Nxt Decentralized eBay


Now with SuperNET gearing up, it is a good time to finally issue the asset.

FreeMarket is ready for BETA testers

Asset ID134138275353332190
Issuing account9190137219092766242



20% of FreeMarket listing fees will go to SuperNET.

FreeMarket has several advantages over options like eBay:

  • There is no third-party payment processor
  • There is no need to register and give up any personal information
  • Fees are very low; listing fee is set at 7.77 NXT, a complete sale only costs about 10 NXT
  • You can pay with NXT
  • The NXT blockchain makes FreeMarket resistant to takedown
  • No centralized servers anywhere; FreeMarket does not require centralized administration
  • Allows for photos in listings
  • A simple, pleasant UI
  • Allows for unlimited, buyer-selectable shipping options, each with a separate fee (this is limited to three options right now, but will be changed before release)
  • Messages between buyer and seller, as well as shipping address and shipping method, are encrypted
  • Items can be searched by category and up to 3 optional tags, as well as item title, seller ID, and item ID
  • Listings can be canceled
  • Sellers have the option of accepting or rejecting a sale


Planned features include:

  • A buyer and seller rating and feedback/reputation system
  • Multiple quantities of an item in a single posting (this may be implemented in the first version, time permitting)
  • Other options for additional fees, such as a start page with featured listings

[ANN] thread: https://nxtforum.org/nxtventures/freemarket-official-thread/

Anon136, in April 2014:

I was given some funds for promotional work some time back and I’ve finally decided what I want to spend it on. I want to build a decentralized censorship resistant replacement for bitmit ontop of our blockchain.

It wouldnt be like a centralized service provided on a server like ebay, it would actually be a decentralized censorship resistant ebay built ontop of the nxt blockchain. Its a giant hole in this broader crypto community that’s just waiting to be filled. No matter who wins this race, every good person will be a winner.

Thanks Anon, for the 350.000 NXT donation!

Trade freely, globally, and privately with NXT FreeMarket. FreeMarket uses the NXT blockchain to store all items for sale, so there is no centralized service that has your personal information, and there is no single-point of failure for the FreeMarket system.

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