Oh Land of the Lost

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It’s not that I don’t like post-apocalyptic worlds, cyberpunk, epic steampunk adventures, grand battles in space, underwater cities or superhero games. It’s not that. And when I write screenplays I most often write realism, present or historical, but realistic.

It’s just…. Well, look at this, godjammit:

I spend at least 1 hour every day, all year round, walking with our chocolate brown labrador retriever, and mostly we go to the woods.

This is what I see.

How can I not imagine life, death, and history here, kids of all races playing in the spring sun, weird creeps crawling out from the shadows and potent monstrous creatures summon here? Small stories and lore bubbles up when I walk these paths. It’s impossible not to get inspired. Especially if you, in the back of your mind anyway, are working on a storyline and game world.

I enjoy it. That’s why Wen Gods is set in this fantasy universe, not in a dystopian future or a galaxy far far away.

At least you won’t meet that in the first campaign. I wonder what happens if you find a portal here, inside the forest. In fact, maybe one might open if I jump from the ladder in the picture above? Or maybe it will not. Hmm, 3 lives, remember? Shall I do it?

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