Nxt News – November 2017 (II): Be Happy With What You Have. Be Excited About What You Want.

November (II) Welcome again, fellow Nxters! The brisk autumnal air is upon us. Christmas might as well be here, and Thanksgiving has not even happened. As always, last week was an eventful one for the Nxt / Ardor ecosystem. Rebranding was the apparent theme of the week. In anticipation of the upcoming new year, many …

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Nxt News – November 2017 (I): Never, Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up

November (I) Welcome again, fellow Nxters! Start off your week by reading about the blockchain news of last week. Our dedicated team endeavors to bring you the most comprehensive list of the major events of last week. Winter sucks, it is cold, it is dreary, and it is often wet. But hey, Thanksgiving is a …

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Nxt News – October 2017 (V): Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead, Go Where There Is No Path And Leave A Trail

October 2017 (V) Welcome again, fellow Nxters! Halloween is almost upon us and that means an excuse to dress in provocative costumes, drink lots of alcohol, and consume massive amounts of children’s candy! The end of October brings us another week in the very interesting and constantly busy world of the blockchain. The final round …

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