Nxter News – February 2018 (I): Predicting Rain Does Not Count. Building Arks Does.

February (I)

Welcome again, dear Nxters! Welcome back to another synopsis of the crypto news from last week.

Jelurida has just been selected as one of the ten finalists at the 4YFN Awards in Barcelona! Ardorgate is up and running and making buying crypto with your fiat money so much easier, a great new account alert service is available, and last week also saw the release IGNIS on Bittrex, finally, but we still are waiting for some other exchanges to get their act together (Poloniex / Freewallet / HitBTC). Lior Yaffe updated the community with another installment from his Medium blog, new Meetups were announced and a lot more.

    We welcome back our old readers and warmly welcome our new ones. The cryptosphere is a large, complex, and largely mysterious place for many people, and we at Nxter are changing that. We want our readers to become experts in the Nxt / Ardor / Ignis blockchain ecosystem. Take a deep breath, lean back and learn about all the news from last week.




    The AE




    This week’s newsletter is put together by James, apenzl, Jose, and rubenbc.



    • 4YFN Awards Finalists

    Jelurida has been selected as one of the ten finalists at the 4YFN Awards!

    Jelurida will pitch on the main stage, meet up with investors and exhibit within the innovation market at 4YFN Barcelona on Tuesday, February 27, and pitch in Mobile World Congress, Conference Innovation session, three days later, on the 1st of March.

    The 4YFN Awards 2018 is the startup competition of the 4YFN at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2018 event, focused on accelerating business development and the investment in new technologies.

    As part of being a finalist, Jelurida will exhibit for free in a highlighted area of 4YFN from February 26 to 28. Also, they will get a dedicated article published on the 4YFN website and will be included in newsletters and across social channels. Jelurida will have the opportunity to meet the international press for the promotion of the finalists’ projects, 5 FREE visitor passes, and will enter the SendGrid Accelerator Programme, receiving a SendGrid Pro 100k Plan and the 6-month starter package with Loader.

    Lior writes:

    The presence at MWC provides and huge exposure outside of the crypto circles. We are the only blockchain startup represented in the 10 finalists.

    The Mobile World Congress is the most significant mobile event in the world, with Annual attendance more than 100,000. Attendees represent more than 200 countries from across the globe. Over 2,300 exhibits are featured during four days in Barcelona from February 26 to the 1st of March.

    Lior Yaffe, co-founder and Managing Director of Jelurida will visit Barcelona for the entire week. Veronica Torras, Head of Marketing and Business Development, together with other members of the community, is working on a strategic agenda to meet with relevant representatives of the technology and the blockchain business community in Barcelona.


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    • Exchange Euros for ARDR with Ardorgate

    Last week we mentioned the launch of Ardorgate, and the AEUR child chain.

    Since then, users have been depositing EUR > AEUR into the Ardor blockchain platform, and withdrawn some EUR as well, a user confirmed he used IGNIS to fuel his car with, by converting IGNIS to AEUR in the Ardor p2p Coin Exchange, and then sending AEUR from the Ardor client to his Mister Tango Mastercard in minutes via Ardorgate.

    32517 AEUR are currently in circulation, backed by an equal amount of EUR in Ardorgate’s account.

    Ardorgate allows you to quickly purchase or sell assets, marketplace items, and child chain tokens in the Ardor ecosystem – effortlessly convert AEUR < > IGNIS, ARDR, BITSWIFT, Janus assets and other tokens. With Ardorgate, any AEUR tokens you have can also be fast and easily converted to Euros in your Mistertango account.

    James Malach, aka Coinerz, created a new Ardor how-to video entitled: ‘Exchange Euros For Ardor With Ardorgate’

    Previous videos at:

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    • Account Alert Service

    Nxters have long been requesting an alert service, that can notify them by email of new transactions to their Nxt and Ardor accounts. Last week developer Alexander, aka scor2k, a Nxter.org partner, launched such a notification service for testing. It has been a long time since a service like this has been operational, so we have no doubt that our readers will find it useful. Learn about other services designed by Alexander here, and about how to register for the alpha alert service below.

    Alexander wrote:

    I would like to introduce our service:

    • Nxter Alert Service for Nxt and Ardor accounts

    You can add your (or any other) Nxt and Ardor account address and you will receive email alerts every time a transaction has been made (sent or received).

    The service will notify you of NXT, ARDOR and child chain transactions.

    Register here: https://www.nxter.org/alerts

    We are starting alpha-testing now, but we have many great plans to upgrade this simple service and launch new services in the near future. You can test and use our alert service already and help us by sending feedback to help@nxter.org or by posting it in this thread.



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    • Exchanges…

    Good news finally came for IGNIS holders as IGNIS/BTC trading was enabled on Bittrex. UpBit airdropped the IGNIS tokens but still has not enabled the wallets and markets. And the rest?

    Yeah, we are very tired of having this section in the newsletter.


    THIS ^ updated list also includes 3rd party exchanges that have NOT released their customers’ ARDR and IGNIS yet.

    HitBTC! Poloniex! FreeWallet! Get your act together, please!

    Lior Yaffe (Jelurida) wrote –

    To those whose IGNIS tokens are still locked by exchanges, exchanges has no more excuses, the blockchain is stable since Jan 2nd and with the new release we have the full deposit/withdrawal process covered and operational. Be proactive, open support tickets and contact them on social networks to release your funds. In case exchange developers need advice we are here to help.

    Following 2 quotes from ardornxt.slack #trading channel, sum up well the differences between how hodlers and daytraders, newbies and cryptocurrency veterans weigh the importance of the current situation with exchanges:

    ywz [5:33 AM]

    the management is very bad, it seems no one is working on exchange issues
    someone said the team dont know how to run a business several weeks ago, correct
    ardor will go down to less than 0.2 USD if they dont solve the exchange issues, and then disappear

    napdude [6:22 AM]

    @ywz exchange issues is a short-term problem and it only affects short-term speculators. Don’t trust an exchange with large amounts of crypto.

    Progress on the core technology and actual adoption and use in the field is what will drive value in the long term. The future and adoption of ardor is not very much affected if ardor gets on more exchanges right now, or in a month.

    You should’ve held your NXT in an NXT wallet then you would not risk getting your ignis and ardor frozen up in a centralized exchange. Remember how long it took to get bitcoin cash from bitcoin holdings at various exchanges. This is a similar situation, exchanges are slow, they can’t afford to make mistakes.

    It has been stated many times that jelurida is working with the exchanges, but in the end, it is the devs on each exchange that decides what to prioritize. 

    Most ardor owners who are here bc of the technology couldn’t care less if the price goes down in the short term – as long as the tech is kept shiny, the price will come back up when we see adoption of the nxt and ardor ecosystem in the real world. Most of the people whining about exchanges are probably pump and dumpers who couldn’t dump as fast as they had planned.

    I think the people working with ardor are doing an excellent job, prioritizing tasks. I’m sure if they later this year find themselves with some extra time, they’re going to dedicate a developer to get ardor onto as many exchanges as possible, as fast as possible. Until that happens, consider the current prize a rare buying opportunity. ardor, ignis, and nxt are to be stacked and held. in their blockchains, not on exchanges (except for trading of course).

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    • Riker Answers Where is the Marketing???

    Nxter.org has long promoted the products released by Jelurida. We have links on our site to all of the products released and our newsletter readers are kept up-to-date on important news and announcements from Jelurida and the entire ecosystem. The Nxter community is very welcoming and embracing of all who wish to learn about Nxt / Ardor and its current and upcoming features and child chains. Jelurida may own the products but they do not control or own the community or 3rd party exchanges and we will continue to keep our community informed with honest feedback about the products we love to use. Nxter has a great book for sale along with links to excellent articles and tutorial videos for any member of any skill set who wishes to participate, build, and spread the word, which we encourage you to do!

    Last week Lior responded to complaints on nxtforum:

    Folks, my feedback:
    1. If I’m dead or just retired, rest assured Nxt and Ardor will live on, I’m more of the spokesperson of the project than the lead developer
    2. Translations – will start soon
    3. Child chains creation – having tight control over their creation is a hard learnt lesson from the Nxt asset exchange and monetary system
    4. Approaching ERC20 issuers which has a lot of funds to spend – good idea and definitely something we should do better

    Whenever the token price drops for some reason we start getting these complaints about marketing. We are kind of used to it.
    Please consider that we are doing much more than we used to do before we had the ICO funding.

    Few examples:
    1. Veronica – our new marketing manager and a team she’s building around the project
    2. Working with a PR agency
    3. The Starla movies
    4. Email campaigns
    5. Website redesign – not done
    6. A lot of work with customers and enterprises, some of which, have to remain private and some are not ready to be published yet
    7. Myself writing a blog on Medium and being active on Twitter


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    • Neocash Media – Tether, Bitcoin, Ardorgate, AEUR

    Neocash Media loves Ardorgate as much as we do. This short video gives opinions on the wider crypto space but highlights Ardor and Ardorgate /AEUR as an example of how “pegged currencies ought to work.” The simplicity and transparency of Ardorgate when it comes to buying Euro-pegged AEUR tokens is ideal and unsurpassed in the wider crypto world.

    He said:

    Child chains have an independent blockchain tailored to the specific environment or protocol. These child chains can choose to attach or bundle a reference block into the Ardor Parent chain. Once done the child chains can prune their blocks limiting the digital footprint without compromising on security.

    Ardor and all child chains are proof-of-stake blockchains based off the NXT platform.

    The Ardorgate website allows users to deposit Euros and receive a digital token pegged to that Euro price. The token is called AEUR which is also the name of a child chain within the Ardor platform. The fiat money is handled by a bank service called mistertango and instructions show how to both deposit and withdrawal Euros. The instructions involve some copy and pasting so please be careful if you try it out.

    This is how a pegged fiat to cryptocurrency ought to work. There is transparency for the number of tokens created and the amount of Euros on deposit.

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    • 10 IGNIS Bounty Challenge – Completed

    We are happy to report the successful completion of the first IGNIS bounty! Many thanks to all the community members who contributed in highlighting content that contains misinformation about Ardor. More bounty challenges will be announced in the future. Stay tuned for more challenges and bounties.

    10 IGNIS Bounty Challenge: Update Ardor information on the Web from Ardor

    If you won a bounty, payouts will be completed within the next 24 hours.

    Stay tuned for a new challenge!


    Don’t forget to visit regularly https://www.reddit.com/r/Ardor and https://www.reddit.com/r/NXT/ to find useful information about Nxt/Ardor/Ignis.

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    • Airdrop from Clones – How to Act

    It looks like the Ardor blockchain is going to be cloned pretty soon.

    A group of Indonesian developers have decided to launch a clone of the recently launched Ardor blockchain. We would like to remark that Jelurida does not support it. If you want more info about this clone you can join their telegram chat or visit their web page. We do not know if the project is reliable or not and can not answer your questions about this clone. You should ask them directly. And be careful. To make it clear: this clone has nothing to do with Jelurida nor with the Ardor/Ignis/Nxt community.

    Free cloning is one of the issues that often comes up when talking about open-source software. You can’t avoid it. And it’s not the first time that we see this happen in our ecosystem. There have been many Nxt clones out there during these >4 years, which have taken advantage of our excellent team of developers for their own good, and not making any good to the investors of the original chain. Sometimes their creators don’t even mention the Nxt blockchain when promoting these clones.

    That is why Jelurida created a new type of “coinleft” license, the Jelurida Public License or JPL, in the spirit of the GNU General Public License, but better suited to protect the interests of open source cryptocurrency projects like Nxt and Ardor.

    Lior Yaffe stated:

    In principal, we release the source code for our blockchain products so that people can review it, contribute to it and use it as reference when developing their applications.
    We do not release source code for people to clone it and create competing tokens, but unfortunately this is a side effect that we cannot prevent.
    We do not cooperate with LELE in any way and have no intention to do so. All we do with projects like LELE is make sure they comply with JPL license.

    According to the JPL, any public clone of the Nxt blockchain will have to distribute 10% of all the tokens in that new cloned chain to NXT holders. And any public clone of the Ardor blockchain will have to distribute 10% of all the tokens in that new cloned parent chain to IGNIS holders.

    Full text of the JPL v1.1: Ardor _ Nxt

    So this example of a clone will have to airdrop 10% of the tokens to the IGNIS holders.

    This brings up another issue: Once the airdrop is over, current IGNIS holders will have to download the Lele wallet and log in there using the same account they use to login to their Ardor account to find the airdropped tokens. This can be dangerous, especially since we do not know if the new wallet contains involuntary bugs (or even, v0luntary ones, we have to trust the clone developers).

    If by any chance someone managed to get your passphrase (you will be asked to enter your current secret Nxt/Ardor/Ignis passphrase there to be able to transfer your LELEs) you will be in real danger: not only could you lose your Lele’s tokens (they could be stolen if someone knew your passphrase) but also your Ardor/Ignis/any other tokens you hold on the Nxt and Ardor blockchains could be lost.

    So some Ardor community members have started to look for workarounds to find a solution to this problem so that you don’t need to enter your Ardor/Ignis passphrase in a Lele wallet that we might not trust if you want to collect the airdropped coins.

    Riker explains:

    Right, anytime you use your LELE passphrase you are also using your Nxt or Ardor passphrase.

    What you need to do when using airdrop from clones is:
    1. Create a new account on the clone (call it LELE) then create an unsigned transaction to send all your funds to this account on LELE
    2. Copy the bytes or json to your Nxt node to sign it
    3. Broadcast the transaction to the LELE blockchain
    This would work for the power users but too complex for newbies.

    Josenxt has also though of another plausible solution:

    Since the Lele snapshot will be recorded on the 28th of February, I suggest you create a new Ignis account (lets call it Account 2) and temporarily move your IGNIS to that new Account 2 (don’t forget the passphrase of both the old and the new Ignis acount!) before the snapshot. Then, after the snapshot has been recorded, send your Ignis back to the original account 1 BEFORE logging in to the Lele wallet with the passphrase of Account 2. That way, if someone managed to steal the passphrase of your Account 2, you’ll only lose your Leles, your Ardor/Ignis will be safe and sound, because they’ll be in a different account (account 1 instead of account 2) and protected by a different passphrase which they wouldn’t know.

    For additional security, you could create your Account 2 as a cold storage account with NxtBridge OFFLINE.

    Always remember to store your passphrase (the 12 random words that the clients presents you when creating a new account) in a safe place. Never share your passphrase with anyone. Don’t change a single character, blank space, capital letter of your passphrase or you won’t be able to move your funds.

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    This week on Wednesday the 7th there will be a Meetup in Valencia talking about the Ardor platform. This Meetup will be hosted by longtime community member almonte. The presentation is in the Spanish language but will be English friendly.

    Alberto Fernández, aka Almonte wrote:

    On the 7th of February there will be an Ardor presentation in Valencia (Spain) https://www.meetup.com/es-ES/Blockchain-Valencia-Tech/events/246896335/ If you are nearby, come over! It will be in Spanish but it is English friendly

    More information

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    • Blockchain Business Meetup in Madrid (Spain) on March 1st

    Anybody interested in the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) and in the Blockchain for Business can attend this Meetup that will be held on the 1st floor of the Google Campus in Madrid – Espacio Café. Nxt and Ardor will be introduced as well.

    This will be the location


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    • Exploring the Blockchain for Business in Central PA – March 1

    Elizabeth Mong, director of the ANG, is having a follow-up to her previous Meetup. This second one will be more technical in scope and if you attended the first one you should definitely also attend this one on Thursday, March 1st.

    What we will do
    Introduction to blockchain technology and how it applies to business. Both businesses and software developers will find a place in this emerging field. We hope to facilitate the future applications from both points of view.

    • What to bring
    Bring your laptops, and we will download and explore a functional blockchain.

    Elizabeth – Here is a photo of the “Introduction to Blockchain” Meetup I hosted last evening. I introduced blockchain in the simplest terms and gave several use cases and examples followed by a download of the Ardor client / wallet and a Q&A that was very lively and fun 🙂

    I’m looking forward to the next Meetup that will get more technical and to all the proposed “crypto” coffee dates between now and then.


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    • Crypto Meetup “This is Blockchain” by Limesoda held on January 30th

    Limesoda hosted a live-stream “This is Blockchain” Meetup last week.

    Alex Pfeiffer, Paul Ploterauer, and Travin Keith spoke and Lior Yaffe live streamed from Israel to participate.


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    The AE

    • Janus – Status Update

    The Kreds snapshot occurred last week on February 3rd at Ardor block height 48484, distributing over 49M Kreds tokens to JNS holders. More info about this new blockchain and how to claim the airdropped Kreds is below.


    They wrote:

    We are distributing up to 49,500,000 KREDS to Janus token users based on their account balances through snapshot method, at 1 JNS =2 KREDS ratio.

    Kreds will have is own blockchain ecosystem and will be used by our team to create a network of world utility, action-based reward, and digital currency within several media and news websites.

    Great for janus holders! Is Kreds a clone?

    Kreds will be a totally new blockchain with no connection to Ardor. KredsBlockchain.com. Specs and distribution allocation will be revealed over the next week.

    Janus will remain on the Ardor platform, and will be required to access several projects we will be launching over the years ( ex: JNSHASH mining project).

    Ok, thanks for clarification. People are asking me for a whitepaper. Do you have a link?

    We´re working on it! 🙂 Kreds is PoW+PoS (Proof of Service – Masternodes)

    Janus Telegram: https://t.me/thejanusproject

    Janus asset ID on the ARDOR platform: 4348103880042995903

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    • Adel – Holders, Prepare for the Token Swap

    A friendly reminder: On February 15th the ADL tokens on Nxt’s Blockchain will be migrated to Ethereum.

    The Adel team has just released a tutorial for this:

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    • Cold storage / NXTBridge suite

    Scor2k, the dev of Nxter’s Alert service, has also created other helpful services for Nxters.

    A quick reminder:

    • NXTBridge OFFLINE
      • Sign transactions, and create cold storage NXT/Ardor/child chain accounts

    NXTBridge – a suite of plugins for WordPress users
    Anyone with a WordPress site can show data from the Nxt blockchain by using simple shortcodes:

    • NXTBridge: ICO
      • Shows live data from your ICO on the NXT Blockchain
    • NXTBridge: Assets
    • NXTBridge: Ledger
      • View any account
        • shows latest transactions, including dividends received
      • Send NXT
      • Insert TIP buttons on your WordPress site
        • Ledger creates unsigned transaction bytes, which you can sign with NXTBridge OFFLINE
      • Broadcast transactions
        • After signing, NxtBridge Ledger lets you safely broadcast your signed transaction to the network.

    Over the next month, Alexander will be porting some of these services to Ardor, to use with Ardor child chains, as well as present new ones. We look forward to updating you as they come, as well as integrating his work into our website, to give you an easy gateway to using the Ardor Platform.

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    • Weekly Reminder

    Some users are having trouble when withdrawing IGNIS to new accounts from the AEX exchange. Their transactions sometimes did not find a proper bundler and never arrived at their destination (got canceled). The importance of announcing your account is the friendly reminder – much more detail below, also about how to bundle your own transactions.

    Lior stated:

    Instead of doing the right thing and bundling their own withdrawal transactions, AEX are waiting for others to bundle their transactions.

    The problem is that if you withdraw IGNIS to an existing account the fee is the IGNIS equivalent to 0.01 ARDR but if you withdraw to a new account you need to pay equivalent of 1.01 ARDR.

    AEX ignores this and pays an IGNIS fee which is too small [to fund the initiation of new accounts] so their transactions are not getting bundled and therefore expire + they ignore our advice to fix this.

    In order to solve this problem, you need to announce your account to the blockchain i.e. make an outgoing transaction or attaching the public key when receiving funds. Note: ARDOR-9NLR-4UUL-6RPV-3ZA5B is the account of the AEX exchange.


    ARDOR-9NLR-4UUL-6RPV-3ZA5B has been creating IGNIS payments with an insufficient fee, resulting in the transactions remaining unconfirmed. This happens only for new accounts since there is an IGNIS bundler running with a low-enough rate to process payments to existing accounts. I have been creating the accounts to get these pending transactions processed, but I’m not continually checking for unconfirmed transactions.

    Jelurida has contacted the exchange about the problem but it is up to them to correct it. In the mean time, if you have a new account and expect to receive payments from an exchange, make sure your account is created first. This can be done by having somebody create a transaction to send you coins or a message [including your public key in the transaction].

    Martis gives another solution:

    The user can bundle the transaction himself. If he sees an incoming transaction in his client, click on the transaction date, go to actions and bundle.

    In 2.0.13 the property bundler was introduced, they need to use that feature…

    Here are the steps you can take to bundle your own withdrawal transaction from AEX (the child chain transaction can’t be older than 15 minutes).

    Find the full hash of your unbundled transaction. You can use https://ardor.tools/transactions/All/unconfirmed to seek for your transaction

    Make sure you are the recipient of the transaction, there might be listed some other unconfirmed transactions. Then press the button “Toggle Raw Data”

    Copy the Full Hash of the transaction to the clipboard


    Open your Ardor wallet and paste the Full Hash of the transaction in the “search” filed. Then press the “search” icon

    This window will pop-up. Choose the “Actions” tab, and press the “Bundle” button

    Finally, enter your passphrase and bundle the transaction. If you want to know exactly how much the fee will be, click on the “calculate” button next to the “fee” field before pressing the “bundle” button.



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    • Lior Yaffe in Medium – Ardor Launch — Update #4

    Lior Yaffe, Jelurida core-dev, updated the community about the new support engineer contracted to be the first line of support, about the new CRS system in place thanks to Veronica, and mentioned a possible site redesign.

    Lior wrote:

    After a month of joint effort to manage the huge support load together with community members, everything seems to be under control and we now contracted Adedayo, a professional, ex Poloniex, support engineer to manage the first line of support. A new CRM system is now in place, set up by our tireless marketing and business development manager Veronica, and we are looking to deploy a new bug tracking system during February and even redesign our web site.


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    • Lior Yaffe in Medium – Benefits of Ardor 0 Fee Transactions

    Ardor supports 0 fee child chain transactions, which is great for businesses that want to allow their customers to make transactions without fees. In a Medium post, Lior uses the example of an entrepreneur that wants to use the blockchain to issue, sell and redeem concert tickets.

    On other blockchains, which have not divided their transactional token from their security token, such a customer would need to purchase the ticket PLUS the blockchain token (like, for example, Ethereum) to be able to pay the blockchain fee for redeeming his ticket. Now, which music fan would buy into Ethereum, just to get access to a concert?

    Ardor is a perfect match this entrepreneur, because of 3 unique Ardor features:

    1. Child chains
    2. Account Properties
    3. AccountPropertyBundler

    The entrepreneur can issue concert ticket tokens on any child chain, run a custom bundler and bundle transactions specific to his asset, and so, the customer can easily redeem his concert ticket at the door, without having to pay a fee in any blockchain token.

    Lior elaborated:

    You can issue your token (asset or currency) on one of the child chains (Ignis for example) then send the ticket token to the buyer without funding their account with Ignis. When the buyer spends the token he will issue a 0 fee transaction. The organizer will run a custom bundler which will only bundle transactions specific to their asset for free.

    Using this design, end users only need to deal with the ticket token not with the child chain or parent chain tokens, in fact they don’t even need to know they are using a blockchain. The organizer needs to purchase in advance enough Ardor to cover the transaction fees paid by his free bundler and this way hedge against fluctuations in the Ardor price. The initial cost of this Ardor can be factored into the ticket price, and ticket prices can be even denominated in Euro using the AEUR chain.

    The unique parent/child architecture of Ardor, provides the ability for businesses to allow their users 0 fee transactions. This unique and powerful feature of Ardor opens the door for many real life blockchain based applications which were impractical to develop until now.


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    • Live Bitcoin News – Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake – What’s the Difference, and Which is Better?

    Nxters have long been on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) train and we continue to highlight the advantages of using PoS powered blockchains over power-hungry Proof-of-Work (PoW) ones. Live Bitcoin News highlighted the differences for the uninitiated.

    They wrote:

    Nxt was the first 100% Proof of Stake cryptocurrency. It is considered to be a ‘second-generation’ cryptocurrency because it was designed differently to many of the other existing altcoins.

    This is because while many altcoins are based on Bitcoin’s source code, Nxt was designed differently from the ground-up, and was written completely from scratch, in an all-new source code.

    Nxt is an advanced open-source application platform managed by Jelurida. It expands upon the tasks users can do with a blockchain by providing built-in support for many features, including a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange, a voting system, and a decentralized DNS.


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    • Coin Observer – Ardor Could Be the Sleeper Cryptocurrency of 2018

    Coin Observer suggests that people should hold, or “HODL” to use the parlance of our times, their ARDR tokens because of the technological superiority of the Ardor platform, including but not limited to: the unique child chain architecture and how the prunability of the child chains allows for the Ardor blockchain to be small and lightweight, and thus a solution to the blockchain bloat problem.

    They wrote:

    As always, it’s crucial to ask, “what problem does this technology solve?” With Ardor, there are a number of features that aim directly at the corporate sector by solving persistent issues that

    • Child-chains – Child chains are available for companies to use and are very flexible. Corporations who want to adopt child chains will be able to do so quickly and easily. The best part for many businesses is that they will not need to run their nodes to gain the benefits of a blockchain. Instead, they can rely on the network, which reduces the complexity of installation and the demands for ongoing security substantially.
    • Blockchain-As-A-Service – this concept follows traditional cloud computing “as a service” models and will appeal to enterprises who consumer products and services following that paradigm.
    • Proof of Stake and prunable transactions – this is the first blockchain technology to offer BOTH features. The ability to prune transactions is a way to avoid the “blockchain bloat” that affects many cryptocurrencies, most notably Bitcoin. Having to store large blockchains increases costs and reduces performance. A Proof of Stake system is energy efficient because no mining is required and the transaction pruning saves data center resources. Although there may be nothing technically “green” about blockchain technologies, this solution is undoubtedly greener than alternatives.
    • Decentralized Asset Exchange – This is not a unique feature, but the functionality is built in directly to the wallet, allowing for simple to use decentralized asset management.


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    • Crypto Slate – World’s First Child Chain, Ignis, Now Listed on Bittrex

    The listing of IGNIS on Bittrex is documented by Crypto Slate. They also highlight the scalability and the revolutionary child chain architecture of Ardor.

    The concept of child chains is expected to help bigger blockchains with scalability issues, which is one of the most pressing problems for blockchains that are now swarming with new developers, users, and use-cases. As blockchain platforms like Ethereum endure scalability problems, Ardor and Ignis represent a compelling possible solution to these issues.


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    • IDG Connect – What can we Learn from new Venezuelan Cryptocurrency?

    In 18 years Venezuela has gone from the wealthiest country in South America to one of the poorest; so their decision to announce a national cryptocurrency is skeptical to many. IDG Connect analyzed the claims by the Venezuelan government about releasing the first national cryptocurrency, Petro. Travin Keith is quoted.

    There is one crucial impact that the Petro may have, whether it is successful or not. It may soften the government stance on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and what they can do. The government will still try to control the tech in some way but it could pave the way for better regulatory and legal understanding of blockchain and how it could help enterprises and sectors like finance operate more efficiently.

    “It depends largely on the operation of its national cryptocurrency as well as the type of blockchain it is on,” says Travin Keith, managing director of Agavon, a blockchain consultancy.

    “If it is possible for developers to create smart contracts on top of it like with the Hyperledger Frameworks, or utilise templated features such as the Smart Transactions on Nxt and Ardor, then it could attract developers to build on the platform,” he explains.


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    • Kriptology – Ardorgate dan Token AEUR Kini Tersedia

    This is an Indonesian language article from our partner, Dimaz.


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    • TradingView – Ardor cup and Handle


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    • TradingView – NXT/BTC Buy Opportunity – Long


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    • TradingView – IGNIS/BTC, Looking for Long Buy Opportunities


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    • TradingView – IGNIS/BTC


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    • TradingView – ARDR with that Fractal Play? Moon or Doom


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    • Weekly NXT/ARDR/IGNIS Price Evolution

    The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

    The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

    The following graphic shows the IGNIS / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over these past days:

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