JLH Newsletter #1, 01.01 – 20.01.2015

JLH Overview (20.01.15)

Net Asset Value (NAV) 3.44 NXT
Last Trade Price (on AE) 3.30 NXT
Bid Price (on AE) 3.44 NXT
Ask Price (on AE) 3.11000001 NXT
Volume (24h) 165 $

Transactions and dividends

In January there were only a few transactions.

02.01.2014: 175,000 NXT was transferred to the GLYDA Account in respect of the JLH Lotto prizes.

And the winners are:
1st = NXT-CFAC-JAFV-VFV4-9BBY8:                 100,000 NXT
2nd = NXT-QEQH-RK3U-BBDS-BZ5BZ:               50,000 NXT
3rd = NXT-QB7Q-2VEM-M7E6-5YXA8:                 25,000 NXT

Congratulations !!!

17.01.2014 : 50,000 NXT was transferred to the GLYDA Account in respect of the January bonus for JLH holders.

Starting January 2014, JLH asset holders are eligible to receive a discretionary bonus:

January bonus for all jl777hodl investors will be paid out tomorrow (Saturday, January 17) at a rate of .005NXT/asset.
We’re calling this a bonus and not a dividend because only NXT received by the fund will be distributed and the amount and timing will be at the discretion of jl777.  Currently, the fund has 51,461.13NXT and so 50,000NXT will be distributed to hodlers.
Thanks everyone for your continued supported and investment in jl777hodl!  Feel free to contact me anytime for details/question.

Income received: summary

Dividend from HRNXTPool: 8,289.97 NXT

Dividend from Coinomat: 3,887.87 NXT

Others: 390.04 NXT

Welcome to…

57,359 OPALTKN from a dividend of InstantDEX.

1959 NXTCS from a dividen of SuperNET.

1.4736 SuperNETx2 from a dividend of OPALTKN.

Focus on ‘HRNXTPool’

HRNXTPool is the biggest dividend provider in the JLH portfolio. But what is it?

HRNXTPool is the asset of hashrate.org, the first mining pool based on NXT. HRNXTPool’s revenue comes from the 2% fees charged by the mining pool + the mining profit generated by the ‘community owned pool’ (COP) ASIC mining hardware, the most power efficient (on a W/GH metric) available on the market.

The manager of hashrate.org is pf a well known member of nxtforum.org. For further information and to ask any questions, visit the HRNXTPool topic on the Nxt forum.

JLH portfolio owns 10,750/100,000 HRNXTPool, 10.75% of the venture.

What’s nxt in JLH?

(Ludom’s personal forecast and analysis)

Next month should be very quiet. A new bonus will be paid, though certainly smaller than this month’s.

James hasn’t announced any new assets recently  and most assets won’t be paying out dividends for a few weeks except Coinomat.

But the InstantDEX and the SuperNET projects could be ready very soon and the JLH portfolio should have new sources of revenue in the medium term.

JLH Portfolio – the holdings in detail

Source: NXTreporting

Asset Your Amount Value in NXT Value in USD
NXTventure 98’520.0000 6403800 NXT 80160.27 USD
InstantDEX 100’000.0000 6000000 NXT 75105.66 USD
Privatebet 106’100.0000 4445590 NXT 55648.16 USD
Pangea 57’500.0000 3312000 NXT 41458.32 USD
NXTcoinsco 98’020.0000 2842580 NXT 35582.31 USD
NXTprivacy 107’800.0000 2727340 NXT 34139.78 USD
ATOMIC 108’300.0000 1731717 NXT 21676.96 USD
FreeMarket 105’000.0000 1375500 NXT 17217.97 USD
Sianote 370.0000 1110000 NXT 13894.55 USD
cryptocard 100’000.0000 1100000 NXT 13769.37 USD
MGW 98’520.0000 923132 NXT 11555.41 USD
NeoDICE 55’000.0000 921250 NXT 11531.85 USD
SuperNET 3’194.4000 798600 NXT 9996.56 USD
Coinomat 97’000.0000 5810300 NXT 7273.11 USD
SkyNET 23’871.3085 456180 NXT 5710.29 USD
mgwBTC 8.5000 272000 NXT 3404.79 USD
jl777hodl 75’000.0000 254999 NXT 3191.99 USD
NXTGrid 499’900.0000 244951 NXT 3066.20 USD
HRNXTPool 10’750.0000 188125 NXT 2354.88 USD
NXTInspect 51’014.0000 137737 NXT 1724.15 USD
NXTmovie 100’000.0000 120000 NXT 1502.11 USD
NxtStore 26’500.0000 106000 NXT 1326.87 USD
MIC 100’000’000.0000 56900 NXT 712.25 USD
OPALTKN 961’015.0000 43245 NXT 541.33 USD
ForgeCoin 17.5000 27125 NXT 339.54 USD
NXTTXTFund 20’000.0000 20000 NXT 250.35 USD
DroneMine 89’100.0000 17820 NXT 223.06 USD
NXTdrop 10’000.0000 10000 NXT 125.18 USD
SuperNETx2 1.4736 699 NXT 8.76 USD
Total 36’228’648.04 NXT 453’496.09 USD


Meet James

This article is the second in the ON TOP OF NXT series. Part 1: What is Nxt building 


Nxt is more a platform than just a currency and this is not coz its technical implementation allows to easily add new features. “Platform” should be read as “stepping stone” to changes in the global society.
So, to make it clear, BCNext’s goal was to create something intermediate, a bridge to the next stage of human society progress. For the others Nxt may, of coz, have another purpose…

Meet James


Jl777 is known as a visionary and hard working 3rd party developer of projects that run on the Nxt platform; more recently he became the core developer of Bitcoindark (BTCD). An active Nxter in the Nxt Community since December 2013, his first innovation to go into BETA operation was the Nxt Multigateway, an “almost” decentralized crypto exchange and currently #64 on coinmarketcap. He’s also the issuer of various well-performing assets on the Nxt Asset Exchange (AE) – most of them connected to the wide array of projects that he is currently programming on top of Nxt.

Jl777 (or “James” as he signs his posts) is an innovative spirit whose constant flow of ideas can often be hard for others to keep up with, especially given his prodigious work rate and the fact that, engaging as he does with anyone wanting to debate his ideas and his work-in-progress, his posts appear all over the place in various forum threads.

James answers questions, adds a few new ideas, sleeps on them and the next day, lightning having struck, may just happen to announce another new feature for the project under discussion.

And with projects like NxtPrivacy, Privatebet, NXTServices, NxtInside, Teleport, InstantDEX, Tradebots, jl777HODL (to mention just some), there’s lots of scope for followers of James’ work to engage him in debate, thereby helping to drive the projects’ evolution.

Read more about jl777’s assets

Wholly original, self-contained thoughts are rare, think of Einstein’s theory of relativity or Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Instead, innovation more usually consists of new combinations of already existing ideas. James is aware of this and admits it bluntly.


My idea is to treat Nxt like OS/CPU for computers. Let other coins get the branding and Nxt is under the hood doing its thing. To make this more than just a great idea, I spice it up with revenue sharing from the business each node generates, so not only do they get the 2.0 crypto features, they get extra money.

Crypto needs to work together without reinventing stuff that already exists. fiat is the enemy, not other crypto.

Think back to before the IBM PC. Reading the history, there were dozens or maybe more different OS, but each was incompatible, isolated. Very similar to crypto today. They are all doing pretty much the same things (gen1 coins I am talking about), but they are not compatible at all. Using this OS analogy, it is like skipping past the stage where DOS took over the market and straight to Windows type of graphical interface and uniting all computers (gen1 cryptos) under a same OS. Different computers put a different graphics, so you get Compaq desktop, Dell whatnot, etc.

So why start this ON TOP OF NXT series with an article about James? What has he to do with the question of Nxt being a coin or a token, about BCNext and building services? A few weeks ago, James made a paradigm-shifting announcement, one that is currently shaking the crypto world to its very core.

James announced that he wanted Nxt to be used by other cryptocoins, not via exchanges, but by bundling the coins with Nxt, the platform, and thereby adding Nxt’s 2.0 core features to the 1.0 coins themselves. Sounds far out? It’s a different take on the thoughts of BCNext, which veteran Nxters should be familiar with.

BCNext (through Come-from-Beyond):

NXTs r not coins, at least the creator of Nxt didn’t want them to be coins. They r tokens that grant privileges to support Nxt. (…)

BCNext understands that this is very arguable, the community should decide if it wants to follow the path showed by him or stick to Bitcoin legacy with unchangeable supply of coins in hope to become rich by doing nothing.

Nxt Inside


Nxt Inside is something I am reaching out to other coins to do. Each new coin with Nxt Inside is a totally new community that instantly becomes NXT users. Their coin gets the advantage of all the NXT 2.0 features, NXT gets more nodes and users for AE, Marketplace, InstantDEX, etc.

The first step is to get the coin traded in MGW, then there is a direct reason for them to want reskinned NXT GUI. Maybe they strip out everything but the AE for their coin, or maybe they keep all of NXT.
Now people are hesitant to be the first, so I make BTCD do this as example and then other coins will copy, especially if BTCD does well.


BTCD is an altcoin that’s going to enable trustless private transactions via a Teleport-code.
You can read more about the coin here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=684090.0

NxtInside allows it to integrate Nxt features as well. The following features will be integrated:

  • MultiGateway (MGW) – allows you to move cryptocurrencies in and out of the NXT Asset Exchange.
  • Nxt Asset Exchange – any asset can be traded peer to peer without the need for a centralized third party.
  • InstantDEX – is to provide a fully decentralized peer-to-peer realtime trustless trading environment.
  • Privatebet – will allow people to make bets directly with each other in a decentralized way. Built on top of Nxt.


NXT will be bundled with every BTCD node. It will be the same NXT AE, the same NXT marketplace, the same NXT InstantDEX, Tradebots, Privatebet and generating NXT fees, users, nodes, etc.

And the user experience for BTCD’ers?


They [The users] might not even know it is NXT (though anybody who looks will find out), it is like the “Intel Inside” of Apple computer. The Apple computer is the brand, the Intel Inside is the CPU. The BTCD is the brand, the Nxt Inside is the thing that powers the 2.0 crypto features. BTCD will have a normal bitcoin QT. In it there will be a button that launches a web browser, which goes to a reskinned NXT GUI.

You have to realize that in the land of bitcoin clones, the QT wallet is all they have. All this new stuff is totally new and to go from bitcoinQT to current [Nxt] web GUI is quite a culture shock, but the nearly universal reaction is, “wow I never knew NXT was so cool!”

NXT is a platform more than a coin, it needs to go inside other coins. Why should people spend time cloning or recreating NXT? This does not help NXT and the result is sad things like NAS, NTX, etc. Why not combine forces instead of dilute them. Make a DOGE 2.0 where they plug into supernetwork and have AE, Marketplace, etc.?

This basic mechanism will be offered to other coins also, who will also then become part of the supernetwork.

Nxt inside other coins…

Like that, Nxt Inside can provide 2.0 features to any coin on the market.


It makes perfect sense to have a reskinned NXT GUI, just so they can directly trade their coin. Now why would they go out of their way to remove all the other features? See, Nxt Inside and everybody is happy. New coin gets an exchange they don’t have to bribe to get listed, no fees to trade, and they get lots more 2.0.

NXt Inside would have been achievement enough for most, but even before most of the Nxt Community really understood the impact that NxtInside *could* have on Nxt, a call for unity among crypto coins through a network called SuperNET was posted in the bitcointalk forum. By James.

[ANN] SuperNET


This is the network that will be created by joining all the participating coins into a single unified network. Each coin will of course continue to operate normally, but there will be an option to use any of the services that are available in the Supernetwork. Each coin that joins the network makes it bigger and also adds its unique tech that is then crossmarketed to all the other nodes.

I am estimating 100,000+ nodes are achievable and the best part is that it is clearly not a zerosum economy at all. The more coins, the more transactions, the more revenues. Just from InstantDEX alone, the expected revenues are significant as even with a smaller than centralized exchange fee of 0.1%, the fact that 100,000+ are able to directly exchange their crypto in near realtime assures a stable revenue stream.

The coins that are added will each have to pass some threshold of value that they add to the Supernetwork and also the community needs to be a positive cooperation based mentality. The zerosum dog-eat-dog competitive world is probably needed in mature fiat world, but it has no place in crypto. We need to join together to create a giant Supernetwork that will be a magnet to pull as much fiat into crypto as possible.

Read more about the SuperNET ICO
Visit the SuperNET announcement thread

Interested coin representatives can send their application to: coins@thesupernet.org

What James is in the process of doing is something Bitcoin can’t offer. True innovation is often found in the altcoin world, but altcoin developers struggle to survive and their communities fight each over small market shares in a crypto market where BTC is king. Bitcoin core developers are well-known for turning down services that want to utilize the bitcoin blockchain, dismissing them as “blockchain spam”. James on the other hand welcomes them, and offers SuperNET as a way to connect and unite all the best altcoin innovations while at the same helping everyone to make a profit.


Assuming we succeed over half the top 50 will have NXT in some form.

To make this more than just a great idea, I spice it up with revenue sharing from the business each node generates, so not only do they get the 2.0 crypto features they get extra money. Crypto needs to work together without reinventing stuff that already exists. Fiat is the enemy, not other crypto.

Any crypto coin, in fact any website or software, will be able to connect to the SuperNET API and to all other people connected to it. Because every user will run a node it’ll be impossible to lock down. It’s like a decentralized internet for cryptos, offering its users the benefits of any innovative coin and service in the core, and of course the platform itself – Nxt.


to use NXT AE, you need NXT
to buy NXT assets, you need NXT
to use NXT marketplace, you need NXT
all this creates more NXT transactions, fees, nodes, users, etc.

This is also the sort of thing BCNext had in his plan, at least I believe it follows the spirit of his plan even if some details have been changed.

With the scope of SuperNET, I cannot imagine that I will be making any such giant offering again. I dont count the joint venture assets I will make to help the competent devs make their fortunes. I am talking about an offering that raised more in its first hour than Etherium’s first hour. During a weekend, within a week after its initial announcement, based only on text and no fancy graphics or meetups or any marketing.

James has his work cut out for the rest of 2014. He likes to emphasize that he’s a simple c programmer but he’s also an original thinker, passionate and hard working, and during the 9 months that James has been building services on top of Nxt, he has managed to gain so much trust from the Nxt community that it overrides the fact that he’s “anonymous”, that his real life identity is unknown to anyone. The SuperNET project collected over 2000 BTC or almost $1 million in the first 48 hrs, and it’s still running.

[UPDATE]: The SuperNET ICO has ended. SuperNET now trades on Nxt AE (asset ID 12071612744977229797), on Poloniex and on BTer (ticker symbol UNITY).

You can hear Adam B. Levine read an edited conversation with James here (starts 39:40):



I really dont want the SuperNET to be about me. I am just starting it, the community is forming it.
so lets not encourage the “hero worship” stuff
i am no hero

I am just a simple C programmer



Stay updated.
Weekly SuperNET updates here: http://test.nxter.org/category/supernet-newsletters/

Cassius explains SuperNET:


JLH (jll777HODL)

Issuer: jl777

Asset ID6932037131189568014
Holding accountNXT-2AHU-UXZW-K9Q2-HENLW

Trading and performance:


JLH (jl777HODL)

James, on May 17, 2014:

I get so many PMs with that same question [which of my assets is the best one to invest in?], I decided to solve this matter. I made jl777hodl asset. when possible, it will simply hodl ~10% of the assets that I create. I cant guarantee every asset will make it into this account, but once it does, it will be there to stay for the long term.

If you cannot decide which of my assets to get, this asset offers a way to get a piece of many at the same time

Updated information:

JLH will be the reference asset in InstantDEX / SuperNET, read more: SuperNET Newsletter #10.

You can always see the current JLH holdings on Nxt Account: NXT-2AHU-UXZW-K9Q2-HENLW

AE description:

This asset will not pay dividends. It will contain portions of almost all of the assets that I issue, the target percentage is 10%, but actual percentage will vary. Some issues will have more than 10%, some assets I wont be able to put here. Once the assets are in this account they will probably stay there long term, but occasional changes will be made at then current market prices.

Hodlings per 15.12.2014

98’520.0000 NXTventure ~  7881600.00000000 NXT ~ 371.22336000 BTC ~ 128769.96 USD
100’000.0000 InstantDEX6190000.00000000 NXT ~ 291.54900000 BTC ~ 101132.52 USD
106’100.0000 Privatebet4457261.00000000 NXT ~ 209.93699310 BTC ~ 72822.94 USD
107’800.0000 NXTprivacy2716560.00000000 NXT ~ 127.94997600 BTC ~ 44383.29 USD
105’000.0000 FreeMarket2157760.50000000 NXT ~ 101.63051955 BTC ~ 35253.59 USD
57’500.0000 Pangea2300000.00000000 NXT ~ 108.33000000 BTC ~ 37577.51 USD
108’300.0000 ATOMIC2055534.00000000 NXT ~ 96.81565140 BTC ~ 33583.41 USD
98’020.0000 NXTcoinsco1666340.00000000 NXT ~ 78.48461400 BTC ~ 27224.74 USD
370.0000 Sianote1332000.00000000 NXT ~ 62.73720000 BTC ~ 21762.28 USD
100’000.0000 cryptocard1091100.00000000 NXT ~ 51.39081000 BTC ~ 17826.44 USD
55’000.0000 NeoDICE933900.00000000 NXT ~ 43.98669000 BTC ~ 15258.10 USD
23’871.3085 SkyNET644286.61641500 NXT ~ 30.34589963 BTC ~ 10526.39 USD
10’750.0000 HRNXTPool612750.00000000 NXT ~ 28.86052500 BTC ~ 10011.14 USD
97’000.0000 Coinomat533500.00000000 NXT ~ 25.12785000 BTC ~ 8716.35 USD
98’520.0000 MGW448768.45200000 NXT ~ 21.13699409 BTC ~ 7332.00 USD
75’000.0000 jl777hodl288000.00000000 NXT ~ 13.56480000 BTC ~ 4705.36 USD
3’194.4000 SuperNET751003.44000000 NXT ~ 35.37226202 BTC ~ 12269.93 USD
51’014.0000 NXTInspect141308.78000000 NXT ~ 6.65564354 BTC ~ 2308.71 USD
100’000.0000 NXTmovie116000.00000000 NXT ~ 5.46360000 BTC ~ 1895.21 USD
17.5000 ForgeCoin113732.50000000 NXT ~ 5.35680075 BTC ~ 1858.17 USD
8.5000 mgwBTC178500.00000000 NXT ~ 8.40735000 BTC ~ 2916.34 USD
483’000.0000 Supercell53130.00000000 NXT ~ 2.50242300 BTC ~ 868.04 USD
100’000’000.0000 MIC ~ 59000.00000000 NXT ~ 2.77890000 BTC ~ 963.94 USD
26’500.0000 NxtStore53000.00000000 NXT ~ 2.49630000 BTC ~ 865.92 USD
89’100.0000 DroneMine35640.00000000 NXT ~ 1.67864400 BTC ~ 582.29 USD
20’000.0000 NXTTXTFund20000.00000000 NXT ~ 0.94200000 BTC ~ 326.76 USD
10’000.0000 NXTdrop14500.00000000 NXT ~ 0.68295000 BTC ~ 236.90 USD
499’900.0000 NXTGrid499.90000000 NXT ~ 0.02354529 BTC ~ 8.17 USD
9.0000 NSC9.00000000 NXT ~ 0.00042390 BTC ~ 0.15 USD

Total balance (NXT + assets) = 

Total JLH / jl777HODL assets issued: 10,000,000

BTCD to pay bitcoin dividends after link with InstantDEX instant trading service

BitcoinDark, a fast-rising new cryptocurrency with a strong emphasis on anonymity, will soon pay dividends in bitcoin – or potentially one of a number of different cryptocurrencies or crypto-assets.

New cryptocurrency BitcoinDark (BTCD) is set to be the first cryptocurrency to pay regular dividends in a form other than itself, in a game-changing new development that will shift the way investors view different currencies. Core BTCD developer jl777, who is also responsible for the jl777hodl (JLH) asset that began trading on Poloniex earlier this month, has stated his intention of linking BTCD to the revenue generated by the new InstantDEX trading platform, for which he is also responsible.

Linking InstantDEX and BitcoinDark creates a strong partnership that will leverage the capability of several different initiatives and their respective communities. BitcoinDark, which promises a new and robust twist on anonymity protocols, will be essentially impossible to trace. InstantDEX, which is now at test-release stage, offers near real-time trading between different cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets, meaning that users do not have to wait for confirmations on the relevant blockchains. InstantDEX will work through the Multigateway, the first decentralised crypto-trading exchange.

‘The BTCD community are hosting the InstantDEX servers,’ comments jl777, ‘so it seems fair to reward them for their help and commitment. At the same time, this brings together three important needs and new developments in cryptocurrency: anonymity, decentralised trading and instant transactions.’

InstantDEX charges 0.1 percent per transaction – lower than almost any other traditional exchange. However, the anticipated market share and resulting volumes means that this could create a significant revenue stream, especially since overheads are minimal. ‘Of the 0.1 percent charged for both sides of the transaction, I plan to reserve half to continue to develop InstantDEX. A proportion – I’m suggesting 10 percent of the remainder – will be paid to BTCD holders.’ Payments can be made in any currency or asset, to the associated address in the BTCD wallet’s built-in asset exchange.

Traded crypto-assets and dividend-paying currencies
Paying dividends in another currency is another first for cryptocurrency, but a similar development took place two weeks ago when Poloniex listed jl777hodl (ticker symbol JLH), which represents a basket of high-performance cryptocurrency assets traded on the NXT asset exchange. JLH has been trading at a total market cap of over $1 million, as shown on CoinMarketCap – twice the value it was before being added to Poloniex. Paying dividends to a cryptocurrency is simply the other side of this equation, argues jl777. ‘If JLH can be traded on an exchange, why can’t BTCD receive dividends like an asset?’

The additional financial incentive is likely to fuel a further round of interest in an already keenly-watched cryptocurrency.