New thought, new technology

There must be many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people worldwide who are a natural fit for Nxt and SuperNET, not just bloggers, activists and other protesters but a whole, massive community awakening to the dark shadow that’s been cast over their lives by Central Banking, False Justice, and Propaganda. The Crypt/Alt Platform that first embraces these guys and gets them on board will be the WINNER by default. These people want an alternative – they have been beat up and knocked down, they spend their lives working, just to have their homes foreclosed on, they live pay check to pay check.

They have moved beyond being angry and for the most part have even move beyond thinking of themselves as victims.

But trying to get people to see that Nxt or SuperNET can a be a massive part of the solution seems as hard as convincing a crypt/altcoin that they need to put more than CRYPT NEWS on their website.

In fact it shouldn’t be hard at all –  we simply need to listen to what they’re saying. They want to be heard, they want an alternative to the current banking system, etc. etc. Well, Nxt and SuperNET already provide 50% of everything they need, and the only thing keeping Nxt and SuperNET from full-on explosive growth is mass adoption. Hmmmm, seems easy to connect the dots to me. If you follow the Nxt/SuperNET forums it would appear there are no less than 5 gambling ventures getting ready to come on board, and while that is great, it’s not of course enough: we also need to take as much financial power as possible away from the banksters and put it into the hands of the people.

There are two organizations I know of (New Earth Nation and I-UV with Project 13) which have spent or are spending untold amounts of money on programmers and other resources to create alternative digital societies; in the meantime, Nxt/SuperNET is already sitting there ready to be used and capable of delivering far beyond anything they have. But, when people take a look at Bitcoin, Silk Road and the Dark Market, they stay far, far away. If they go to Nxt and SuperNET and see all the superficial fudding, the ‘get rich quick’ mentality of I want my $ to grow to $$$$$ by tomorrow, Tom Cruise type characters yelling “show me the money”, and others crying, snivelling and complaining, they are not interested.

Which Crypt/Alt is going to be the first to adopt a WIN WIN ABUNDANCE FOR ALL ATTITUDE? What happens when I show them Nxter.org and Nxtforum and all they see is white papers on telepathy and bitching and moaning about Ripple or OpenBazaar or BitShares?

The day will come when NEW THOUGHT meets NEW TECHNOLOGY in one platform and that platform will have growth like nothing ever seen in the history of mankind. Will it be Nxt and SuperNET? Not sure…

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