there are no less than 5 gambling ventures getting ready to come on board, and while that is great, it’s not of course enough: we also need to take as much financial power as possible away from the banksters and put it into the hands of the people.

There are two organizations I know of (New Earth Nation and I-UV with Project 13) which have spent or are spending untold amounts of money on programmers and other resources to create alternative digital societies; in the meantime, Nxt/SuperNET is already sitting there ready to be used and capable of delivering far beyond anything they have. But, when people take a look at Bitcoin, Silk Road and the Dark Market, they stay far, far away. If they go to Nxt and SuperNET and see all the superficial fudding, the ‘get rich quick’ mentality of I want my $ to grow to $$$$$ by tomorrow, Tom Cruise type characters yelling “show me the money”, and others crying, snivelling and complaining, they are not interested.

Which Crypt/Alt is going to be the first to adopt a WIN WIN ABUNDANCE FOR ALL ATTITUDE? What happens when I show them Nxter.org and Nxtforum and all they see is white papers on telepathy and bitching and moaning about Ripple or OpenBazaar or BitShares?

The day will come when NEW THOUGHT meets NEW TECHNOLOGY in one platform and that platform will have growth like nothing ever seen in the history of mankind. Will it be Nxt and SuperNET? Not sure…

Unlock the inner slave

All my work is the work of a simple philosopher.

Using language to unlock the inner slave – freeing 1 slave at a time.

The dark shadow cast by the centralisation of power in the hands of a monopolistic few has long hidden the truth from view. But now there are cracks in the dam. They may be little cracks, but the naughty powers that be (now referred to as the powers that were) are quickly running out of fingers to plug them – Nxt, Btcd, and the SuperNET ‘aka UNITY’ (love that one) are chipping away – “Human Race – Get off your knees” – The naughty ones control the educational systems, more accurately called “sheep makers”. The naughty ones control the media, more accurately called “fear porn”. The naughty ones control the money supply, more accurately called “the lie about lack”. The game they play is “problem, reaction, solution”. They create the problem themselves, fan the flames for a huge reaction, then magically arrive on their shiny white horse with a solution.

Here are the real facts, all of them easy to see with the naked eye, and you don’t need a jury to decide.

1) As the cost of education goes up, we get dumber.
2) As the cost of health care goes up, we become more ill.
3) As the cost of protecting the Earth goes up, the Earth’s condition continues to decline.
4) As the cost of welfare goes, the more homeless and hungry people we have.

The real solution is to stop asking Egotistical Megalomaniacs to create policy (eleventy billion rules and counting) to save us from “bad” people  –  it doesn’t work when we hire BAD people to save us from the bad people.


1) When the people educate themselves, our collective, creative genius will be freed.
2) When the people take care of each other, the world will become whole again.
3) When the people take personal responsibility for protecting the Earth, GAIA will become one giant Garden of Eden.
4) When the people manage their own wealth, there will be abundance for all (thank you Nxt / SuperNET / BitCoinDark / VeriCoin / BoolBerry / ChanceCoin).

Make a small difference today, help someone in some small way, just to be of service to humanity and for no other reason.

Since it’s an immutable natural law that you reap what you sow – sow Kindness and Joy!

Author: DAMON