Janus Dividend (2017-3)

March 28th A total of 294252.92831902 NXT distributed among 309 accounts which own a total of 13,375,133.10541 shares 0.022 NXT per Janus token owned 8213383200925147837 Ascendus: This month is slightly smaller than the previous one, mostly because NXT price rise diverting attention from larger bets. Bjorn_bb: Thanks to everyone who helps spread the word of our token, businesses, …

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MMBTCD dividend 13.01.2016

BTCD mutual fund and market-making asset MMBTCD, asset ID 8122396658538927693. Total issued assets: 1000000, Assets distributed to: 400000. Dividend from asset: Distribution of 81 [superBTCD] assets to 107 assetholders Based on ownership at timestamp 67384016 (Wed, 13 Jan 2016 09:46:56 GMT) Cassius writes, It’s a lower div this week, for a couple of reasons. One is …

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