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Newsletter Archive

Nxter News – March 2018 (III): Instead Of Worrying About What You Cannot Control, Shift Your Energy To What You Can Create

By apenzl | 19/03/2018

March (III) Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers! The Ardor Hackathon in Norway is upcoming and will be lead by Lior Yaffe, a core-developer of Ardor; Jelurida was announced as a partner at the upcoming Blockchain Expo – Europe 2018 in June, a new Ardor forum is about to be launched, the latest news on …

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Nxter News – March 2018 (II): Don’t Be Pushed Around By The Fears In Your Mind. Be Led By The Dreams In Your Heart

By apenzl | 12/03/2018

March (II) Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers! Amidst the volatility in the crypto markets, the billion dollar MtGox Bitcoin sale and the ongoing expansion of the Ardor ecosystem, we are here to provide you with the news of the last week. Featured prominently was an excellent introductory video presentation from Blockchain for Business in …

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Nxter News – March 2018 (I): Kites Rise Highest Against the Wind, Not With It

By apenzl | 05/03/2018

March (I) Welcome again, dear Nxters and other followers! The big news from last week was Jelurida’s long and eventful journey progressing through the 4YFN Awards at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. We continue to provide updates on third-party exchanges as they enable ARDR / IGNIS trading, and we highlight community polls where …

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Nxter News – February 2018 (IV): Logic Will Get You From A to Z; Imagination Will Get You Everywhere

By apenzl | 27/02/2018

February (IV) Welcome again, Nxters! We love to have imagination as we marvel at the world that is slowly being shaped and created by blockchain technology. As spring slowly comes, like the beautiful tulips and daffodils, so too does our love and appreciation grow for how our lives will be improved with the blockchain projects …

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Nxter News – February 2018 (III): There Is Nothing Like A Dream To Create The Future

By apenzl | 19/02/2018

February (III) Welcome again, Nxters! The news from last week has exchanges, again, front and center but for a new reason: Jelurida announced a fund for listing NXT / ARDR / IGNIS on new exchanges; in tandem with a crowdfunding effort by the community and ANG to get our tokens on Binance, learn about the …

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Nxter News – February 2018 (II): Why Is Patience So Important? Because It Makes Us Pay Attention

By apenzl | 12/02/2018

February (II) Welcome again, Nxters! Welcome back to another synopsis of the crypto news from last week. Again we have the latest news on which centralized exchanges have enabled ARDR and IGNIS trading, the Action Coin ICO is underway with an NXT Airdrop occurring last week – details below, updates on more and more Blockchain Meetups, …

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Nxter News – February 2018 (I): Predicting Rain Does Not Count. Building Arks Does.

By James | 05/02/2018

February (I) Welcome again, dear Nxters! Welcome back to another synopsis of the crypto news from last week. Jelurida has just been selected as one of the ten finalists at the 4YFN Awards in Barcelona! Ardorgate is up and running and making buying crypto with your fiat money so much easier, a great new account alert …

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Nxt News – January 2018 (V): You Do Not Have To See The Whole Staircase, Just Take The First Step

By James | 29/01/2018

January (V) Welcome again, dear Nxters! Every week we grow and welcome new readers from all over the world. Our community is comprised of fans, traders, developers, crypto-enthusiasts, and anyone in-between who is passionate about the emerging world of the blockchain. Last week the Ardorgate service launched enabling anyone with a Mistertango bank account to convert …

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Nxt News – January 2018 (IV): Do Not Let The Fear Of Losing Be Greater Than The Excitement Of Winning

By James | 22/01/2018

January (IV) Welcome again, fellow Nxters! January has been eventful for Nxters – new Jelurida jobs were posted, a new Ardor Time episode was released, and new scam sites were identified and should promptly be avoided. As always, it was an eventful week. We address the community concerns about what exchanges are trading Ardor and …

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