Unlock the inner slave

All my work is the work of a simple philosopher.

Using language to unlock the inner slave – freeing 1 slave at a time.

The dark shadow cast by the centralisation of power in the hands of a monopolistic few has long hidden the truth from view. But now there are cracks in the dam. They may be little cracks, but the naughty powers that be (now referred to as the powers that were) are quickly running out of fingers to plug them – Nxt, Btcd, and the SuperNET ‘aka UNITY’ (love that one) are chipping away – “Human Race – Get off your knees” – The naughty ones control the educational systems, more accurately called “sheep makers”. The naughty ones control the media, more accurately called “fear porn”. The naughty ones control the money supply, more accurately called “the lie about lack”. The game they play is “problem, reaction, solution”. They create the problem themselves, fan the flames for a huge reaction, then magically arrive on their shiny white horse with a solution.

Here are the real facts, all of them easy to see with the naked eye, and you don’t need a jury to decide.

1) As the cost of education goes up, we get dumber.
2) As the cost of health care goes up, we become more ill.
3) As the cost of protecting the Earth goes up, the Earth’s condition continues to decline.
4) As the cost of welfare goes, the more homeless and hungry people we have.

The real solution is to stop asking Egotistical Megalomaniacs to create policy (eleventy billion rules and counting) to save us from “bad” people  –  it doesn’t work when we hire BAD people to save us from the bad people.


1) When the people educate themselves, our collective, creative genius will be freed.
2) When the people take care of each other, the world will become whole again.
3) When the people take personal responsibility for protecting the Earth, GAIA will become one giant Garden of Eden.
4) When the people manage their own wealth, there will be abundance for all (thank you Nxt / SuperNET / BitCoinDark / VeriCoin / BoolBerry / ChanceCoin).

Make a small difference today, help someone in some small way, just to be of service to humanity and for no other reason.

Since it’s an immutable natural law that you reap what you sow – sow Kindness and Joy!

Author: DAMON

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