Nxt News – January 2018 (V): You Do Not Have To See The Whole Staircase, Just Take The First Step

January (V)

Welcome again, dear Nxters!

Every week we grow and welcome new readers from all over the world. Our community is comprised of fans, traders, developers, crypto-enthusiasts, and anyone in-between who is passionate about the emerging world of the blockchain. Last week the Ardorgate service launched enabling anyone with a Mistertango bank account to convert Euro to AEUR Euro-pegged tokens and use them on the Ardor Platform! A new version of the Ardor software was released, new Blockchain Meetups are happening, and lots of new useful services, which you can now help test, are being developed, and much more.

    We welcome back our old readers and warmly welcome our new ones. The cryptosphere is a large, complex, and largely mysterious place for many people and we at Nxter are changing that. We want our readers to become experts in the Nxt / Ardor / Ignis blockchain ecosystem. Take a deep breath, lean back and learn about all the news from last week.




    The AE




    This week’s newsletter is put together by James, apenzl, Jose, and rubenbc.


    • AEUR is Live

    After weeks of eager anticipation, Ardorgate and the AEUR child chain tokens are live!

    They wrote:

    Ardorgate (www.ardorgate.eu), and the AEUR child chain is now live! This new child chain, AEUR, is directly pegged to the Euro, and provides a quick and simple way for users to purchase cryptocurrency using a Mistertango (www.mistertango.com) account.

    For anyone who has a Mistertango account,  you can now purchase AEUR tokens with Euros, and then quickly convert them into other assets on the Ardor Platform. This is a gamechanger for accessibility into crypto markets.

    You can trade AEUR against IGNIS, ARDR and BITSWIFT, but also any AE asset (the Ardor Platform’s advanced ERC20 equivalent), you can sell and buy digital and physical goods on the decentralized Marketplace using AEUR, launch a fundraising campaign, or an ICO, in AEUR, and pay dividends to your shareholders in AEUR. Ardorgate makes it easy to also convert AEUR child chain tokens back into Euros, that appear in your bank account if you want to redeem them for fiat.

    Anyone can register a private IBAN bank account with Mister Tango, no matter where you live. After you have verified your identity, Mister Tango will send you a Mastercard which is connected to your new account. You can deposit fiat or BTC directly into this account, and then buy AEUR.

    Ardorgate’s EUR<>AEUR gateway service costs a 1% fee, AEUR transactions on the Ardor Platform costs normal transaction fees.

    A special thank you from Ardorgate goes out to people who helped testing and @petko, @vanbreuk, @riker, @jelurida for helping this service to become a reality!!!



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    • Ignis Blockchain User Guide

    Ignis has now been live for almost a month and a new wiki is being created to highlight the features and use cases of this unrestricted child chain of Ardor. The content will be limited at first but with our great, and growing community we will soon have more articles and resources.

    You can also find some use cases for Ignis at

    Also, this week a new Ignis page at Facebook has been launched: https://www.facebook.com/ignisblockchain


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    • Great new Sticky for Reddit

    Segfatulsteve, author of the well-known series of Articles called “Ardor vs the Competition” published at Nxter.org has added a great Reddit sticky for Ardor. It is a comprehensive list of resources of the Ardor platform and points developers, businesses, and curious Nxters in the right direction. This a great bookmark for any active Ardor user.


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    • Exchanges…

    One by one the major exchanges are enabling support for Ardor and Ignis. Bittrex requested a new functionality be added and in response, the latest version of Ardor with the aforementioned AccountPropertyBundler has been created by the Jelurida dev team. Poloniex has been plagued by issues for the last couple weeks now and despite repeated efforts from Jelurida to reach out to them, including creating a support ticket – they have not responded.

    riker – Poloniex are not waiting for anything from Jelurida they just need to open trading.

    We have an open ticket with Poloniex development since Jan 16th “#712342 Poloniex support for Ardor and Ignis” – their support confirmed that it is assigned to their developers (after a long time that we couldn’t even get to their devs). In this ticket I offered help with any questions they have. It’s been 9 days and no response.

    To those whose IGNIS tokens are still locked by exchanges, exchanges has no more excuses, the blockchain is stable since Jan 2nd and with the new release we have the full deposit/withdrawal process covered and operational. Be proactive, open support tickets and contact them on social networks to release your funds. In case exchange developers need advice we are here to help.

    So, here’s a list of the centralized exchanges and their progress:

    List of Ardor Exchanges’ Progress

    Thanks to ardornxt.slack.com’s #trading channel for helping out. If you see info that needs updating, please tell us.

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    • C3 Customs will now Accept ARDR, NXT, IGNIS

    Now you can use your ARDR / NXT / IGNIS to buy great audio gear and services.

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    • Ardor Added to Bitcoin Convert IOS App

    This simple app which easily shows you what an altcoin is valued in terms of BTC added Ardor.

    BlueDagger wrote:

    Well I finally feel I contributed 🙂 Got Ardor added to an IOS app BTC Convert. It’s nice and visible at the top on the list thnx to alphabetical order.

    Bitcoin Connect is a paid app.

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    • Coinerz – Ardor Tutorial Video #3 – Using The Ardor Coin Exchange

    This tutorial video explains how to use the Ardor coin exchange functionality in the Ardor client. With this function, anyone with a light or full node of Ardor can make transfers between any of the child chain tokens of Ardor – including Bitswift, AEUR, and IGNIS. This video explains how to easily use this great feature.

    Previous videos at https://www.nxter.org/nxt-news-january-2018-iv/#coinerz_Ardor

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    • Bitswift Child Chain

    Bitswift announced a campaign to try and get Poloniex to add SWIFT to the marketplace. A new Medium update highlighted business progression and updated their followers on Bittrex related issues. And finally, Newegg.ca will start carrying Bitswift store products, which is exciting.

    They announced:

    bitswift.press updated
    direct link https://medium.com/@Bitswift.press/bitswift-update-978c4e601ee

    bitswiftbro – Hello everyone, if you want to see Bitswift on marco polo please fill out this form : https://poloniex.com/coinRequest Who knows, with enough requests they might add Bitswift market.

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    • Join Nxter’s Channel on Telegram

    Telegram users can now receive Nxter and Jelurida updates – including the Nxter newsletter.

    Follow us here.



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    • Blockchain for Business Meetup in Barcelona – February 13

    Veronica will host a Blockchain Meetup in Barcelona on Feb. 13th. Learn about Ardor and the emerging world of Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS).


    Language: English, Spanish friendly

    18:30 Arrival and networking
    19:00 Presentation of the group and speakers
    19:45 Q&A
    20:15 Networking
    21:00 End

    Speakers:Veronica Torras and Joan Manel Vilaseca

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    • Talk in Chicago on February 15th

    The Blockchain Summit in Chicago will feature Joe Kunzler speaking about ARDR and IGNIS on Feb 15th.

    Joe K – I’ll be giving a talk in Chicago on February 15th and be featuring ARDR & IGNIS prominently in my presentation as well. I will be featuring some examples of unique / well-designed crypto-economic models – if you’re in town let me know !

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    • Blockchain Technology Evolution in US and China

    Last week the Blockchain Connect Conference was held in San Francisco. ANG director Elizabeth was present and met with Chinese community members as well as businesses.

    Elizabeth wrote:

    “China and the US are the two powerhouses in the fast-moving blockchain space. It is critical to understand the Chinese perspective to understand where Blockchain is headed. The Blockchain Connect Conference is the first US-China blockchain conference and will set the tone for the future of Blockchain.”

    There are a couple of introduction conversations with new Chinese ANG members coming up as part of the Igniting the Blockchain series I will be doing as an outgrowth of Ardor Days.

    We do have Chinese community not in Slack and not on What’s App groups who are business minded and interested. I’m in regular touch with our Chinese community and am also going to attend Blockchain Technology Evolution in US and China this week where there will be a large attendance of people from China.

    Chinese exchanges are always part of the discussions. I have a list of 26 suggested possible listings right now. Please understand, I am not the decision maker in this matter. My meetings will be with Chinese business people interested in blockchain 🙂

    She followed up after her return from the conference:

    Just returned from Blockchain Connect Conference where 5 CEOs of crypto exchanges sat on a panel and answered questions – many about how to get listed. I came away with two major things to share with you.

    1. Only about 3% of projects that approach Binance are accepted for listing.
    2. It takes months for the approval process and will probably only take longer as time goes on and vetting becomes stricter.
    So, complaining every day for the next several months is just going to get (more) wearisome for everybody since it won’t do a bit of good. No marketing team will be able to do things any faster.

    I will do everything I can do to facilitate getting our projects listed everywhere. It was remarked by many projects that their goals included getting listed on as many exchanges as possible and I believe that is a good strategy. But this takes more than just wishing it would happen. It is work and it is a long process. Please be patient and let’s work together as a community toward this end instead of tearing the process and the people involved down.

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    • Almonte Promoted Ardorgate at Fintech-Love

    At the Fintech-Love conference on Jan. 25th, our community member Almonte spoke about Ardor as a BaaS platform and how it addresses issues Ethereum has not.

    almonte (last Thursday )
    In 3 hours I will be introducing the great Blockchain as a Service that Ardor platform provides and Ardorgate as a real Fintech use case to be launched soon. It´ll be fun! https://gomadrid.tech/simple-event/fintech-love-002/ Pass by if you are in Madrid.

    He described the event:

    It was a very nice experience, I could explain how Ardor platform solves the Ethereum issues and it is already in production, the ArdorGate as a FinTech use case, and how it connects the FIAT world with Crypto. There will be press material and there might be a video, as one was recorded.

    The most interesting part was the discussion with the audience, some of them were thinking that Blockchain = Ethereum and some were interested in learning more about Ardor.

    but @martis, banksters are not afraid. There were several people working with major banks and [they] were making faces when I said Lithuanian bank and MisterTango. I encouraged them to open an account with MisterTango.


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    The AE

    • Janus – Status Update

    Janus updated their community in Telegram:

    Something neat we wanted to show you about this first aggregator site.

    One of the things we wanted mainstream users to have was the ability to customize their news based on preference. For those outside the US: this is similar to your political bias. In the US they refer to it as “Left/Right/Center” – google the term ‘left wing’ or ‘right wing’, it’s just a silly term (IMO) for political Bias, anyway heres some screens:

    As you will notice there are drop down menus, [so] if you don’t care what the right wings are saying you can customize to only see articles from center and left wing viewpoints.

    Now… as you can see I have in my account a Kreds balance, this is where the new model we are introducing will come into play: action based tokenization. I know you have seen some of this before in BAT token (kudos to their team great work) and in Steem platform, the differences you will see on launch will be noticed and the actions will also evolve over time.

    Only those who are following our work right now, in Slack and this telegram announcement room + forums/social media will be aware of this: for every 1 Janus token you own, you will receive 2 Kreds after launch.

    We are working on locating a competent long term blockchain developer to help us create this utility coin. The whitepaper and specs are mostly finished now… and if politics isn’t your thing, that is ok: we will have more [sites] coming Q1 and Q2. The Kreds utility and action based earning model will be on every news/pop culture media site we set out. In 2018 it will have at minimum 4 new media sites and distribution on ALL 4 but…this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    As most of you probably noticed on www.janustoken.com, we also are miners and that will come the moment we have our new building finalized. What this also means is [that] we are well aware of how good for token distribution mining is, and a portion of Kreds (unless we simply cannot get a competent blockchain developer) will be set aside for mining. So here we are, looking at multiple sites, distribution, Janus holder distro, mining distro, and you probably think: well they may do an ICO with it too. The answer is no, there will NOT be an ICO – these 3 above methods are the distribution methods. We will use the income from ad revenue, the income from our share of Kreds and from our Janus, and then mining, to help provide the needed income for our team the next year.

    There is much to look forward to, and no, we aren’t forgetting JNS tokens either – they will soon be used as a utility token on a site, hopefully in Q4. This site will be revealed in full once we get it past just the basic framework we have now for it.

    One Last screenshot for everyone. Mainstream users will become curious, blockchain users will already know exactly what this is, but the moment when we mesh the 3 communities (Kreds/Janus/mainstream) will be what I personally am hoping, pure magic. Thanks everyone, enjoy the rest of your week while we continue testing/adding the final touches.

    Janus Telegram: https://t.me/thejanusproject

    Asset Id on ARDOR platform: 4348103880042995903

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    • Ardor v2.0.13 Upgrade

    Jelurida released a new version of Ardor. The changelog is below. The most important feature is AccountPropertyBundler, a requested feature by third-party exchanges, like AEUR and Bittrex. To ensure smooth operation of your node, always update as soon as you possibly can.

    Jelurida wrote about Ardor v2.0.13:

    Bundlers page UI improvements and bugfixes.

    Added AccountPropertyBundler add-on, which only bundles transactions sent by accounts having the “bundling” property set on them by the bundler. To enable, set nxt.bundlingFilter=nxt.addons.AccountPropertyBundler. This will apply to all bundlers started on this node.

    Added minimumFeeFQT field to the response for all Create Transaction APIs, indicating the minimum required fee in ARDR, regardless of the actual fee specified by the sender.

    Desktop wallet performance optimizations to reduce excessive load.

    Local signing and validation bugfixes, other minor code improvements.

    Download the latest Ardor version from https://bitbucket.org/Jelurida/ardor/downloads

    Download the Android Mobile App https://bitbucket.org/Jelurida/ardor/downloads/ardor-client-2.0.13.apk


    Riker- AccountPropertyBundler – This is a bundling filter with which you can run a 0 fee bundler without paying for transaction fee issued by other accounts. When you start a bundler in that node, it will be a filtered bundler. To mark the accounts whose transactions you wish to be bundled, set a property “bundling” (value not important) from the bundler account to the accounts which transactions you wish to bundle.

    Also, see the “Account Property Bundler” article written by Riker in media section.
    You can see the fee structure at https://www.jelurida.com/sites/default/files/ArdorFees.pdf


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    • Weekly Reminder

    Ardor and Nxt are both great platforms for businesses to use. The smart transactions built into the core API provides advanced smart contracts right out of the box. Unlike with Ethereum, you do not need a team of developers to write them. This evergreen article from last year highlights this important point. It is always good to be gently reminded of how great Ardor is as a BaaS solution.


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    • Regarding the Nxt Client

    Some users experienced an error last week. Lior Yaffe addressed the connection error and elaborated on a solution. An official fix will come shortly, but in the meantime, the following should fix the connection issue.


    To anyone having the “Cannot connect to /nxt-proxy” message from the desktop wallet during blockchain download (this problem affects only users who download the blockchain while the desktop wallet is open) :

    Until this is fixed, probably next week, what you need to do is disable the desktop wallet and run the browser wallet http://localhost:7876 instead. To disable the desktop wallet add the following property to nxt.properties:

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    • Ardor.World – IGNIS Reporting

    An IGNIS asset explorer with all the assets issued on top of the IGNIS blockchain has been released by Sergei Chumak, a well-known member of the community.  The assets here might have some side comments from Sergei, just like he did with the assets on Nxt


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    • Ardor.tools – Lite Web Wallet Coming 

    mrv777 is working on a web wallet for his great website ardor.tools.

    As an important security measure, Ardor.tools will ensure that users of the web wallet will never have to send their precious passphrase over the internet. As a friendly reminder: KEEP YOUR PASSPHRASE SECURE!

    Lite web wallet coming with local signing of the passphrase, so it’s never sent over the internet: https://ardor.tools/wallet

    Have to fix the icons and I want to change the url to wallet.ardor.tools, but you get the idea

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    • Ardor Lite for Windows

    Also, an Ardor Lite app for Windows is under development and can be tested. Mrv777 advise people to only use testnet accounts for now, as bugs might exist. The source code to install it is below.

    He wrote:

    Hello, I made my Ardor Lite App for Android available on Windows and would appreciate any feedback 🙂 https://ardor.tools/Ardor%20Lite%20Setup%200.7.2.exe

    For now, I recommend only using testnet accounts or accounts with low balances as I am still testing myself. I know the interface lags a little bit, but otherwise I haven’t had any issues so far.

    • Source Code: https://github.com/mrv777/Ardor-Lite
    • MD5 Checksum: 0C43271558D4B5337CBE243CABD4A432
    • SHA-256 Checksum: DBC7280AE4E20D75088B5BFD6BEA0745E5D1E05852E88B1DDAE1ED96AE14B72C

    Thank you!


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    • Lior Yaffe in Medium – The Account Property Bundler

    As referenced earlier, a way to bundle zero-fee transactions was added to Ardor at Bittrex support staff’s request. In addition to this release, Lior wrote:

    In Ardor version 2.0.13 released today we improved the UI of the bundler page to make it easier to use. We now separate all the known bundlers of the node from the bundlers started by the current account and limit the bundlers listed, to the current chain, and sort them by rate.

    Lior elaborates the most important point:

    The unique parent-child chain architecture of Ardor, enables businesses to bundle zero fee transactions so that their users no longer need to pay transaction fees. This unique function, available only in Ardor, finally allows decentralized applications to reach main stream adaption.


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    • Steemit – Jelurida’s Nxt Platform and Ardor Platform – What Are They, and What Can They Be Used For?

    This article does a decent job highlighting Jelurida’s assets: Nxt and Ardor. They do a good job of explaining how Nxt and Ardor are different and what their specific use cases are.

    They wrote:

    Jelurida is a blockchain startup that creates open-source blockchain startups. Their primary product, Nxt, has been responsible for pioneering many advances in blockchain applications. The team is now focused on building on top of this platform to create their next product, known as Ardor.


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    • Its Blockchain – How Jelurida’s Ardor Platform Compare with the Ethereum Network

    Ardor continues to become more and more recognized as a BaaS leader. The blockchain bloat problem haunts businesses looking for scalable blockchain solutions but Ardor has a unique solution for this with its unique child chain architecture.

    They wrote:

    However, another contender has emerged that is more promising than the Ethereum Plasma update. It is blockchain company Jelurida’s Ardor platform, a proprietary invention which could very well signal the beginning of the end for the blockchain scalability issue.


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    • Kriptologi – Ardor dan Child Chains

    New article for the Indonesian community from our partner Dimaz, the article is in the Indonesian language. Ardor and the concept of child chains are explained.

    Ardor dan Child Chains

    Read his other Nxt and Ardor related articles:


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    • Decentral.fr – ARDOR: La Blockchain et Ses « Child-Chains »

    French language article describing the relationship between Ardor and its child chains. The following infographic is in English while the one in the article is in French. Great way to learn about bundlers, the forging-like equivalent for Ardor child chains.


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    • CryptoUpdates – What it is, Why it Matters and How to Buy and Store NXT Tokens

    Long live Nxt! Nxt matters and CryptoUpdates wrote a nice article explaining how to obtain NXT and gave advice on where to store it. A great tutorial is included for how to convert fiat currency (USD in this case) to NXT.

    Quick Navigation


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    • TradingView – NXT Long


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    • TradingView – ARDOR – Big ass madaf*cking cup and Handle


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    • TradingView – ARDOR to 20,000 Satoshis



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    • TradingView –  ARDOR | 300% Potential Profit


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    • TradingView –  ARDOR Ready for Fifth Wave > Huge Potential


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    • Weekly NXT/ARDR/IGNIS Price Evolution

    The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

    The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

    The following graphic shows the IGNIS / Bitcoin exchange price at AEX over these past days:

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    And that is all for this week, Nxters.

    Follow us on Twitter for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. Stay warm and stay informed, dear Nxters. See you back here next week! We will keep you updated on the growing world of distributed ledger technology.

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