MOFO Wallet 0.3.3

Mofo wallet update http://mofowallet.com Read more about MOFO Wallet here Supported coins and their embedded server versions: 1. FIMK 0.3 2. NXT 1.3.4 Available as online version and as cross platform installable download: USE ONLINE (You might need to CTRL+F5 to refresh your browsers cache in case the old version is shown – see browser …

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MOFO Wallet – 2nd gen crypto wallet

Mofo Wallet, a NXT / FIMK cross platform wallet has just been released by FIMKrypto Community and DGEX. Right now Mofo Wallet supports NXT and FIMK, but the plan is that it will also support other crypto currencies (starting with BTC). Mofo Wallet has a simple user interface that allows sending/receiving money and encrypted messages, and …

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