MOFO Wallet – 2nd gen crypto wallet

Mofo Wallet, a NXT / FIMK cross platform wallet has just been released by FIMKrypto Community and DGEX.

Right now Mofo Wallet supports NXT and FIMK, but the plan is that it will also support other crypto currencies (starting with BTC).

Mofo Wallet has a simple user interface that allows sending/receiving money and encrypted messages, and it even walks new users through setting up accounts and activating them.

Mofo Wallet is available as a hosted online wallet and as a locally run standalone client. The latter will run as a FULL NODE if you set it up as a local server (this is done by simply clicking a button inside the Mofo Wallet!), thereby enabling you to support the Nxt / FIMK networks while forging for fees for your own accounts. Forging requires your account’s secret phrase to be sent to the server which you should only do if you are running the server on localhost.

After just a little snooping around in the wallet, it’s clear that Mofo is very ambitious in its scope: You currently have a built-in NXT and FIMK faucet (sponsored by DGEX), block explorers, multi account control (on all supported blockchains), wallet.dat backup and a mass payment functionality plugin (just upload your CSV sheet to the wallet and go) and forging support. And hang on just a minute, that’s not all: Mofo also enables software authors to write plugins in the form of distributed applications that have full access to the FIMK and NXT block chains.

Current features:

1. Block explorer.
2. Multi account support.
3. Create new accounts.
4. Add existing accounts.
5. Encrypted, freely named wallet.dat file removing the need to expose NXT / FIMK passphrase ever after creation.
6. Wallet file can be used locally or remotely (compatible with the hosted version at http://mofowallet.com).
7. Send and receive messages (stored in blockchain).
8. Send and receive payments.
9. Built-in faucet for both NXT and FIMK new accounts (through plugin).
10. Mass payment functionality (through plugin).
11. Run local server(s) (start/stop server(s)).
12. Forging (requires a running server process).
13. Theme switcher (19 themes available).
14. Public key announcement automation support.
15. Contacts database integrated with payments and messages.


MOFO – a wallet or a platform?

Development for Mofo Wallet is in a very early stage, expect many more plugins to be developed and added.

The plugin based architecture of the wallet code allows anyone to write plugins for Mofo Wallet.

FIMKrypto writes:

We hope to kickstart a new breed of distributed applications that live on the second generation blockchains. Building applications on a blockchain offers 1.payments 2. messages 3. encryption 4. trading and much more decentralized and distributed computing power for everyone (almost) free of charge.

In Mofo Wallet, applications are created as plugins and require nothing but HTML and Javascript. Once a plugin has been made available on the Web Wallet is becomes directly accessible from the internet.

For an example click here to open a sample plugin that offers strong customer authorization through use of blockchain technologies like trusted blockchain storage and encryption to protect privacy sensitive information.

FIMKrypto is the Finland based non-profit organization and also the name given to the cryptocurrency which it launched in early July 2014. Prior to FIMKs launch, the association received 533 Bitcoins (approx. 250 000 EUR) in donations from domestic and international donators. The association coordinates the FIMKrypto project and is organizing a national basic income plan, to be paid in the cryptocurrency.

FIMK is currently traded on the DGEX and CCEDK crypto currency exchanges, as well as on the Nxt Asset Exchange.

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