The 6 Phases of the DeCentralised r/EVOLution

Notice that in r/Evolution, both ‘love’ (albeit, as in real life, not always immediately apparent) and ‘evolution’ co-exist.

The 6 phases of the DeCentralised r/Evolution are:

1) Realization – The Awakening to our blind faith in Centralisation – the giving away of all OUR (the masses’) power to a Monopolizing Elite in return for the hallucination of perceived safety. The realization that our ‘safety’ is a Hallucination is the first step.

But this, the first of them, is perhaps the hardest step of all to take because SEPARATENESS in the minds of ordinary people has allowed Monopolizing Elites in countries all around the world to emerge and to rule by default and the most powerful of these Elites are now colluding together to impose their centralised control globally.

The Monopolizing Elite use Divide and Conquer techniques as a method of Separation.  We are divided by imaginary borders, shades of skin color, nationality (which is an illusion itself).

2) Empowerment – Could also be called Personal Responsibility – in effect, the outwardly directed action part of phase 1. Here, in the empowerment phase, having woken up to the delusion of our ‘safety’, we start to take active steps, usually tripping and stumbling to begin with. Empowerment is new to us and at first we don’t handle it well.  It can be quite difficult being the only sheep in the herd not being chased around by dogs.

3) Emergence – The Emergence of Inner Power leading to the Emergence of DeCentralised Technology – Disparate Technologies – going in various directions, competing instead of co-operating.  Before technology can exist in the real world (outer technology), it must first have existed in the mind’s imagination (inner technology). Everything created first had to be imagined.

4) Convergence – Inner realization of the powerlessness of SEPARATENESS – leads to the outer realization that working together is unstoppable.

Despite the inherent differences in how we see the world and our place in it, people from all around the world naturally begin to Unify, thereby unleashing our combined potential to bring about fundamental, r/Evolutionary global change.

5) Mass Adoption/Chaos – this phase is simultaneously the most FUN and the most SCARY.  As DeCentralised power takes over and the old powers start to collapse, we enter a period of Chaos.  There are two reasons:  A) The massive changes alone can be scary and whilst some people will immediately embrace those changes, others will try to cling to the old ways, coupled with B) The OLD power will NOT want to let go and will therefore make sure that if they are going down they will wreak all the havoc they can.

6) Harmony – once the dust settles – society as a WHOLE will be much better off – a veritable UTOPIA.  Starvation, Poverty, Lack, Rage, Revenge, Fear, etc. will become become less and less and less, while Abundance, Joy, Love, and Freedom will GROW and GROW and GROW…

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