JLH Newsletter #1, 01.01 – 20.01.2015

JLH Overview (20.01.15)

Net Asset Value (NAV) 3.44 NXT
Last Trade Price (on AE) 3.30 NXT
Bid Price (on AE) 3.44 NXT
Ask Price (on AE) 3.11000001 NXT
Volume (24h) 165 $

Transactions and dividends

In January there were only a few transactions.

02.01.2014: 175,000 NXT was transferred to the GLYDA Account in respect of the JLH Lotto prizes.

And the winners are:
1st = NXT-CFAC-JAFV-VFV4-9BBY8:                 100,000 NXT
2nd = NXT-QEQH-RK3U-BBDS-BZ5BZ:               50,000 NXT
3rd = NXT-QB7Q-2VEM-M7E6-5YXA8:                 25,000 NXT

Congratulations !!!

17.01.2014 : 50,000 NXT was transferred to the GLYDA Account in respect of the January bonus for JLH holders.

Starting January 2014, JLH asset holders are eligible to receive a discretionary bonus:

January bonus for all jl777hodl investors will be paid out tomorrow (Saturday, January 17) at a rate of .005NXT/asset.
We’re calling this a bonus and not a dividend because only NXT received by the fund will be distributed and the amount and timing will be at the discretion of jl777.  Currently, the fund has 51,461.13NXT and so 50,000NXT will be distributed to hodlers.
Thanks everyone for your continued supported and investment in jl777hodl!  Feel free to contact me anytime for details/question.

Income received: summary

Dividend from HRNXTPool: 8,289.97 NXT

Dividend from Coinomat: 3,887.87 NXT

Others: 390.04 NXT

Welcome to…

57,359 OPALTKN from a dividend of InstantDEX.

1959 NXTCS from a dividen of SuperNET.

1.4736 SuperNETx2 from a dividend of OPALTKN.

Focus on ‘HRNXTPool’

HRNXTPool is the biggest dividend provider in the JLH portfolio. But what is it?

HRNXTPool is the asset of hashrate.org, the first mining pool based on NXT. HRNXTPool’s revenue comes from the 2% fees charged by the mining pool + the mining profit generated by the ‘community owned pool’ (COP) ASIC mining hardware, the most power efficient (on a W/GH metric) available on the market.

The manager of hashrate.org is pf a well known member of nxtforum.org. For further information and to ask any questions, visit the HRNXTPool topic on the Nxt forum.

JLH portfolio owns 10,750/100,000 HRNXTPool, 10.75% of the venture.

What’s nxt in JLH?

(Ludom’s personal forecast and analysis)

Next month should be very quiet. A new bonus will be paid, though certainly smaller than this month’s.

James hasn’t announced any new assets recently  and most assets won’t be paying out dividends for a few weeks except Coinomat.

But the InstantDEX and the SuperNET projects could be ready very soon and the JLH portfolio should have new sources of revenue in the medium term.

JLH Portfolio – the holdings in detail

Source: NXTreporting

Asset Your Amount Value in NXT Value in USD
NXTventure 98’520.0000 6403800 NXT 80160.27 USD
InstantDEX 100’000.0000 6000000 NXT 75105.66 USD
Privatebet 106’100.0000 4445590 NXT 55648.16 USD
Pangea 57’500.0000 3312000 NXT 41458.32 USD
NXTcoinsco 98’020.0000 2842580 NXT 35582.31 USD
NXTprivacy 107’800.0000 2727340 NXT 34139.78 USD
ATOMIC 108’300.0000 1731717 NXT 21676.96 USD
FreeMarket 105’000.0000 1375500 NXT 17217.97 USD
Sianote 370.0000 1110000 NXT 13894.55 USD
cryptocard 100’000.0000 1100000 NXT 13769.37 USD
MGW 98’520.0000 923132 NXT 11555.41 USD
NeoDICE 55’000.0000 921250 NXT 11531.85 USD
SuperNET 3’194.4000 798600 NXT 9996.56 USD
Coinomat 97’000.0000 5810300 NXT 7273.11 USD
SkyNET 23’871.3085 456180 NXT 5710.29 USD
mgwBTC 8.5000 272000 NXT 3404.79 USD
jl777hodl 75’000.0000 254999 NXT 3191.99 USD
NXTGrid 499’900.0000 244951 NXT 3066.20 USD
HRNXTPool 10’750.0000 188125 NXT 2354.88 USD
NXTInspect 51’014.0000 137737 NXT 1724.15 USD
NXTmovie 100’000.0000 120000 NXT 1502.11 USD
NxtStore 26’500.0000 106000 NXT 1326.87 USD
MIC 100’000’000.0000 56900 NXT 712.25 USD
OPALTKN 961’015.0000 43245 NXT 541.33 USD
ForgeCoin 17.5000 27125 NXT 339.54 USD
NXTTXTFund 20’000.0000 20000 NXT 250.35 USD
DroneMine 89’100.0000 17820 NXT 223.06 USD
NXTdrop 10’000.0000 10000 NXT 125.18 USD
SuperNETx2 1.4736 699 NXT 8.76 USD
Total 36’228’648.04 NXT 453’496.09 USD


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