NFTMagic + NFTMagic

Last time I wrote about NFTMagic was back in January. It’s amazing how time flies. I remember that there was a little change in the format and I wanted to write about it, but then I got absorbed in adding little improvements to the website that I forgot to do that. I’ll just get it …

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NFTMagic: NFT on Ardor. How does it work


In this post I would like to explain how the NFTMagic.art website works and how it takes advantage of the Ardor features to store large NFT files and their metadata completely on chain. Following the DeFiMAGIC bot NFT functionality described here, I wanted to implement the idea of Sergi Baila from Jelurida to improve the …

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DeFiMAGIC Twitter BOT: The new NFT function


The purpose of this post is to explain how the new NFT capability of the DeFiMAGIC Twitter BOT works. For a brief overview of all the other DeFiMAGIC functionalities refer to this forum topic: https://ardor.rocks/groups/defi/forum/topic/deadfish-bots-parody-but-not-too-much/ The original idea of the DeFiMAGIC bot was to create a parody version of other more established projects, mainly on Ethereum, …

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