ClieNxt 0.0.7

ClieNxt [codename] Bond

* Adapted Java API instead of JSON API (Phase I).
* Support for Spanish (thanks to VanBreuk – 8118526282532613576 ), Portuguese (thanks to garcias – ) in addition to German (thanks to teletobi – 11810049982317883239), RussianEnglish languages.

* Support multiple account forging with timers mixed with watchlist(Phase I)
* includes nxt.jar of 0.8.8 version in lib folder
* some more multithread operations, gui bug fixed, it should be more fluid.

Right now, you will have to re-enter secretPhrase everytime you launch the software and continue to forge. (via Forge Button)

Phase II: (suggestions)
Would you want to have one master password (or PIN code) to encrypt and save secretPhrases?

Saving would allow you to forge even after restart with master password (or PIN code). GUI would have to encrypt and save your secretPhrases in database. Encryption will use AES(MD5(masterpassword), secretPhrase). MD5(masterpassword) itself would be saved as Java Preference (is available in Default settings menu)

In addition, Would you want to get account number with one click?

This way, user only sees account number (secretPhrase is secure and auto-generated) and with master password (or PIN code) he can retrieve secretPhrase of that account.

Please make suggestion if you find it not secure


Simply unzip archive and

– Windows users – double click Clienxt.jar and enjoy
– Linux&Mac users – in terminal ./Clienxt.run & and enjoy



report feature requests, bugs https://bitbucket.org/fmiboy/clienxt/issues?status=new&status=open


Appreciate any kind of support!
Translators are very much welcome to contribute. Please donate some to our translators, as well, they are just awesome!

if you like the effort and the changes, please donate: 13792774143018875909

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