Nxt News – January 2018 (IV): Do Not Let The Fear Of Losing Be Greater Than The Excitement Of Winning

January (IV)

Welcome again, fellow Nxters! January has been eventful for Nxters – new Jelurida jobs were posted, a new Ardor Time episode was released, and new scam sites were identified and should promptly be avoided. As always, it was an eventful week.

We address the community concerns about what exchanges are trading Ardor and which ones are trading IGNIS. Your patience is appreciated in these early days, Ardor is on the cutting edge of blockchain technology and as such, it can experience unforeseen delays, as early adopting exchanges have to test everything extra thoroughly. There are always unforeseen challenges with new technologies. Last week Lior Yaffe (Jelurida) announced that more exchanges will list us, this week he informs us about a soon to be released zero fee bundling option for child chain issuers and that more child chains are being on-boarded.

We welcome back our old readers and warmly welcome our new ones. The cryptosphere is a large, complex, and largely mysterious place for many people and we at Nxter are changing that. We want our readers to become experts in the Nxt / Ardor / Ignis blockchain ecosystem. Take a deep breath, lean back and learn about all the news from last week.




The AE



This week’s newsletter is put together by James, apenzl, Jose, and rubenbc.



  • Ardor Time, Episode 4

The latest Ardor Time episode was released last week. It documents the statistics of the Ardor launch and informs about the upcoming partnership with Ardorgate that will see the AEUR token shine, assuming you have a Mistertango account. We regret that Americans cannot sign up for accounts with Mistertango, hopefully this changes.

Ardor successfully went into production on January 1st, 2018 at 00:00:00 UTC. Users of the official Nxt wallet can download the Ardor client and use their Nxt account to log into their Ardor wallet to view their ARDR, IGNIS, and SWIFT balances. Jelurida also announced a partnership with Ardorgate to provide the AEUR token which is a child chain token pegged to the Euro. This partnership will make it easier for users with a Mistertango account to deposit and withdraw funds without involvement of a third-party exchange.

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  • Jelurida Job Postings

Are you passionate about crypto, are you an avid member of the Nxter community and are looking for a way to contribute and be paid? Jelurida is looking for highly motivated and talented individuals to grow the platform. Here are links to the following positions for talented developers:

  • Senior Java Engineers
  • Web and Mobile Developers
  • QA Engineer and Customer Support

You can also apply now for a marketing and Social Media Intern blockchain job at Ardor Blockchain Platform (Europe), via Cryptojobslist.com:

We are looking for a self-starter, superstar and eager blockchain beaver who wants to run down the rabbit hole of blockchain tech and cryptocurrency, learning invaluable knowledge and getting hands on experience in the process.

We can’t guarantee, but this position could turn into something bigger if the candidate creates value and knocks projects out of the park.

We could use a motivated and enthusiastic professional new in the blockchain market to implement our social media strategy by posting and scheduling content across our main channels (posts would be text and branded images following our brand guide lines) and analyse the stats weekly.

We offer a great opportunity to step into this amazing and disruptive sector, where the entry barriers for any new professional are high due to its complexity. The blockchain sector it is currently under served of professionals and there are plenty of professional opportunities in the marketing field for those who get start to learn its particularities.


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  • Exchanges…

Third-party exchanges have frustrated many of our users and yet the word is not out that they are beyond Jelurida’s control. So, what do we know?

A lot of energy has gone into fighting FUD and discussing centralized exchanges lately, understandably, and Nxter has been involved in the discussion as well, answering emails and social media messages from traders that assume that we or Jelurida control the exchanges. That we can release people’s funds. Of course, we can’t. Most people know this and accept, wait, post reminders to their exchange. And then some threaten to divide our heads in two with an ax or to turn their back on NXT, ARDR, and IGNIS, if all private exchanges do not release IGNIS, now.

Yet, 1 NXT is 1 NXT, 1 IGNIS is 1 IGNIS, and 1 ARDR is 1 ARDR.

You lose them if you dump. You will lose fiat value, of course, if you bought higher than you sell, but you’ll also lose your stake in the blockchain evolution. Not a token with a whitepaper but a working decentralized software solution that you can actually use.

Let us get to the list of exchanges that have launched our coins so far:

NXT Exchanges:


  • Bitcoin Indonesia
  • AEX


  • Bittrex
  • Upbit
  • AEX
  • Stocks.Exchange

What has been holding them up for so long? Why the silence? Read this quote from the official ArdorNxt slack’s #trading channel, where Riker gives it a guess:

Could only be one of these 4 reasons…
1. There is issues we are unaware of with the current wallet revision.
2. 2.09 was a real setback and the failure to integrate and the time wasted by exchanges meant that Ardor goes to the back of the queue.
3. All exchanges have been paid off by ethereum shills to delay as long as possible.
4. There is far more complexities with the wallet integration than others and requires a lot of time and input from Jelurida.

1. Nothing critical that should prevent exchanges from launching support.
2. I think the fact that the Poloniex node was on this fork was indeed a set back. It’s possible that this deter some exchanges.
3. Unlikely
4. The wallet integration of Ardor is very similar to Nxt, for Ignis there is additional complexity with the bundling process, in my view this is a minor issue but I can understand exchange developers that want to do more testing.

Jelurida is offering assistance to any exchanges that need help. Also if a new exchange wants to add NXT, IGNIS and ARDR trading – Jelurida is going to help them.

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  • Infographic – Ardor vs Ethereum

TheWireMaster, a very well known member of the community and owner of The Wiring website has created an amazing infographic that compares the Ardor and Ethereum blockchains features. Click on the image to open it in full size.

If you’re interested in what else sets Ardor and its IGNIS child chains apart from other blockchain projects, we recommend you to read this article series: Ardor vs the Competition, created by user Segfaultsteve.

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  • Bitswift News

Bitswift announced to the community: They will be working with the Queens Blockchain Innovation Community (QBIC) and they updated the most recent info on the bundler and transaction rates for the store – which has a cool coupon below.

They announced:

bitswift.press updated:

Current company bundler with rate at 0.001, which means Bitswift txns will cost you micro fractions of a penny for the next little while. Enjoy the no fees on Bitswift.

Apply this coupon on our shop at checkout to save 4%, crypto only.

This is happening over in China – > https://weibo.com/bitswift
Looks like community is being established there.

New shop manager on board, Mike. Email mike@bitswift.tech if you looking for any specific product, we can order it for you.

Also, preliminary announcement here that we will be working with QBIC (Queens Blockchain Innovation Community)

You can go here to learn more about QBIC: https://www.facebook.com/QBIC.tech/

Read the Bitswift article released on BTC 38 – Bitswift(飞速)迁移至Ardor(阿朵)主网,成为三大子链之一

Official forum thread

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  • Coinerz – Dev Video

The Ardor platform is incredibly feature-rich. Many who are frustrated about how slow exchanges are to enable ARDR/IGNIS trading can productively use the time to familiarize themselves with the Ardor client. Coinerz released a handy video showcasing the dev version of their Ardor.fyi site, and 2 videos explaining how to register and secure an Ardor Platform account.

They wrote:

Here’s a quick video of the dev version of Ardor FYI. It features news, a block explorer and a forging pool. Most of the stuff is already working, we’re just in the process of tidying things up.

No voice over as this was a quick preview video that took literally 2 minutes to make. We will hopefully get the site launched in the next week or so and then we will make a proper video.

An Ardor Wallet Tutorial

Learn how to open and use your Ardor wallet:

I’ve uploaded the first of my Ardor Wallet tutorials to YouTube. I’m in the process of making several of these which will show people all aspects of the wallet. Feedback would be appreciated!

Secure Your Passphrase:

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  • Ardor (ARDR) Review – After The Launch

Last week, crypto enthusiast “CryptoDemetrius” gave his view on Ardor, the recent updates, the dev team and the potential of the Ardor blockchain platform in his review.

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  • NXT GOLD is the Latest SCAM

As in the story of the Nigerian prince but more modernized, scammers cheat by creating false websites and/or false profiles trying to steal the money. Just because something has NXT or ARDOR in the name does not make it legit. As a general rule, you should ALWAYS be skeptical of new services online. NXT GOLD is a SCAM – do not follow them or listen to anything they have to say!

Follow the News from these OFFICIAL CHANNELS:

Nxt official website

Ardor official website

Slack and Forum

Nxt official Twitter

Ardor Platform on Twitter

Jelurida website

Jelurida on Twitter

Oh. And you can follow Nxter.org on Twitter too. And Ardor Nxt Group.

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The following blockchain Meetups were announced last week:

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  • Join the Ardor/Nxt Meetup Communities

Veronica and the community are setting up blockchain Meetup-groups. Another one was just added in Madrid. Check and see if a new has been created near you – or get help to set up one!

New Blockchain for Business Group in Madrid has been opened by our friend @coradan and got +100 members in just 1 day of this creation!

This is part of the Blockchain for Business initiative that started Elizabeth in Pensylvania and was followed by veronica in Barcelona (co-organizing it with vanbreuk, rubenbc, fsarrias and Jesse Seaver).




These groups are for anyone interested in Blockchain and how Blockchain can apply to business.

We will talk about the application of this technology into different industries, we will invite blockchain experts, show use cases and organize panels of discussion with sectorial professionals and thought leaders. We are starting these groups to spread the Blockchain applications for Business and be the ones leading the conversation 🙂

More to come! We will happy to share our best practices with anyone in the community that wants to create a group in his/her location. Come to channel #meetuporganizers

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  • “This is Blockchain” in Vienna on January 30

Travin Keith will speak at this presentation about the ANG. The intro video below introduces the conference.


  • Travin Keith
    Agavon, Hyperledger & Ardor and Nxt Group (ANG) Member
    Talking about his work @ Ardor & Nxt Group and Hyperledger
  • Paul Polterauer
    CEO Herosphere
    Talking about his successful Herocoin ICO
  • Alexander Pfeiffer 
    Applied Game Studies | Donau Uni Krems
    Introduction, recent blockchain for business projects based on the Ardor/Nxt technology

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The AE

  • Janus – Status Update

The Janus team launched a tutorial explaining how to buy Janus on the Ardor blockchain.

Asset ID on ARDOR platform: 4348103880042995903

C-CEX Holders: Act Now!

The C-CEX exchange has seemingly slammed the door on Janus and the JNS holders on the exchange. If you have JNS NXT on C-CEX read on.

Janus wrote:

After a long conversation, mainly with the owner of C-CEX.com, they decided not to upgrade to Ardor wallet. We explained that position affects Janus users since with the current JNS NXT version you can not send/receive/withdraw unless they perform the upgrade. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a resolution we can reach with C-CEX.com and the way they handled deposits was, not ideal.

According to their wallet, roughly 200k $JNS tokens are on C-CEX.com:

After a meeting with the whole Janus Project core team, we decided that the best solution and move forward would be to OFFER the coverage of all 200k $JNS on C-CEX.com for users. That being said, if you´re one of the users affected or you have a friend who has $JNS tokens on C-CEX.com as well, please email us at bjorn@janustoken.com or private message us on slack https://ardornxt.slack.com ( email is better) and provide as much unaltered info as possible like screenshots and we will hopefully get everyone affected taken care of.

Yours in business,
-The Janusproject Team

We asked Janus:

Isn’t it a problem that c-cex still has 200K JNS on the Ardor blockchain? In 10 years they will still own them and be able to access them. If they are not going to support Ardor, they should delete them or release them.

Bjorn responded:

I agree, Arthur, I believe in all honesty that C-Cex has made the money they feel necessary to exist for retirement. I think the main issue is they do not want to take the time to do this upgrade because there is not enough motivation, as sad as that sounds. I’m just going based on what messages I have from them.

I will be monitoring emails over the next week with more energy to get this remedied for our users, in the meantime pressing the new building owner to pressure the electric company. We have a JNSHash to launch and I am tired of looking at so much hardware not in use.

New Utility Token


There is a lot of information we have withheld due to both the complexity of this year’s milestones and the nature of how it must be done. I will probably have to release a bullet-point version, we have had some ideas already previously used from giving up too much internal work, unfortunately.

It’s complex but the way we plan the new utility token is very specific and precise.

It will have some very interesting distribution methods. We are attempting to combine several current methods into one for distribution. The global mainstream, the mining community, Janus community, and then expanded into 3 other sites for further mainstream.

It has a few things going for it that hindered JNS regarding exchanges. It’s a utility coin thus does not under the current ‘rules’ fall into security. That’s step one. It will be used in several sites (which binance, kucoin, and AEX love). It will act as a payment currency, reward currency and currency to be used in multiple brands. This is the very most I can reveal for now.

2 major points for JNS users though it is important to have JNS for. One is JNSHash mining payouts membership, the other is for the new coin airdrop. There is a third but depends on whether we can finish this in 2018 or it will have to be 2019. All of our team will be pushing for this year, for the final service. I promise to release full details when we are so close that to copy it would be near impossible. Thanks for understanding. This blockchain space has grown so much and other teams with their multi million ICO money can move faster (or hire more developers) so stealth must be our friend.

Learn about the Janus (JNS) token on the Ardor Platform: janustoken.com

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  • Announcing the ADL Swap to Ethereum

Adel announced their upcoming token swap. Back in November, the Adel community voted to migrate one of their tokens (ADL) from the Nxt ecosystem to the Ethereum ecosystem. Last week they released the following specifics, planned for February 15th:

We are putting the finishing touches on the ADL Swap Module for the upcoming move to Ethereum, planned for February 15th, 2018. Shortly before, we will release a guide on how to create an Ethereum wallet and move your coins from Nxt. For any questions related to the swap, reach out to us on Slack or Telegram.

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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium – Ardor Launch — Update #3

Core dev, Lior Yaffe, released another Medium update about Ardor. Successfully running for over three weeks now, there have been several challenges to overcome and more will present themselves. The Jelurida team is very busy securing the future of Ardor by on-boarding new clients and their child chains as well as securing the blockchain from any bugs and glitches.

He wrote:

We are on-boarding new child chains

Before, during and after the launch of Ardor we were approached by many teams about creating a new child chain for their project, now that Ardor is launched and stable, we are starting to put more time and effort into on boarding new projects. To make sure we only introduce high quality projects, we would like each child chain to represent a real business with a clear use case and revenue model. Therefore, child chain creators will sign a Terms & Conditions document with Jelurida and pay a listing fee. This is something that has never been done before in the cryptosphere and we are building this process on the go so be patient with us

To summarize, looking forward for another productive week and working hard on putting this wonderful Blockchain platform into solving real life problems.


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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium –  The Token Duality Problem

Lior wrote about the problems of having a single ledger with a dual purpose: 1 – Transfer of value, and 2 – Security of the network. These two problems are not intractable but they present fundamentally different issues and directions for a token to go, possibly creating unforeseen issues.

His expert opinion:

Why does Ardor solve (or will solve) the token duality problem?

In Ardor your end users pay the transaction fee in the child chain token, and as long as it makes sense from business perspective, this fee can be zero. Fee payment of the security token is off loaded from the user to the “bundler” which can be a business responsible for the child chain, think exchanges, merchants, payment processors, startups.

In Ardor, the child chain transactions will be pruned, i.e. removed from the blockchain once they are stored deep enough into the blockchain. Anyone who is still interested in the full transaction history will be able to setup an archival node and store it, but it will no longer be part of the blockchain itself.

Lastly, each child chain will deal with it’s own applications and would be much less dependent on the rest of the applications deployed to the platform.


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  • Themerkle – What is Ardor?

A nice primer on Ardor. The scalability and customizability are major selling points for Ardor in the burgeoning field of Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS). The unique child chain architecture of Ardor and how it affords pruning and scalability to any business and their child chain is explained.

They wrote:

TheMerkle Ardor BaaS

In the world of cryptocurrency, there are many projects which try to bring something new to the table. Ardor is one of those projects which most people know little about, even though it certainly offers something unique. It positions itself as the first scalable blockchain-as-a-service platform for businesses. Living up to these expectations will not be easy by any means, but now is a good time to take a closer look at what Ardor brings to the table.


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  • Coincentral – What is Nxt? | Beginner’s Guide

This is a well-written primer on Nxt, for those who are uninitiated. Ardor is getting the buzz these days but Nxt is over four years old and still one of the best Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains out there. Ardor can be referred to as Nxt 2.0 but is a different blockchain with other use cases – so it is important to know and understand the continued usefulness of the world’s first 100% PoS token.

They wrote:

What is Nxt?
Nxt uses the blockchain to create an entire ecosystem of decentralized features, all of which require the Nxt currency. Instead of modifying the original Bitcoin source code, as many altcoins have done, Nxt developers wrote their own code in Java from scratch. While Nxt is a public blockchain, licenses for private blockchains based on its software are also available for purchase. The developers refer to Nxt as Blockchain 2.0, providing numerous applications beyond simply keeping a public ledger of transactions.


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  • TradingView – Ardor is the MOST underrated crypto right now!


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  • TradingView – Ardor / Bitcoin (BITTREX)


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR/IGNIS Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the IGNIS / Bitcoin exchange price at Aex over these past days:


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And that is all for this week, Nxters.

Follow us on Twitter for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. Be smart and stay informed, dear Nxters, we work hard to earn your trust. See you back here next week!

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