Nxt News – October 2017 (V): Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead, Go Where There Is No Path And Leave A Trail

October 2017 (V)

Welcome again, fellow Nxters! Halloween is almost upon us and that means an excuse to dress in provocative costumes, drink lots of alcohol, and consume massive amounts of children’s candy! The end of October brings us another week in the very interesting and constantly busy world of the blockchain. The final round of the IGNIS ICO began Oct. 28, Ardor joins more exchanges, Meetups and more!

As always, welcome to the comprehensive coverage of blockchain concerning all things Nxt / Ardor / Ignis. We endeavor to enlighten and inform all of our readers, from the gentlest of old grandmothers to the most hardcore and extreme members of our community. Put on your provocative costume, grab a nice beverage and follow the melodious sound of our voice as we guide you through the week that was.






This week’s newsletter is put together by James, Jose, apenzl, and rubenbc.



The final round of the IGNIS ICO has started. At a rate of 1 JLRDA : 1.45 NXT, this is the last opportunity for anyone to participate in the ICO and get JLRDA (IGNIS tokens) while supporting Jelurida. There are around 160 M tokens available for sale. Participate by using the NRS client. Remember, JLRDA tokens are non-transferable until they mature into IGNIS tokens during at the Ardor Genesis snapshot, which is on track to occur this Christmas. Over 260 M JLRDA tokens are sold! Up to 160 M is left in the ultimate round for sale. The final round runs from Oct. 28 to Nov. 04.



Ignis ICO Schedule
Dates JLRDA tokens for sale Price of 1 JLRDA in NXT
Aug 05 – Aug 12 60,000,000 0.40
Aug 26 – Sep 02 80,000,000 0.55
Sep 09 – Sep 16 100,000,000 0.76
Sep 23 – Oct 21 100,000,000 1.05
Oct 28 – Nov 04 up to 100,000,000* 1.45

* If any batch is not sold completely at the end of the designated time frame, the remaining unsold JLRDA tokens will be added to the next batch. The last round will be reduced by up to 20M JLRDA tokens allocated by Jelurida for promotional and marketing use.



Live stats from the Nxt Blockchain

Ignis ICO Whitepaper

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Say what? Free stuff?! Do you like free stuff? That, of course, is a rhetorical question. Jelurida is giving away free NXT to new users if they follow the posted guidelines below. Sorry old users, we will offer you the ability to win free stuff in the near future. Tweet out your love and your account address at #ILove$NXT! to enter to win free NXT.

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  • Jelurida – New Jobs Posted

Thanks to the wonderful interest in the IGNIS ICO, Jelurida, the parent company, has sufficient funding for at least the next three years to actively develop and maintain the Nxt blockchain as well as Ardor. As such they now begin the second part of the process – hiring talented people!  Opportunities are listed below. Do you think you have what it takes to work for Jelurida and shape our future? Our advice if you think the answer is yes is to not show up to the interview in your Halloween costume.


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  • Forging vs Bundling

With brave new worlds like Ardor come brave new terms. Longtime Nxters are familiar with Forging, the approximation of mining to which the process of creating new blocks in the blockchain is undertaken. What is new, and unique to Ardor, is the concept of Bundling. Bundlers will bundle child chain transactions into Child Blocks and send them to ARDR forgers on the Ardor main chain.

Here, Jelurida explains the distinction between these two keystone concepts of the Nxt / Ardor ecosystem so as to dispel any confusion that you might have:


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  • Ardor.World Updated: Nxt Asset Reporting!

The Telegram bot, Ardor.World, that allows you to check current prices of Nxt / Ardor assets now has new functionality: Nxt Asset Reporting. If you are not already using this cool tool, you are missing out. Check it in the link below.


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  • NXT and ARDR Listed on the Korean Exchange: Upbit

The blockchain space continues to explode. Last week the Korean Exchange, Upbit, listed NXT and ARDR as tradeable assets listed on their Korean based exchange. Working in cooperation with Bittrex, Upbit is another stable virtual currency exchange that allows for all interested parties to participate in the frontier of cryptocurrency.

“Upbit supports stable virtual currency trading with exclusive co-operation with Bittrex, a global exchange that supports approximately 200 coins of transactions and wallets .”


More info

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  • Q&A: The Ardor and Nxt Group (ANG)

So you are confused about the hierarchy of the complicated web of relationships between the Nxt Foundation and Jelurida and now the Ardor and Nxt Group (ANG). No worries, sip that pumpkin spice latte and lean back and read the following conversation between Travin and members of the community. Common questions regarding consultancy repeatedly were asked so they are presented to you below.

Travin responds to the following questions:

Hi travin what is ANG different than what Jelurida is doing now and wants to do in nearby future? Talking about consultancy, attending events, meetups with communities around the world.

Wont Jelurida hire people like community managers for example in the nearby feature thanks to ico funds?

1) ANG will not do consultancy.
2) Attending events will be primarily for Jelurida to handle. ANG allows community members to easily sign up to be on-hand assistance for Jelurida. Jelurida cannot hire regular employees all around the world just for events that only happen occasionally.
3) Meetups are commonly handled at a community-level.
4) Jelurida can hire a community manager. That’s not the job of ANG. The job of ANG is to provide a way for people to be more involved if they want to, while being rewarded appropriately, such as promoting their tech or getting additional training for free, such as with the Speakers Corner.

Can we utilize the group to perform following:

1) Weekly update on Reddit, Bitcointalk, and YouTube channel (not much updates on NXT Foundation)
2) Interview with the founders and the developer team. Let’s put their face in public, should they want to, to gain people’s confidence and trust
3) A campaign to make Ignis more known — which will drive the sales
4) Ask people what they want and maybe adopt the hot topic, such as privacy, database, dVPN, decentralized exchange, AI bot to predict market trend based on key words on social media and technical analysis on charts, etc


When I type Ardor in YouTube, hardly anything comes up. I understand the goal is to focus on developent, but shouldn’t we also focus on getting the product know to mass market? This will only further fuel the fund the team need to continue with developent.

Before I get started, Marketing is not one of the roles that ANG will provide. This will need to be done by Jelurida, though the community will be able to participate in those Marketing activities. ANG is more of an initiative for allowing community members to get more involved in an easier way. Some of its activities, however, can be counted as marketing efforts, such as the Speakers Corner. However, Marketing strategy development and its execution will not be done by ANG.

Quote 1 -Weekly update on Reddit, Bitcointalk, and YouTube channel (not much updates on NXT Foundation)

ANG is the update from the Nxt Foundation. The weekly updates on Reddit are posted by me from the Nxter Magazine weekly newsletters. Anyone can do this though. At the start, I took this role, but really anyone can do it and some others have done it in the past. These days I only do it if no one else has yet, but I don’t have much time. I do post regular updates on to Twitter though.

Quote 2) Interview with the founders and the developer team. Let’s put their face in public, should they want to, to gain people’s confidence and trust

Perhaps Nxter Magazine can do this. Jelurida has also done interviews outside of Nxter. Lior (Riker) especially. I think their faces are quite public. I met them again in Barcelona at an event and all members of Jelurida was there. Lior also presented on stage and we all had a meetup on the Friday after the event. They’re starting to get more public by attending more events as well, so it’s looking good on this end.

Quote 3) A campaign to make Ignis more known — which will drive the sales
Quote 4) Ask people what they want and maybe adopt the hot topic, such as privacy, database, dVPN, decentralized exchange, AI bot to predict market trend based on key words on social media and technical analysis on charts, etc

See first paragraph for the answer to this. Also, activities by the Nxt Foundation were never targeted to increase buying forces in the market. They were always for adoption of the technology.

Regarding #4, these things can be developed by 3rd parties. For privacy, there’s the shuffling feature and the decentralized exchange already exists. The AI bot should definitely be done by a 3rd party and not Jelurida.

When I type Ardor in YouTube, hardly anything comes up. I understand the goal is to focus on development, but shouldn’t we also focus on getting the product know to mass market? This will only further fuel the fund the team need to continue with developent.

NXTer is providing some insight, but can we also explore on additional platform?

Nxter is actually working on some videos for Ardor and Nxt. Other community members have expressed the desire to work on some other videos as well.

To clarify:
ANG is an initiative by the Nxt Foundation, not by Jelurida. It also doesn’t deal with Marketing, though some of its activities may aid Jelurida in their marketing efforts. ANG is also not involved in the Ignis ICO. All funds from the ICO will go to Jelurida. However, Jelurida may donate funds to support ANG. If they do so, it will be publicly disclosed as was when they became a Supporter of the Nxt Foundation.


fz1128, editor of the Chinese Nxter.org covered the ANG news btc38’s blog


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  • Nxt Community Attends BlockBali Meetup

User san2ok, member of the Frasindo team, which has an ICO currently in progress, as we mentioned in a previous newsletter, attended the BlockBali Meetup last week. These sweet photos document their continued existence and we wish them luck with their ICO.


  • Riker Attends – Blockchain: The Future of Everything?

Last week at the Herzliya Meetup Riker spoke before a packed room full of hundreds of eager participants, with thousands more on the waiting list. We fervently believe that Ardor is going to be an integral part of the blockchain space in the coming future.

The photos below document the successful Meetup:

Back from the blockchain meetup. 450 people showed up. There were another 2000 on waiting list.

I joined one of the panels together with founders of bancor and stox. Managed to mention ardor a few times.

@riker KILLING IT at the Herzliya meetup

riker:  “To my left is Motti. To my right Eyal from Bancor then Adam from Zen protocol Moshe Hogeg from stox and a lawyer”


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  • Travin Keith will Attend Tokyo Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference

Blockchain Labo is proud to announce that they will be hosting a conference in Tokyo on Nov. 11 that our very own Travin Keith will be attending. Check out the details below and attend if you can.



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All about NXT:



  • Janus – Status Update

The Janus team is working on creating their first business-oriented revenue stream models. Their accounts of their efforts are below.

They wrote:

Hi Janus community

Our team has made some great progress on _Scraper site_ functionality over the past few days. Some final tweaks and styling changes are being completed to ensure that our first mainstream site is perfect.

It should be noted, this business site will launch primarily to mainstream users and there will be a crypto aspect Bjorn and I are developing, but it will come after some educational drives to get those who have no idea what blockchain is, aquainted.

There are many ways to monetize this site such as : *Sell Ad Space* – *BuySellAds* | *Advertisespace* ( _Google Adsense_ , _Outbrain_, _Bingads_) ; *Paid Memberships* ; and others monetization strategies that for now we can not reveal.


bjorn_bb: we have an opportunity to acquire 15 more antminer L3 and will post some JNS tokens to cover a portion of the cost if you need or want more. The deal is not set in stone but if we get the green light then the tokens will go up probably within a week. Thanks all.

ascendus: anyone who fill the min requirements ( min 100k JNS ) will [get mining rewards from the JNSHash mining farm and] be able to choose a currency of their choice from a given list offered. Full details will be publicly released next month.

Join the “Janus Token” YouTube Channel

[NXTBridgeAssetInfo id=4348103880042995903]

[NXTBridgeAssetStock id=4348103880042995903]

You can find a list of all paid dividends here. Also, follow the Janus news on https://nxter.org/janus, and Janus Twitter.

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  • Adel – Status Update

Adel announced that they will be present at the Warsaw Summit Cryptocurrency World Expo in Poland on December 1st and 2nd.


Cryptocurrency World Expo ▲ Warsaw Summit
It is one of the largest blockchain events of the year – 1,400 of the biggest names in cryptocurrency will meet in Poland – and Adel has been invited to speak. The biggest exchanges, payment providers, leaders in fintech, miners, traders, ICO participants and crypto-maniacs will be eager to discuss trends and new opportunities for innovation at this year’s summit on December 1st & 2nd.



Fintech Innovator Conference ▲ e.conomia ▲ Deloitte
Networking and building partnerships is key to the success of $ADL and the community. Continuing its speaking lineup, Adel is one of only five startups to speak at Fintech (r)evolution, an innovator conference hosted by the Media House of Economia and sponsored by Czech National Bank. The event will be held Oct. 25 in Prague. Adel will take the stage at 15:00. http://www.cashlessfuture.cz/

Read the latest great Adel article:

ADEL Ecosystem Ltd. — Evolution of Kickstarters using Blockchain

Follow Adel In Medium

Adel’s first incubated project will be iFin.io.

[NXTBridgeAssetInfo id=17477397104276156702]

[NXTBridgeAssetStock id=17477397104276156702]


More info

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  • Bitswift – Status Update

Bitswift announced that they will have to go to court to settle a trademark dispute with the “SWIFT” group. The dispute is over usage of the “Bitswift” trademark and a resolution was not found in arbitration.


Bitswiftbro wrote:

Dear Bitswift Community,

It looks like we will be defending our Trademark application on “Bitswift” in court from the opposition the banking society (SWIFT). There was a long drawn out negotiation process, we won’t bore you, here is the TLDR version: The society was willing to allow us to keep our “Bitswift” TM providing we added the limitation that “our tokens would not be used between financial institutions and their corporate customers”.

This sounds all fine and dandy at first, great actually! we never wanted financial institutions using our tokens, Bitswift tokens are to be used between people directly and between businesses directly without the need for a central person, that is the whole point. We were about to sign saying we would agree to the limitation, but then a question appeared. What if the society launches their own token? and what if it starts trading with ours? are we now considered “between them and their corporate customers”. Naturally curious, and above all wanting to make sure our requirements were covered, our lawyers wrote them back and asked this question, to which they replied basically “yes then you would be infringing”. This did not sit well with us, it would mean at any point in the future and when the opposition launched any token of their own, connected to blockchain ecosystems, that our Bitswift tokens could now be considered between them and their corporate customers and as such we would be infringing. Agreeing to this would mean that we would have to ensure that our tokens were only ever exchanged between a certain subset of users, which would defeat their whole purpose of free exchange between anyone, anywhere, anytime and without the need for a central dictator.

To that end we could not settle on an agreement that worked for us. We will not be agreeing to modify our TM in such a way that would undermine their usefulness or impact us negatively in the future. We will seek a Bitswift TM and use case WITHOUT limitations as clearly we are Bitswift not some banking society, and clearly we are not doing anything inter banking whatsoever. No one calling our companies is looking for anything to do with banks or financial institutions and our ™ on “Digital tokens” has nothing to do with inter-banking or societies related to them. To our knowledge we have had a public and usable blockchian token products before any financial institutions were even considering the legitimacy of blockchain based markets.

What happens now? On our side, nothing. We will continue on our mission to develop the Bitswift ecosystem. Our companies will fund the expenses related to preserving the Bitswift brand so that they may continue to operate well into the future, enriching lives through technology as intended.

Everything for a reason and everything with time.

Also Bitswift was mentioned this week in the following article: https://cryptostec.com/what-is-bitswift

[NXTBridgeAssetInfo id=12034575542068240440]

[NXTBridgeAssetStock id=12034575542068240440]



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  • DeBuNe – Last Days of ERC20 Token Swap

October 31st is the last day to swap your NXT assets for ERC20 tokens.

[NXTBridgeAssetInfo id=6926770479287491943]

[NXTBridgeAssetStock id=6926770479287491943]




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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium – WEF: Ardor is a leading “Digital Asset”

Look at how Ardor is the leading digital asset!



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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium –  Enough is Enough: Everyone Wants a Ride on the Success of PoS

It is one thing to build on top of our platform and make it better, this is encouraged. As long as you acknowledge that you are building on top of our platform. It is another thing if you steal our codebase and claim that your product is better while giving us no credit for our work.

Riker wrote:

Suddenly everyone piggybacks on the POS trend. It started with Ethereum and their unnecessarily complex, Casper vaporware, which they promote everywhere as the next big thing, even though they are very far from implementing it and perhaps never will.

Cardano with some outrageous claims that they later deleted, then blackcoin with some bold and incorrect claims that cointelegraph had to correct and now Waves presents their Leased Proof of Stake a 1:1 copy of the NXT implementation as their own novelty.

Enough is enough, we were here first. NXT is the first pure POS coin and rest are copycats.

Also see my previous articles NXT Proof of Stake Theory vs Practice and POS vs POW revisited


Reaction, karlkarlsson, Waves Team – Good to see you guys discussing the topic. As I just tweeted to Lior, this quote is in no way made by Waves respectively our marketing team. We have always stated that we’re using the Nxt PoS algorithm as it’s the most proven algo out there. We’ve also never hid that our core team is coming from Nxt and that Waves tries to ‘fix’ some aspects we were not content with.


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  • Russia’s NSD Work: Proxy Voting Solution Using the NXT Blockchain

Report about how the Russian Federal government use the NXT Blockchain to provide security and veracity to its voting system.


The NSD’s work with blockchain-based securities is among the most advanced revealed to the public so far. Since beginning its exploration of blockchain over a year ago, the NSD has published the results of an early test for a proxy voting solution using the NXT blockchain and – as revealed for the first time on stage – has sold a $10 million bond by Russian telecom MegaFon using the open-source Hyperledger Fabric platform.


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  • Geektime.co Quotes Riker

Article about blockchain technology going mainstream quotes from an interview conducted with Riker.

riker –  My quote on geektime https://www.geektime.co.il/geektime-blockchain-event/ towards the end, in answer to

Q: “when would blockchain become mainstream?”
A: “When we vote on the general elections using our smart phones.”


  • Briandcolwell – Ardor & Child Chains: A Blockchain 2.0 Innovation, But Is This A Coin We Really Need?

Article by cryptoenthusiast about Ardor and its child chain technology.

He wrote:

Ardor is more than just about money: It’s about making a blockchain platform that is open to everyone, from single users all the way up to FinTech startups and governments, and one where anyone can create their own child chain and interact with the whole blockchain ecosystem. That means anyone, anywhere, will be able to utilize blockchain services with relative ease.




  • TradingView – Ardor – Last Stand

The correction came down to the 88% fib. Retracement level and is no moving inside a triangle, currently sitting at the support line. The daily chart shows an oversold RSI heading upwards and a slightly dropping MACD indicator. The volume decreased, which might be a sign for tired bears. The 4h chart shows that the market closed below the Bollinger Bands, even the last dip closed below it. MACD is showing bearish downwards, RSI is oversold. The big question is if the support holds and the bulls are coming back to push the market. A good signal would be a closing inside the Bollinger Bands and crossing MACD. If the support breaks, next support is around 3000 and then 2700. If we are staying above the trendline, the retest of the downtrend channel is likely at around 3400.


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  • TradingView – ARDR Trading Idea

If we look at the daily chart of Ardor, we can see that the market is at the support zone . Price bounced from 0.000030 support level and diverged with RSI . We have a reversal signal based on a bullish divergence . We can open long trades above 0.000029 level with stop orders below 0.000027 support level .


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  • TradingView – ARDR Analysis


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  • Hacked.com – NXT Trade Recommendation

Bullish divergence gives a trend reversal signal. We should be ready to see a new upward movement. RSI confirms price reversal from 0.0000100 support level. MACD histogram supports upward movement. DMI allows to open long trades. We should buy based on a breakout above the local swing high. It will gives us an additional confirmation that the market is going to move upward. Pending orders for buy should be placed at 0.0000120 level with stop orders at 0.0000094 level. Profit targets are 0.0000160 and 0.0000200 levels. If you don’t use leverage, recommended trading volume for this trade is up to 5% from your deposit.


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

Live stats from the Nxt Blockchain Asset Exchange:

[NXTBridgeAssetStock id=12422608354438203866]

[NXTBridgeAssetCandlestick id=12422608354438203866]


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Yes, that is all for this week, Nxters. Make sure you have more of your favorite warm beverage available as you stay tuned next week for more up-to-date coverage on the final and ultimate round of the IGNIS ICO, the new year launch of Ardor, ongoing projects, and much more. For those who cannot wait a week to learn more, visit our site. We explain in much more detail about Jelurida, Ignis, Ardor, and everything else that is pertinent to the platforms and the momentous ICO.

Follow us on Twitter for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. Stay tuned and stay informed, dear readers. See you back here next week!

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