JLH Newsletter #1, 01.01 – 20.01.2015

JLH Overview (20.01.15) Net Asset Value (NAV) 3.44 NXT Last Trade Price (on AE) 3.30 NXT Bid Price (on AE) 3.44 NXT Ask Price (on AE) 3.11000001 NXT Volume (24h) 165 $ Transactions and dividends In January there were only a few transactions. 02.01.2014: 175,000 NXT was transferred to the GLYDA Account in respect of …

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JLH (jll777HODL)

Issuer: jl777 Asset ID: 6932037131189568014 Holding account: NXT-2AHU-UXZW-K9Q2-HENLW Trading and performance: http://mynxt.info/blockexplorer/assets.php?asset=6932037131189568014 JLH (jl777HODL) James, on May 17, 2014: I get so many PMs with that same question [which of my assets is the best one to invest in?], I decided to solve this matter. I made jl777hodl asset. when possible, it will simply hodl ~10% of the assets …

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