Nxt Foundation has joined Linux Foundation and HyperLedger!

You may all have seen the news about HyperLedger.

What we couldn’t tell you until the PR from the Linux Foundation had gone out is that the Nxt Foundation has joined the Linux Foundation as an Affiliate Non-Profit Member and has also been accepted as a Affiliate Member of the HyperLedger Project!

We are happy to be a part of this, especially as we take the Linux Foundation as our model for our Foundation and the communication has been very cordial.

You cannot see us in the BIG list as we are not a Premium or Corporate Member as we do not have the capital to be one at the moment.

HyperLedger is just starting, and we expect this will have a very positive effect on our market position.

We are of course also talking to several other parties, but please understand that we cannot confirm anything until we get a “go” from any organisation. That’s just the way things work.

Suffice to say we are working hard at all times to solidify our position in upcoming or existing collaboration projects. We hope to come out with more news soon!

This post was originally posted on nxtforum.org.

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