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Are you ready to #decentralize?

Run a full Ardor blockchain node on your Android phone!


NFTMagic + NFTMagic


NFTMagic: NFT on Ardor. How does it work



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IGNIS news, games, wallets, its unique features, How to master it, and a general FAQ. Learn everything about the wild child of the Ardor blockchain platform. Read more...

SIGBRO Toolkit - Cold storage and tools for securely signing and broadcasting transactions on Ignis, Nxt, Ardor, AEUR, and any other child chain. Quick tour and download here.

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NXT Myths #2

By apenzl | 03/03/2014

This is the second part of the NxtMyths SERIES Written by Salsacz, released Jan. 16, 2014. (Nxt acc. 15003961341330858247) Distribution of NXT Q: „Do you think the unequal …

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By ZockPop | 26/11/2014

I’m gonna take the chance. Here’s my blog post. The more I write, the more I get paid. So blablablablabblah, blablablablabblah, blablablablabblah, blablablablabblah, blablablablabblah, blablablablabblah. …

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